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You look only for a minute and then you pull me to your lips. Your mouth is closed as you rub my cock head across your lips and then along your chin and around your cheeks… rubbing my hard cock all over your face.

You flick your tongue out across the head and tease the slit, almost trying to enter it with the tip of your tongue.

One hand holds my balls as your other holds my shaft in position. You squeeze and mold my heavy balls in your hand as you lick my cock shaft.

I stand as still as I can, and allow you to use my cock for your amusement and pleasure.

You soon begin to suck the head, causing it to swell and turn darker, almost purple. It becomes so sensitive as you lick it like an ice cream cone and then suck it deep within your mouth, then scrape your teeth across it, nibbling gently.

That is such a strong and exciting thing to me, and you sense my reaction and you increase your sucking and licking until I am almost unable to stand it any longer.

I am groan and tell you to suck my cock harder and you do, eager to please and control me as I am now at your mercy, given in to your generosity and desires.

You continue your play and you feel my cock stiffen and you squeeze my balls hard and slow down your licking and sucking in an effort to delay my ejaculation.

When I calm down some, you slowly stroke my cock again and each time your hand moves to the base of my shaft, your lips kiss the end of my cock or your tongue licks across it.

You keep stroking and flicking and licking and kissing for a few minutes.

My hands are full of your breasts, and I am tweaking your nipples and flicking them with my thumbs and twisting them between my thumb and fingers….pulling and pinching your nipples much as you are pulling and teasing my cock.

You push my cock back and stand up, then lead me to a chair and have me sit down.

You push my legs apart. I think you are going to sit on my cock, but instead you kneel down between my legs and eryaman escort start stroking my cock with both hands.

Your palms are together as you slide them up and down my hard cock. Your open hands are clasped together at your fingers as you slowly stroke and rub my cock up and down….up and down…

And then you take your hands and pinch the head and then lift my cock shaft up and you take my balls in your hands. You lean down and begin to suck my balls and pull them into your mouth one at a time, sucking and licking and kissing them.

My sack is loose and my balls hang down and are easy for you to lift and play with. So you fondle and squeeze and slap my balls for a few minutes and I lay back and enjoy the attention.

My cock has stayed hard as you brush against it while you work my balls over, and it jumps and begs for more attention. You lean over and suck it deep back into your mouth as you continue playing with my balls.

Your head bobs up and down on my cock, your mouth full of my hard muscle. I can see your cheek bulge out as my cock head pushes against it.

I can feel the soft palate deep in the back of your mouth. You gag a few times, but don’t lose the rhythm you have set.

Your lips stretch over my shaft as you suck and eat my cock.

I love seeing my cock in your mouth.

There is nothing as exciting as watching you suck my cock with that lust in your eyes… with that wet look that tells me you are as excited as I am.

You struggle with my cock, wanting to feel it all deep in your mouth, and I can tell your mouth is tired and your jaws are starting to hurt. I start to pull back so you can rest, but you refuse to release it.

You suck harder and your eyes are more intent as you plunge your face down harder and faster onto my stiff cock.

All I can do now is hang on.

I can feel you gulping for air as you pull back. Your eyes are electric and you look dazed as you sit back. The blood esat escort has rushed to your head in all of the frenzied activity and you needed to rest. I am so close to cumming that I almost start jacking my cock to finish off, but I restrain myself.

As you sit there on your knees, I slowly pull my cock.

You smile at me as raise up as high as you can, so that your breasts are directly in front of my cock.

Your breasts are so full and round. You push them together and squeeze them, teasing me with their round fullness. Your areola are large and red and your nipples stand out, hard and ready for my kisses.

I can’t help myself as you lean to me and I move my hungry mouth to suck them in. I greedily suck your nipples and then open my mouth as wide as possible to take more of your breast.

I want to suck as much of you as I can. I pull your nipple and areola hard with my lips, tasting and feeling your warm flesh.

Uummmm, I love your breasts and I kiss and suck them and play with your nipples as you squirm and move under the sensations you feel.

And you squeeze your breasts together and rub them in my face and rub your nipples over me and tease me with them.

I lap at them with my tongue and I bite at them as you bring them near my mouth and you laugh as you slap my cheeks with your breasts.

And then I grab you and hold you still and push my cock between your breasts. You pull them tight against each other, gripping my cock between them.

I pull back and begin to fuck your tits. Oh that feels so good. The soft tissue, so warm and tight around my cock..So near to your mouth.

My cock head appears from between your tits and goes right to your lips. And you lick it with your tongue. And then on the next stroke, my cock slips between your lips. And I fuck your tits and your lips slowly.

This is the best of both worlds, I think. Fucking you and being sucked by you at the same time is heaven to me.

And this ankara escort realization is more exciting to me and I start fucking you faster and faster. You are excited too and you squeeze tighter and lick faster, and scream for me to fuck you harder and give you my cock.

That drives me on and on and soon I can feel my cum start to boil up from deep in my balls and then I start to shoot my hot cum all over your tits…and on your beautiful face and in your hair.

You lean down quickly and suck my spurting cock into your lips and pull it deep in your mouth, where I keep spurting and shooting cum down your throat.

You swallow, and gulp and grab breaths of air between licks as you pick up the drops that slip out of your lips. And you wipe up the cum on your tits and your face and lick it from your fingers and you smile at me with such a naughty expression.

You hold my cock still as you milk the last drops of sticky hot cum out and you lick them off of my cock and show me them on your tongue before you flick it inside. Then you lick my cock dry and stroke it a few times to be sure all of the cum has been taken.

And I sit back amazed, tired, and so fasciated and turned on by you.

You join me and sit beside me and we talk about meaningless things.

I go get drinks and as I walk into the room, I see you rubbing your pussy, your legs spread up on your chair arms.

You look up at me and instead of being embarrassed and stopping, you smile and look back down at your pussy and stick two fingers deep inside and massage for a moment, then pull them out and suck them off.

You look at me again. I see this as an invitation.

I sit next to you and we face each other. I stroke my cock as you rub and finger yourself.

Soon we are moving faster and faster. We are very excited watching each other and performing, and we urge each other on and on.

You stand up and come to me, then turn your back to me. You spread your legs and I can see your pussy gaping open, ready for my cock to fill it. I move forward and prepare to enter you.

I am torn between pulling you down and impaling you on my cock as I sit, and bending you over and dog fucking you.

My mind is wild trying to decide.

And then I know what I will do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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