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Here we are welcoming a New Year and a new decade. Wow, 2020. I wonder if it will be as roaring as the last time we rolled through the Twenties. It was long before our time, but if you believe the newsreels, the ladies were as wild as they are today.

The holidays are just a memory now, a wonderful, sexy memory. They began with that wild Halloween mash-up where I was introduced to several lovely mature ladies, including Mistress Jill who rocked my world on Black Friday. I can’t wait to be dominated by her again.

I spent most of the Christmas season with my gal pal and soulmate, Catherine. We rang in the New Year much the same way we did last year. We stayed at the Apple Tree Hotel in San Luis Obispo, and were in the very same room, 217. Just like 2019, there was a bottle of chilled champagne and the second story view of the surrounding hillside was stunning. Stunning also describes Catherine and her five-foot-nine stature with Double-D breasts. Her areoles stretch four inches and are crimson red with thumb size nipples that are very sensitive. Her pussy, with the puffy outer lips, dark red labia and smooth Brazilian-waxed mound keeps my mouth watering.

Catherine loves giving blowjobs and likes to be on top, but her favorite position is doggy style. She tells me time after time that she loves my cum and can never get enough of it. Her sparkling blue eyes lights up every room she walks into. Catherine and I celebrate every New Year together. We ring out the old and ring in the new with my cock firmly planted within her pussy.

Last year on New Year’s morning we were joined by a sexy lady occupying the room next to ours. I believe her name was Rosalie. She knocked on our door just as Catherine and I were about to make love. What better way to get the new year off to a rousing start, than to enjoy a threesome with a couple of sexy ladies.

This year, like last year I fucked Catherine on the second story balcony watching the fireworks overhead. We continued to make our own fireworks in bed with Catherine bouncing up and down on my cock. It was the best way to welcome January 1st, our fourth New Year’s together.

Every new year begins with many resolutions about healthy living which includes better diet, more exercise, learning a new skill, starting a new hobby and more. I am pretty good at the exercise bit as I continue to enjoy 10K excursions with my walking club and ride my bike whenever the weather permits.

Living on the central coast of California affords us many days of mild temperatures, including today. This crisp January morning I ride along the Bob Jones bike trail, a scenic stretch that runs along the San Luis Obispo Creek to Avila Beach. I enjoy the bright sunshine.

From Avila Beach, I follow the Pacific Coast bike route alongside Highway 101 into San Luis Obispo. It’s a lengthy ride with some elevation, but I endure and find myself in downtown San Luis Obispo. I treat myself to a well-deserved break at the Firestone Grill restaurant on the Higuera Street, sipping a beer and watching the weekend crowd stroll by.

With my spirits renewed, I pedal through town to the main entrance of California Polytechnic State University, better known as Cal Poly. I ride down California Blvd. and pass by the sports fields where students are engaged in all types of athletic endeavors, from co-ed soccer and frisbee golf to power walking. There are plenty of bicyclists enjoying the sunny day.

As I pass by the Science building, I’m reminded that Catherine’s next-door neighbor, Samantha is an Associate Professor of Geology. Her Halloween bash was quite the blowout and I wonder if I’ll run into and of the party-goers on campus. As I ride by the Admissions office, I see a lady sitting on the steps by the main entrance enjoying the sun. I pass by and she waves. It dawns on me that two of the ladies at the Halloween party work in the Admissions Office. There was Jenny, dressed as a sexy Minnie Mouse with a low-cut top and huge tits. Her friend, Nicole came as a cat woman and wore a black bustier, cat ears and tail. Nicole was the life of the party because she had recently undergone a breast augmentation and was proudly displaying her E-cup boobs for everyone to sample. And, I was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. It was quite a night.

Curiosity gets the best of me and I circle around to see if the woman sitting on the steps might know the ladies. I get closer and realize the lady has quite a generous rack herself. I get off my bike and approach the steps. The lady stands up and smiles. I’m momentarily stunned, it’s Nicole. She recognizes me at the same time.

“Oh my god, is that you Rob? It is Rob, right? From the Halloween party?”

“Yes, it’s me Nicole. What a terrific surprise. I saw you as I rode by and wondered if you might know Jenny and Nicole. I can’t believe it’s really you. What are you doing here on a Saturday?”

“Oh, I just came in for an hour to catch up on some work. It’s such a nice sunny day, I decided to take a break. But what canlı bahis şirketleri are you doing here? Did you ride your bike all the way from Pismo Beach?”

