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I’ve had the pleasure of making many new friends through my writing here at . Some people have been frequent correspondents, and I’ve gotten to know them rather well; much like they have learned a lot about me through my stories.

While I know it’s likely I’ll never meet any of my readers, I often wonder what it would be like if we did get together. This story is a product of my imagination. I hope you enjoy it.

The story contains some things that you would not find in my other work, and I hope you aren’t offended. It wouldn’t have been much of a fantasy for James without them.


Meeting James.

I’m sitting in a motel room in Northern New Jersey, looking out the window from time to time and wondering what the hell I’m doing here. I know what brought me south; a trip to visit a relative in Delaware, but what made me stop here in this Econo Lodge halfway there? I know what I’m doing is wrong, but I can’t help myself.

James had contacted me a long while ago in response to some writing that I had done on a web site, and we had begun to exchange messages. Since the writing I had done was of an adult nature, the conversations sometimes got a little bold, but that was okay with me. Frankly, sometimes they got me so hot I had to… relieve myself.

I got to know him a little bit, and I knew what he got out of the conversations; a walk on the wild side with some strange broad who didn’t mind nasty talk. He even sent me a picture of him and his family once a long time ago. It wasn’t like he wasn’t getting anything at home, because he did have what I remember as a cute little wife who seemed perfectly capable of satifying him. I guess that he wanted a little more adventure in his life, and that’s why he was coming by here tonight.

Me? I’m a woman old enough to be James’ mother. While I’m in good shape for a woman my age, I’m still 51. I’ve been in a relationship with a woman for 3 years, and while I’m happy enough, I still need something. Something I haven’t had in so long I can taste it. I need to get fucked.

Suddenly, a knock at the door makes me almost jump out of my skin. I glance at the mirror and brush my short brown hair back as I check what I’m wearing. Not much. Just a see through nightie that, even in the soft light of the bedside lamp, reveals all of my shortcomings rather clearly. Oh well, I figured, no sense in deception at this point. What’s the worst that could happen? He could just turn around and run.

I open the door after fumbling with the chain and peek out.

“James?” I asked the dark shape outside the door.

“Becky? Yeah, it’s me.”

I open the door and James comes in, closing the door behind him.

We are both nervous. James does a double take when he sees what I’m wearing. He doesn’t run, or laugh. That makes me feel better.

“Nice nightie,” James says as he takes his jacket off. “I only have about an hour – took me longer than I thought to get here.”

Maybe he’s looking for an easy way out, but I believe him. He looks honest and innocent. And young. I feel more like his grandma. Bigger than I had pictured, and in nice shape, he’s got a fresh, boyish look about him that really turns me on. Red hair turns me on too. What doesn’t turn me on right about now?

“Take your clothes off then,” I tell James. “No sense wasting any of the time we do have.”

He unbuttons his shirt as I check him out. Is that a bulge in his pants? I want to jump up and down, I’m so happy. Maybe he does want me. Might as well find out for sure.

“Told you they were small,” I said after I opened my nightie and let it fall to the floor, grabbing my nipples and pulling them outward. That’s about all there are to my breasts these days, just big spongy aureolas and nipples on a pair of lemons. His wife looked like she had a real nice pair on her, so this was unfair competition.

“They’re nice – cute,” James says nervously, and he seems to like the way I’m stretching out the little critters.

He’s dropping his trousers, and the bulge in his underwear shows that I still have his interest. And what a bulge it is. Cute kid – when I asked him to describe himself he told me how big his cock was. Not that it mattered to me, but it seems like he hadn’t exaggerated. He had promised a rather decent sized package and it looked like he wasn’t kidding, because it looked gaziosmanpaşa escort like there was a considerable piece of manhood trying to tear through those underwear.

Suddenly I find myself walking toward him, wrapping my arms around him and moving him back against the wall. I feel his cock against my stomach. It feels hot against my skin, even through the cloth. I’m grinding into him as we kiss, and when his kisses travel down my cheek and into my neck and shoulder I realize I’m out of control.

“Don’t you dare cum until I tell you!” I order James, and he looks startled to hear me giving him an order.

By then I’m on my way to kneel in front of the boy, and I’m yanking his underwear down. His cock is fat and long and beige, and I take the thing by the base while wrapping my lips around the head. My tongue works the tip, which must be sensitive, because that makes James jump and fall back against the wall.

I look up as my lips begin sliding down the veined shaft, and he’s watching with interest as I inhale his cock right down to the root. Damn, this guy is hard as a rock, I think to myself as my wet mouth envelopes his hot tool. I lose sight of him as my eyes get buried into his pubic hair, but his groans are music to my horny ears as I feel the head of it scrape against my throat. My hand is churning his balls as I slide the thing back out of my mouth, and his thighs are quivering as I suck hard, with a loud popping sound breaking the silence when his dick gets free.

I get to my feet and smother him with kisses, and his hand is reaching down between my legs. I thought he was going to mention how hairy I am down there, but he only says, “God, you’re so wet!”

