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I sneaked yet another glance up my sister’s skirt. My cock was getting stiff.

We four teenagers sat in a ring, passing round our fifth bottle of beer. We were all a bit tipsy. My sister sat on the grass opposite me and was leaning back against a wall. I guessed she had drunk more and was tipsier than the rest of us, because her posture was very unladylike. Her little bare feet were planted flat on the ground with her knees bent up and wide apart. Her panties were pink.

* * * *

Hi, I’m Joe. It’s 2017 and I’m a ninety-three-year-old WW2 Australian Infantry Veteran. Fuck! Where have the years gone? My children have fobbed me off into this shitty aged care facility. I don’t need to be here. Yeah, yeah, I do realise my body’s a bit of a wreck, but the old brain is sharper than ever.

Memories, memories, memories, mine are as clear as watching a movie. Looking back on my younger days brings with it so many conflicting gifts: a happy smile as I think of Jean, my gorgeous sister but a tear when I remember she’s gone now. My wife is long gone too. Then there was my army buddy Charlie, sadly he was killed in ’44 in New Guinea. He had a pretty sister, Chookie. I wonder what became of her?

I bought me one of these newfangled tablet things, so I’m typing up a storm. With two fingers, and I do mean a storm, because when I’m dead and my kids get to read this exposé all hell will break loose. My niece will flip even more so. She’ll discover I’m not just her boring old uncle Joe. Almost certainly I am both her daddy and her uncle. She’ll have to go rushing out to get a DNA test. What fun to think about upsetting those superior bloody upstarts. I’m ashamed to have fathered them.

* * * *

This story is about four bored, inquisitive, small-town kids in their late teens, on a picnic way back in 1942. My eighteen-year-old self was one of them, my sister Jean another. She must have been nineteen at the time. The remaining two were also brother and sister, twins actually. Charlie and Chookie, and they were about the same age as me. I’m pretty sure the girl’s name wouldn’t really have been Chookie, but that’s what she answered to. They were what we now call ‘indigenous’ and back then racial prejudice was an even more powerful force than it is now. For that reason, our mother didn’t want us to associate with them, so Jean and I barely knew them, even though I’d been in their class at school a few years earlier.

Recently, at the army recruiting office, I’d become re-acquainted with Charlie when the two of us had signed up. Both of us were excitedly waiting to be issued with our travel vouchers so we could get into the war. I didn’t really understand what the racial crap was about. To me, Charlie and Chookie were just two cheeky, good-looking kids. Masses of curly brown hair, golden skin, wide mouths full of big white teeth. Beautiful and smart, both of them.

This picnic thing was hurriedly prearranged. Our mother had said to my sister. “Jean, Clare Chambers is coming do some sewing for me. She intends to bring those twins of hers with her. You and Joe can take them on a picnic or something. I don’t want them hanging around here.”

“Do I have to Mum?” Jean had whined. She’d become moody and irritable in recent months.

“You’ve got a day off haven’t you?” Mum was insistent. “And you work such long hours at that hotel, so go on with the others and enjoy yourself.”

The twins’ mother was a skilful dressmaker who didn’t own a sewing-machine (go figure). She was to come out to our house and alter some of Mum’s clothes on our old Singer. It being wartime, new clothes required government issued coupons, thus were hard to come by.

Jean had given in eventually. By the time she finished making sandwiches for us she had gotten into a happier mood and was looking forward to the outing.

So on a sunny spring morning we four adventurers pedalled away down the dusty track that in Our Town passed for a road. Charlie rode a full sized men’s bike, with Chookie sitting sideways on the cross-bar. ‘Dinking’ we used to call it. She appeared to be quite happy there in the circle of her brother’s arms. Jean had a small, newish girls’ bike that she’d long outgrown, and I was on a similarly undersized battered old boys’ bike. We had the bags of sandwiches dangling from our handlebars and Charlie had slyly brought along six bottles of beer in a wet hessian-sack.

We were supposed to stop at Dry Creek to have the picnic, but Charlie insisted we go a mile further to where he thought their dad was shearing, so he could give him one of the bottles. We arrived at the shearing shed to find no one there at all. We leaned our bikes against a wall of the shed, sat down in the shade and started on Jean’s tasty sandwiches.

Charlie was hot. His bike was more heavily burdened with the two of them on it, and the six bottles of beer added considerably to his load. A rainwater-tank on a stand next to where we sat attracted him. Like the rest of us, he was barefooted. Shoes too were in short supply. He wore only khaki shorts and a white singlet. He peeled off his singlet and put his bahis firmaları head under the tap, sluicing cold water over himself. When he straightened up he rubbed water under his arms and over his chest. He sat down in the shade with us and expertly opened a bottle of beer and took a long pull. He passed the bottle to his twin and she followed his example, her neck-muscles working smoothly as she swallowed a generous amount. I had heard tell that their family were heavy drinkers.

