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I’m Josh, an 18 year old college freshman attending a small college in Florida. I still live at home for a couple of reasons. My school is close to home and it’s cheaper to live with my mother. Dad died when I was only 8 years old and I’m an only child. You could say I’m spoiled rotten, but I’d like to say I prefer to live at home to take care of my Mom.

I guess you could say I’m your average jock. I’m 6 feet tall, weigh 185 pounds and work out every day. My buddies all say I’m ripped, I just think I’m in good shape.

My father was very successful and gave my Mom a great life, leaving us quite well off when he passed away. We have a beautiful large home in Southern Florida with a huge pool. My parents were very young when I was born, my mother was only 16 years old, my Dad was 18.

Mom and I’ve had a great life together but I’ve never seen her date since Dad’s passing, maybe she just keeps it hidden from me but I don’t think so. My Mom, Sharon, is only 34 years old and is often mistaken for being my sister. My friends always comment about her, especially when I invite them over for fun in the pool. If she only knew some of the things my buddies have said.

Mom is gorgeous, she’s kept herself in perfect physical condition, exercising daily on her treadmill and taking aerobics classes. She still wears her blonde hair long, and has a great body. I’ve rarely seen her without make-up and she still looks like a college girl in a bikini. She’s 5 feet 3 inches tall, tells me she is anal about her weight keeping it right at 110 pounds. She has blue eyes and I’m actually embarrassed to say, has great tits. I’ve never actually seen them bare but have checked out her bras to find out she wears a 36D.

Mom always has a great tan as she’s always out by the pool, laying in the sun. I have friends over almost every day after school and she’s always out on the pool deck with us. She pretty much ignores us most of the time but on occasion she’s joined us in some pool volleyball or basketball. My buddies always invite her to join us as they love watching her tits bounce up and down. I’m embarrassed by it but if she wasn’t my Mom, I’d stare too.

A lot of my friends flirt with her all the time. She loves to tease the guys by returning their flirts. I know she purposefully wears her most revealing bikinis when my buddies are over. She’s even had them put suntan lotion on her back and legs many times just to get a rise out of them. There’s never a shortage of volunteers to assist her. They actually fight over her. Many, many times I’ve seen my buddies growing bulges as she lets them coat her back with suntan lotion. I am certain she notices too.

One July day during summer break I invited a couple of buddies over to hang out by the pool with me. Only one of my friends could make it, his name is James. He’s one of my best friends and comes over all of the time. My Mom says he’s my stud friend. Jim works out a lot, making me look like the school wimp compared to him. He likes to show off his body as well, always being tan, wearing very tight swimwear. He’s about my height but weighs 215 pounds of solid muscle. Mom says he’s tall, dark and handsome, she’s such a flirt. Jim’s a few years older than I am too being 22 and a senior in college. The only time I’ve actually seen him dress like this is in front of my mother.

Jim has always had a thing for Mom too, I’d never tell her, she’d get a big head and really flirt with him. I’ve caught her so many times checking him out, she doesn’t think anyone notices but all my buddies know she checks him out. He even knows it, I think that’s why he wears those fucking skimpy suits. The bastard looks like he’s hung like a horse too, maybe he stuffs his suit with something.

Anyway, as usual Mom had on one of her tiny bikinis, leaving little to the imagination. Thank God at least she wasn’t wearing a thong or something, I’ve seen her wear those but only around me. I must admit, she’s got a great ass too. What the fuck am I saying here? This is my Mom we’re talking about!

Jim arrived about noon as the mid-day heat was building. As soon as he got here, we went right in the pool to cool off. Mom joined us, I guess she needed to cool off a little too. She’d been out in the sun for about an hour already. She was wearing her little white bikini. As soon as she got wet the damn thing was transparent, I had to look away.

“Mom, I think maybe you should go change,” I finally had to say.

“Why, what’s wrong,” she answered flirtatiously looking right at Jim.

“Don’t listen to him Sharon, you look great,” Jim interrupted.

“Whatever,” I said as I couldn’t look directly at her now.

Mom got out of the water, walking to her lounger as Jim continued staring. Her bikini bottom was also transparent as well, showing her ass cheeks plainly as she walked away. As she turned to face us I could even see her tiny area of pubic hair slightly, just a tiny triangle beneath her suit. Jim never took his eyes off Mom as I looked away.

