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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


There was a crowd under the pines in front of the low rustic looking building. Mostly all young ladies. Cars were parked here and there under the trees. There wasn’t an actual parking lot. The young ladies were all hugging each other and chattering away and carrying luggage to each other’s cars. I didn’t see Brenda anywhere. Brad was looking around but he didn’t see her either. We got out and walked in. There were smiles from everybody and we even got a hug or two from some of the young ladies.

A woman a little older came over. She said, “Hi. I’m Wilma. Welcome. Can I help you?”

Brad said, “Hi. We’re looking for Brenda…”

“Oh, Brenda,” she said. “You must be Brad and Carol. She’s inside saying goodbye to a couple of the staff. She’ll be out in just a minute. Did you have a good trip? I’ve always wanted to visit that part of South Carolina but I seldom seem to get out of North Carolina. Brenda says you’re within driving distance of the beach for a day trip. I wish I lived that close.”

About that time Brenda came out and spotted us and came over quickly and gave me a really nice close hug, lingering a moment. She must really be home sick. Then she gave her dad one about the same. She said, “Hugs give such a wonderful feeling. Have a nice trip? Isn’t it a beautiful day for traveling?”

“Yes, we did,” I said. “You look wonderful, dear.”

“Thanks mom. Well, I’ve said all my goodbyes. There’s my luggage,” she said, pointing at a small pile. The lady we were talking to was talking to another set of parents. We loaded the luggage. Brenda waved to everybody whom surprisingly all waved back and we were off to home, about 210 miles.

It was a summer retreat similar to the one she attended last summer. It was actually quite private, only girls. They had another one in another state for the boys so nobody got distracted. They always scheduled very good people, only ladies here, to give them talks and examples of life styles and values. Not overbearing at all, very casual, and they were recommended for the young people because of the ever changing society we live in.

We had a nice trip, stopping off for lunch on the way. The retreat was quite interesting for Brenda and she seemed to bring away some thoughts and values. She’s 19 and a half years old, just getting her life sorted out although she’s quite mature and thoughtful for her age. On the way home we were starting to understand some of what Brenda absorbed at the retreat. It was always interesting.

Brenda said, “It was much more effective than last year. I think the main presentation was from Ms. Blaise. The other presenters were more main stream and supportive. We spent a lot of time with each other and working with nature. Treks through the trees and swimming. They have some little forest areas out in the woods that are enclosed but with one way glass in little houses where we could see wildlife. They showed us how some of the animals propagate, creating and starting life, goats, horses, rabbits, hogs, like that.”

“What is the main plan with wider sharing?” I said. “Is there an end goal?”

“Oh, no, mom,” she said. “It’s more sharing your feelings of life. If you can feel it you can give that feeling to someone else and you can share their feelings. If I smile at you, you smile back. If I give you a hug, you hug back. If I feel close to you by holding your hand then you feel close to me by holding mine. That’s wider sharing. All of us that attended the retreat spent a lot of time wider sharing with each other so we understood. It’s a wonderful thing.”

Brenda is just a normal girl. Not too tall, not too short. Not too big, not too small. She does have just a tiny bit of weight. We call it baby fat. Hair about down to her elbows. She does have ample breasts and we were always worried about that but she doesn’t seem to know they exist and doesn’t draw attention to them. I think she could go topless around the house and not think a thing about it. I’ve seen her boyfriend, Clifford, take a glance or two when she wears those kind of bras for that. I know that’s normal, for both of them. She says he likes her figure.

The next day she went over to see Clifford. When she came back she was absolutely giddy. She said, “Oh, mom. I have to tell you about Clifford and me. It was a new experience in wider sharing.”

I said, “Ok. Your dad is already in bed. Let’s sit in the window seat.” It was quiet and private there and not all that stark bright with the dim bulbs. We got settled with something to drink.

She said, “Clifford was so happy to see me back. We talked for almost an hour then settled down on the sofa. He always puts his arm over my shoulder and I lay my head on his chest, turned into him but this time I put my back against his side and my head back. He likes to play with my neck and sometimes over to the very top of my breast so it isn’t really my breast. I expected him marsbahis güvenilirmi to do that and that’s why I had my chest so it was right at his hand over my shoulder. I had the top two buttons of my blouse unbuttoned.

