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Public Sex

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to real people is purely coincidental.

“Hey, mom,” my son Tim called out to me as he approached the kitchen where I was relaxing for a couple of minutes.

“I’m in the kitchen, Timmy. What is it, dear,”I called back.

“Can I fuck you?” He asked from the entrance to the kitchen.

Oh, dear God,I thought.Here we go again. He wants to fuck me, his own mother. I know I am good looking, curly red hair, a bright orange bush, sexy, big tits, nice legs and only 36, but I am his fucking mother, for Christ sake. Or rather, hisnot-fucking mother. I know boys want to fuck their mother at some point, but it usually passes. Timmy is obsessed with me. He is sexually mature, but not active. I wish he would meet some girls and fuck them. Safely. He’s a good looking boy. I actually wouldn’t mind doing it with him, but mothers are not supposed to fuck their children. Still, it would be incredibly hot to let him in me, let him back into the hole he came out of.

“No, you can not.”

“Can I rub your pussy?”


“Can I feel your tits, mom?”

“No, Timmy.”

“Can I see your cunt? Just let me see your cunt.”

“No. Now, stop.”

“I want to do things to you, mom. I want to lick your cunt and suck your tits with your big nipples on them.”

“I know you want to see mommy’s cunt and tits and fuck her cunthole, but we will never fuck, you and me. You’ll meet some girls and fuck them very soon.

He was incorrigible. If he asked me once he asked me a dozen times a day if he could fuck me. At first I thought it was cute and he was just trying to make me feel wanted. Normally, that is a husband’s job, but the love of my life died a little over a year ago and I have been a bit lonely, yes, and horny. We used to fuck two or three times a week. Now, I get nothing unless I do it to myself. That is not bad, I like it, but I would like to get laid. So, my son’s continuous reminders of not having sex were starting to get to me. I was very close to giving in to him despite my apparent intransigence. But, he is relentless. Since he turned 18 almost a year ago, he has asked me every day, and several times each day, if he can fuck me, or feel me up or see my tits. Once he starts, he will bug me all day to have sex with him. So far, I have been able to avoid an incestuous relationship with him. But, I must admit, his libido may be starting to wear me down. I dream about us fucking. I find myself thinking how nice it could be to let him have his way with me. Lately I feel like giving in to him. He came over next to me where I was sitting at the table having a cup of tea. He put his left hand on the back of the chair and his right hand on my bare knee and squatted so that he was looking up at me. From that position of supplication, he continued the conversation.

“But, it will be years before I attract any girls and I beat off twice a day thinking of feeling your tits and fucking your cunt.” I was used to his bawdy language and actually began using the word ‘cunt’ myself from time to time. Timmy’s right hand disappeared under my skirt and he was feeling my leg and my inner thigh going higher with each caress. It felt wonderful.Would he touch my cunt?,I wondered. I was pretty sure I would not stop him if he did.Please, touch the cunt, Timmy. Go ahead, son, touh it.”

“You masturbate twice a day?” I said nothing about removing his hand because it felt good. His touch was turning me on. Now he had reached my little panties and his finger was bumping the bulge of my pussy sending little jolts of electricity through my vagina and out to all parts of my body.

“Sometimes I beat off three times. If I see you in your bra andpantiesI beat off right away. If we don’t start doing something in the next 10 minutes, I’m going to go wack it over you letting me feel your leg and touch the pussy bulge in your panties.”

“Okay. So, when do you ever see me in my bra and panties?” He was rubbing the length of my vulva now and even though it was through my panties it felt absolutely wonderful.

“Oh, sometimes when I walk by your room and you are in the process of getting dressed, I get a peek through your slightly open door. As soon as you have a blouse and a skirt on, I pull myself away to my bedroom and I beat my meat with a fresh mental image of you in your underwear.”

“Am I that sexy to you?”

“Oh, God mommie. You are a sex godess. I feel the witness of your panties, mom. I’m making you wet. Please, just let me look down your blouse.”

“Oh, for heaven sake.” I was weakening. “Where are you brother and sister?” I was going to do it. I was going to let him look down my blouse.

“They’re in Linda’s room. They will be there for hours. Just lean forward so I can see your cleavage. Let me look down your blouse.” He withdrew his hand from between my legs and smelled his finger. “Ah, the smell of your cunt. I will beat off later smelling this.”

“Here, let me smell it,” I said.

He mariobet güvenilirmi put his finger, still wet from my juice soaked panties, up under my nose and I took a sniff of my own scent. “Not bad. Sexy, don’t you think?”