It mariobet güvenilirmi seemed like Mom was spending a little more time than usual toweling off as she stood facing us, surely just teasing Jim. Stupid Jim just stood there with his mouth half opened staring at her. I finally nudged him.

“Jim, you fucking perv, that’s my Mom you’re staring at,” I had to say.

“Oh, sorry Josh, I wasn’t staring,” Jim said as he finally looked away.

We stayed in the pool for only a few more minutes before Jim decided to get out. I was positive he just wanted to get a closer look at my mother, fucking idiot.

As I expected, Jim went right for the lounger next to Mom, plunking his ass down without pausing. When he turned around I thought I noticed a little larger bulge than normal in his suit this time. That stupid fucking tight suit of his just about outlined the shape his cock, not that I was looking or anything. Mom sure was!

The phone rang, since I was the only one standing I went to the kitchen to answer it. When I got back I could tell Jim still hadn’t taken his eyes off Mom and she was now flirting with him, as usual.

“Josh Hun, could you run to the store and get something for all of us to drink? We’re all out of Coke, I don’t think we have anything else in the house to drink,” Mom said.

“Sure Mom, I’ll be back in 15 minutes.”

I never got the chance to sit down as I turned to return to the house to change, then go to the store. I thought I’d check the garage refrigerator to see if maybe we had something in there so I wouldn’t have to leave. Sure enough, there was an entire case of Coke so I grabbed a couple of six packs to put in the kitchen refrigerator.

I put them in the refrigerator and grabbed three to take back out to the pool, stopping at the kitchen window glancing out toward Jim and Mom.

Jim was rubbing Mom’s back with suntan lotion, I’m sure she put him up to it thinking I was on my way to the store. She quickly rolled over, her tits still showing through her bikini top. She must have asked Jim to do her front too. What the fuck was she doing? She was cock teasing Jim and loving every second as he tentatively spread the lotion on her stomach, his hands moving to her arms. I could tell he was nervous about this but could also tell that Mom was staring at his crotch as it grew. They had no idea I was in the house but Mom was being ridiculous, teasing him.

I couldn’t believe what Mom did next! She took Jim’s hands in hers and placed them on her tits, coaxing him to massage them. His eyes were like saucers as her hands covered his, as she had him massage them. She removed her hands from his as he continued massaging her tits. I have to admit, I was getting an erection, and this was my fucking mother.

Mom then untied her bikini top and slipped it from beneath Jim’s palms as he massaged her now bare tits. Mom’s head was now tilted slightly back, definitely enjoying the attention. This was way more than flirting and I had a good mind to go put a stop to it. But I couldn’t, I actually had my cock out now, stroking my raging erection.

Jim lowered his face to Mom’s tits, now sucking one and massaging the other. Her tit’s looked like a 21 year old’s, they were large and firm, her nipples hard. Jim was now aggressively attacking her tits with his mouth, switching from one to the other. Mom was lying back with her eyes closed, Her fingers running through Jim’s hair.

How far would Mom take this, this was getting way out of hand. This was my friend! Mom finally must have said something as Jim stopped this foolishness, releasing Mom’s tits and settling into his lounger.

Thank God, they came to their senses. Mom was topless, her fantastic big tits naked, as I’d never seen. My cock was still in my hand, hard and leaking pre-cum from excitement.

Jim was on his back now but it was VERY evident he had a huge erection straining to be released from his suit. I could feel his pain knowing how uncomfortable he must have been. Mom sat up, her bare tits exposed as she reached for his waistband. She pulled his suit down in one quick movement exposing his massive cock, almost erect with huge balls hanging below.

Mom completely removed them as Jim lay stunned looking at her. What the fuck was she doing? She reached for him, grasping his cock with both hands as she stroked his mast to erection. Mom was twisting and stroking Jim’s huge cock slowly, never taking her eyes off of it. He must have been at least nine thick, circumcised inches long. He continued swelling as she caressed his mast, now bulging with veins and twitching as she stimulated him.

Jim was lying on his back, Mom now on her knees next to him still stroking his big cock. His mouth was open in amazement as he reached for her tits, squeezing them as she continued twisting and stroking his cock. I couldn’t believe what she did next!

Mom bent forward, licking the head of his cock as I witnessed her licking the moisture mariobet yeni giriş from the tiny slit on the top of his shaft. She still had both hands around it as the head of his cock disappeared in her mouth. My mother was sucking my friend’s cock! The head was completely in her mouth.

