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Double Penetration

Sunday In Vegas

I woke the next morning, alone. I got up and went to the bathroom, then walked out to the living room. Angie was up, had coffee made and was working in the kitchen. She was wearing my white shirt the one I wore on our date the night before, she looked sexy.

She brought me a cup of coffee, kissed me softly on the lips. We exchanged our good mornings and how we slept. She went into the kitchen, brought out a tray of different fruit and a bowl of yogurt.

“Just a lite, healthy breakfast, hope u don’t mind?” she asked. “Plus, maybe we can improve the bitter taste of your spunk, into something a woman will enjoy swallowing”, she said laughing.

Laughing along with her, I said. “I’m glad you told me, about my taste, and I’ll make sure to eat more fruit.” Then I added, “Thank you for last night, you were incredible. I don’t know about you, but has our lovemaking always been that intense, its almost animalistic?”

Smiling she answered. “Its not just men that can change the taste of their secretions, woman can have an adverse taste too, mangos and pineapples are best. Yes you’re correct, our lovemaking has always been very intense and many times spontaneous. I really did enjoy the feeling of your thick cock once again, I’ve always loved how it stretches me and makes me feel full. You have a beautiful cock.”

I took one of the bowls of yogurt and began adding fruit to it. As she watched me prepare my bowl, she turned sideways, facing me, one leg on the floor the other on the coach. When I looked up, there she was baring her pussy to my view.

She grabbed a large strawberry, making sure I was watching, slowly ran the plump berry up and down her pussy slit. Then she fed me the special covered strawberry. I copied her action and fed her a covered strawberry.

Giggling she said, “I was hoping there be more tasty cream for our berries. You must have not given me a big load last night. When I got up this morning there was only a small wet spot on the sheets, most times there is one large enough to wet my big ass. Plus, when I wiped myself after my morning pee, I noticed there wasn’t much sticky residual. I remember during our affair, I would be wiping your spooge two days after you came in me.”

“Angie, my god, I came three times yesterday. Plus, I don’t recover as quick or produce as much as when I was younger”, I said.

“I guess your right. Does that married neighbor woman ever make you cum more then once? Did you by chance sneak a Viagra yesterday?” she asked.

“Enough about the married neighbor, we have never done anything sexual. No, Angie, you were all the Viagra I needed”, I said laughing.

“Right, you take a married, younger then you, woman on a date, and I’m supposed to believe nothing happened sexually?” “Whatever!!! I probably know you better then yourself”, she stated in a doubting tone. “So have you ever needed to use the little blue pill? Does it give you any side effects?”

“Yes, I have a prescription for Viagra, sometimes a guy needs a little help. I get a headache sometimes but nothing more then that. I don’t have a strong prescription”, I explained.

“Hey, lets have some fun and take some pictures with our fruit plate. When I send them to Maggie, I’ll tell her it’s an all you can eat, breakfast buffet”, she said laughing. By the way, Maggie and my daughter loved the pictures of us all dressed up, both told me we were a good looking couple. Maggie of course made lewd comments about your bulge. My daughter just told me to enjoy myself.”

Angie took off the shirt and was completely naked, so I got naked also. We had a wonderful time licking, sucking and eating the yogurt and fruit off each other’s bodies. I took pictures of her breakfast covered body and she did the same of me.

“So what do we have planned for the day?”, she asked.

“I do have something for this evening, but nothing during the day”, I replied. “We have a reservation for a helicopter tour around Las Vegas at sundown. If you don’t think that is your cup of tea, I can cancel.”

“Oh nice, that should be fun, I’ve never been in a helicopter”, she said.

“Good then I thought we grab some dinner, check out the strip and casinos. Maybe do some gambling if you like”, I told her. “This afternoon, we could spend some time at the pool?” I suggested.

We spent time down by the pool. I made us a late lunch and we got ready for an evening on the strip. I wore jeans and a button down shirt. Angie, wore a beautiful sun dress, the hem several inches above her knees, the top accented her large breasts, and allowed her ample cleavage to be exposed.

The helicopter ride was incredible and we both enjoyed ourselves. We had dinner and cocktails at the Bellagio, then walked about with the thousands of other visitors.

We ended up at the Hard Rock Casino and decided to gamble. We headed to the crap tables and watched for a while, then I bought $500 in chips, to try our luck. We found a table with only a few people playing. bonus veren siteler I explained how the table worked, the pass line, establishing the point and of course how a person craps out. She began to understand the game after watching several passes.

