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***This story is purely fictional, unfortunately.***

You waited for me. It was late evening and you stood outside your door, waiting for a glimpse of me.

We had been chatting online a few minutes before you had come outside and you decided to invite me over. You had filthy things on your mind. Our chat had been deliciously dirty. So much so that you had no problem pointing your camera down and giving me a show of you running your hand up your leg, into your skirt and rubbing your swollen, wet pussy through your panties. Electricity had flown through your body at the mere touch of your shaking hand. Your screen was showing me without a shirt, undoing my pants and pulling out my very hard cock, drops of pre-cum pouring from the tip of the engorged head.

You leaned against your porch railing, your already too short skirt riding up a little, giving anybody who may be looking a glance at your perfect ass.

The minutes seemed like hours. You were impatient. You moaned your disapproval out loud at how long I was taking. Thoughts of my body, my movements, screamed through your head. You bit your lip and looked around, making sure you were alone. Pulling your skirt up a little more, you pushed your panties to the side and started to fuck yourself with two fingers. The sensations were outrageous as you masturbated yourself on your porch to a small orgasm. You straightened up and fixed your panties, your wetness was running down your thigh.

As you put your skirt down you felt a sharp tug on the back of your head, a hand wrapping itself in your hair. Simultaneously, a very sharp poke emanated on the right side of your spine.

A whisper in your ear, no more than a warm breath on your lobe very calmly and enigmatically said to you

“Breathe.” Your heart raced, your breaths came in short, shallow sequences. “If you scream, it will be the last thing anybody ever hears of you.” Your squeal got caught in your throat and you swallowed it, your eyes widened and sweat started to glisten on your brow and drip down to your glasses. The sharpness in your back moved to the right side of your neck. Looking at the reflection in the door window, you could just barely make out a very large knife “Now walk inside very calmly, if you try to look back your blood will paint the walls.”

You did as you were told. Your shaking hand grasped the doorknob and pulled open the door. Entering slowly, you felt the knife leave your neck. Your eyelids fluttered with a slight feeling of relief, but you dared not make it known. Although you had never been as frightened in your life as you were at that moment, you realized that you had also never been as soaking wet as you were. Your pussy was pouring; your clit was throbbing and felt as though it was on fire.

As you and your assailant walked into your house and into your living room, you heard him whisper “Don’t fucking move.” You stood as still as you possibly could, but the shaking in your legs was making it almost impossible to remain upright. Then you felt it.

A hand, warm and with long fingers grabbed your left ass cheek with such ferocity that you let out a small squeal. You weren’t sure if it was a squeal of fear or delight.

“Take off your shirt, little girl.” The voice said to you. One of the fingers from the hand that had a firm hold of your tight, gorgeous bottom snaked in between your ass-cheeks and started to rub your asshole through your panties. Your shaking hands rose slowly to the top button of your shirt, undoing it slowly, then the second and the third. “RIP IT OFF!” The voice growled ferociously at you, the finger down below ever so slightly pushing into your ass. You jumped, grabbed both sides of your dress shirt and with what strength you had left you tore it off of your trembling body.

He said nothing. You could feel his eyes examining your shaking frame, tracing your spine and your bra straps.

He whispered again beşevler escort “Play with your tits for me.” You closed your eyes, pushed your glasses back up to the bridge of your nose, breathed in heavily and ran your hands up to your gorgeous breasts. You felt him come closer. “Keep your eyes closed.” He said to you. You squeezed your eyes shut and clasped your hands over your barely contained tits. You had worn a bra that was a size too small in anticipation of your invited visitor. You were practically spilling out of it.

You felt his head beside yours; you imagined he was looking over your shoulder. As he came even closer, you felt his hand lift from the back of your skirt and the tip of his hard cock pressing in between your ass cheeks through his pants. You pushed your two beautiful mounds together, pinching your nipples through your bra. Your head fell back a little and a loud sigh escaped your lips. You pulled your black, sheer, lacy bra down below your tits and squeezed them so fucking tightly that it was painful, delectably painful.

“You’re doing an excellent job, beautiful.” He said to you. Your eyes shot open, your mouth was agape. You knew the voice.

As soon as you recognized who it was, your right hand shot down off your breast, to your side and behind you. You quickly took a firm grasp of my very big hardness and squeezed ever so tightly. You spun around so quickly that whisps of hair fell from your head and framed your angry, bloodshot face.

