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Piercing, dark-colored eyes; eyes that can see straight into the soul and beyond. That was what struck me about him the most when I first caught sight of him at my college. Then, he’d been surrounded by love-struck girls (no doubt mooning over him) and a couple of rich boys. I’d always liked the feel of soft, curvy women turning to putty in my expert hands, so the thought of being gay, or even bisexual never crossed my mind. My initial feelings for him were of curiosity, as Keisuke was easily the most popular guy in college.

At 5 feet 11″, Keisuke was pretty tall for a Japanese-American, and he was also Mr. Nice Guy. I think his gaggle of fan girls called him Prince or something grotesque like that. You could say that he seemed just…well, too perfect, if that was at all possible. The straight-A student and President of the Arts Club. Raven black hair which looked silky to the touch. Combine that with a gentle personality, smart-looking glasses that framed his handsome face, and there you have it; Keisuke the Fake.

Now, why do I call him that? Because that’s what he is.

You might think that that’s just jealousy eating at me, but that really isn’t the case. From observing him, Keisuke puts on this façade for the entire world to see. The reason eludes me, though. However, he can’t fool me; not when I’m known by my tough street friends as a perceptive guy who easily captures others’ weaknesses.

Me. I’m the bad boy with the bad reputation and the bad grades. The type that mothers always warn their kids about. Okay, I do get good grades sometimes, when I work my ass off and when I feel like it, but nobody cares anyway, so why bother?

I wouldn’t call myself narcissistic, but I do think that I’m pretty good-looking. With 6 feet 2″ worth of muscle and cobalt blue-colored eyes, plus a better-than-average dress sense, I attract quite a lot of attention, at bars and on the streets. It never fails to inflate my ego every time when men and women are drawn to me like moths to a flame. I’d never bothered with men who’ve tried to hit on me before (not saying that I’m homophobic) because all I’d been looking for was a mighty good time with the ladies.

At least that’s how it was until I met him.

Honestly, he intrigued me because I could tell when he wanted to bail out of the crowd which, somehow, always hung around him and never dispersed. Or when he was struggling to keep an I-would-love-to-help expression when he was annoyed at Professor Martin who’d asked him to carry a mountain of books again to his office for the millionth time. Let’s just say that he was an oxymoron and I knew it.

Keisuke had an internal battle warring within him all the time and I just didn’t know how everyone else could be so blind to it. So I watched him. Whenever I was free, that is. Anyway, on with our first encounter.

So one day, he’d just finished playing basketball with some of his buddies and was changing in the locker room when his cell phone rang. He hadn’t even noticed me smoking in a dark corner of the room, eyeing his half-naked torso. “Otou-san. Why did you call? Yes, I remember the party. Hai. Wakarimashita. I’ll be there tonight by 8 sharp.”

Since he’d obviously thought that no one was around, Keisuke had this very irritated look on his face that it was amusing how he’d managed to keep his voice all bland the entire time he was on the phone.

I had a little more entertainment than usual when I saw him send his illegal bahis cell phone flying against the wall and smashing it, leaving me to wonder who would be left to pick up its remains. I sent a mental message of condolences to the cleaner.

“Kuso!! Who the hell does he think is, to order me about all the time?!” His handsome face twisted into a rare scowl.

“Pfft. It’s amusing, really. Your good-boy act. Don’t you ever tire of it? If only your fans could see you like this.” I smirked as Keisuke whipped his head around to glare at me. I crushed the rest of my cigarette against the cold, tiled floor.

“How long have you been there?” His voice held an ominous ring to it, but he was ten years too early to intimidate me. He was puny in size as compared to moi.

“Not too long. But long enough to hear you whining about thy papa.” I scoffed at him. “Besides, you’re the one who didn’t notice me having a nice little puff of smokes over here. I doubt that I’m small enough to even be considered invisible.” I leaned close to him and put a hand at the lockers beside his pretty little head, which earned me a full-blown glare from him.

“Stop pretending as though you know me, when you know nothing. It’s irritating.” His scowl lightened into a smirk. “And what’s with this stance of yours? Do you think that you’re hitting on a girl?”

I smiled coolly at him. “Sure. If you’re the girl.” I laughed at the seriously-annoyed expression on his face. “Just kidding. Fortunately for you, I don’t go for the fake types. So, where’d your charming persona run off to? Oh. Wait. Did he even exist, or was it always just crabby old you?”

A punch landed on my right cheek. Or almost did, if I hadn’t skillfully fended it off with my right arm. “Go fuck yourself.” He shoved past me and grabbed his duffel bag on the bench, already heading towards the door.

“You should stay and defend yourself against the big bad wolf for pride’s sake. Besides, I’ve already seen the you that you’re trying to hide. Making your whole life an act can be pretty exhausting, you know.” I smiled and leaned against the lockers.

He stopped, and turned to cast me a haughty look. “You’re a waste of my time. I won’t bother with kuzu like you. (God knows what kuzu meant but I’ll be damned if it meant anything good) Oh. Wait. I’m sure people have told you that before, haven’t they?” He mimicked me with a sickeningly sweet smile.