“I did. I figured I needed the exercise after the holidays. Too much turkey and egg nog.”

“Wow, that’s a long way. Do you have time to visit? I’m just about finished for the day and would love to catch up. Come on inside, it’s okay I’m the only one here. You can bring your bike inside too.”

Imagine my good fortune running into Nicole and her E-cup tits. I follow her inside. Her tight jeans hug her round ass just right. Nicole’s desk is on the first floor next to Jenny’s.

“Make yourself comfortable Rob. I just have a couple of updates on this spreadsheet and then I’m done. I can’t believe this, I have to text Jenny and let her know who is in my office. You know, we thought you were the hunkiest Phantom.”

“I’d have to say you were quite the sexy cat woman. I don’t want to embarrass you, but I was really turned on watching you show off your boob job.”

“Oh, my goodness, sometimes I wonder what I was thinking. I know I was a little tipsy that night, but to tell the truth, I enjoy showing off my boobs. I know I shocked a few of the people who work here at the University. Screw ’em if they can’t take a joke.”

Nicole turns to her computer and starts typing. My cell phone chirps, and I read the text.

(Jenny): OMG, Rob. I didn’t think I’d hear from you until spring. I look forward to getting naked with you at the beach. Watch out for Nicole, she can get a little kinky. Hope to see you soon.

Jenny’s text stirs my cock. I’d love to be sandwiched between her and Nicole. My mind ponders the possibilities.

“There, finished. Hey Rob, would you like to grab some lunch at my place?”

Nicole’s question jolts me out of my daydream, and I ask her to repeat the question as I focus on her big tits. The huge mounds sway underneath her sweater.

“Would you like to have lunch at my place? My home is just two blocks from campus.”

“Thanks for the invite, but I’ve been cycling all morning. I’m a mess and all sweaty and stuff. I should be on my way.”

“Don’t be silly, you’re fine. Besides, you can clean up while I fix lunch. I won’t take no for an answer.”

Nicole’s persistence pays off and I find myself walking with her to her house. We talk about the Halloween party and all of the people who attended. It turns out that she and Jenny only knew a few of the people. Nicole says the University is a sprawling campus and they rarely step away from the Admissions office. She said Jenny really took a liking to the Phantom and is really looking forward to an adventure at Pirate’s Cove.

“The nude beach at Avila is our favorite. Whenever Jenny and I go there, we seem to draw a lot of attention. We don’t mind, it’s good to know a couple of gals in their forties can still turn heads.”

“Is that your age or your bust size?”

“Oh, you! You’re so funny. I think that’s what Jenny likes the most about you. And now I can see why. Well, this is us.”

Nicole points to the narrow driveway at the end of Hays Street. It’s a cute little abode with a one-car garage and low roof. A few steps lead up to the front porch and a huge bay window. We enter through the front door on the right side of the window. Nicole gives me a quick tour of her home. The family room is nicely appointed with a sectional sofa and recliner. The bay window provides a nice view of the open hills just to the east.

“I love the view out my window. It’s feels like I live out in the country, but work is so close.”

“Your home feels so cozy.”

“Thanks, it is. It was built in the 1950’s and I’ve been able to do some updates in the kitchen and bathroom. I have new appliances and there was enough room for a center island. I plan on being here a long time.”

Nicole shows off her updated kitchen and then leads me to the bedroom and bath at the rear of the house.

“It’s just a two-bedroom, one bath home, but it has all the space I need. I had the bathroom completely gutted and redone with new counter tops and a double-wide shower with clear glass doors. There is plenty of room for two.”

“The construction guys did a great job. I love the tile you chose.”

“Thanks. So, my favorite Phantom, why don’t you grab a quick shower and I’ll go fix us some lunch. I bet you’re hungry after all that cycling.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. The soap and washcloth are in the shower. Get nice and clean and then we’ll eat and catch up on our lives since Halloween. I want to hear all about your holidays.”

Nicole leaves me to prepare our noontime feast. I feel a little weird taking a shower in a lady’s home that I hardly know, but she seems comfortable with it. I use little time undressing and turning on the water. The hot water feels good on my muscles as I unwind from the long bicycle ride. I grab the soap and cloth to wash my chest and lower to my semi-erect cock. The thought of Nicole canlı kaçak iddaa and her E-cup tits in the other room is creating a stir. I close my eyes and am lost in my thoughts when I feel a rush of cold air swirl though the shower.

