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It’s saddening to admit most people hate their jobs. Most people would yearn to have two full weeks off, paid of course. Then there are those who absolutely love their jobs. They love their jobs almost as much as they do their own family. In fact, some consider their coworkers and employers as extended family. Those are the jobs that are truly the most wonderful, and they’re the most painful to be away from. Especially if you don’t have a family. Being two weeks away from work was driving me mad. I missed the traveling. I missed my friends. I missed the fans. I missed the action. I missed Carmen.

Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with a mild concussion. I was pretty damn lucky it wasn’t anything worse. In that time, I had to make sure everything was kept to a minimum. What was supposed to move still moved. Anything that wiggled still wiggled. The headaches were getting weaker. The dizziness and nausea were wearing off quickly.

The support I got from my coworkers was well welcomed. Even if slightly annoying or overly emotional at times. Anthony would reach out to me twice a week, each call came with reassurances such as my job not being taken from me. My friends would leave messages and comments on my personal Facebook. Some; because they were heels, wanted to use my accident to get heat on social media and wanted to know what could and could not be said on Twitter to make the fans overreact. Numerous ideas were accepted or cast aside. What made it online sparked some of the best comments and backlash among fans.

Grizzly was the best out of everyone. The man was big enough and strong enough to fold a steel beam over his knee. God only knows what he could do to a human being if angered enough. But outside the ring he was probably the biggest teddy-bear imaginable. A heart purer than gold or platinum. Grizzly called me every night, blaming himself for my injury and making sure I was okay. Every night he cried over the phone. And almost every night I cried with him. No doubt the next time we saw each other we’d behave like Bob and “Jack” did during their first encounter from Fight Club. Then there’s the flipside of those I knew. If Grizzly was the best, Carmen was being the worst.

“Don’t cum.”

Carmen’s words were stuck in my brain like someone’s name written in concrete. Her request, nay command, was becoming painful. In my thirties and actually experiencing “blue balls” like I was a teenager again. Carmen didn’t make it easier with our nightly conversations, either over the phone or through texts. Those were the worst, especially whenever Tiana got involved. Like Grizzly, both constantly checked on my health but Carmen loved to tease. The numerous photos and videos I received of Carmen and Tee doing things to each other while they were on the road made my dick as hard as petrified wood. And there I was under strict instruction not to treat myself from her teasing. She was determined the first cum-shot from me was hers to claim. This made me all the more anxious to get back to work.

By excellent fortune, the next show was two hours away from my home. I practically begged Anthony to let me show up to work. And I meant actual work. No promo bullshit. No, I wanted back in the ring and a chance to finally finish what built up between me and Grizzly weeks prior. Anthony was hesitant at first. He didn’t even want me making the drive. But he couldn’t really tell me no. And by now I was medically cleared to return.

Arriving at the arena was like a Red-Carpet event for movie stars. Me the biggest name in Hollywood. My friends and coworkers were the paparazzi. Everyone had questions and wanted their pictures taken with me. Or have me featured in their vlogs. It was an enormous amount of fun and I enjoyed every second of it. Then things went from enjoyable to amazing.

After speaking with Grizzly and Anthony about the opening match of the night, I encountered Carmen and Tiana. Tee had a match later in the night being taped for the Friday program, and Carmen simply wanted to be with me. Both women dragged me into a supply closet backstage. What happened next was erotic and torturing. Both women pushed me into a chair and pulled my pants to my ankles. Carmen and Tee quickly removed all their clothes and spread them on the concrete floor, creating an improvised covering.

Carmen laid on her back and wrapped her toes around my hardening dick. Tiana knelt beside me and started sucking the head of my cock, making it harder between Carmen’s soles. At full mass she pulled her lips away with a wet pop and took a few steps back to kneel over Carmen’s face. Tee winked at me as she lowered her pussy right on top of Carmen’s lips. I saw her tongue start to lap at Tee’s clit and her knees shook with each flick. Tiana leaned forward, bracing herself with one arm and inserting two fingers into Carmen’s wet pussy with her other hand. The squishing noises from between her legs almost made me cum right into Tiana’s hair. Carmen’s arms wrapped over Tiana’s hips so she couldn’t escape and bahis şirketleri tongue fucked the poor girl to a quick orgasm. Throughout the show, Carmen stroked my cock between her soles and toes, using the liberal amount of pre as lube. Still trembling from her orgasm, Tee noticed how much was leaking from my cock and saw me starting to tense up.