“When he was rubbing I reached up and lowered his hand down on my breast. I knew that was what he wanted to do. He ran his fingers around, I could feel the excitement and he could too. He got his fingertips in the top of my bra so I waited then slipped my hand up and undid my bra. It hooked in the front. He reached down inside and I loved him playing with my nipples. I was feeling his enjoyment so I unbuttoned my whole blouse and it opened right up.

“He had the most wonderful time with my breasts and nipples and I did too. We kissed differently. I couldn’t believe how good it was for both of us. We hugged and kissed a long time before I left. It was the best wider sharing experience I’ve had so far. Isn’t that great.”

I didn’t quite know what to say so I said, “It sure sounds like you both had a good time.”

It’s a wonder she hasn’t shown her breasts to her dad already. Getting in her pants is a whole other thing with Brenda and I was fairly sure that hadn’t happen yet with Clifford but if it had I would have helped her along. Other than me being a mom for her it was one of the things she would probably do soon anyway. She’s as ready as we can get her and she won’t accidentally get pregnant which is a huge relief for Brad and me.

“We did mom,” she said. “It was almost perfect. I kiss and hug you and dad all the time so I’m going to try to share with both of you a different way. I can share with you and you can help me with dad. It’s probably different for him. Maybe tomorrow if we get a chance. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“You certainly seem happy,” I said. “Maybe we can tomorrow, in the afternoon.” She smiled and went to finish unpacking.


The next afternoon about an hour after lunch I said, “Would now be ok or whenever is convenient?”

She said. “Now is perfect mom. Ms. Blaise said to follow the 5 minute rule. Allow 5 minutes for each generation to get familiar with wider sharing so we should hug for 5 minutes for it to be really felt. She said our society changes that much each generation. Let’s try it. We’ve found it’s better to close your eyes but you don’t have to.”

It was warm being summer and we both had on summer shorts and a breezy top and regular undies. I had absolutely no idea what she was going to do, other than probably hug. She stood up so I did too. She didn’t wait. She put one arm over my shoulder and the other around my waist. I crisscrossed the opposite way. About two seconds later we were hugging right in against each other. I hoped she had the same feelings I was getting, daughter or not. Her breastworks were bigger than mine and I could feel her bump against mine. It did seem better with my eyes closed.

She said, “I can feel it mom. It’s wonderful.”

“It’s very nice, dear,” I said. “I think we’re doing fine.” I was trying to be supportive. She did seem to know what she was doing. I haven’t been held in a hug for 5 minutes like this for a long time, if ever. Her hand around my waist went slowly down to the middle of my butt and she pressed her bump into my bump more. I didn’t know if I should get on her butt or not so didn’t. Then I decided we were sharing so I did the same thing she did. Bumps were pressing more. If they were practicing wider sharing between all those young girls at the retreat this was probably what they were all doing. My interest shot straight up thinking about all the sexual excitement between those young girls in those summer shorts.

We weren’t moving trying to massage each other down there but my clit got pushed this way and that way a little. We were certainly sharing our feelings, that much was for sure. Time went slow although I wasn’t counting seconds or minutes. Brenda seemed to ease up and let me go. She said, “Oh mom, that was better than I expected. It makes me feel so alive. Ms. Blaise said it would activate senses lost long ago and give us a more fulfilling life. Did the 5 minute rule work for you?”

“Oh yes,” I said. “It was very pleasant and I enjoyed it very much. It did seem to get better as time went by. It might be even better going longer than 5 minutes.” I surprised myself saying that. What she was advocating was certainly working.

“That’s the longest I’ve been so far,” she said. “Would you like to try it longer and see how it is?” I smiled and held my arms out and we started about where we left off before. She and I both did wiggle ourselves a little to get the best feeling going, of course that was mostly in our bumps. After a minute or two Brenda moved her fingers around on my butt and a minute later she twisted around a little and back so I did the same thing.

I was fairly certain she was still a virgin and hadn’t had her hands down in the back of a guy’s butt to play around so I thought I would see if she would like to learn doing that. I dropped my middle marsbahis yeni giriş finger in between her buns against her shorts and ran it slowly down about to her ridges and back up. Once I moved my finger across one way then back the other then to the middle and up. I could feel her breathing a little deeper. I kept that up and soon she was doing it to me.

