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It was Sunday morning. I had just showered and toweled myself off. I walked into my bedroom and was about to get dressed when I discovered that I had a text message from Darya on my phone. It said simply, “Meet me in Nari’s apartment. I will tell you about test # 9.”

Darya had promised that I could be her boyfriend if I passed twelve difficult tests of her design. So far, I’d passed eight of them. I was getting exceedingly close to my goal. My heart pounded in my chest as I wondered what test number nine might be. Some of Darya’s tests were extremely difficult.

I got dressed quickly, ran a comb through my damp hair and made my way to Nari’s apartment. Nari and I both lived in the same apartment building. We even lived on the same floor. Walking from my apartment to his didn’t take long at all.

Nari had given me a spare key to his apartment, urging me to drop by any time I felt like it. I let myself in and saw Darya and Nari sitting on Nari’s couch, waiting for me. The two of them had apparently been engaged in conversation before I entered, and they paused when I entered the apartment.

“Scott,” Darya exclaimed, “I did not expect you to come so soon.”

“Phrasing,” Nari called out, and then Darya gave him a look of confusion.

“Phrasing,” Nari elaborated, “From that TV show, Archer. They say that all the time when somebody says something that they thought sounded innocent, but the way they phrased it there was some sort of unintended sexual innuendo.”

Darya seemed to consider this for a few seconds and then asked, “Is this supposed to be funny?”

“It is funny,” Nari explained, “It’s hilarious.”

Darya seemed skeptical. I adore her. She’s quite possibly the most beautiful woman on the planet. She’s sex on legs. However, she doesn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.

“At any rate,” Darya said turning her attention back to me, “Scott, have you ever considered a career in gay porn?”

“What? No!” I replied, “I have a contract with a professional ballet company. Why would I want to give that up to work in the porn industry?”

Darya considered me with her signature brand of cool aloofness and said, “You have the perfect body for gay porn. You could easily make a great deal of money. Also, professional ballet dancers are at constant risk of their career being ended by injury. I have seen many dancers suffer torn muscles, ruptured ligaments and tendons. Sometimes these injuries make it impossible to continue dancing. It is always good for a dancer to have a backup plan.”

“And you think that gay porn should be my backup plan?” I asked incredulously.

“It is a very practical plan,” Darya insisted, “And test number nine has to do with gay porn, so I thought I would broach the subject with you.”

“Oh, God,” I said, “What sort of test is test number nine?”

Darya gave me another imperious look and said, “Some of the people in the audience at the clothing auction work for Adonis Video. Have you ever heard of this place?”

“No,” I admitted.

“Adonis video is a company that sells gay erotica. They have very large budget and many, many customers. And after seeing you naked at the clothing auction, there are some people there who would very much like to hire you.”

“Hire me to perform in gay porn? Seriously?”

“All it would take is one phone call and I could schedule a time and place for your first video to be filmed. It is much less demanding work that dancing ballet, and you would be paid very well.”

“Don’t you think it would be demeaning?” I asked, “A straight guy doing gay porn?”

“This is your ninth test,” Darya explained, “If you do not do this video, you fail the test and I will never be your girlfriend. Also, Nari has already agreed to help. If you agree to be in the video, Nari will perform in the video with you. You and he have had sex before, so at least you will not be having sex with a stranger.”

Nari smiled at me boyishly and said, “I wanted to do what I could to make things easier for you.”

It was impossible to be angry with Nari. He was a flirtatious pretty-boy who openly lusted after my body, however, he was also playful, entertaining, compassionate and a good friend. And truth be told, it would be less awkward having sex with him as opposed to having sex with a total stranger.

“Okay, I agree to your terms,” I said resignedly, “Make your phone call.”


Darya made a call and talked to somebody over at Adonis Video. After she got off the phone, she told me that she had arranged a time and date. She also gave me the address where I should go.

“They make videos there,” Darya explained, “It is all very professional. There will be cameraman, lighting assistant, director, hair stylist and makeup artist.”

“What?” I blurted out, “Makeup? Are they going to make me look like a woman?”

“Nothing like that,” Nari said, attempting to put my fears to beylikdüzü anal yapan escort rest, “When they’re filming porn, the bright lights and camera wash out your natural skin tone, so you need makeup to bring your skin back to life and keep you from looking all pale and ghostly.”