“Carmen,” Tiana almost shouted “Carmen stop, he’s about to pop!”

Tears almost flowed from my eyes as I felt the beautiful woman pull her feet away from my dick. While I sat there, cock deflating, both women redressed. By now the pain in my balls returned and I had to stop myself from begging Carmen to let me cum. She could sense desperation and whispered in my ear to man up and hold it for a little while longer. I had to remind her two weeks of being teased every night was torture. This only made her smile and kiss my forehead.

The three of us exited the supply closet and went separate ways. Once again, I was the first match on the live, televised program and I was determined tonight was going to go perfectly, in all the ways possible. Grizzly went to the ring first, again. Worked the crowed up, again. I came to the ring next, again. A referee came to the ring upon request, and we had our match. This time we had a full match from beginning to end. No interference with any angry fans. No fuck ups that landed either of us in the hospital for treatment. Even the original finish we planned weeks ago happened as well. I won the match and our story finally reached its proper ending.

Backstage I was greeted by friends and coworkers. All of them gave their thoughts about the match. I was relieved not a single one of them had anything negative to say. Grizzly arrived backstage to receive the same treatment. When he spotted me, he rushed over and hugged me as tightly as possible. As predicted, he started to cry. Then I started too. Bob and “Jack”. Fight Club.

The Doc showed up and wanted to inspect me first and as quickly as possible. Aside from a few sore spots from the bumps I took, there was nothing to be alarmed about. Still cleared of my concussion, he sent me on my way. The first thing I wanted was a shower, then some food from catering. Carmen intercepted me after I finished eating and urged me to follow her some place in the arena. That place turned out to be the catwalks high above the arena floor.

I’ve never been afraid of heights but the view below us was enough to make me shake, if only a little. Carmen took my hand and guided me along the paths until we found a spot above the fans but also where we could see the ring. Familiar music filled the arena and we saw Tiana making her way down the ramp and towards the ring. Her talent and beauty made the fans cheer for her louder than expected. Her opponent came down the ramp afterwards and their match began.

“We don’t have much time.” Carmen nearly shouted in my ear.

“Time for what?” I had to ask just as loudly.

“I’ll explain later. Right now, I need to cum!”

Before I could ask a question, Carmen opened her pants and pushed everything to her ankles. With one hand she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers. With her other hand, she grabbed one of mine and placed it between her legs. She was already wet.

“You have to make me cum, hurry!”

I reached for my zipper but my hand was swatted away.

“No dick! Fingers only!”

I didn’t know what the urgency was but did as commanded. My fingers entered her wet pussy and a feeling of depression almost overwhelmed me. I wanted to fuck Carmen. But I was commanded not to, just as I was commanded not to cum for over two weeks. I didn’t know what sort of game Carmen was playing at, but hopefully it would lead somewhere worth all this effort.

My lips and tongue found Carmen’s neck just as my middle and ring fingers in her sex located her g-spot. I fingered her furiously. Trying to bring her to the quickest orgasm she ever had in her life. The sound of my palm repeatedly smacking above her clit could barely be heard echoing below us. Thank God Carmen’s moans were drowned out by the noise of the fans as well as Tiana’s battle in the ring.

“Hurry! Oh God, please hurry!”

I was ordered fingers only. How I used them was not completely instructed. Using my free hand, I lifted her shirt and sucked and kissed and licked all over Carmen’s boobs and nipples. I took a quick second to cover my unused middle finger in my spit and gently pushed it up into Carmen’s ass. She cried out, squeezing my finger with her rear. My fingers in her snatch were squeezed as well. Carmen was agonizingly close and was about to explode over almost twenty thousand fans without the use of a toy.

“I’M… ” Carmen inhaled deep, held her breath, and exhaled everything in her lungs “…. CUMMING!”

Carmen spazzed for just a moment, pulling my fingers out of her pussy and ass before pushing me down onto the metal catwalk. The beautiful agony on her face was matched by the shaking of her knees and the bahis firmaları contractions of her pulsating nethers. She slightly turned, gripping the rail of the catwalk with one hand and spreading as much of her pussy lips open as possible, aiming her cunt over the crowd and the ring below. Another deep inhale and Carmen threw her head back, screaming louder than I thought she could. Then she fired.

