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Still getting into my groove on this writing thing, so any (constructive) feedback is welcome and encouraged. As with my other stories there’s a bit of build-up before the action. This one will likely have a few parts.

All characters are fictional and consenting adults. I struggled with categorizing this, it’s not “incest” as it’s a sister-in-law but it’s still taboo I guess.



“Great, we’ll see you in a couple weeks then!”

Uh-oh, what was this my wife was signing us up for? She had been on the phone in the other room with her sister for the past half hour, and I had mostly tuned out and fucked around on my phone, but the sound of the call wrapping up had woken me up a bit and I heard myself being volunteered.

Ashley (my wife) walked into the room looking a little concerned. “What’s up?” I asked her, dreading the answer.

“Becs and John are having a tough time. Typical shit. She’s going to come and stay with us for a week or so to decompress”

I know the sound of in-laws of any type is usually terrible, but this was not a terrible piece of news — my wife’s sister was an absolute smoke show.

Look, I love my wife. We’ve been married for seven years, she’s great, we’re great. We’ve both kind of settled into married life, and the sex has definitely turned a little routine as it tends to do in any long-term relationship, but I have no real complaints. That isn’t to say I didn’t still have eyes or balls, though. We don’t have kids, just a few dogs, so having her younger sister wander around in her yoga pants at our house for a few days was a nice injection of excitement into our house.

“Ah, nice, sounds good. What’s going on with them?”

Ashley usually tells me everything, we’re pretty open, but she looked a little hesitant. “Ehh, not really my place to say. Maybe she’ll get drunk and tell you herself when she’s here.” It was a distinct possibility. Ashley’s sister Becky was in her late 20’s (my wife and I in our early 30’s for comparison). She was married a couple years ago, and they immediately had a kid, who was just about to turn two. Her husband John was a bit of a stuck-up douche. Lots of skinny jeans, weird hats, and a complete lack of a sense of humor. Neither my wife or I had any idea what she saw in him, and no one expected them to last a year, but when she got pregnant almost immediately after their wedding, we gave up hope of it being a short-term thing. Despite having a kid, she was still a lot of fun at family get-togethers, and I won’t say she could drink me under the table, but she could definitely keep up. She and I had actually spent a lot of time together because my wife was a light-weight and usually fell asleep after two drinks. “So is she bringing Tyler?” The aforementioned baby.

“I imagine so, she didn’t say…” I don’t hate children or anything, but being in a childless house, anything more than a couple of hours with kids around is… taxing. But I’d survive. I worked from home in an office over a detached garage, so escaping was easy enough.


A couple of weeks later I had honestly forgotten about the whole thing until my wife reminded me. We were out on our Saturday night date night, and she mentioned her sister would be driving up on Sunday morning and staying for a week. ” I have some bad news though” she added. I looked up, having no idea what the bad news could be for such a mundane thing as a house guest. She looked up kind of sheepishly. “I have a work trip Wednesday through Friday, so you’ll be stuck with her alone for a few of those days. I’m so sorry, I tried to get out of it…”

“It’s totally fine, it’s just your sister, she’s an adult. It’s not like she needs babysitting…” Then I paused when I realized she had a literal baby. “Wait. Does she need me to babysit?”

Ashley laughed at my panic. “No, I guess John is taking Tyler to his parents for the week.”

Relief washed over me. “Well, then, cheers!” We clinked glasses and continued our dinner.


Becky’s car pulled into our driveway around noon the next day. IT was a surprisingly warm day in late fall in Wisconsin, so we could hear the radio through her open windows as she pulled up our driveway. The dogs ran out into the yard and barked to alert us to doubly her presence.

Ashley was in the kitchen so I walked out to help her with her bags. As I approached the car she stepped out of the driver’s seat. She was wearing a low cut white tank top and a pair of tight jeans, with her dirty blonde hair pulled back into a loose pony tail. Becky always had kind of a dancer’s body for as long as I’d known her — lithe and thin with just enough curve to catch your eyes. She was one of those women who got pregnant and carried all the weight literally in her belly, and then less than a month later looked exactly like she had pre-pregnancy…. Except her breasts had basically doubled in size. She was gorgeous before, but now she stopped traffic. I couldn’t quite tell if she was still not used to her newfound voluptuousness, kaynarca escort or she was just taking full advantage, but all her shirts seemed just a half-size too small. I can only imagine the smirks and whispers in the mommy groups if she wore tank tops like this to play dates. I tried to cast my eyes away and look her in the eyes to ask if she needed help, and when I caught her eye I could see she had noticed me gawking. Oops. “Need some help?” I asked.