“The smell of your cunt juice on my finger? I’d say that’s pretty sexy, yeah. I think you were about to let me look down your blouse at your big boobs.”

“Oh, for heaven’s sake. We have to stop if we hear the children coming” I was going to let him look down my blouse at my big tits.

” They’ll be playing for another two hours at the very least. So, let me, mom.”

“Oh, alright, Timmy. Go ahead. Look down my blouse. Here, is this what you want?” I moved forward in my chair and I leaned toward him and watched his face as he looked at the round mounds of my big bosoms and the cleavage created from being pushed together by my big bra. There was a lot of cleavage to see since I was wearing a loose fitting blouse that I had left unbuttoned three buttons down. I stayed leaning forward for a minute, watching him look at my haltered boobs. I enjoyed it. I was getting more turned on showing my clothed rack and helping him to see the flesh of my boobs by letting them hang there for him too look at.

“Mommie, pull your shirt out a little so I can see a little more of your beautiful tits.”

I did not even hesitate. I pulled the blouse out from under my skirt and pulled it back so that it covered my back and shoulders. My son was enchanted by the close look he was getting at my bra covered jugs.

“There, ” I said, “how do you like this?”

“Oh, mom,” he whispered, “It’s awesome. It makes me feel so good to have you do this for me. Can I keep going?”

He was so handsome and full of sex and I was excited to find out where this was going to go. I knew I should stop, but now I was actually hot to let him see my tits. My eighteen year old son was going to ask me to show him more of my body and I could hardly wait for the request. I was going to do it, whatever it was. I wanted to. I craved his eyes and, yes, his hands on me.

“Yes, you may continue. Do you know what you are doing to your mother? You are making a slut of me. Mommie is being a slut. What do you want me to do next?”

“Take off your bra, mommie.”

“Take off my bra and show you my big bosoms. You wanna see my bosoms, my tits and the long, thick nipples on them?”

“Yes, I do mom.”

I sat there for a few seconds feeling how much I wanted to show my son the tits that had fed him. I wanted to show the long, sexy nipples that had suckled him. I wanted to feel his sex hungry eyes looking at my naked rack. I was dying to let him see my tits. I had waited long enough to take out these big boobs that were now just for sex appeal. I unhooked the back of my bra and pulled the white, lacy undergarment off of my breasts. I said, “There, look at them. Look at your mother’s tits. Look at my huge nipples. Ogle them. Stare at my tits. I took my blouse and bra off for you just because you wanted me too and because I wanted you to see my tits. Keep going. Please, keep going,” I was actually begging him to get me naked.

“Seriously? Mom? You want me to keep going?”

“Yes, sweetheart, keep telling me what to do. I will do what you want me to do. What the hell, keep going. This is fun, right? Are you having fun, Timmie, turning mommie into a slut. Making mommie a pervert. What do you want to see next on me? Feel mommies tits, son and give me an order.”

“I want to see your legs all the way up to your panties. Raise your skirt so I can see your legs and panties, mom.”

I was incredibly turned on, sitting there with my tits out for my son, just because he wanted to see them. Will I do anything for him? Will I go all the way with him? My cunt was preparing for coitus sending rivers of pre-cum out my hole to make it easy for a man to get his hard penis in my soft vagina. He wants to see my legs and panties. Fine, I want him to see them. I stood up. I reached down and took the hem of my skirt with both hands. I slowly raised it higher and higher. “Can you see my panties yet, dear?”

“No, mom, but your legs are gorgeous.”

“Oh, thank you, dear. Are you enjoying seeing me do this? God, I sure am

enjoying doing it for you.” I raised my skirt up to my waist showing my legs and panties. “I love you, son. How’s this? Can you see what you want to see?”

“Yes, mommie.”

“Good. Look all you want and give me another order when you’re ready.”

I could barley wait. The next one should be to remove my skirt altogether and then I will be standing in front of my son, topless, with only little panties on letting him look at my bare legs and my silky panties and the bulge of my pussy mound.

“Mom. Take your skirt right off.”

“You want me to take of my skirt? OK, I will take off my skirt for you. Here I go. Off comes my skirt.”

I undid the button waistband of my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I was overcome mariobet yeni giriş with lust for this boy, my own son.

“OK, mom. Can I keep going?”

“Yes, you may keep going.”


“Yes, dear. Whatever could you want? For me to take my panties off and show you my cunt? My cunt hole is dripping wet and I am going to show it to you. I’m going to show you my pubic hair and my pussy mound. Will there be any more?”