These were the old-style big bottles, twice the size of the ones popular today. Chookie passed the heavy bottle to me and burped, a surprisingly loud and deep sound. I felt a twitch of excitement in my nuts as I put my mouth on the bottle-neck where Chookie had had her full lips. The beer was cold and bitter, but I managed my share easily enough. Jean surprised me. I guessed she must have done some drinking at work, because she capably emptied what was left in the bottle and copied Chookie’s loud burp.

We all laughed. Our conversation flowed more and more easily as the second, and then the third, fourth and fifth bottles did the rounds like the first. My head swam a little. We were all a bit drunk. Our laughter got louder and our inhibitions got looser. I felt no shame whatsoever as I looked up Jeannie’s skirt at her smooth white inner thighs and pink panties. The forbidden sight gave me an erection.

Charlie cracked the last bottle. “Sorry Dad,” he chuckled and gulped down a large share. “I’m still bloody hot.” He said and again doused himself under the tap.

He suddenly laughed. “Mum calls that kind of tap a cock.”

We all laughed too, the girls looked at each other and giggled.

“Charlie’s got a cock.” Chookie sniggered. “I’ve seen it.”

“You’ve more than seen it,” her brother sneered, cruelly I thought. I rather fancied Chookie.

Chookie blushed, cheeks suddenly red on her golden face. “Shut up Smart Arse!” She retorted.

“I’ve got a cock, I’ve got a cock,” Charlie sang and danced around unsteadily, holding his crotch with one hand, “and tits.” He slapped his bare chest with the other hand.

We all shouted with laughter, the girls especially, though it wasn’t really that funny.

Charlie looked around and said in a bantering voice. “Chookie’s got a nice pair of tits. Show’em SIs.”

“No way Charlie!” She refused indignantly, but didn’t seem particularly outraged at his crudity.

“Come on,” wheedled, “I bet Joe ain’t never seen a girl’s tits, and him and me are off to war in a couple of days. It’s the least you can do for a pair of brave heroes like us.”

Chookie shook her head, but actually she looked to be in two minds and began fiddling with the buttons of her floral blouse.

“Yeah Chookie, yeah. Go on show us.” Her brother urged.

She stood up, dusted her bottom and looked around carefully to make sure no one else was about. She unbuttoned her blouse, and I held my breath in anticipation. Then she turned her back to us and laughed as she did a little dance and opened the blouse wide.

We all laughed at her clever prank. Charlie however was still insistent.

“Enough with the stalling Chookie,” he growled. “Show us, damn it.”

She turned gracefully, facing us proudly, slender and straight, shoulders back, then she slowly opened the blouse wide again.

She did indeed have nice tits. Half-a-grapefruit-sized honey-gold beauties, tipped with nipples for all the world like ripe strawberries. We all stared in awe. My already hard cock became absolutely rigid. My chest felt tight. I trembled. I’d never ever seen anything like it before, and nothing to surpass it since, if the truth be told.

Chookie flashed her big white teeth. “Jeannie’s are bigger than mine. Just look at the size of those bumps in the front of her sweater.”

“I’m a year older than you lot,” Jean said, turning a bit pink, “maybe that’s why they’re so big.” She added, giggling.

“Come on, let’s see ’em then.” Charlie demanded. “I’ve seen Chookie’s before. I wanna see yours.”

I was freaked out a bit. I thought Jean would be too. But evidently I thought wrong. The beer had made her bold.

“Not out here in the open.”Jean said practically. “Anyone could go by and see me. I’ll show you if we go inside the shearing-shed.”

We agreed that would be a smart move and went inside, bringing our bags and bikes with us so no one would realise we were there.

Once we were all inside, my sister seemed reluctant to live up to her boast. She wasted a long few minutes organising and reorganising the remaining sandwiches on a shelf. Then she reached under her sweater at the back and unclipped her brassiere. Next she slipped a hand up inside one of the short sleeves of the sweater and pulled a strap down to her elbow then drew her arm right out of it. Same thing on the other side, then finally she pulled the big white brassiere out from under the front of her top.

“There!” She said, lifting the front of her sweater up. “I ain’t scared! I can do anything Chookie can!”