Jim’s head was back now, his eyes closed as Mom’s mouth devoured most of his shaft, taking most of his length into her mouth as she rose and fell again. One of her hands was cupping his massive balls as the other twisted and stroked, following the path her wet lips were tracing up and down his shaft. The saliva was getting thick and glistening in the sun as she slurped and sucked his massive cock.

This lucky fucker was getting the best blowjob I’d ever witnessed, and it was from my Mom. Mom was rising and falling rapidly now, surely expecting my return soon. Was Mom going to finish him off?

Mom was orally assaulting his cock now, feverishly milking him as he began to moan. His hips started meeting her falls as he pushed his cock deep inside her mouth. Jim started to roar as he clenched Mom’s head, forcing his cock deep into her throat. I could tell he was cumming as he yelled.

“Swallow my cum Sharon!”

His hips bucked violently as he groaned, cumming in Mom’s mouth. I couldn’t take any more as I started to cum, my first load shooting forcefully from my cock as I held my hand over my mouth to muffle my own noise. I continued cumming as I watched my friend unload his semen into my Mom’s mouth. She swallowed a lot, then released as he continued shooting his sticky cum onto her tits as she milked his shaft dry with both hands.

As his orgasm finished, Mom leaned forward, licking the remaining semen from his cock. Then she massaged the milky mixture into her tits as he lay still in amazement and shock, having just received the best blowjob of his life.

In the meantime, I was busy cleaning the mess of the cabinet and kitchen floor I’d made with paper towels.

Jim quickly put his suit back on as Mom retied her bikini top. I waited a few minutes, then went out the door carrying three Cokes.

“Did you miss me?” I asked.

“Yes, we’re dieing of thirst,” Mom answered as she looked flirtatiously at Jim. Jim couldn’t even look at me at this point, knowing what he had written all over his face. He never mentioned having done this, probably thinking our friendship would have ended. But I knew I’d never look at Jim or my mother the same again.

In the days following, more friends were joining Jim and I at our pool than normal making me wonder if Jim had been bragging about his conquest over my mother. Mom and Jim continued flirting with each other, me not giving them the chance to repeat this as I never left them alone.

Mom’s bikinis got ridiculous though, she was now wearing g-strings around all of my buddies. They were paying way more attention to her than me making me wonder if she was the only reason they were coming to the house now.

Four days later Jim, me and two other friends, Mark and Hank were playing volleyball in the pool when Mom walked out. God, she was embarrassing me. She was wearing her transparent bikini again, I knew it would be almost invisible as soon as she got wet. She went straight into the pool too, all eyes were on her, even mine. What had Jim created?

Mom was only in the pool long enough to get wet, getting right back out to take her place on her sacred lounger. Everyone was staring at her as she looked almost naked again. All three other guys got right out of the pool to join her, in loungers as they stared. I swear I noticed an extra bulge in every suit, including my own.

“Can you get us all drinks Josh?” Mom asked as she winked at Jim. “You may have to go to the store, I think we’re about out. Would anyone like to go with Josh to the store?”

Nobody volunteered as they all were too busy checking out Mom’s tits.

“I’ll go to the store Mom,” I said knowing we had more soda in the garage.

I went right down to the garage, quickly bringing the Coke back to the kitchen hoping to see something again but doubting it with all these guys out there.

To my delight as I looked out the kitchen window, I saw Jim already rubbing Mom’s tits right in front of the other guys. She wasn’t resisting, instead she removed her top immediately, right in front of everyone.

“OK guys, if I’m going to take something off, you have to too,” I could hear Mom say.

All three guys dropped their trunks without delay. Mark and Hank had expressions of shock on their faces, not believing what was happening as Jim was already sucking Mom’s tits. Mark’s cock was already standing at attention, it wasn’t nearly as large as Jim’s. He looked to be about average sized, maybe 6 or 7 inches but standing straight, pointing toward the sun. Hank’s cock was a little smaller, not tiny, but looked to be between 5 and 6 inches long. He was hard as a rock as well.

Mark and Hank couldn’t help but steal glances at mariobet giriş Jim’s huge cock as they approached Mom. Mark went right for Mom’s unattended tit and started to suck and knead it as if it were the first one he’d ever seen or touched.

I couldn’t believe what that fucking Hank was doing but it was hot. He had Mom’s bikini bottoms down, his face moving toward her pussy. He was going to give Mom oral sex.