“Yes. There will be more.”

“Good. Keep going.”

“Take off your panties, mother, and let me see your cunt.”

I put my fingers under the elastic waist band of my white, satin, lace undies and pulled them down an inch. The top of my bush was just visible and I was super turned on by getting naked for my son to see at his commands.

“That’s nice, but show the whole pussy.”

I pulled my panties down almost all the way. He could see enough of my bush to tell that it was bright orange.

“Wow. Your bush is orange. It’s pretty, mum. “

“It is pretty, isn’t it.”

“All the way off, mum. Take your panties all the way off.”

I pulled down my panties and stepped out of them. I let my son look at me completely naked.

“Your bush is so pretty. It’s little and neat and orange and your cunt slit is visible through the fine hair.”

“Do you like me naked?”

“Spectacular, mommie. Your body is spectacular.”

“Thank you, baby. It feels so good to be naked in front of you. What do you want from me now? What would you like to see now?”

“Show me your clit, mom.”

“You want your mother to show you her clitoris? That is so depraved. It’s sick. A boy should never see his mother’s clit. I could be arrested and put in jail for this incest. If you want to do this again tomorrow and every day, as I do, you must not tell anyone that we are doing this. But I really love doing it for you. It’s wonderful. Now that you’ve succeeded in conquering me, I don’t want to stop. It’s so nice to please you with my naked body. Okay, look at my pussy. I’m going to open her and show you the clit.” I moved closer to him. I bent my knees and thrust my pelvis out. I put my fingers on either side of my vulva and opened my clam. “There it is, dear. That’s mommies clit.” I flicked it and rubbed it and pulled it out. “When you are ready, keep going.” I wanted to show him my cunt hole and let him look inside my cunt hole at my cervix.

“Mom, show me your cunt hole.”

I reached into my cunt and pulled my hole open wide, gaping my cunt and thrust my hips forward as much as I could. Can you see my cunt hole? Can you see my fuck hole?”

“Yes, I see your hole.”

“Sweetheart, call it my cunt hole or my fuck hole, not just my hole.”

“Okay, mom. Yes, I can see your fuck hole.”

“Honey, get the flashlight out of the drawer behind you.”

“OK, here it is.”

“Honey, lie on the floor face up.” I stood right over his face, pulled my cunt open and said, “Shine the light up my cunt hole and look inside my fucking, dripping, slut cunt. Do you see a wet, pink protrusion with a hole at the top?

“Yes, mom. what is that?”

“That is your mother’s cervix. It is the entrance to my uterus. Now, you should smell me. You should smell my sex hole, smell my cunt.”

“OK, mom. Get in a position for having your vag smelled and open her.”

I lay back on the eat-at counter,grabbed my legs and pulled them back behind my head so my cunt was completely open. My son came over and put his face in my crotch. He sniffed me there and took several deep draughts of my sexual aroma. Then he lapped the entire vulva and stuck his tongue deep into my vagina. Way deep.

“Oh, my god. That was ecstacy. Lap me deep like that again.”

He put his tongue in my vagina again and fucked me with it. What a feeling it was. His tongue was going in and out my hole and his nose was bumping my clit. My legs began to quiver. I put my hands behind his head and pulled his face into my wet gash. His entire mouth was in my vagina and he was exploring the hole in my cervix with his tongue. I pulled him deeper and his lips wrapped around my cervix and he sucked on that vaginal muscle, kissing it. My son was making out with my cervix and trying to get his tongue into my uterus and if he could he would lick my fallopian tubes. It felt so good I did not want him to stop. Ever. But he had to come out of my wet, pink, soft cuntal folds and when he did, my vulva was open like never before. The labia were laid wide open, the clit was erect, and my cunt hole did not want to close. I looked at my son in amazement. How could he be so wonderfull. I had loved him as my son all these years, but now I was deeply and madly in love with him. I wanted to marry him. I wanted to keep him as mine forever. No man could ever do to me what my son had just done. I was still having the most extreme orgasm of my life. My body was electric. My head was somewhere else in the universe. My cunt was twitching and I was still laying on the table mariobet giriş with my legs splayed wide open. I was breathing like I had just run a marathon. Even my tits were vibrating. My son put his cock in me and fucked me. He came in me and all I could do was lay there in total surrender to him. I just let him fuck me. I let my 18-year-old son, eat me, fuck me and come in me. I would never again deny him my body. I would let him do anything he wanted to do to me any time and any place. “You can lay me whenever you want to. I will strip for you and watch you beat off as I get naked. I will beat you off, blow you, swallow your cum, let you see my cunt and my tits anywhere. I love you. No, I am in love with you.”