You used my cock to pull me towards you, and at the same time you punched me in the chest so hard that it almost knocked the wind out of me.

“You scared the SHIT out of me!!” You screamed. You were furious. I stumbled backwards and the backs of my knees came into contact with the arm of the sofa. I fell onto my back on the long couch. You moved swiftly, jumping on me and pinning my shoulders down with your knees. You slapped me in the face repeatedly with tears streaming down your face. The violence was making my cheek more and more red with each loud *SMACK*.

You were about to throw me out. About to tell me to leave and to never come back, but just at that moment, you looked into my eyes. You saw what it was that first attracted you to me. The first time we exchanged glances, we each knew we wanted one another, and now when you looked into my eyes you suddenly remembered how incredibly wet this whole experience was making you. Instead of standing up, you dug your knees into my shoulders even more, making me grit my teeth and scream through them.

You grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head up “Spit on my tits!” You screamed at me. I did as I was told. Leaving big splashes of my saliva first on your right nipple, then on your left, my warm spit dripped down off of them and onto my shirt. You pushed my head back down and rubbed my deposit all over your chest, making your large tits glisten in the light from the lamp beside the couch.

My erection was throbbing against my pants. The bulge at my zipper felt like it was going to burst. Your head fell back and you moaned at the pleasure you were administering to yourself.

I felt my shirt get wetter. I also noticed a pleasant, warm sensation. I looked down and realized that as you were grasping and clawing at your gorgeous chest, you were pissing in the panties that matched your bra. I looked back up at you, your eyes were directly locked onto mine, looking into them, through them. You bit your lip, pinched your nipples fiercely and ground your crotch into the top of my chest, just below my neck, letting my shirt absorb the last bit of piss you had left.

You grabbed my throat and told me not to move. I nodded, letting you know I understood. You turned around; your knees still on my shoulders but you were now facing the other way. You grinded your sopping wet panties into my face and said “Eat my pussy… god, eat my soaking pussy beypazarı escort NOW!” You reached down and pulled your panties aside. As soon as you did, my tongue shot straight into your cunt. You screamed in pleasure, pushing your body down, trying to get my tongue as deep into your soaked hole as possible. I licked and sucked and nibbled at you like a madman. It was absolutely the most delicious pussy I had ever tasted.

As I tongue-fucked you, you looked down to see a massive bulge in the front of my pants. You leaned forward, and in doing so my arms became free. Your face was mere inches from my cloth-covered cock. I brought my newly freed hands up to your ass and ripped the soaked panties from your body. You squealed loudly and your hands flew to my pants. You hastily undid the button. You grabbed a hold of my zipper and tore it down. Since I had not worn underwear, my cock sprung out of my pants and slapped you on the lips. The head was bright red and was literally pouring with pre-seminal fluid. You rubbed your face along my cock, my stringy pre-cum was sticking to every surface it touched: your lips, your cheeks, your glasses. The musky smell of it hit your nostrils and your pussy literally poured delicious juices into my mouth. I lapped and sucked at every last drop.

You wrapped your right hand around the base of my cock, took a deep breath and pushed your face straight down my swollen member. Past your lips, your tongue, my cock slid into your throat. I moaned loudly in intense pleasure. I let my tongue slip out of your sopping wet pussy, moved up slightly and slid it swiftly into your tight little ass.

You screamed your approval around my cock and, wasting no time, fucked my cock with your warm mouth with reckless abandon. You pushed your face all the way down to your hand, gagged only slightly, and dragged your teeth along the shaft on your way back up. My cock was twitching with pleasure. Meanwhile, I had placed my left hand at the entrance to your gorgeous pussy, and without hesitation I slid three fingers into you, finger-fucking you like crazy as I tongued your gorgeous ass.

This drove you absolutely mad. Your body pushed against my fingers every time I pushed them forward. Every time you came up for air from deepthroating me, more and more saliva would connect your lips to my cock and you would let out a guttural, animalistic growl.

I had had enough. I needed you. I had to fucking have you. I had waited long enough. On your next slide down my cock, I pushed my body upwards, stuffing my hard prick down your throat. You sputtered and coughed around it and quickly lifted your head upwards.