“Oh, is that all?” I said, suddenly feeling much more relaxed.

Nari did everything he could to make me more comfortable about my upcoming gay porn video. He listened to my fears and he said all the right things to help reduce my panic. Like I said, he’s a good friend.

When Friday rolled around, Nari drove me to the address Darya had given me. The address was in Fairhaven, however it was in a very different part of Fairhaven than the part where Nari and I live. The address where Nari and I were going was in the Olympic Heights section of Fairhaven. It’s the part of Fairhaven where the rich people live. Nari and I live in the section of Fairhaven where the working-class people live.

Adonis Video was housed in the Schuyler Building, a thirty-story building with acres of polished marble in the lobby. Even the security desk in the lobby looked like it had been carved from marble. I walked through their lobby wearing a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt, feeling terribly out of place.

Just as I was thinking that, a well-dressed woman in a skirt-suit walked up to us, trailed by a well-dressed security guard.

“May I help you?” she asked in that condescending tone that implied I was somehow lowering property values just by walking across the floor of her lobby.

I got tongue-tied, but Nari jumped in and replied, “We’re looking for Adonis Video. We have an appointment.”

The well-dressed woman still seemed condescending, however her attitude changed slightly. Her eyes drifted up and down, examining my body closely. She had a creepy look on her face as her eyes drifted up and down, examining me and then Nari. I felt like she was undressing me with her eyes. Based on what Nari told her, she probably knew we were there to do gay porn.

“Third floor,” she finally said and then she pointed me in the direction of the elevators.

“God, I hate people like that,” I said, once Nari and I were safely inside the elevator.

“People like what?” Nari asked innocently.

“Rich people,” I responded, “Rich, pompous jerks, who think that they’re better than everybody else.”

“Ah,” Nari said, sounding agreeable, “The Malory Archer and the Montgomery Burns crowd, filled with an overblown sense of superiority and entitlement because they were born into wealth.”

“Yes,” I said in eager agreement, “She’s a total bitch to me because I wasn’t born with a silver enema up my ass! I hate people like that!”

Nari smiled as my crude analysis of the arrogant woman in the lobby and then the elevator doors opened and allowed us to gain access to the third floor.

The lobby of Adonis Video looked like the lobby of a tastefully decorated law firm. It had beautiful hardwood floors and a polished counter that surrounded the receptionist desk. The counter looked as if it might be made of marble, and it was raised high in one spot, presumably to hide the receptionist’s computer and printer.

There was a modern art painting hung up on the wall and perhaps a dozen comfortable leather chairs for people to relax in.

I noticed that three of the chairs were occupied. Well-dressed, well-groomed men with an air of entitlement scrutinized Nari and I as we made our way across the lobby. They were all older men. Two of them looked to be in their early thirties, and one gentleman looked as he were in his late forties or early fifties. I felt as if the eldest man was appraising me, evaluating me-perhaps all three of them were.

“This is a gay porn business?” I whispered to Nari as I followed him across the lobby, “It looks more like a law firm or a brokerage firm.”

“Hush,” Nari whispered back, “The people who founded this business obviously wanted their gay porn business to look respectable, not trashy. I think it’s admirable that they opted not to look trashy.”

I ceased all forward momentum as my mind began to shut down. The thought of well-dressed, older men ogling my naked body made a surge of fear grow in the pit of my stomach and I suddenly wasn’t certain if I could do this.

“C’mon, Scott,” Nari urged, and he had to grab my arm and pull me along to get me to move reluctantly forward. He practically dragged me forward to the girl at the receptionist desk. The girl smiled amicably at Nari and said, “May I help you?”

The girl was young, pretty, smiling, wearing a fashionable V-neck dress and seemed eager to help. Nari explained who we were and who we were there to see. The girl smiled knowingly and said, “Your friend seems awfully nervous.”

“Stage fright,” Nari explained, “He’s not used to performing in front of a camera.”

“Oh, the camera beylikdüzü balıketli escort is gonna love him,” the girl assured Nari, “With that come-hither face and the pouty lips, he was born for this line of work!”