“Hey there Rob, I thought you might need someone to wash your back.”

I am astounded to see Nicole completely nude standing there with her huge breasts staring me in the face. Water starts cascading down her skin. She smiles as says she couldn’t concentrate on cooking, knowing a naked man is in her house. Nicole looks down at my rising shaft and licks her lips.

My jaw drops and I wonder if this is really happening. Her breasts sway back and forth, capped by dark-pink erect nipples. Her boobs are so full and round. The scars from her surgery are barely visible underneath her three-inch aureole. I want to reach out and cup her huge mounds with my hands.

“Do you like my new look? I am so happy with the results. Go ahead, I want to you to play with my tits. Soap them up and squeeze my E-cups.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Nicole’s breasts. I saw them at the Halloween bash, but that was from a distance. Now, they are inches from my fingers and my lips. My cock is now fully-extended seven inches and rock hard.

“Gawd, Nicole, your tits are beautiful. No wonder you like to show them off.”

The shower fills with steam. We press our lips together and share a passionate kiss. I hold her boobs in my hands and feel their weight. My fingers explore her erect nipples. Water drips down her stomach to her pussy lips. Her outer labia are smooth and full, visible between her sweet thighs. My hand moves down her body and I stroke her pussy. I glide my fingers up and down her slit, playing with the soft pink petals of her inner labia. While I explore her lower region, our lips meet, and our tongues intertwine.

We break our kiss and I move behind her. She faces the shower head as the hot water washes over the two of us. I load the washcloth with soap while Nicole reaches back and grabs my shaft. She strokes me as I lather her back and move down to her ass cheeks.

I move my hands around to her front and soap up her tits. I lift and massage each full mound with the cloth, paying close attention to her stiff nipples. My hands drift down to her tummy and pussy. Nicole spreads her legs and lets me clean her outer lips. I finger her inner labia making sure she is squeaky clean.

Nicole lets the water wash away all the suds before we change sides; I stand facing the shower head. She washes my back and ass. She slides her soapy fingers between my ass cheeks. I feel her finger poke my rim and it feels good. Nicole reaches around and grabs hold of my erect shaft. She presses her breasts into my back as she cleans my shaft and balls. I love her soft touch as she makes sure I am clean.

I turn around and we embrace under the hot water. Once again, I am faced with a beautiful pair of large E-cup tits and thick nipples. I grab the undersides of her boobs and bend down to suck her squeaky-clean nipples. I suck her left nipple between my lips and pinch her right. Nicole holds my head close while I suck and lick her tits. My shaft presses against her pussy lips. Nicole grabs my cock and squeezes my balls.

“I want to suck your cock; I want to taste your cum; your sweet and salty cum”

Nicole kneels on one knee. My hard shaft is ready for the taking. With the shower spray on my back and my cock in front of Nicole, she grabs me and opens her mouth. She wraps her left hand around my thick shaft and strokes several times. Her right hand cups my balls; she rolls my nuts around.

“Ooh, you shave your balls; I love it, I just want to devour you.”

Nicole leans forward and sucks one of my balls into her mouth as she jerks on my shaft. She moves her tongue around and around before releasing me and sucking on the other. After teasing them she licks my cock from bottom to top. Nicole pulls down on my shaft and swallows me up, sucking on my glans and several inches. She jacks me off while sucking on the tip.

She releases my cock, “Rob, you are so hard. I bet you wouldn’t mind having both Jenny and I suck your cock at the same time. Maybe we should arrange that.”

Nicole pulls down on my erection and licks the underside of my cock. Water sprays over the two of us from the shower head above. She slides my shaft into her mouth, sucking hard as she pumps the base of my cock. She squeezes my balls and rolls them around. My climax builds and my knees shake while she concentrates sucking the tip of my cock.

“I need to warn you Nicole. I’m so close to blowing my load. I usually spurt a lot of cum, I hope you can handle it.”

“Just watch me.”

Nicole is determined to make me cum. She grips my shaft and proceeds to jack me off. Her hand moves quickly up and down, twisting and squeezing which takes me over the edge. Her lips are glued around my tip as she masturbates me to climax. I push out my hips and pump three canlı kaçak bahis solid ropes of cum into her mouth.

“Geez Nicole, this is so good, so good.”

Nicole gulps down my load and never releases her suction from my glans. She bathes the sensitive tip while her hand continues to pump, drawing a few more spurts of jizz. When she is satisfied that I have no more cum, she releases my cock and swallows the entire load, savoring the taste.