She smirked. “More than you know. Bags are in the trunk, along with some groceries I grabbed for the week.” I went and popped the trunk of her CR-V to find her suitcase and a few grocery bags mostly filled with booze and mixers.

“Came prepared, eh Becks?”

“Dan, I haven’t had this much time away from the kid since he was born. I’ll miss him dearly, but I’m taking advantage.” She was almost beaming with excitement at her little vacation. I felt bad that it took a rough patch with her husband to give her a break, but so be it.

“Well, our casa is su casa.” I grabbed some bags and headed inside.

Our house was a small farmhouse (style, not an actual farm) on several acres of land. It was quiet if you don’t count the animal noises and the occasional far-off sound of someone hunting. You couldn’t see another house even in the winter when there were no leaves on the trees. We had done a lot of work since we had bought the place and were always proud to show it off. Becky hadn’t actually been to the house in a couple of years — since the baby, surprise surprise — so Ashley and I gave her a tour of all the upgrades and changes we’d done — a few tweaks to the kitchen and bathrooms, my new office over the garage, and our newest big purchase, a hot tub. We were standing in the back yard looking at the hot tub, and Becky spoke up. “You guys are livin’ the dream, eh?”

“We’re trying!” Ashley responded. “Want some lunch?”


That day and night were pretty quiet, we got caught up and everyone went to bed early — I think Becky was relishing the idea of her first quiet night of sleep in two years. The next morning my wife and I were in the kitchen and still hadn’t heard a peep from Becky. “She’s been asleep for like 11 hours” Ashlee laughed. “it’s like when we were in high school all over again!”

“Ha ha very funny” Becky had overheard us teasing her as she walked down the hall from her room. “You two wouldn’t last one week on the amount of sleep I’ve been getting.”

Ash and I clinked our coffee mugs. Life choices.

Becky plopped down at the kitchen table. She had just rolled out of bed and was just wearing a pair of athletic shorts and a loose t-shirt but somehow still managed to look amazing. I stared at my coffee — Ashley was always a little jealous of her sister’s body and would skin me alive if I even acknowledged that she was attractive. If she had known how many fantasies I had indulged in over the years I would be buried in a shallow grave.

“Sleep well?” Ashley asked her sister.

“Oh man. You have no idea..”

“Awesome! Well, help yourself to anything in the house. I have to head to work. Dan will be in his office if you need anything. I should be home by dinnertime.” With that she kissed us both and headed to the office, leaving us alone in the kitchen. While I’ve spent plenty of time with Becky over the years, most of it was around other people, or with a good amount of social lubricant. So just the two of us sitting in my kitchen felt a little awkward. Especially because I couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at her legs, or thinking about her in that tank top yesterday.

“So, uh, yeah, I’m gonna go head to my office. Like Ash said, if you need anything just holler. As long as I’m not in a meeting or whatever.”

“Sure thing, thanks Dan.”


The one thing we couldn’t manage when we built the office over the garage was to get a bathroom in there. The cost was just too much, and besides, it was good for me to get out of the office a few times a day, even if it meant going down stairs to the main house. So around 10:30 I pulled myself away from my computer and headed down. I hadn’t heard a peep from Becky since I headed to my office after breakfast, and didn’t see her when I walked into the house. Her car was still in the driveway, so she must be around somewhere….

There was a bathroom on the main floor and on the second floor, and for whatever reason I decided to go upstairs. On the second floor was just the two bedrooms and the bathroom. As I neared the top of the stairs I could hear a little noise coming from the guest bedroom. Maybe Becky was watching TV or something? I didn’t want to be nosy, but at the same time…I kind of did. I peeked around the corner and her door was ajar and I could just make out her form, lying on the bed, still wearing the clothes from this morning… but this time her hand was stuffed down the front of her shorts, rubbing furiously, and she arched her back against herself and bucked her hips.