We had two gentlemen on our side of the table, on the opposite side was a young couple and another man. The two men on our side of the table left, leaving Angie and me alone. After a short while the table began to fill with more gamblers. The young couple on the far end, picked up their chips and walked to our side of the table.

“Mind if we join you on this side of the table?” the young man asked.

I replied, “Sure not a problem.”

He stood on the other side of Angie, while his wife or girlfriend, squeezed in between Angie and me, pushing me away from Angie’s side. They introduced themselves as Tom and Suzanne, a married couple, on vacation, and Angie and I introduced ourselves. The cocktail waitress showed up and we all ordered drinks.

I guessed their ages to be late twenties to early thirties, a very attractive couple. Tom was very confident, demanding and loud. Suzanne was beautiful, petite, and blonde. Tom picked up were I left off, showing Angie more about the game. Suzanne, was not interested in playing.

Suzanne nudged me, and whispered. “So tell me, is Angie a working girl? Did you hire her for the evening? Or is it more like she is related to you, like you’re her father, uncle or something?”

“No, nothing like that. We are just friends, that haven’t seen each other for several years, so decide to meet in Vegas”, I replied.

Suzanne smiled and replied. “Good”

Just then the waitress showed up with our drink order. Suzanne had a big smile on her face, I noticed she looked and nodded at Tom.

Tom looked at me and said, “Hey buddy, tip this hardworking, beautiful waitress, will yea please.” Which I did with a twenty-five dollar chip. Tom then proposed a toast raising his glass. “To new friends… and to our dates, the most desirable, ravishing women in the casino.” As everyone took a sip of their drinks.

We continued to play. I noticed, Tom was touching Angie, mainly her arm or holding her hand while she retrieved chips to place a bet. Soon the croupier, pushed the dice to Tom for him to roll.

Tom picked up the dice and said in a loud voice. “I really need to get lucky tonight.” Making everyone look at him. Holding up his hand, clinching the dice he added. “Red, blow on the dice for luck.”

He tossed the dice and set his point. As the dice were being pushed back to him for the next roll, he leaned over and whispered in Angie’s ear. Angie just smiled. A few more rolls and Tom made his point, winning. He was not shy about betting large sums of money and he continued to win, having Angie blow on the dice each toss. Soon the croupier changed dice, pushing new dice towards Tom.

As he picked them up he again, he loudly stated. “Red, blow your hot breath on these cold, new dice.” He threw them and crapped out. Again, he leaned over and whispered in Angie’s ear, then lightly kissed her on the cheek, making her smile. Tom added. “Thanks Red for the great run.”

Tom looked at the croupier and said, “Hey, let this beautiful, lucky redhead toss next.” The dice were pushed in front of Angie.

Angie picked them up and Tom instructed her. “You got to use a lot of wrist action, and throw them hard, they must hit the bumper on the far end or it’s a non-roll. So make me proud, and give it a good, hard toss.

Before Angie tossed the dice, Suzanne grabbed her hand and she blow on the dice. One guy on the far end was upset and was yelling to shoot the damn dice. She threw the dice and got a seven, winner. Her next toss she did the same… damn she was lucky. She continued to roll, with Tom and Suzanne’s support. It was very obvious that Tom was touching Angie much more, her hands, arms and running his hand up and down her back. I couldn’t see if he touched her ass, but thought to myself he probably had.

I watched Suzanne for an type of reaction about her husband’s blatant flirting. She just continued to smile, like everything was normal. Soon Angie crapped out. Suzanne whispered into Angie’s ear and Angie nodded her head in approval.

For the first time in hours, Angie stood next to me and said. “They want us to join them on the third floor, it has a nightclub with dancing. Want to go?”, she asked.

With hesitation in my voice I said, “Sure, whatever you like to do.”

The place was packed and the music loud. We were escorted to a booth, which surprised me with such a crowded venue. Tom mentioned he had reserved the table earlier, they frequent the club almost ever night they’re in Vegas. Again, Angie was seated in the booth between Suzanne and Tom.

We ordered drinks and got better acquainted. Tom was a financial advisor, and Suzanne was a masseuse. They lived in San Diego and frequently visited Vegas.

Angie explained bedava bahis she was divorced, single as she just broke up with her boyfriend. What her career was, and that we had worked together before I retired. She didn’t mention anything about the affair we had years ago.