“Fuck me,” I tell him in a gravel voice that comes out of the depths of my perverted soul.

I don’t want foreplay. Not now, and to make sure James gets the idea I jump up into his arms and wrap my legs aroung his hips. I’m probably down to 100 pounds these days, and so I assume that a big strapping boy like James can handle me with no problem.

After only a second of hesitation, he proves me right, and what’s even better is that I feel him reaching down to put his cock inside me.

“Aaarrrgh!” I moan as I feel him plunge inside of me.

First time in six or seven years feels like the first time ever, as his stiff cock slides in right to his balls.

“This what you want, Becky? You want to be my slut, don’t you?” James asks. “You like my cock inside you? You want me to give it to you hard?”

“Less talk – more fuck,” I grunt as I try to catch my breath.

Now I’m being carried over to the bed in his arms, impaled in his cock like a chicken on a skewer. We fall onto the bed, and when he lands on me a split second after I hit the doughy mattress, his cock slams into me so deep that I scream out in discomfort.

“Sorry,” James says, and he looks at me with a concerned look.

“Don’t apologize… for anything!” I hiss at him. “Do what you what to me – hard as you want! Split me in two if you can! I ain’t no prissy soccer mom made of glass like Judy.”

James gets a little red faced at that mention of his wife, and when he begins pounding into me in a steady rhytmic pattern, he’s putting a lot of himself into each thrust.

“How do you like that?” James asks, as our bodies slap together and the bed creaks in protest.

“Anytime you’re ready,” I snap back at him.

That results in a considerable pickup in speed and intensity, and I want to tell him that he’s doing better, but I can’t. I’m too busy cumming.

My body is reeling and writhing as my pussy has seizures onto his cock. I’m screaming so loud that everybody in the whole damn motel must be able to hear me, and James keeps pounding away. I wrap my legs around James to keep the thrusts to a minimum as my orgasm ebbs. My pussy is already a little sore, and I’m starting to regret my big talk of a few minutes earlier.

Too late to beg for mercy now, and besides, it feels so good that I don’t want to. I reach up behind me and slip my hand in the gap between the headboard and the mattress. Guys used to like this “broad stretched out and helpless” bit, and the fact that I’m androgynous looking in this position seemed to work with some guys too.

James slows down a bit and bends his head down to take one of my haymana escort nipples into his mouth, pulling it up a little and then letting it snap back. I’m liking this a lot and James notices and keeps doing it. My hips are rising to meet his slow and deep thrusts inside me, and when his lips leave my nipple, they travel up to my neck and down my shoulder. Now James has his tongue sliding up and down my slick and silky smooth armpit, and my entire body convulses in response.

Next thing I know, we’re both sliding off the bed, tangled and knotted up in the pile of winter bedding that used to be on the bed. My bad. It’s a short fall and a soft landing, and after we giggle and untangle, James is back to work. He throws me onto my hands and knees and pushes my upper body down so that my face is on the cheap rug.

I feel James rubbing his cock around between my legs, and when I feel the tip of his dick press against my anus I almost scream out in protest. Don’t care for anything bigger than a tongue or finger in there, but James was only teasing, and soon I feel him slip his cock inside of my pussy.

“Ooooooh,” I moan into the carpeting, and he feels even bigger than the 6 or 7 inches he started out with. He’s holding on to my hips as he begins pounding away into me, and with every thrust I feel my hands and knees gets scraped up by the rug. We’re gradually sliding across the room as he keeps humping me, and the pleasure and the pain have become so tangled I can’t tell the difference. Time… how long have we been fucking? Seems like a long time to my sore knees.

My head is up against a chair before long, and now James has taken it upon himself to begin rubbing my anus with a finger. I groan when he slides it in a little bit, and my head gets pulled back as I feel him grab my hair with his other hand.

“Had enough?” James asks as he stays motionless, his cock in to the hilt.

My answer is to push myself back into him. I hear him chuckle as he lets go of my hair and crouches over me. Our bodies are dripping with sweat and the feel of his wet skin on my back is comforting. With both hands free, he starts gently rocking on me, his strokes shorter and softer now. His hands come around me and cup my breasts, caressing and kneading the little cones as they hang down.

“You’re so good, Becky, and I love your little titties,” James says into my ear, and for some reason I feel my body start to shudder and a little orgasm washes over me without warning. James holds me tightly as I shake and quiver and when it’s over I’m drained.

“You want to come now, don’t you babe?” I ask, and he says yes.

I stand up on protesting legs, aching and sore, and take James over to the bed. I notice that his knees are rubbed raw like mine, and he’s got a bunch of scratches and claw marks on his shoulders and back. Oops.

“Stop here,” I tell James, and direct him to stand next to the bed and let his upper half lean over the bed with his hands on the mattress.

“Spread ’em,” I tell him.

“Am I under arrest?” he jokes.