Nicole looks up, “Mmm, you taste so good. I hope Jenny isn’t mad that I got the first swallow. I know she would love to give you a blowjob.”

She licks her lips and stands. We hug, and her naked tits press into my chest. We kiss for several moments. I can taste myself in her mouth and on her tongue.

We exchange places and I prepare to return the favor, kneeling on the slick tile. It’s hard on my knees, but I don’t care. With the shower spray on her backside. I have a close-up view of her cunt and she looks delicious.

“Nicole, your pussy lips are so soft; I love the smooth flesh against my tongue.”

“Jenny and I go to the European Wax Center together, it’s just down the road by the Madonna Inn. In fact, we just had our appointment last Saturday.”

I use broad strokes to lick up and down her puffy outer lips. I suck Nicole’s rose petals and drill into her core. I snake my tongue up and down her pussy and taste her juices mingled with the shower water. I lick all around her thighs and suck more of her inner labia between my lips. Nicole wraps her hands behind my head and pulls me tight against her pussy as I search out her clit.

“Rob, please, make me cum. My pussy needs it right now”

Nicole’s clitoris emerges from its protective hood. Her inner labia are very pink from the hot water. I wrap my hands around her tight butt and pull her cunt close to my lips. It doesn’t take long for Nicole’s legs to tremble as her climax builds. I hold her tight to keep her from collapsing while I lick her juicy slit. I move quickly and forcefully within the swollen lips. Each time I slide my tongue up, I touch her clit, driving her toward a rousing orgasm. Nicole spreads her legs a bit more and I press my face tight against her smooth hairless cunt. I drill my tongue deep into her gash sending her over the edge.

“Oh god, I’m cumminnngggg!”

Nicole’s body convulses for several moments as she loses control. I hold her ass tight and keep her pussy flush against my face. Her juices cover my cheeks while I keep her upright. Several minutes pass before she stops shaking and regains her footing. I stand, and we enjoy a wet kiss, sharing Nicole’s cum.

“Oh yes Rob, you know how to make a lady feel good. My pussy is throbbing.”

I reach around and turn off the shower, while Nicole keeps me wrapped in her arms; her full breasts press against my body. We share another passionate kiss and she licks her cum from my cheek. Soft, oversized towels hang by the shower door. I grab them and hand one to Nicole. We take turns drying each other. I pay a lot of attention to her boobs, drying each one. I kiss her pink nipples as I finish. She rubs a towel over my chest and then down to my cock. She spends a lot of time drying my shaft and winks.

“I need to take good care of this, I’m not through with you. Don’t get dressed, let me get some robes and then we’ll eat.”

We exit the shower and Nicole retrieves two robes from the bedroom closet. They are very plush and have a local hotel moniker on the front. I put mine on and then assist Nicole with hers. The top stretches around her tits and is a snug fit. We move to the kitchen and Nicole resumes lunch preparation. I offer to help but she refuses and tells me to sit down at the table. She adjusts her robe every few minutes as she stands by the stove.

“My robe is a little tighter since my boob job. I hope I don’t pop out, but you probably won’t mind if I do. I guess I should have bought extra-large.”

“I wouldn’t mind at all. What’s cooking? It smells delicious.”

“Just a light lunch, mac and cheese infused with bacon and tomato bisque.”

“Sounds wonderful. I love the robe Nicole, so soft and plush. But why do you have two? I’m guessing you entertain a lot.”

“No silly. One belongs to Jenny. She spends a lot of time here. Actually, we’re lovers. Does that shock you?”

“No, not at all. She seemed very protective at the Halloween party. That’s nice.”

“Yes, we watch out for each other all the time. We’re very private about our relationship, only a few people know about us at the college. Well lunch is ready, I’m sure you’re starving after your long bike ride and my little shower surprise. I know I am.”

Nicole dishes out the mac and cheese along with the soup. As she bends over the table, her robe stretches, and her lovely breasts make an appearance. I wouldn’t mind being served this way all the time.

“Oops, I really do need a bigger robe now.”

“I think that robe fits you just fine.”

“Pervert. You are a big boob man, aren’t you? I saw the way you were ogling Jenny. And you haven’t stopped staring at my chest all day.”

“Guilty as charged.”

“So, Rob, have you been with two ladies at the same time? Something tells me that you have.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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