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What didn’t happen in Spain… happens in California?


“I’m supposed to have a room,” Ryan said to the clerk as they stopped to check him in. They’d all gone to dinner after work, and with the time change from Europe, most were more than ready to call it an evening by the time they were done. Sherry and Lori said good night and headed to their room while Ryan checked in; Tina stayed, figuring to walk up with Irene once they determined where she needed to move her bag to.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I don’t have a reservation in that name. Would it be under anything else?”

“All the reservations were made at the same time. Three rooms, 5 people, for a week.”

“I’m sorry sir, that reservation was originally for 3 double rooms, but one room was cancelled just 1 week ago … and we don’t have anything else available until Friday. We’re completely sold out.”

Ryan knew what had happened when he heard it; although he’d had a reservation, he’d asked the agent to cancel for the first night only as everyone else wasn’t arriving until very late on Sunday, so he just thought he’d stay at home until Monday. Somehow the “cancel one night” had become “cancel the week”, and now, he had no room. The clerk went out of her way to help but, despite calling all local hotels, the entire region was sold out. The closest available room was in Morgan Hill, nearly 20 miles away.

“Well, I suppose you’ll have to stay with us,” Tina said, and then added for the clerk’s benefit, “Irene can share my bed and you can have the other.”

At first Ryan said he’d just go on home, but when Tina said “And fight that traffic every day? Don’t be ridiculous. We’re all adults, we can share a room at least until we can come up with something else.”

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Irene said as the two of them were going up to the room, Ryan having gone to fetch his own bag from his car.

“It’s not a problem. I’ve got my laptop; I can leave and go work from the lobby for a while and give you guys some privacy.” Tina said she’d take a shower and get into some comfortable clothes and would then go down and finish some e-mail to give them an hour or so.

“She’s in the shower,” Irene answered moments later to Ryan’s question of where she was when he arrived, “she said she’d…” Ryan interrupted her explanation, pulling Irene into his arms for a long-delayed kiss. Irene melted into his arms, feeling his expanding hardness against her belly, his hands roaming her body. One hand went between them, finding her breast, moments later slipping into the neck of her blouse onto her bare flesh. His other hand dropped further down, she could feel him fumbling with his belt, seconds later he withdrew his hand from her blouse and, two handed, his pants loosened, as he pulled his cock out. His hands no more than rested on her shoulders before she willingly dropped to her knees, hungrily taking him into her mouth.

“Oh God!” he exhaled, her mouth bobbing on his cock, her mouth sucking, her tongue slithering around the nooks and sensitive edge of his penis. He groaned again, and reaching down, pulled her upright, his hands reaching for her own pants.

“Ryan,” Irene started, her eyes getting wide as she realized what he wanted, “She’s just in the bath….” But she made no effort to stop him as his hands had already released the clasp on her pants. His thumbs hooked the waistband pushing her pants and underwear downward. She glanced at the bathroom door, and hearing the shower still running helped. Her pants dropped to her knees and she bent to push them further when Ryan roughly turned her to face the bed. She nearly tripped with her pants almost around her ankles, and then managed to slip one foot out before she fell forward onto her hands.

That she’d been in heat all afternoon, that she’d been wet for him for the last two hours during dinner, was now physically revealed as he forced her legs apart, his cock finding her opening and slipping into her. She dropped onto her elbows to support herself while Ryan’s hands found her now naked hips to control his thrusting into her.

Ryan had been in the room for barely two minutes, yet he was already in her, his animalistic thrusting, taking her from the backside, exactly what she needed. Never had she been manhandled so forcibly before, and it was exactly what she needed and admittedly wanted. His cock caressed her just right with every stroke, whether hitting her g-spot or just the feel of the fullness of him in her, in just moments she found herself quivering in orgasm, yet still he roughly thrust into her. Gasping in her own orgasm, for some reason her hearing latched onto the increasingly broken breathing of Ryan until, with a grunt, he thrust in hard, stopped, and held himself there. She felt the warm gush of his juices inside her, the ultimate dessert for the fastest orgasm she’d ever experienced.