I thought to myself, broke up with her boyfriend? Was the break up caused by her wanting to come to Vegas or some other reason. I would ask her about it later.

Angie mentioned she had three children, two boys and a daughter that lived with her. They wanted to know the ages of the children, but became very interested in Angie’s daughter, especially after they found out she was 18 years old. They probed, asking if her daughter had a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Suzanne asked Angie, “How long are you going to be in Vegas? When are you leaving?”

Angie replied, “I fly out late tomorrow afternoon.”

“That’s to bad, I would love to have given you a massage. I use very special techniques, that totally relax, and rejuvenate a person. It would be nice if I could squeeze you in before you leave”, a smiling Suzanne offered.

Giggling… Angie asked. “So I would imagine guys are always asking for… ah, you know more physical contact?”

“Yes, of course… Happy endings. Some men are so bold to ask for blowjobs, or even to fuck my pussy or ass. Expecting me to do almost anything for a large tip”, Suzanne said giggling.

“But, believe it or not, woman are much worse, wanting to be kissed, licked, sucked, or fingered. I believe its because they have a lesbian fantasy and suddenly a woman is touching their naked body and getting them aroused”, Suzanne explained.

It made us all laugh. I had to admit, I would enjoy this woman’s hands on my body. I wondered if she did go any further with clients, she seemed to hint at it, mainly with woman.

Suzanne’s continued, “I’ve taught Tom some basic massage techniques, he is not certified like me, but adequate enough that we do couples massage. I have one woman client that only books with me if Tom can be in the room during the massage. You get all sorts of requests.

“Come on Red, lets go shake that plump booty of yours on the dance floor”, as Tom stood up and grabbed Angie’s hand.

Off they went, as Suzanne and I watched. They’re dancing was sensual, sexy and erotic. Angie, several times, pushed, wiggled and humped her ass into Tom’s crotch. Tom’s hand held her hips and pulled her tighter into his crotch, both grinding like they were fucking with their clothes on. I looked at Suzanne to see what her reaction might be. She just sat watching and smiling.

Breaking the awkward silence, I asked. “Would you care to dance?”

“No thank you”, is all she said, not taking her eyes off Angie and Tom.

I bought another round of drinks, just as the music changed to a slow song. Suzanne and I watched as Angie put her hands around Tom’s neck, and he placed his hands on her lower back. They swayed with the music, their bodies melting into each other. When Angie’s back was turned us, you could see Tom’s hand, roughly, mauling her ass cheeks. It was like he was doing it on purpose, brazenly displaying his groping.

Suzanne looked at me and asked. ” Do you know if Angie has ever made love to a woman?”

I replied, “Not positively sure, I know she has had opportunities, mainly with a close friend of hers. I know they have been naked together, but I really cannot say.

“Oh,… Does she enjoy being fucked in her big, white, plump ass?” pardon the bluntness, Suzanne asked.

“I really have no idea, you may need to ask her”, I replied a bit miffed at her blatant questions.

I looked up and another slow song started and they continued to dance. I was not in the best of moods to say the least. I had to remind myself, that Angie and I were not a thing. However, I did feel pangs of jealousy. I really wanted Angie to return, so we could get out of here, and away from this young couple.

“Suzanne doesn’t it bother you the way your husband is dancing with Angie?” I asked.

“No, Tom comes off as this big desirable stud, but he is just a big, loving, teddy bear. He is such a flirt, always has been, its his personality, if he see something he wants, he goes for it, I do the same thing”, she explained. “When you guys came to the craps table, Tom and I were enthralled by Angie’s red hair, big breasts, white skin, slightly thick body, age and we both desired her. She permeates sexuality, kind of a slutty bitch, and its what we both love about a true MILF”, she said smiling.

While Suzanne looked out at the dance floor, watching the two sway to the music, she started to give Tom encouragement. Her statements were said out loud, but with the loud noise in the club, I was probably the only person that heard them. “That’s it baby, grind into her, let her feel how big you are.” “Squeeze those delicious, plump, ass cheeks.” “Look”… as Suzanne put her hand on top of mine, “he is lifting the back of her dress!” deneme bonus “He is going to expose her thick thighs and plump, white ass to me and everyone in the club.” “Higher, baby, lift her dress higher so we all can see her panties.” Looking at me she asked, “You think Tom is turning her on? I bet her pussy is soaking wet.”