After a little time I pressed my finger in the middle of her ridges and let go and pressed and let go. Not hard. I would have gotten to her clit if I had room but this was the best I could do except to go around in front and that wouldn’t be sharing the way she was thinking about it. She was soon copying me and we both kept our eyes closed and enjoyed each other. I couldn’t tell the difference between wider sharing and sex but what do I know. It was her generation.

It must have been 10 or 15 minutes and we finally let each other go. Brenda said, “Wow. That was so exciting. I’m going to be thinking about it the rest of the day. It was my first extensive feelings like that. I really hope dad is just as receptive and has as much enjoyment.”

“Brenda,” I said. “Your dad might react in a different way.”

“I know mom,” she said. “We saw it over and over watching the animals propagate. We practiced wider sharing while we were watching and right after while we were feeling it. Dad’s body does that all by itself. Ms. Blaise says it allows a man to concentrate his feelings in his task. If he can linger like we did I think he’ll have the most wonderful feelings and we can share them with each other. It’s wonderful sharing that lasts.” She was right on that point. Her sharing with me was way good. I was a little wary with myself, her being my daughter, but I wouldn’t mind sharing some more of those kinds of feelings with her.

When Brad and I were in bed that night I made sure I had on a nothing-nothing night gown and nothing underneath and got up against him but not crowding. I explained about Brenda and me and her and him and how he might react and her response. He was quiet the whole time and finally said. “Well, if she can put up with that I guess its ok. She’s right. Only you raging nymphomaniacs can get me going. I suppose with her watching the animals breeding she’s not going to be shocked or anything. What if she starts responding?”

“She is going to respond,” I said. “That’s the whole point of wider sharing for her. She wants to give and create denser feelings with us and that does it. I don’t think anybody else does except friends, which is mostly platonic, and family connections which are mostly platonic too. She’s letting her body instincts carry her and it’s working the way she wants so it’s ok with me. I kind of like it. You might too. She’s even giving a little more of herself to Clifford, not that much. As long as she’s happy and enjoying herself I thought I would let her go as far as she wants to with me. You might try and do the same. I don’t want to offer any discouragement. If it gets a little bit over the top or maybe even a lot over the top, I don’t mind. Me or you. She’ll sort it out.”

“OK,” he said. “I suppose I can sort it out as it goes too. Don’t you let me do something she doesn’t want me to do.”

“Brad,” I said. “You know, it sounds a lot like the hippy’s credo of free love from way back when. Wider sharing may not be anything but sex or sexual feelings. She said there were several suggestions to limit it to friends and family. With all the killing going on it is a way to instill more happiness with each other. Might help on a wider basis. Particularly now that people don’t have to worry about getting pregnant anymore.”

The next day I said to Brenda, “I spoke to your dad and explained what we shared. I mentioned you understand about his body reactions when you and he share and he isn’t worried about it. It’s a natural thing and you can enjoy the sensations with him. Brenda, it’s going to be a little awkward standing and hugging with your dad. He’s a little taller and his body is different. It might be much easier if you’re reclining in a chair or even lying down. You can concentrate on sharing more and be more comfortable. None of us will have many clothes on but you might think about joining us one evening.”

“That’s a wonderful idea,” she said. “I’m comfortable with my body and I can wear just my gown if dad wouldn’t mind. Maybe we can start early and you and I can share ourselves more comfortably before dad comes to bed. Mom, I know the feelings will be more concentrated with dad and he’ll have his desires to address. What should I do?”

“If you’re feeling it like he is I think you should follow your feelings, your natural instincts,” I said. “I’ll enjoy you two as you’re enjoying yourselves. I think it would be wonderful and it might help you with Clifford’s feelings when you’re ready.”

She was quiet for a few moments, and then she said, “You know, I’ve been thinking about that for Clifford. It would be a better experience for him. I can’t believe how well everything is going. I’m so glad you talked marsbahis giriş to dad. Thank you so much. It’s a big help.”