Still bent so that her arms were on the bed, Ryan’s hands that had maltepe escort been on her hips now slid back onto her naked bottom. “You’ve got such a great ass,” she heard him whisper and at the same time heard the shower turn off.

“The shower just turned off, she’s almost done,” Irene said, starting to straighten up. Ryan stepped back his cock pulling from her and she clinched her bottom to keep his cum from coming with it. Being unable to relax enough while standing to put her leg back into her pants, she spun around and sat, finding that Ryan had just pulled his pants back in place and was about to buckle his pants. “Help me or I’m going to make a mess,” she said, and with a grin Ryan bent and slipped her pant over her leg. She stood and was barely able to get her panties back in place before she felt his cum oozing from her pussy.

Once again totally clothed, she stepped forward into Ryan’s arms, his face bending to kiss her once again — the passion of their kiss a few moments before slaked for the moment. “Was that a quickie?” she giggled, her lips nibbling at his.

“I’d say it was.”

“I needed that.”

“Yeah, so did I.” His hand, which had risen once more to fondle her breast, slipped to her side at the sound of the bathroom door opening.

“Is Ryan here yet?” Tina called from the bath, the door opening just enough for them to see the steamy interior.

“Yes, I am,” he answered. Moments later the door opened wider and Tina stepped out, wrapped in a towel and carrying her clothes.

“I guess there really isn’t much to be modest about since we’ve been on a nude beach together, eh? Give me a second to get some clothes on and I’m going to go down to the lobby for a while and leave you two lovebirds alone. The shower’s huge by the way, easily big enough for two…” Irene saw her take a double sniff, she’d obviously smelled something, before she glanced at her, smiled and winked and walked on by. Inwardly Irene didn’t even blush, just defiantly thought, Yes we did!

Ryan’s eyes followed Tina as she brushed past them to the drawers where she’d unpacked her clothes. Irene turned Ryan and herself so that Ryan wasn’t looking at Tina as she opened drawers and found clothes. She pulled Ryan’s face down to hers, her eyes seeing Tina drop the towel, momentarily seeing her naked before she began getting dressed.

Tina was right, the shower was a walk-in and easily large enough for two, which they proved just a few minutes later.


Tina’s tap on the door let them know that she was back. A second later Tina’s door key popped the lock before she pushed the door partway and stage whispered, “Hey guys, can I come in?”

“Sure, it’s your room,” Ryan answered before Irene could say anything. Irene hurriedly pulled the sheet over Ryan and herself, although her immediate reaction had been that she was going to say just a minute and pull on some panties and a shirt, she hadn’t had a chance. That Ryan had been totally exposed, lying on his back, didn’t seem to faze him at all. Even now, his legs were bare and sticking out from under the sheet. She’d managed to get the sheet over him from his thighs to his upper stomach, but she had to admit it must be pretty obvious he was nude underneath. She herself had had her legs under the sheet, when she’d pulled it up over her breasts it covered her almost completely, but she too was still nude beneath the thin covering.

That Ryan was presently totally hard again she knew for certain as it was her hand that had been stroking him as he’d fingered her. After their quickie while Tina had been in the shower, they’d showered together, returning to the bed before they’d screwed again. Unlike the quickie while Tina had showered, they’d taken their time, arousing and satisfying each other leisurely. And then they’d laid there together, languorously arousing and exploring each other’s bodies without really anticipating completion this time. She’d had her hand on Ryan’s magnificent cock when Tina had knocked, so she knew for sure that he was fully erect, just as she was thoroughly wet, as she pulled the sheet over their naked bodies.

Irene couldn’t help but wonder what Tina was going to do. Would she sleep naked here also, with Ryan in the room? She knew she’d slept naked when they’d been in Spain with just the two of them, and she surmised it was probably the same with Tina when she’d shared a room with Sherry or Lori, but with Ryan in her bed, would Tina still do the same? She obviously wasn’t quite as bashful as Irene was, and they had been on the nude beach together so there wasn’t anything for any of them that the others hadn’t already seen. Lying as she was, looking over Ryan’s body to see Tina, it really wasn’t all that much of a surprise when, just before she got into her bed, she pulled off her shirt and panties before sliding under her covers. At least Ryan was looking the other way, she thought, until she mamak escort turned over to reach for the last bedside light and realized the opposite wall was actually a large mirror on the closet door. Instead of Ryan looking the other way as Tina had gotten naked, he’d actually had a view of the entire room. Turning back over, she stuck her face in his and whispered, “Liked that did you?” Her hand slid down and gripped his still erect cock, although she just squeezed it this time.