I stood there completely enraptured for what felt orhanlı escort like an eternity but was likely no more than five seconds, before I realized that if I could see her, she could see me. I quickly backed away and hustled downstairs before she saw me and thought I was creeping. Holy fuck. My dick was at full attention. Did I just see my sister-in-law masturbating? I felt like a letch but she HAD left her door open, and I was just innocently going to use the bathroom. The upstairs bathroom for no good reason, but whatever. I was almost shaking from the brief thrill. It may not sound like much but I’d lusted over Becky for the entire time I’d known her.

When my wife first introduced me to her family Becky had just turned 21 and was a complete party girl, always dressed provocatively and such a fun person to be around. I was not a popular dude at any point in my life and being with that kind of girl was just not something available to me. Her sister Ashley was more my speed — a little bookish and more toned down. Still beautiful and sexy — I married her, for fuck’s sake — but in my league. Her sister was well out of my league. So seeing her go at herself 4 feet away from me, even fully clothed… I would have that image popping around in my head for a LONG time.

I had a meeting to get to, so I had to shake this off and move on, but I was really starting to look forward to the rest of the week with Becky in the house.


The next two days were uneventful. I felt like I blushed every time Becky walked into the room, and both she and Ashley were giving me strange looks, so I must have been acting awkwardly, but other than that it was just the usual dinner and TV, catching up chatting, maybe a glass of wine or two but nothing crazy. I still had no idea what was going on with Becky and John, but figured if she wanted to talk about it she would.

Wednesday around lunchtime I drove Ashley to the airport for her work trip. She worked for a large marketing firm and often had to oversee presentations to customers or work out business details. I don’t really know the ins and outs of her work, much like she has no idea what I do (software developer). We talk about our work with each other, of course, but more about our coworkers and broad things, not the actual work stuff. Neither of us needs to relive the boring parts of our day, and neither of us wants to hear the other’s either.

Anyway, I saw her off for her flight to California, and headed back home. When I stepped out of my car I caught a whiff of something, and my heart started racing…. It smelled like skunk. That smell can strike fear into the heart of anyone with a dog. We’d had more than a few emergency dog baths over the years, and they barely helped, and our house would stink for weeks…. I rushed towards the house and as I got to the door I realized it wasn’t skunk at all. I made my way out to the back porch where I saw Becky reclining back with a burning joint in one hand.

“Joints, Becks? It’s the 21st century, get yourself a vape pen.”

She jumped up and looked back at me and laughed. “What can I say, I like the classics. Care to join?”

I had only taken the morning off of work, but I had no meetings all afternoon so no one would really notice if I was absent, or a little stoned. So why not? “Why not!”

An hour or so later we were both just staring off into the woods, feelin’ good, and I just blurted out “so what’s going on with John anyway? He mad at you because your dinners aren’t artisan enough?”

She gave me a mocking sarcastic face, then stared at me for a few minutes as if deciding what to say next. Then she let out a deep sigh. “Fuck it. I want a second kid, and he doesn’t. And even if he did… he has made no effort to make one, if you know what I mean.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Wait, like, NO effort? For like, how long?” I took another pull off the joint; this was getting juicy.

“Since Tyler.”

I literally started choking on smoke. Tyler was TWO YEARS old! And they were barely married a year when she had him! “Are you fucking kidding me?? Becky. That is TWO YEARS.”

“DUDE. I fucking KNOW. Pass that will you.”

“Uhh, yes, you need this way more than me.”

“That’s not all I fucking need” she said under her breath, but loud enough for me to hear.

“Jesus.” I said to myself. I was a nerdy dude in high school, college, and to this day, honestly. And even I hadn’t had a two year dry spell. And certainly not one while in a relationship!!

We sat in silence for what could have been anywhere from two minutes to two hours. I honestly couldn’t tell. What I could tell I was starting to get cold. And hungry. “Wanna make a pizza?”

“You read my mind.”


I had some premade pizza dough in the fridge, so I rolled it out while Becky started chopping up some veggies. “You want a beer?” I asked.

“We can do better than that I think.” She put the knife down and walked over to our liquor cabinet. “I used to bartend back before I was a mom, don’t forget!” I tepeören escort was already stoned as hell, and Becky was threatening to throw liquor on top of it. But you only live once.