As already established, her snowy white breasts were much kaçak iddaa larger than Chookie’s. So much so that they swayed when she moved. Her nipples were much bigger too. The startlingly pink middle bits jutted out about half an inch and were as fat as the tip of my thumb. I’d never seen her tits of course. We’d stopped bathing together, oh I dunno, maybe twelve years before. I really liked them. Maybe not as much as Chookie’s but tits are tits. We two boys sat on a bench, open mouthed, heads swivelling from one fascinating sight to the other.

“Not fair!” Chookie declared. “We girls are showing stuff and you boys ain’t!”

Charlie boldly stood up, “Top this!” he crowed, and unbuttoned the fly of his too-big shorts. He reached inside and withdrew his long stiff uncircumcised penis.

Jean gasped but Chookie just grinned and turned to me. “Told you I’d seen it before, but I haven’t seen yours though Joey.”

Jean was grinning. “Go on Joe. Show us yours too.”

Well obviously I had no choice, did I? Anyway I was more excited than I ever thought possible. I wanted the girls to see that mine was easily as long as Charlie’s and much thicker. I swiftly got to my feet and whipped my fly open to proudly displayed my up-curving erection, with it’s policeman-helmet tip.

“Wow! I like your cock Joey.” Chookie giggled. “It’s much prettier than Charlie’s. His has got that ugly skin over the end.

“I can pull it back. Look.” He sounded a bit annoyed as he demonstrated, causing his purple knob to emerge.

Now it was the girls heads turning, like at a tennis match, comparing Charlie and me.

Charlie pointed out. “We boys have shown our cocks. Girls? You two have only showed your tits. Scared to show more?”

They didn’t really need any coaxing. I think they were by then as anxious to display their wares as I had been. Each girl kept an eye on the other to be sure she wasn’t acting alone as they slid their panties down their legs and kicked them off. They paused, then as if with some silent signal, they simultaneously held the front of their skirts up.

Chookie was a golden goddess. Her flat belly sported a little bulge at the junction of her thighs, sparsely covered with short brown curls. Below the curls lay the delightful crease of her sex. Back then we called a cunt a mickey.

We’d already seen that Jean had the bigger tits. As well as that, her lily-white hips were curvier, more womanly. Her pubic hair was little more than a shadow. Her mound very pronounced. The indentation of her mickey was smooth and plump and lovely. I lusted for Chookie, but secretly I lusted more for my sister. I realised then that she was absolutely gorgeous.

Nobody spoke for a long time. We looked at each other and looked some more. I wondered where this situation was heading. I didn’t care. I’d never ever experienced anything like it.

Charlie’s voice was husky when he broke the silence.

“I’ve been fucking Chookie for a few years now,” he confided. Bragged.

“Charlie!” His sister was obviously embarrassed “We promised we would never tell anyone.”

“They can’t hardly tell,” he reasoned, “else we’ll tell about ’em strippin’ off here today.”

“I s’pose you’re right. They can’t very well say anything.” She agreed, then brightened and added cheekily. “Fucking is so much fun. So nice. I love it.”

I was awe-struck. I looked at our companions in a new light. I tried to imagine them doing it. Jean seemed very interested too.

“Ooh, and you really like it Chookie?” She quizzed.

“Mm mm,” Chookie answered dreamily, “It’s always fun, because it feels really, really good and, you know, it’s very naughty ‘cos it’s not allowed unless you’re married. Kids aren’t s’posed to do it at all.” Then she grinned. “Specially not with your brother!” She paused and added. “Sometimes, woo-wee, it can be totally mind-boggling.”

Jean was very curious. “If you’ve been, um, you know, for years you must have started very young. When did you two first do it?”

“When I was fourteen. You see, my big brother Claudie, he told me all about it, exactly what to do and so on. Well, actually he tried to talk me into doing it with him. Said he’d break me in. I didn’t like the sound of that, and anyway he was a man and I was just a kid. It didn’t seem right. I told Charlie ‘cos we twins tell each other everything. I told all the stuff Claudie said for me to do with him. Talking about it made Charlie get really stiff and me feel all gooey.” Still holding her skirt up, she trailed her fingertips up the inside of her thigh and stroked her mickey slowly, which caused me to shiver. “We thought it would be fun to try it. So we did and it was.”

“I’ll show you what it’s like Jeannie.” Charlie said eagerly. “I’ll fuck you.”

Jean hesitated, looked at me before she spoke. “Um, no Charlie. Joe will be going away very soon. I want him to fuck me.”

I was blown away. So much was happening so fast. I had my cock out, with a ferocious erection. So hard it was buzzing. Two pretty girls were half-naked as well. Chookie’s fingers were still lazily stroking her pussy. kaçak bahis There was a lot of talk about fucking, and fucking was bound to happen. Furthermore my sister Jean wanted me to be the one to fuck her.