I cued Brad in and he would come to bed at his regular time. I cued Brenda in to come over at nine. Our bed has a canapé over it with black covers on all sides that closed off, literally, all light when closed. They rolled up with a little motor so we didn’t have to rig them or open or close them. Big bed, soft, two wide pillows that met in the middle and reached to each side. The black covers had panels near our heads so we could pull them back and have access to our night tables. The bedroom bathroom door was off in the corner.

Brenda came bouncing in and climbed in bed on the other side and I pushed the button for the curtains to come down and we got in the middle. We both had on fairly short, very light weight gowns. We got together like before, facing, but this time our arms were crossed getting on each other’s buns. We started right out that way. My gown was up around my waist and hers was too. She wasn’t shy about it so I wasn’t either.

Brenda surprised me. She got right in and kissed me then did it again then did it again with her tongue between my lips. I opened up and she went in and we twirled tongues. With her up my body and my hand on her bare buns and hers on mine I started getting wet and squeezing. She had to feel it. It was a huge turn-on this early. When we stopped I said, “Woooo. That was good. I’m not sure what I should do with your buns bare. What did you have in mind for mine?”

“The same thing we did before. I know it’ll be on skin and not our pants but it feels good and we might find something else to do. Enjoy the feelings. Share them with me and I’ll do the same.” She got into my lips again and seemed to stay there, not hard. I could do that a while. I felt her finger down in my butt crack, going down so I did the same thing. She lifted her knee a couple of inches then let it back down. I had a finger in flicking her vagina and she was doing about the same with me. Our nipples were having a family reunion all on their own.

I started thinking about our clits. Mine was engorged and probably sticking out a little. Hers had to be the same way. I had no idea how she would handle being turned on with her dad being turned on. I thought an orgasm before might be to her benefit so she could concentrate on him. I said, “Can I be a little more forward? I think you’ll like it.”

“Yes, please,” she said. “Everything feels so loving.” I edged her on her back and slowly got on top. Her legs opened up. That was good because it was instinctive. I quickly got my bump right on hers and got my knees out a little and started tilting into her. I was full on and had her lips and breasts covered. I don’t think she was expecting the tilting but she started doing the same to me and was quite good coming up into me. She pulled her knees up, feet planted. We seemed to start out up at the top and press, rocking down to the pearl and below towards our vaginas and back.

The rhythm was very good. She got her hands on my hips and worked with me. “Mom,” she said. “That feels so different. It’s so intense. It feels so good, all the way down my legs and in my stomach.” We kept going for a long time so I figure now was good.

“It’s our feelings working together,” I said. “Show me what you want me to feel and I’ll show you what I want you to feel. I think our bodies are going to orgasm from the feelings. I’m going to try to give you my orgasm and take yours.” I put my arms around her waist and pulled her into me tighter and tilted our bumps together a little faster. She had her arms back around my neck and was holding me in tighter and we kissed again and kept that going. She wrapped her legs over mine and started moaning and letting out a squeak and breathing in rapid short breaths.

Brenda seemed to almost explode and I did about five or six seconds later, no doubt edged on by hers. It took some time. I didn’t pee, she didn’t pee, and the bed didn’t seem to get wet. I literally fell off and we stayed that way with me leaning up on her. She wanted feelings and that’s damn sure what she got, pardon my French, and her legs were wider and we were surely sharing. Many thanks to Ms. Blaise.

We both did have to pee so we did that and washed our face and other stuff with a cool wet washcloth and dried ourselves and back in bed. It had been about forty minutes so we rested and talked. About five minutes later I slipped a hand down to her vagina and started rubbing where I could, particularly around the entrance and dipped a finger in occasionally so she was comfortable with it. I switched to two fingers for a while. She was thrusting very lightly with two fingers in and seemed to enjoy it and she got worked up a little with her breathing up again.

I slowed down and stopped. I said, “You seem a little dry. Let me get you back to normal.” I reached out and got a tube of lube and lubed her clit and down in between her ridges and around her vagina entrance and a couple of dabs down in her vagina. I also got a little right under her crotch and along the insides of her thighs right about there. The lube didn’t have a scent so Brad should have her scent as soon as he was in bed. I slowly pushed the sheet down the bed and had my feet over it so it would stay there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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