She mixed us up a couple of whiskey sours and walked towards me with the glasses. I turned towards her as she approached, and she stepped right up against me, handing me the glass. “Cheers” she said quietly. I was several inches taller than her, and even with the height difference she was standing so close that our glasses touched as we brought them to our mouths. My body was literally tingling due to her closeness (it was certainly heightened by the pot but even sober I feel like my nerves would be literally vibrating). She turned slightly and her breast brushed against my body. She put her glass on the counter behind her and just fully leaned forward, resting her head against my shoulder as it seemed like her entire body just molded itself to mine. “Thanks for this” she basically whispered. “I can’t tell you how good it feels to just get the tiniest bit of physical intimacy.” I wrapped my arms around her and just held her in my arms. I was glad I was wearing jeans because my cock was definitely taking notice of her closeness. If we didn’t break this hug off soon she would definitely be able to notice, if she couldn’t already.

My hand started to rub her back almost on instinct. This was not a friendly hug, and every part of my body knew it and reacted accordingly.

I couldn’t tell who started first, but I suddenly realized that both of us were lightly, almost imperceptibly, rocking back and forth, which slowly turned into rubbing against each other and then almost grinding against each other rhythmically. It felt almost surreal, I could feel literal heat between us. She gripped my arms and pushed herself back, as if she was physically trying to push herself away from me against her body’s wishes. She was almost panting as she looked up at me. Her eyes were practically dripping with need. She looked ready to say something, and then seemed to give in as she mashed her mouth against mine. The dam broke. What had started as subtle touching became almost manic, frantic. I had eight years of fantasizing pushing me forward, and she had two years of forced celibacy fueling her own passion. We were a perfect storm of repressed desire.

She did something that I had only ever seen in dumb movies or on “The Bachelor”, and jumped up and wrapped her legs around behind me, physically attaching herself to my body as our passionate making out continued. I don’t think there was anything in nature that could have stopped me at this point, and I started walking us towards the stairs, wanting nothing more than to get Becky into the bed that I share with her sister. About halfway up the stairs I lost my balance a bit (let’s be honest, even fueled by testosterone, it’s not easy to carry a full-grown person up a flight up stairs), laying her back against the stairs and laying on top of her. She pushed her crotch up to meet mine and we continued making out and dry humping like animals on the stairs.

She finally pushed her arms underneath her and started crawling backwards, up the last few stairs. She held me by the shirt and stared into my eyes, looking at me as if she were a starving person about to devour a buffet, basically dragging me along with her. She got to the top and didn’t even pretend she was going to go towards the guest room. I think she recognized the extra thrill of using her sister’s marital bed for this.

She walked into our bedroom and turned back towards me, with her arm held out, stopping me just at the threshold. She took one more step backwards and put her hands under her shirt, pulling it over her head and tossing it across the room. Her giant breasts were heaving in her lace bra as she was almost panting with desire. She took a moment to slow things down a bit, tamping her desire a bit to savor a bit more of the experience. She hooked her thumbs into her yoga pants and just stared at me, swaying to a song only she could hear. She peeled her pants slowly down her legs, continuing to dance as she squatted down, lowering her pants along with her. She kicked the pants off to join her shirt and stood in front of me in her matching light green lace underwear. She lifted her arms above her head, doing a sort of dancer’s pose and just giving me a moment to admire the absolute perfection of her body. There was no sign she had had a baby, and if there was it must have made her better. Every curve was smooth and looked to be sculpted by a Renaissance master.

I just couldn’t imagine having access to this and not taking advantage. I let a simple “Jesus” slip out of my mouth, and she smiled. “Your turn.”

I didn’t waste time with subtlety, and my clothes were almost instantly discarded in the corner, my erection making my boxer-briefs basically float in front of my body. She looked ravenous as she closed the gap between us and shoved her tongue in my mouth. I reached back and fully grabbed her ass, pulling her against me and lifting her body to carry her the few more steps to the bed. I rested her butt onto the bed, moved my hands to her hips and lifted her up to toss her onto the middle of the bed. This girl needed a release, and I would sell everything I owned at that moment to be the one to give it to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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