I’m now kneeling behind him and contorting my body so that I’m looking up at his goodies. His balls are dangling next to my eyes, and his cock… good grief, is still hard as rock. My mouth takes in first one ball and then the other, and I’m alternating between sucking on his nuts and licking his sack while his moans make me tingle. On a whim my mouth explores lower, going along the area between his balls and his anus, licking and nibbling.

Boldly, I find my tongue sliding between his ass cheeks. Praying for cleanliness and having my prayers answered, my tongue begins teasing his tiny brown ring. I’m behing him now, my hands prying his ass cheeks apart, and my mouth is all over his sensitive opening. I’m bet Judy never did this to him, I think to myself. James’ knees are buckling as I give him a very intimate external exam. I hear him speaking in tongues, and when I reach around and grab his cock, it’s still hard as steel and hot too.

“Don’t,” James gasps. “I’ll cum!”

I get up and push him onto the bed face up. I throw him a pillow for his head and kneel between his legs.

“I want you to cum now,” I tell James. “Cum in my mouth.”

I look up as my mouth embraces him once more, and he’s a mess. Face beet red and veins throbbing in his neck, he’s all ankara escort eyes as I gobble his cock. Up and down the shaft I go. My hands are working too; I’m kneading his balls, trying to get him primed and ready, and I’m poking my finger into his ass too and he’s bucking like a bronco.

His cock is as crimson as his face, and after I go down on him for a couple of minutes, it occurs to me that’s he’s having trouble cumming. I’m doing everything I can but he’s just teetering on the brink of cumming, unable to let it go.

Too many years of not being able to, I surmise. Too many warnings of “don’t cum in my mouth!” Too many times having to hold back with a wife unable, for whatever reason, to bring herself to take his orgasm as a woman should. Never understood it, because I think that’s the ultimate act of caring; taking your man’s seed in your mouth and drinking that wonderful offering. Why let such a beautiful thing get sprayed around like it was something evil?

“I want to taste it,” I tell James, looking at him with the best doe-like look my tattered face can manage. “You fucked me so good,” I say between trips down his shaft. “Let yourself go baby… shoot your load down my throat.”

My hands are sqeezing the base of his cock, working him like a flute as I slide my lips up and down as fast as I can. I’m saying the most vulgar things I can think of, knowing how much he likes the dirty talk, and he’s squirming around wildly.

I was in the middle of some particularly nasty line when he cried out suddenly, and a spurt of cum shot out of him and hit my face. Quickly, my mouth engulfed his cock, and I felt his cock jerk and spasm as he erupted into me. I felt a couple of jets of cum hit my throat, and as my mouth struggled to keep up, he kept unloading. I was trying not to choke on his cum, which might have been a long time arriving, but was sure making up for the wait. I let his semen slide down out of the corners of my mouth while I kneaded his balls to empty them out completely. Finally, his cock just jerked while shooting blanks, his body shaking slightly as it did.

“Becky…” James said as he eventually pulled me off of his withered tool, and I guess I had lost track of what I was doing and was in a world of my own, still gobbling his cock like a madwoman.

“Cut me some slack – it’s been quite a while between dicks,” I said as looked up at him and smiled, and tried to imagine what I must look like. Sweaty and messy, with cum drying on my cheek, I must have been a sight. James didn’t seem to care and he had such an innocent and content look on his face that I had to laugh.

My head went back down to kiss his limp dick, and I held his beautiful instrument softly while licking the underside, gently letting my tongue glide over the meandering vein as I felt myself relax.

“I don’t want to, but I gotta go,” James said after a few minutes. “Mind if I use the shower to rinse myself off?”

“Sure, but don’t you want an encore?” I asked, with a mischievous look on my face.

“Can’t – I can’t,” James said, shrugging at his abused pecker hanging on his hip.

“No, that wasn’t what I meant,” I assured him as I forced my aching body to stand up on the wobbly mattress and straddle him on equally shaky legs.

“Never did this before,” I said as I looked down at James, his shock clearly showing on his face, and the shocked expression became a look of ecstacy when I started to tinkle on his chest.

The trickle became a torrent briefly, as James gleefully watched my hot pee spatter all over his chest, and he cackled with delight as I relieved myself all over his upper torso. He had said that it was always one of his fantasies, and while I didn’t understand it, the joy it was giving him made it worthwhile.

At least there was another bed, I thought to myself while I surveyed the scene after finishing my first-ever attempt at such a thing.

“Now you really need a shower,” I said as I gingerly worked my way off the bed.

James followed suit, and as he did, something caught my eye.

“Hey,” I said, pointing to his cock, which had regained some vigor and was now standing at half mast, seemingly almost ready for another go. “I thought you had said you were a ‘one time a night’ man?”

“Guess you inspired me,” James said sheepishly as he padded off to the bedroom.

I hesitated for a second before skipping over to catch James just before he closed the door behind him.

“Just in case it’s another six years between guys,” I said as I climbed into the shower with him.

No sense letting opportunity pass by.


Thanks for reading. Hope you liked it.


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