I took the opportunity while you were distracted to slide my legs out from under you. I was now kneeling on the couch behind you. I slid my pants down to my knees as I reached forward and took a handful of your hair. You screamed and moaned at the same time. It was the sexiest sound I had ever heard in my life. I pulled your head back, and at the same time, I pushed my fully engorged dick into your swollen, pouring-wet pussy and a finger into your spit-soaked ass.

The sounds that we made, oh fuck, the screaming, the moaning and the vulgarity were overwhelming. As soon as we were as one, as soon as we were fucking it felt as though the temperature in the room had risen by 20 degrees. There was fire between us. There was something there that both of us had expected, but neither of us had been prepared for.

“I love fucking your hot little cunt, little girl.” I said to you between breaths. “Fuck it! Let it milk that big fucking cock of yours!!” You screamed at me as I continued to bombard you doggy style.

I pummeled you. Your pussy would suck my cock in every time I would thrust towards you. You reached back, holding yourself up with one hand, and slid a second finger into your ass along with mine.

Your screams all of a sudden ankara escort went quiet. You started breathing very heavily. I could feel your pussy contracting around my cock. It took all of my strength not to fill you with my sperm.

“Oh! Ohhh! OOOHHH!!! FFFUUCCK!!!” You screamed. Your pussy flooded, my cock and balls became soaked in your juices. You were cumming on me harder than you had ever cum in your life. I kept pumping you, fucking you. I pulled my finger out of your ass, grabbed you by both hips and pushed my cock as deep into your VERY tight pussy as it would go. You bit your arm and screamed. Your eyes started tearing. You felt as though the orgasm would never subside.

As it started to slow down, as the convulsions rocking your body became less frequent, you started to giggle and slid slowly off of my dick. You laid on the couch on your stomach, waiting for the feeling to come back to your fingers, waiting for your breath to catch itself.

I stood and walked away, allowing you to rest up a little. You heard me walk to the kitchen. You heard the fridge door open and close. I returned with a cup of ice water for you.

You sat up on the couch and gulped the liquid as though your life absolutely depended on it. As you drank, I stood in front of you. You scanned my body and noticed I was still very fucking hard.

You got a ravenous look on your face. You took another mouthful of the icy water and let it pour from your lips down between your tits. You then pulled me closer to you, took those perfect tits into your hands and wrapped them around my throbbing member. The warmth of your huge chest and the coolness of the water made my legs almost buckle beneath me. You slid your tits up and down my cock, and every time you went down, you slid my cock-head into your mouth and sucked on it like a straw.

“I’m not going to last much longer, darling” I exclaimed through clenched teeth. Your eyes met mine. You smiled a great big smile, opened your mouth and stuck out your tongue. I took my cock from your chest and stuck it into your awaiting oral cavity. I then proceeded to fuck your mouth without any thought for your personal safety. I wrapped my hands around the back of your head and face-fucked you with great speed, every time I thrust forward, my cock would touch the back of your throat and you would choke a little. It felt incredible.

I pulled out of your mouth, you breathed a deep, life sustaining breath. When you looked up, you saw what you wanted. I was jerking myself off right in front of your face. I was making growling sounds from deep down in my chest. My brow was sweating beads and beads of sweat. You leaned back on the couch, pulled your skirt back and started playing with your clit.

It was too much for me, your dirty little show. My balls boiled, my cock expanded in my hand, I growled very fucking loudly and the first rope of cum sprayed forward. When you saw this, you immediately sat up, the first spray of hot jizz landing on your right cheek and glasses lens. The next few spurts were longer and had greater velocity, hitting your nose, your tongue, your forehead and your hair.

“FUCK!!” I screamed, as I pointed my cock downwards and let my sperm fly to your tits. I then pushed my dick into your mouth and let the last couple of squirts pour down your throat.

When my orgasm finally passed, I pulled out of your mouth. Cum was dripping from your cheeks and your glasses and landing on your chest. I leaned down and cleaned your tits with my tongue. Meanwhile, you tilted your head back and swallowed the rest of what you had in your mouth.

I picked you up in my arms and carried you to the bathroom, as we walked you rubbed my cum into the skin on your face, throwing your glasses to the ground. When we got to the washroom, I laid you in the tub, still in your skirt and bra. I ran the water and filled the tub with a gloriously hot bath. I took off my shirt, lifted the toilet lid and you watched as I pissed. I turned once to let some splash on your tits.

When I finished, I joined you in the tub. I bathed you, washed you and held you.

We spent the rest of the night doing the same thing again. This time with someone holding a video camera.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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