“I love you too, mommie.”

“I can’t believe I am showing you my fucker, my cunt, my vag, my cunt lips, my clit, my tits and nipples and letting you smell me and eat me. Keep going.”

“Let me feel your tits.”

“Yes, feel mommies tits. Feel her bosoms. Feel my big 38 triple Ds. Feel my nipples, pinch them, pull them. Have you ever seen a woman’s nipples?”

“No, mom, your’s are the first ones I have ever seen.”

“These are very big ones, let me tell you. They give a lot of milk.”

“Can I suck on your tits.”

“Yes, please put the nipple in your mouth and suck my tits.” He took one of my big nipples in his mouth and gently sucked on it. It felt so good I almost had an orgasm. He sucked on my tit for a minute or so and then he stopped and looked me in the eye.

“Let me feel your pussy and your mound and run my fingers through your bush.”

“Yes, sweetheart, go ahead and feel mommie’s pussy mound, and the hair on the cunt.”

He put his hand on my lightly haired mound and felt the curve of it. I have hair on my woman, but not a lot. It’s a ladylike patch of fine, straight, bright orange cunt hair in a nice, small ‘V’ between my legs. I love it. You can see my slit through it. He petted my pussy and rubbed it. He felt my legs and my hips and my belly. I am so soft. I was the softest thing he had ever felt and his hard-on got bigger than it ever had before.

“My penis is going to explode, mom.”

“Do the rest of the things to me that you want to do and then we can fuck again, OK?.

“Let me look at your clit.”

“Yes, yes, and feel it, and pinch it, and play with my clit.”

“Let me put a finger up your cunt.”

“Yes, go on, finger your mom.”

“Let me lap the cunt again.”

“Oh, no. Your not going to lap it like you just did, are you?”

“No, mom. I’ll just lap your gash a little bit. Is that OK with the slut?”

Yes, do it, lap it, lick mommie’s cunt”

“Let me suck your clit.”

“Oh, my God. Yes, suck your mother’s clit.” I started to have an orgasm. “Keep doing that to me. I’m coming.” My cunt was electrified again. My head was in space, my legs were shaking, and I started to vibrate all over. I spasmed and his mouth came off my clit. I was not done. “Get on it again, keep me coming. Keep sucking my clit. Oh, shit, here I go. Hold me, Timmy, so I don’t fall down. Let me cum in your arms.” I shook all over and squirted my cum on the floor. I spasmed a whole body spasm. My son held me up and I collapsed in his arms. “Touch my clit.”

“Yes, mom.” He touched my clit and a wave of pleasure swept through me making me cum again and more of my juices hit the floor. “Do you want any more of me?”

“Well, yes.”

“Then keep going.”

“Let me fuck you now, mom?”

“Yes, yes. Jesus Christ, yes. Fuck me now. Take out your cock and put it in me.”

“In your cunt, mom?”

“Yes, dear, in my cunt. That reminds me. Do you think you’d like to fuck my asshole?”

“Yes mom, I would like to.”

He took his penis out. “It’s pretty big,” he said.

“Holy shit. Your penis is huge. Put it up my snatch as far as you can, dear and fuck my brains out. That’s it, honey, fuck mommie, fuck her cunt. Oh, dear God, that feels good. Yeah, go, oh, oh, oh make… me…come. I’m almost there. Oh, ya, almost, almost, it feels so good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my cunt, up my cunt, in my cunt, down my cunt, up my pretty, little, orange cunt.”

“Your cunt feels so good on my cock, mom. Fucking you and kissing your cervix is all I want to do. I would like to marry you, too. Do you think we could?

“I don’t know. I will look into it tomorrow, after we screw. As soon as the kids are pre-occupied we can have our incest.

Later on that night, I was feeling particularly horny and I wanted Timmy to fuck me again. The kids were asleep and I called out to him, “Timmy?”

“What, mom?”

“Do you want to pull my panties down again, take my bra off, play with my titties, kiss my cervix and fuck me again.”

“Yes, mom, I do. I was just going to beat off, but if you want to do it again. I’d really love eating you out and fucking you again.”

“Come on down here then and pull my panties off and take my tits out.”

I couldn’t believe I was actually asking my son, if he would like to get me naked and have sex with me. I shouldn’t be doing this. I should not have done it in the first place. And then there he was, naked before me, with a huge hard on. I couldn’t take my eyes off his prick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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