Chookie looked at her brother and whined. “Anyway Charlie, I don’t want you to ever do it with anyone else but me.” Then she crooned, “We could show ’em how. I want to. I’m really wet. ”

Intrigued by this information, I looked closely and saw her mickey and fingers were shiny-wet.

Charlie took Chookie by the hand and with unexpected gentleness drew her over to a knee-high stack of the big hessian bags the wool clip is baled in. They were new and clean, with a pleasant smell.

He waved his hand. “Lie down here Chookie.” His gesture made his long stiff cock wag from side to side.

She did lie down and Charlie surprised me by not getting straight on top of her. After all, I was an eighteen-year-old country boy. I knew about fucking from cattle and from school-yard talk.

“This is what Claudie told Chookie,” he went on, “and what we’ve worked out for ourselves. You don’t just shove it in no matter how much you might want to. If the girl ain’t ready, she won’t like it, and she won’t never let you do her again.”

Jean and I were all ears. And eyes.

“You gotta kiss her, tell her she’s pretty.” He demonstrated, kissing his sister in the most un-brotherly way.

“You’re the prettiest girl I know, SIs.” he whispered and he rolled one of Chookie’s amazing nipples between his finger and thumb.

Jean and I glanced at each other in disbelief. It was so unlike the brash pushy Charlie we knew. I looked and learned. Invaluable information was being provided by a most unlikely teacher; a teen-age Casanova.

“Come on then you two!” Charlie was his bossy self again. “What are you waiting for? Lie here next to us and do what we do!”

I practically threw myself onto the improvised double bed. Jean was scarcely any slower, copying Chookie to lie on her back. The girls looked at each other grinning. Chookie reached for Jean’s hand and held it. A sweet gesture of friendship and reassurance. They lay looking at each other, with their hands clasped.

Chookie turned her head and looked up at me. “Kiss her you fool!” Then she pulled Charlie into another long kiss.

I tentatively pecked Jean on the lips and thought how outrageous and exciting it was that we two boys were making love to our own sisters. What Chookie said was so true, about it being really extra wild and naughty because it’s absolutely forbidden for brother and sister to do it.

“No, no, kiss her properly,” Charlie criticised. “You saw how we did it, and you’ve been to the movies.”

We tried again, Jean licked her lips, put a hand behind my head and made this one last a long time. It felt much better. Her wet mouth had a malty taste from the beer.

She liked it better too. “Ooh Joe, that was nice.”

I remembered Charlie playing with Chookie’s tit, and clumsily tried to do the same to Jean. In the end I settled for some soft squeezes and rubs. She sighed as her big nipple became even bigger and she found my mouth with hers for another long, long beery kiss. Our friends had paused to watch us.

“It’s even more fun doing this stuff with you here.” Chookie confided to Jean.

About then Charlie arched his body up over his sister and she athletically parted her legs wide and wriggled under him.

“You gotta rub Jean’s mick for a while. Until she’s wet enough. Better do this too, just to be sure you won’t hurt her.

He spat copiously into his hand and rubbed it between Chookie’s legs, sliding one finger right inside her. I goggled. Chookie’s mickey was gaping open, darkly pink against her golden skin. I did as he had done and with the aid of some spit I easily managed to slip one of my own fingers right into Jean. I was enthralled by the warmth and the silky slickness inside her. I’d heard other guys brag about ‘feeling up’ a girl. They also called it ‘finger fucking’, and so help me I was doing it. At long last.

Jean murmured woozily as my slippery fingers caressed her mickey. “That is lovely. Much nicer than when I touch there myself.”

I was a bit shocked. “You touch yourself, here?” I poked some more with a saliva coated finger.

“Course I do silly,” she laughed. “I’ve heard you pulling yourself, d’you think girls don’t do it too.”

Actually I didn’t know girls did it. I wasn’t even sure other boys did.

When I looked for guidance to our neighbours I realised they had started fucking. Charlie was slowly moving his hips, sliding his long stiff cock in and out, in and out of his twin-sister. She wasn’t still either. She moved in easy rhythm with him. They looked into each others’ eyes, oblivious to us.

Jean sort of pulled me to get on top of her and opened her legs wide similar to Chookie. I took hold of my super-stiff cock and guided it to Jean’s mickey, nearly swooning with pleasure and anticipation when my tip touched her hot squishy entrance. I pushed a bit. It didn’t go in. I pushed harder. My sister screwed her face up. I pushed even harder. Jean flinched then grabbed my cock and adjusted its position, and that made me slide right into her. It felt so warm, so tight, so wonderful. Tears flooded Jean’s eyes to overflowing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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