“I like this,” he answered, his hand wiping across her belly and up to her breasts. He filled his hand with her boob, his thumb idly rubbing back and forth across her nipple, but she could tell it was just loving on her, not trying to arouse her. Gradually, lying and holding each other, she fell asleep.

Her dream was of Ryan and sex. The thought of his cock and how it satisfied her like her husband never had, how it filled her, and how Ryan couldn’t keep his hands or mouth off her body. The way his hands would always seek out her nipples, inside or outside of her clothing only depending on whether anyone was around that might see. He’d been very good about touching her in public, discretely under the table, behind a door, in another room — but never outright where others would see or question. And when they were naked, the way his mouth worshipped her body, kissed her neck and chest and always, always, found her nipples to suck. Gradually, as she came awake, she realized that her dream had become reality, that Ryan had slid down and was now suckling her nipple in the dark.

She didn’t know how long they’d been there, and at first didn’t even remember where they were. And then when she did, a glance at the other bed showed that Tina was on her side, back to them, and probably asleep. Her initial thought that she didn’t want to do anything with Tina there drifted away as she realized their bedroom partner was sleeping and not aware of anything.

When her hand caressed Ryan’s head and shoulders as his mouth pleasured her, he knew that she’d come awake. Now that he knew she was awake, his other hand began to stroke her body, gradually moving toward her crotch. When his fingers found her pubic hair, she spread her legs inviting a more intimate touch, which came just seconds later. She couldn’t help but twitch when his finger found her clit, but he didn’t concentrate there, instead exploring her with his fingers. Several minutes went by as she felt herself becoming more and more aroused and caring less and less about whether Tina might be awake. Initially they’d been underneath the sheet but now, as she came awake, Ryan pulled the sheet back so both of their bodies were on top, totally exposed, and she knew she didn’t care.

With Ryan’s body down where he could suck her nipple, his cock was virtually out of her reach. She’d gone to sleep holding his erection so it was possible that he still had one, but all she could reach was his head and back and shoulders which she gently stroked. When his hand slid to her hip and lifted, pushing her body onto her side away from him, she didn’t at first know what he wanted, but then he lifted her upper leg and aligned his crotch and cock with her bottom. Reaching over her upper leg, his hand aligned his cock with her and slowly slipped himself inside. Once again, she was amazed at how wet she was, how he’d managed to arouse her completely before he attempted to use her body. No, she thought, to share my body, as she was acutely aware that she wanted her body used by this man.

Ryan slowly moved his cock, pulling back as far as he could and then sliding forward as deeply as he could. In this position she could tell she was taking him as deep as possible, his pubis pressing against her bottom, his cock somehow, deliciously, disappearing completely inside her, filling her like even he hadn’t done to this point. Although he was moving quite slowly as compared to any of their other fucks, she could sense his arousal increasing. The exhalation as he bottomed out inside her, the way his hips clinched, and she could feel his cock expand just before he pulled out again. And her own arousal, she’d never approached orgasm so deliciously slow before. His hand had been squeezing her breast and rolling her nipple and now slid down her belly and searched out her slit, his finger spreading her lips and finding her clit. She involuntarily gasped, just the touch almost sending her over the top. Seconds later she jammed her fingers into her mouth to help suppress her gasps as a slow rolling orgasm overtook her, her body shuddering in release as his finger strummed her clit in perfect harmony with her body. Unconsciously she realized that Ryan’s thrusts had slightly picked up speed and he was no longer clinching his pelvis to expand his cock inside her — it was now constantly expanded. With a barely suppressed grunt, she felt him force his pelvis against her bottom, his entire body convulsing ankara escort with his cock buried deeply inside her. Once again, she felt the pleasing warm and wet sensation as his hot seed filled her.