My jaw dropped as I watched Carmen’s amazing pussy rupture like a hydrant and her girl-cum rained down on the fans and the ring below. She even moved her hips from left to right to ensure her stream hit as many under us as possible. Her first squirt was harsh and violent. The two more that shot out of her were almost as powerful. I noticed Carmen’s knees start to buckle and I rushed to catch her. Not knowing if we’d been spotted from her stunt, I quickly lifted Carmen up and placed her over my shoulder. Then I rushed to the access point that brought us up there. Her sexy ass cheeks jiggled with every quick step I took. Back at ground level and clothes back on, we were intercepted by Tiana just after her match ended. The look on her face said everything.

“I can’t believe you fuckers!” she laughed.

“What happened?” I asked.

“Yeah, what happened?” Carmen added, the dried spit in the corners of her mouth didn’t help prove her innocence.

“Don’t give me that bullshit! I saw you two up there above everyone. Carmen, you came all over those people and us. I tasted you on my lips.”

Carmen stepped towards Tiana, gently gripped her head and kissed her right on the lips.

“Mmm, I taste good, too!”

“You sexy bitch,” Tiana smiled “if I were anyone else, I’d report you.”

“Report us for what? A faulty sprinkler in the rafters?” I laughed.

“Oh, you think you’re funny, huh foot bitch? Just remember, when Carmen finishes up with you, your ass is mine.”

Then Tiana smile and smacked me on my butt. After that she made her way to the locker room to shower. With both shows finished being filmed, it was time to leave. Carmen already planned to come home with me. Tiana wanted to join us but had unbreakable plans where she lived. As much as we wanted Tee to join us, this gave Carmen and me more time to be alone with each other. Something we constantly reminded ourselves for the last two weeks through phone calls and texts.

The drive home was relaxing. I always liked driving at night. But having Carmen cuddling my right arm and resting her head against my shoulder made it more enjoyable. Even more enjoyable was feeling her fingernails gently tickle-scratching along my forearm. The same way I would do her back, legs, and even her soles. Thankfully this didn’t make me sleepy, just very relaxed.

It was almost two in the morning when we finally made it back to my place. Carmen immediately rushed to the bathroom while I got our belongings from my car. Neither her stuff or mine was too much to carry. Once inside I could hear water running and her shouting from the bathroom to get undressed and join her. Moments later we were clean and headed to bed. After that we were out cold for the rest of the night.

The following morning, I woke up before Carmen did. I gently kissed her on her sleeping forehead and very carefully got out of bed. The sheets became untucked in the night and I lifted the covering at the end of the bed to see her soft soles. I gave each foot a quick little tickle to see her toes flex and then pull deep back under the covers. Mischief managed, I tucked the sheet back under the mattress and left Carmen to sleep.

While waiting for Carmen to wake up I decided to play a videogame in the living room to pass the time. The volume was kept low so not to disturb her. Less than an hour later Carmen woke up.

She came into the room and saw me on the couch playing the game. I asked how she slept which she said wonderfully. She then asked where I put her stuff as she was wanting to do her morning yoga stretches, some of which were new while I was out recovering. I told her her stuff was in the spare room. She smiled and gently scratched the back of my neck before walking back down the hall and into the spare room.

When she came back, she was wearing just a white shirt and her underwear. Her yoga mat was tucked under her arm and asked if I minded her doing her stretches in the room while I played my game. I told her that was fine and a few minutes later she was doing her poses and stretches a few feet away from me. I noticed Carmen kept making eye contact with me, wanting to make sure I eventually noticed how much she was wanting my attention. I noticed, but I kept playing my game, almost like playing hard to get. And dammit I’d been hard long enough.

Laying on her back she lifted her legs into the air, toes wiggling for affection. I really wanted to spring from my couch but I continued to play the game, not the one on my console but the one building between Carmen and me. She frowned at me, giving the cutest pouty face she could possibly kaçak bahis siteleri make and decided to make a more direct approach. Carmen’s body rolled on the mat and came to a stop, sitting directly in front of me, almost blocking my view of the tv while I played my game.

