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You have no idea how bad I want you right now. I don’t know you, or anything about you, but just talking to you has me so turned on I can’t stand it. I so badly want to meet you somewhere, to indulge in our passions and fulfill each other’s burning desire. How many times have I reread your e-mail in which you told me how much you love cum. How you love feeling it on you, on your face, you neck, you breasts, your nipples slick from it. I read that and all I can imagine is what it would be like to cum on them, to massage them having your breasts lubricated with my fluid. I think about what it would be like to masturbate with you, to sit inches away from each other, our legs entwined and to be watching each other as we play. Then, as my orgasm approaches, what it would be like to pull in close to you, and lay my cock between your spread lips, letting you feel my cock as it is pulsating against your clit, grinding into your pussy and feeling my cum as it oozes out and onto your stomach and mound. Needless to say, I want you.

So that’s where I find myself right now, laying in bed, naked, eyes closed thinking of you. My cock is solid, I’m not sure if I could get any harder. God it feels good to stroke it, rubbing my cock, thinking of you. It’s wet, I’m so horny right now, that my cock is literally dripping precum in anticipation of sex, if only you were here. And then, with my eyes closed and my hand gliding over the length of my cock, it happens. You are there, I didn’t hear you come into the room, but you are there. I watch you as you slowly undress, letting the anticipation build. You lift your shirt and I can see the globes of your tits straining against the thin material of the bra you’re wearing. You slowly start to undo the buttons of your jeans. As you do I can see lower onto your stomach, and your panties. You ease your jeans off, over the tops of your hips and as you bend over to slip them lower, you breasts fall showing me your cleavage. You look up to me, and catch me noticing them. Our eyes meet and I can see the lust in your eyes that you have. I beckon you to come closer and you oblige. Moving to me, I place my hand on the small of your back and pull you in close to me so that I can kiss you. Our kiss is a kiss of passion and lust, of wanton desire that won’t stop canlı bahis short of completion. Our tongues rapt to their task dance with each other in a rhythm that seems so completely natural.

My free hand finds it way to your breast and begins working it’s way under your bra. The pliable mount moves easily by my hand and I can feel the softness of your areola contrasted by the hardness of your nipple. I begin to circle your nipple and I can feel you moving again. You break our kiss and stand back up, hooking the straps of your panties with your fingers you start to slide your panties down. They roll, ever so slowly revealing your beauty to me gradually. With anticipation I watch as you slide them down, lower and lower until the lips of your pussy come into view. From here they slide down your legs to the floor and you step out of them as you inch closer to the bed. You stop at the edge of the bed, close enough that I can touch you and I begin exploring your legs, ass, and stomach with my hand. As I do so, you reach behind you, unclasping your bra and joining me in a state of nudity. You climb onto the bed and slip under the covers beside. I can feel the soft warmth of your bare skin against mine as you begin to kiss me again. My hands find their way to your breasts and unhindered by the bra, they begin massaging them. I press my palm into you squeezing gently, then backing off my fingers find your nipple and slightly tug on it.

You begin moaning softly and I can feel your body moving against mine. I break our kiss and move slowly down your neck, and across your chest, until I have you breast at my mouth. I kiss circles around it, slowly making my way toward your nipple. As I’m kissing my hand that is now free, slowly begins it’s decent, I slide my hand across your stomach, circling your belly button, then slowly slide it lower, soon, I feel my hand glide up and over your mound. Your body rocks back and you lift your hips as my hand slides past your mound and you can feel my fingers glide over your lips. I look up at you and gasp slightly with a smile on my face when I feel how wet you are. My fingers quickly go to work, sliding between your lips and circling your clit. You slowly rock your hips back and forth as I glide over you, occasionally slipping a finger inside of bahis siteleri you. I continue kissing your breasts sucking on your nipples and listening to your moans escaping your mouth.

You place your hands on the back of my head as I circle your nipple with my tongue, and then I feel you pushing my head back. I look up with you, and with a pleading look in your eyes you ask me to go down on you. I smile excited by the opportunity and without hesitation I start my decent. I kiss down your body slowly, letting my tongue touch you all along the way. Soon I’m between your legs, kissing your inner thighs and licking the edges of your lips. I gradually make my way closer and closer to your slit, and soon, you can feel my tongue tracing the path formed by your lips. I reach up with my hands and using my thumbs, slightly spread your lips apart. I touch my tongue to your now exposed clit and slowly start to circle it as I draw it into my mouth. I suck on it, still massaging it with my tongue and enjoying the sounds that are coming from your mouth. I slide one of my hands back up your body, drawing a line of juice from you pussy up. Soon my hand is near your mouth, and take a finger into your mouth, sucking on it, you can taste your juices on you. Your insides are on fire now, and soon, you are arching your back against my mouth, grinding your pussy against me. Rocking your hips back and forth you begin a soft scream. Your insides tense up, and then release, a wave of pleasure washes over you, your back settles down, and your eyes display a look of satisfaction as I continue to suck on your clit. As your orgasm is subsiding I look back up to your eyes and tell you how much I want you. Your reply is breathy and simple, ‘Take me’.

Eager to have you as my own, I crawl forward, bringing us face to face once again. You reach down between us taking my cock in your hand. You can feel that it’s wet with precum and I can feel as you move it. You place the head of my cock between the lips of your pussy, pushing it down to line up with your entrance. Once you have me where you want me you smile at me, and simply ask ‘Are you going to take me?’. I push my cock against you, and without restraint my cock glides into you. I reach your hand back up, tasking my precum that’s on your fingers and bahis şirketleri I slowly start to pull back out of you. My cock slides easily against your silky insides. The warmth of your pussy causing a great sensation. You can feel my cock rubbing against your inner walls and I start to slip in and out of you with a steady rhythm. Our bodies grinding against each other as we’re fucking is soon lubricated with our sweat.

Our bodies working together to create ecstasy. I take hold of your hips and push my cock deep inside of you, all the way to the base. I sit up slightly, a lifting your legs up begin grinding my thumb against your clit as I start pumping again. We soon decide that we want to do something different so I pull out of you, and you roll over onto your stomach. You then lift up on your knees and I climb behind you. I line my cock up with your pussy again and slip it back inside of you from behind. I lean over you, and slip one hand down between your legs and start to finger your clit again. The other hand, moves up beneath you, massaging your tit. I start pounding against you, and you can feel as my scrotum pushes up against you. You head is thrown back, and turned and you’re watching me as I fuck you hard from behind. I take my hand from your tit, and move it onto your thigh, holding onto you as I pump against you.

You can see the passion wash over my face, and soon, you feel my cock tighten, and I push inside of you, and stop. I let out a groan, and you can feel my cock begin to contract inside of you. You feel my cum as it’s pumping out of me, and can feel it moving into you. We hold still like that as my cock continues to contract. Soon the contracting fades away, and I start to pump against you, stepping up the massaging of your clit as I do. You begin moaning, feeling how easily my cock is gliding in and out of you, and how much wetter it is now that my cum is adding to the lubrication. You begin rocking your hips with me, pumping back against me, your moans getting louder and turning into screams. Soon, your screams announce your orgasm, and I can feel your pussy begin to contract around my cock. The waves of pleasure shooting through your body, your legs tighten, you lift up onto your knees, turning your head to meet mine and we kiss as your orgasm soars on. Our kiss continues long past the end of your orgasm. As my cock slides out of you, you turn pressing your chest into me, and we make out. We lay down on the bed, in each other’s arms, spent, and drift off into sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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