“See?” Nari said, playfully nudging me, “You were born for this line of work! It would be a crime for you to not be in gay porn!”

Nari was playful and flamboyant the entire time we were at the receptionist desk. He called me “Sexy” and “Beautiful” and he kissed me on the cheek. At some point the receptionist said that we were “adorable” and “a really cute couple”. When she said these things, Nari’s smile lit up the entire room.

The receptionist had us sign some release forms and a few other legal documents. Then we found out how much we would be paid, and I was impressed. Apparently, working in gay porn really was a practical backup plan.


After all the formalities were out of the way, Nari and I were introduced to the director. His name was Eric Redstone and he was only a few years older than me. He was a young, skinny guy who wore jeans with a sports coat. He had wild eyes, spoke with a passionate, youthful enthusiasm and was bouncing with energy. He explained his vision with the fervor of a religious zealot and tried to sweep everyone else up in his vision.

“There is a large section of the gay community that finds ballet dancers to be sexy, absolutely mouth-watering with sex appeal. And Adonis Video has been totally ignoring the potential profits to be made in ballet porn. That oversight ends today!”

Then, the hyperkinetic director pointed in my direction and announced, “These two are Scott Alexander and Nariman Tarasova! These two beautiful men are real life ballet dancers who dance for the Chandler Theatre!”

Everyone in the room turned to look at us. There were about thirty people in the room, some of them (like the cameramen, the makeup artist and the hair stylist) were there to assist in the creation of the video. The others were investors, who were apparently there to see how Eric was spending their money.

“Hello,” Nari said with a smile and a wave as dozens of eyes scrutinized us. I couldn’t seem to get my vocal cords to work, but I did manage a wave.

“So beautiful, and so talented,” said Eric enthused, “They will be the foundation upon which I build my success as a director, perfect ballet bodies, boyish faces, superhuman flexibility and libidinous passion! Add a soundtrack with music by Claude Debussy and I have a formula for bringing in new customers, and profits enough to make everyone happy!”

“This guy really loves us,” Nari said to me in hushed tones, “He makes it sound like he got Superman and Captain America to do gay porn.”

That put an interesting visual in my head and got me to smile. Seriously, the thought of Captain America on his knees, sucking Superman’s Kryptonian cock, I just found that too amusing and over the top. I had to smile.


Before filming could begin, Nari and I had to be prepared. We had to endure a hair stylist with a Russian accent playing with our hair and getting it to look “maximum sexy”, whatever that means, and then there was the makeup artist, plying her trade.

Then there were our costumes, which consisted of nothing but a dance belt for each of us.

For those of you who have never done ballet, a dance belt is a garment a male ballet dancers wear to immobilize his cock and balls. It’s a kind of bondage device that keeps the cock and balls immobile no matter how much we leap, land, twist or contort our bodies in dance rehearsals.

It largely resembles a thong or a G-string, except for the fact that it has a wider waist belt so the flesh at the waist is not pinched in. There’s a narrow, triangular panel of elasticized fabric in the front that just barely covers a male dancer’s cock and balls. This scrap of fabric passes between the wearer’s legs, becomes an exceedingly narrow strip of fabric and is pulled tightly in between the male dancer’s buttocks. Nari has sometimes referred to the dance belt as a dance-thong, wedgie-belt or a butt-floss.

These things are uncomfortable to wear, however they do an excellent job of putting a dancer’s butt on display. And I’m pretty sure that was the whole reason Eric had us wear them.

“Oh my,” said Eric with a smile on her face as he looked at Nari and I wearing nothing other than our butt-floss belts, “such beautiful young bodies. Now, turn around gentlemen and let me see your butts.”

Nari and I obeyed this command without complaint. I felt somewhat objectified the way Eric was scrutinizing my near-naked body. Eric’s dapper investors were a little less obvious, however, they were checking me out as well. My heart pounded urgently in my chest and I could feel my face flush hot with embarrassment as I turned around.

“Exquisite,” Eric enthused, beylikdüzü bayan arkadaş “Both of you boys have adorable, perfectly-shaped buttocks. And to perch them atop dancer’s legs, that just makes them even more desirable.”