Then I figured out what she was up to. I felt her toes playing with my leg and crawling up my sweat pants. It felt good when she teased me and dammit, she was amazing at it, no matter how hard I tried to resist her nature. Her other foot joined in, climbing up my legs. Her yoga was certainly paying off. Finally, her soles and toes pressed into my hardening cock beneath the fabric.

My voice cracked while I breathed, not prepared for what she was about to do. My eyelids fluttered as I felt her press her beautiful feet into my crotch causing it to tent and swell. Her toes continued to manipulate me, tugging at the waistband until my dick sprung out, twitching in agony. Her warm soles wrapped around my rod and she began to stroke. I gasped as it felt so amazing. I couldn’t keep my concentration because the blood had rushed where she wanted it, but she didn’t want to ruin the fun right away.

“You know, I want to play a game too” she said after she removed her soles from my shaft and replaced them with her soft hands.

They slowly stroked my cock as her mouth inched closer and closer. I could feel her breath creating moisture on the head of my dick. I swore she was about to take me between her lips. My eyes began to get wet from how intense it felt, as well as the fear of her leaving me blue balled again.

“Wha-what kind of g-game?” I stuttered.

“Pleasure me game” she smiled, kissing the tip of my dick and releasing me to throb in agony again.

Carmen got up and walked away, shaking her ass with every move, hinting at me to follow her back to the bedroom. The room was nice and warm from the space heater and the bed looked so inviting as always. I got excited and stripped naked then sat on the bed, waiting to please this goddess.

“THAT is not how this is going to work” she almost yelled. “Your place is to kneel on the floor by the bed and to wait there.”

I looked at her confused but I obeyed, not wanting to disappoint her. She left me in the bedroom naked and on the floor, like a BDSM slave who’d been bad and left humiliated. I almost began to doubt if she’d return. After all she said she wanted to play a game. For all I knew she led me back there and left me so she could jump on the console and play what she wanted to play, just to screw with my head.

Before I stood up to confirm my doubts she returned with some unique trinkets. A square board under one arm and a sphere in one hand and a few small dice of different colors and numbers in the other. I took a quick look at the board and recognized it as some sort of basic DnD set. I looked back into her eyes very confused at what she had on her brain.

“Don’t worry, sexy,” she said “we’re not here to just play in my dungeon. I have an idea I think I will enjoy.”

“Well, what about me?” I ask

“You are going to be my bitch this morning.” she smiled.

“That’s every morning.” I smile back.

“Shut up, smartass. Big difference between bitch and foot bitch. Now here are the rules.”

Carmen told me she had no intention of using the DnD board for the game, but rather to have a place for the dice to fall. And the dice had a purpose. There were three die. A simple white cube that had six sides, naturally numbered one through six. An orange one with ten sides, naturally one through ten. And a blood red one also with ten sides numbered in sets of ten, totaling at one hundred. The sphere had a hole in it, big enough for one die at a time to fit through. The idea was to place all the dice in the hole, shake the sphere, and whichever die came out would have a purpose.

The rules of the dice were as followed:

White die equaled how many times I was allowed to stroke my cock with Carmen counting.

Orange die equaled how many of her toes I had to suck, about thirty seconds to a minute at a time.

Red die equaled how many times I had to lick her amazing pussy.

The game would end when she came on my face.

“Think you got the idea, Game-Boy” she asked.

“I do. But where did you get this stuff from. You’re nerdy; sure, but neither of us are into Dungeons and Dragons.”

“From Landon Culver, sort of. I asked one of the guys to swipe the set from his bag out of the men’s locker room as a prank. He’ll get it back next week.”

“Oh, he’s going to be pissed.” I laughed, cock semi-hard and still sitting in the floor.

“Yup! Now, are you ready?”

“Yes, ‘Mistress’.”

“Good!” she cheered “let’s get started.”

Carmen took off her clothes leaving us both naked in the bedroom. I moved a little so I was resting on my knees and my chest close to the edge of the mattress. She laid on the bed with her legs slightly open, ankles dangling the edge of the bed with her soles and toes inches from my face. She placed all the dice in the sphere and shook and swirled it, teasing the hell outta’ me because my tongue was about to be used on her body no matter what happened. The first die popped out and she giggled.

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