Having cum, he made no effort to pull back or pull out. She felt his cock lessen in rigidity, but with this position, her upper body angled away from his, he was pleasantly able to just hold himself there without falling out. When she felt him begin to back away, she reached up and gripped his arm and whispered, “No, stay in me.”

When Irene awoke, Ryan was no longer in her, nor cuddled, nor even in bed with her. The feeling of his cum that had oozed from her let her know that it hadn’t been a dream, and she realized she’d felt him slide out of bed just moments before, and now she heard the shower turn on. Glancing over at Tina she saw her lying there, now on her side facing their bed, her eyes open. “If you’re going to join him, don’t take too long as I have to go to the toilet.” She bobbed her head once without answering and rolled over and sat up. She joined Ryan in the shower, even allowing him to wash her back but, when his soapy hands slipped around her and pulled her close, she cut him off saying that Tina was waiting.


“You two are going to drive me crazy,” Tina said to Irene late that afternoon during a coffee break when they were alone for the first time.

“Why is that?” Irene answered, thinking back on the previous night and understanding exactly that Tina was referring to sex.’

“I heard you two during the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my little friend to bed or I’d have had that to help take care of myself too. At least my fingers never get left in the drawer.” She giggled and added, “Maybe I should borrow your friend so I can have a big one too.”

“He’s not that big,” Irene answered, not realizing she was admitting everything Tina was teasing about.

“You mean he’s not as big as your toy but he’s bigger than any other real cock you’ve ever had?” Irene’s mind immediately flipped to a comparison of Albert and Ryan, knowing without a doubt that Ryan won out in the size department. Not by much, but in all respects.

“You heard us, huh? I thought you were asleep.”

“I was until you two started making noises.”

Irene giggled, “We tried to be quiet.”

“How? By throwing the sheet off so you didn’t rustle the bed covers?”

“You saw that?”

“Well, the lights were out, but it wasn’t totally dark.” She giggled and bent closer to whisper as someone came into the room, “he does have a great ass though, doesn’t he?” Irene just nodded, knowing she was blushing from Tina’s comments.

What’s happening to me? Irene thought as they walked back to the computer room. Just a few months before she’d never really considered having sex with anyone except her husband. Despite Oscar always talking about it, and her masturbatory fantasies after having seen Albert with an erection so many years before and having her ‘friend’ that had filled her so nicely for so long, she’d never really considered sex with anyone else. And then here, in the last few months, she’d taken a lover with a cock bigger than Albert, she’d masturbated in the same room at the same time as Tina, allowed Tina to borrow her monstrous phallus, had taken up Maria on her offer of ‘loaning’ her Albert as long as she, Maria, and presumably Oscar, could watch. And now, back with Ryan, sharing a room with Tina who was making no bones about knowing that she and Ryan were having sex in the same room. Tina who had made the comment that she’d just like to see how big Ryan’s erection was, and that she hadn’t taken her little friend to bed with her to help, meaning she’d probably masturbated with just her fingers, probably listening to her and Ryan. She’d also hinted that she’d like to borrow Irene’s monster dildo again — perhaps she’d arrange that.

Irene realized as she slid into her seat that she was wet, just mulling all those thoughts, everything that had happened recently had gotten her that way. Looking over at Ryan he turned to glance up at her and she smiled. She purposely looked away, down to her computer screen, afraid that he would see right through her eyes into her thoughts.


“Tina?” Irene asked late that evening when they had returned to the room after all of them had gone to dinner together. With Ryan having his car, he had driven and dropped them off in front of the hotel before parking and hadn’t yet arrived in the room.

“What’s that?” Tina answered, glancing over to where Irene was looking into the drawer where she had unpacked her clothes.

“Are you sure this is going to be OK?”

“What?” she responded, not understanding Irene’s question.

“This,” she said, her eyes sweeping around the room before returning to her drawer. “Ryan being here? You being here?” She reached into the drawer and withdrew a shimmery baby-doll negligee, holding it up so that Tina could see that it was completely transparent.

“Oh, Ryan’s going to love that!”

“I know, I brought it for him, but that’s all I brought, sexy things for wearing to bed for him. I wasn’t expecting to be sharing a room with someone else.”

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