There was a murmur of agreement from Eric’s entourage and then Nari and I were put to work. The filming took place in a large workroom that had been made to look like a ballet studio. There was dance flooring, wall-mounted mirrors and ballet barres. Nari and I went in first. The film crew went in second, followed by Eric and his wealthy investors. Nari and I were told to go stand over by the ballet barres and then the cameras were pointed at us.

“You guys look great,” Eric assured us as the filing started, “We’re going to set the mood by having you do some stretches at the barre and then some floor stretches. Just ignore everybody watching you and pretend you’re in dance class.”

Ignoring Eric and everybody with him would have been easier if Eric wasn’t constantly calling out instructions for Nari and me to follow. I knew precisely how to perform stretching exercises however, Eric kept micromanaging Nari and me, instructing us to engage in stretches that showed how far apart we could spread our legs and put our buttocks indecently on display.

That was what Eric referred to as Stage One of the video. Stage Two involved Nari and I kissing and engaging in heavy petting.

At first, I felt distressed and embarrassed, knowing that dozens of strangers were watching while Nari kissed me and fondled my almost-naked body. It felt awkward and indecent as Nari and I were treated like sex objects. Nari was a great kisser and his mouth felt delicious on mine, however, I had trouble melting into the kiss with approximately thirty or forty people watching us.

Then, at some point, Nari’s hand found itself between my legs and he massaged my cock through the thin, spandex fabric of my thong. My cock responded immediately to Nari’s fingertips. I felt a delicious tingling sensation as Nari stroked the head of my cock through the spandex and caused it to throb and swell. By the time Nari resumed kissing me, my cock was fully erect and straining to escape the confines of my tiny garment. At that point I melted deliciously into the kiss and allowed Nari’s tongue to explore my mouth.

I moaned into Nari’s mouth as we kissed, his mouth and hands were creating delicious sensations in my body, causing my cock to throb and causing me to become feverish with heat. My feelings of embarrassment battled with my feelings of libidinous desire and desire rapidly came out on top.

At some point, Nari pressed his chest against mine. He rubbed up against me, skin against skin. I could feel how warm and feverish he’d become. I could also feel how soft and smooth his skin was. Nari’s entire body was hard, firm muscle, wrapped in soft, deliciously touchable skin. Having him rub his front against mine was making me even more aroused. I’m ostensibly straight, but Nari has a real talent for rousing my libido. It’s like he’s some sort of incubus with the power to seduce straight boys.

At some point, Nari got down on his knees, grabbed the waistband of my dance belt and pulled it down off my hips and down my ankles. There was a tiny voice in the back of my head saying that I shouldn’t be allowing a guy to strip me naked, and I definitely shouldn’t be willing to have sex with him. However, that voice was being drown out by the sound of my heart pounding resoundingly in my chest. And as my erect cock was released from the tiny, spandex garment, it throbbed and begged for attention. That tiny voice in the back of my head would just have to learn to deal with my sexual endeavors.

Nari delicately licked a large dollop of precum off the tip of my cock, and then he stood up and removed his own dance belt. He had a mischievous grin on his boyish face, then he stepped forward and kissed me again.

As we kissed, I could faintly taste the flavor of my own semen on Nari’s tongue. He had worked his tongue into my mouth once again and his tongue mingled with mine. He had one arm wrapped around my waist and one hand cradling the back of my head as we kissed. I held him in my arms and felt my cock grow painfully hard. Nari rubbed his body gently against mine and I let out a soft, feverish moan.

We continued to kiss until I was breathless, and then Nari lowered his face to my chest and his mouth took possession of one of my nipples. I gasped as Nari Nari’s tongue circled the sensitive flesh of my areola. Then he gently grazed my delicate nipple with his teeth before kissing it and blowing on it softly.

Nari was driving me wild with lust, my cock was so hard and erect that it ached. A feverish wave of desire passed through my naked body and my cock throbbed again with hungry spasms.

“Please,” I whispered imploringly, “My cock feels like it’s about to explode.”

“Hush,” Nari whispered softly as he held his naked body close to mine once again, “We can’t rush this. What we do here today will be immortalized forever. We have to build up the sexual tension first.”

It seemed to me that the room was humming with sexual tension already. My body was literally trembling with the stuff, but Nari wanted to make the tension last even longer before either one of us reached the much-desired climax.

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