I couldn’t believe it, but Tom had raised the back of Angie’s dress almost to her waist. As Suzanne had mentioned you could plainly see that Angie was wearing leopard print, hipster panties. I wasn’t sure if Angie knew she being exposed, or if she even cared.

Tom lowered her dress, spun her around, now his back to us. Angie took her hands away from his neck and placed them on Tom’s ass, and was squeezing his cheeks through his jeans. I watched as one of Angie’s hand left his ass, while the other remained. I could only imagine that maybe she was touching his bulge. I must admit, I was somewhat jealous, but also I felt old and made to be a voyeur. I took a large swig of my drink.

“She has great taste in panties, I wonder if her bra matches her leopard print panties?”, Suzanne said more to herself then me.

When I turned my attention back to the dance floor, I could no longer see them. I scanned the crowd, the bar, and other tables, but didn’t see them.

I asked Suzanne. “Do you see them?”

“No I don’t… Angie probably needed the ladies room”, Suzanne told me.

Again, we sat in awkward silence, neither Suzanne or me speaking. I just listened to the music, drank and watched the other young people dance. I was so ready to leave, and hoped Angie would return, and wanting to leave also.

After about 20 minutes, Suzanne said. “You mind letting me out, I need to use the ladies room.” I started to slide over so I could stand up and she added. “I’ll check the dance floor on my way and the bar area and see if I spot them. I’ll be back shortly.”

Just as I stood up, Angie and Tom appeared at the table. Suzanne slide back to her previous spot. I thought that was strange, now she doesn’t need the ladies room?

Angie looked at me, smiling and said, “That was fun, I really enjoyed dancing.” Squeezing past me. “I need to sit next to Suzanne I have something important for her.”

Tom was going on and on about how great a dancer Angie was, sexy as hell, and how everyone had their eyes on her. The girls, however, were whispering back and forth really not paying much attention to Tom or myself. Unexpectedly, Suzanne put her hands on each side of Angie’s face, pulled her close, and gave her a deep, passionate kiss, not letting Angie pull away, but it didn’t look like Angie was resisting.

“Fuck what brought that on? That is hot, two beautiful woman making out, Red you’re full of surprises”, Tom yelled.

A slow song was being played, so I asked Angie if she like to dance. We both slid out of the booth and headed to the dance floor. As she did when she danced with Tom, she put her hands around my neck and we swayed to the music. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and began squeezing and rubbing them. While I was playing with her plump ass, I noticed I couldn’t feel her panties, but she had some on, because Tom made sure everyone in the club saw them. So I moved my hands from her ass to her hips, and ran my hands up and down from her waist to the top of her thighs, still not feeling her panties.

Angie whispered in my ear. “I take it your not enjoying yourself and would like to leave?”

“Well it is very loud in here, and I do feel somewhat out of place with all these young kids”, I replied.

She stopped dancing look at me and sternly said, “Really!… and none of this has to do with Tom and Suzanne? OK, lets go”. Then, I thought I heard her mumble “must be past your bedtime old man”. As she grabbed my hand and began leading me off the dance floor.

I stopped in my tracks and told her. “Angie, the waitress has and keeps your credit card, as I opened a bar tab. I’m not leaving until I get it back.”

“OK, lets go to the bar, settle your bar bill, and get your card back, and get the fuck out of here”, she said in a pissed off voice.

Finally, the waitress showed, I settled the bar bill and got my credit card. Angie dragged me through the dance floor, out of the club, down to the first floor, through the casino, and on to the street. We left without telling Suzanne or Tom or saying goodbye.

We got a cab and headed back to the timeshare. I knew Angie was upset, but not sure why, she just continued to look out the window. I thought maybe I could break her mood, or figure out what was bothering her with some lighthearted conversation.

“For your first time, you sure were lucky at the craps table”, I said.

“HMMM, not as lucky as I could have been”, she replied in a disgusted voice.

That didn’t seem to break her icy demeanor, as she continued to look out the window, ignoring me. I thought to myself to try a different topic, and see if I could get what has made her so angry. I felt, I was walking on egg shells and needed to be cautious.

“Boy, that Tom and Suzanne were an interesting couple. They seemed to be living a very different and interesting lifestyle. I guess in Vegas nothing should surprise a person”, I said, with a slight laugh.

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