Mom grabbed his head, practically driving him into her pussy as he eagerly met her with his tongue. Mark was now standing in front of Mom as she easily devoured his cock, her tongue was licking his balls as his pubic hair rested against her nose.

I was rock hard, my trunks now around my ankles as I stroked my throbbing cock. Mom was sitting up now, stroking Jim’s massive meat as Mark’s cock was buried in her mouth. His hips were rocking back and forth as he held her hear tightly against him, force fucking her mouth. She easily consumed him as I could see him tensing to cum.

“Stop boys, we don’t have much time. Jim, lay down,” Mom commanded.

Jim took her place on the lounger as his cock pointed upward. My Mom was actually going to fuck him this time! She slid onto his cock, her tits hanging, pressed against his chest. Mark again took his place in front of Mom as she stuffed his cock into her mouth, grabbing it with one hand.

Jim’s cock disappeared into Mom’s pussy as she sat onto it, driving Mark’s cock deep into her throat. Mark immediately stiffened as he commenced fucking her mouth, gripping her head with his fingers tangled in her hair. He forced her to swallow his cum as he spasmed, his hips jerking as he unloaded into her mouth. She eagerly consumed everything, never spilling a drop as he finished and stepped back. His cock glistened in the sun from her saliva mixed with his sticky cum.

Hank took his place as Mom devoured his cock, driving it deep into her mouth. His cock was completely impaled by her mouth, his pubic hair hiding her nose as she gagged, holding him deep into her throat.

Jim was now pushing upward, burying his cock into Mom’s cunt as she met his thrusts with her falls onto it. She tensed as she released Hank’s cock, unable to concentrate on him as she shook in orgasmic pleasure, gripping Jim’s shoulders as she strained, shaking as she came.

She reached for Hank’s cock again, grabbing it as she devoured him. She feverishly worked his cock up and down with her lips tightly wrapped around his cock as she twisted and stroked it. He quickly stiffened, unable to hold back any longer from her masterful oral assault on his cock. He forced his cock into her mouth as he held her firmly, pushing himself into her throat as he groaned in pleasure. I could tell he was cumming as he forced his hips forward each time his cock spasmed another load into her mouth. He continued growling until he was voided of his hot cum.

Jim was tensing, holding Mom’s shoulders tight as he thrust upward, slamming his massive cock into her as he started to erupt. He yelled as he emptied his load into Mom as I felt myself cumming as well.

I was beating my cock fast, my cum erupting, spurting forcefully onto the cabinet in front of me. I came so hard I couldn’t watch, my eyes were tightly closed as I slammed my cock up and down, ejaculating all over the floor, wishing I was now included by the pool. I came until I squeezed my final drops of sticky cum from my cock, opening my eyes to see Mom now licking cum from Jim’s cock and balls. She was cleaning him, consuming his cum that had oozed from Mom’s pussy.

Mark was licking Mom’s pussy, devouring the cum left behind by Jim. I couldn’t believe he was doing that but it was hot to watch as she shook in orgasm again. Everyone quickly dressed as Jim noticed me looking out the window.

I’m not sure if Jim ever told Mom but I never discussed it with him. It was so fucking hot watching this that I didn’t want to fuck up a good thing, hoping for a repeat performance. I cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen and quickly collected the Cokes I had been assigned to get from the store. I waited until everyone was dressed and trying to act innocent before I made my exit from the house.

“Anybody miss me?” I asked

“We sure did, we’re so thirsty,” Mom said.

All of the guys acted a little sheepish and didn’t stay much longer after I “arrived”.

“We have to leave now Josh, Mark and I have to help my parents with something,” Said Henry about 10 minutes later.

“I’ll help,” said Jim.

They all three left together, leaving me home alone with Mom. She looked at me kind of weird as if she knew something I didn’t. I didn’t push the issue and certainly wasn’t going to talk about sex with Mom so we each went our separate ways, finding things to do around the house.

Another week went by with no repeat incidents that I knew of. My same friends were coming over again in the afternoon to hang out by the pool. To my surprise and disappointment, Mom’s friend, Carol was out sunbathing with her when the guys arrived.

Jim, Mark and Henry brought another friend with them. His name was Chuck, he was from a different school. I had never met him before but he seemed like a nice guy, a lot like Jim. He was muscular, tan and very quiet.

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