Now, I don’t let much get to me, because on the streets, a short temper means an easy win. Unfortunately, what he said irked me, because part of it was true. I’d been born for trouble, and that was probably why I’d been left at an orphanage. Not too long after beating a kid to a pulp for calling me names, I was transferred to yet another orphanage. It became a never-ending cycle after that, until I was old enough to leave.

Foster parents who took me in and tried to domesticate me regretted it, and they’d always end up saying something along the lines of “We’re sorry, Jake, but we’re simply not good enough parents for you.” Even in my child’s mind, I’d known that it was just another adult’s way of saying “I don’t want you.”

I folded my arms and gave him the stare, which had been known to petrify some of those who’d gone against me. “Huh. Well, doesn’t seem to me as though your life is all peaches n’ cream either, Kei.” I smiled sweetly back at him. “Or you wouldn’t have taken it out on your poor, innocent cell phone.”

Lucky illegal bahis siteleri for me Keisuke got riled up easily. Rich boys. No sense of preservation, you know. He shot me a glare that would have wilted anyone else on the spot. “Don’t. EVER. Call me Kei.” He punctuated each word through gritted teeth, gave me one last haughty sniff and left the room.

I called out after him. “Thy wish is ever my command, Kei baby!”

Watching Keisuke make a beeline for the door made me smirk. That was a fascinating encounter. I’d seen the ugly side of him that no one else had. But if I’d known that karma exists, I’m sure that I would’ve kept my mouth shut back then. And securely zipped with a padlock.

I was rooming in the college dorms and had just successfully frightened off my latest roommate, Josh, several days ago. I didn’t have anything in particular against that skinny bespectacled runt, but without a roommate, there was so much more space for my stuff.

I glanced over with a satisfied sigh at the other bed; messy with several books, a few porn magazines and some of my leftover nachos. Remembering that I was out of ciggies, I left my room to buy a few at the grocery store nearby.

When I returned, the first thing I saw was my bed, messy with all my stuff that I’d thrown on the other bed. Just as I was about to snort at the idea of poltergeists in the room, the door to the bathroom opened.

I stared at him. He stared at me. I have no idea for how long we stared at each other in shock, but Keisuke was the one to break the silence.

“You’re my new roommate? God.” He shot me a disgusted look, and picked up the jeans lying on his bed. That’s when I noticed how gorgeous he actually was, despite all his fakeness.

The water droplets sluicing down his wet skin was so sexy that I wanted to lick them away, one by one. The towel wrapped around his hips slipped a notch, making me catch my breath in anticipation of what lay underneath if revealed. My eyes trailed up his toned arms and muscular chest, then focused on his nipples, puckered into hard, little buds that I wanted to feast on all day long. His lips were slightly pink, and utterly kissable. I envisioned them wrapped around my growing cock.

“Like what you see?” I snapped my eyes back to his. What the hell had just happened? Did I just…OGLE a man?

Somehow, I managed to recover my composure. “I guess, but it’s not as good as mine, obviously.”

This time, Keisuke looked unfazed. I hope that it was just my imagination that he looked somewhat…triumphant. “Really.” He stepped closer to me until our bodies pressed together and our lips were millimeters apart. I could feel his breath mingling with mine, and the scent of his sweet-smelling shampoo combined with his body heat made my heart stop. Literally.

I struggled for control over my mind even as my body started giving in to its desires. “Really really. That proof enough?” I could have just eaten those words.

“Proof?” He grinned knowingly. “This is all the evidence I need.” His hand squeezed my raging cock, which was still encased in my dark blue Levi’s jeans for emphasis, and I unwittingly (and I’m sure, very unwillingly) groaned.

“Liked that, I see.”

I scrabbled for the last vestiges of control before they ebbed away. “No. I don’t.” I managed to grit out. “I’m a guy. My body responds to being touched. Now get your dirty paws off me.” I reached out to push him away, only canlı bahis siteleri to receive a harder squeeze on my cock, making it twitch and swell in response.

My hands betrayed me. Instead of shoving him away, they gripped his shoulders as I disappeared beneath a wave of pleasure. Vaguely, I heard someone moaning in the background. Is that me? Nah. Can’t be. I felt my belt being unbuckled and my zipper being pulled down. I was pushed to his bed, and I could feel my back pressing against the stone cold wall.

“What a good, obedient boy you are. I would never have thought that of you,” as he slid his tongue over my lower lip, testing its firmness, then nibbled teasingly at it.

“Wa…wait. I think – ” But before I managed to finish my sentence, his lips closed over mine; they were warm and more intoxicating than any girl’s I’d ever kissed. I was drowning in a kiss like some virgin schoolboy, and at the back of my mind, I knew that I should be doing something to retaliate. But when his hot tongue slid against mine, I completely lost it. I returned his kiss passionately, pulling him flush against my body and thrust my boxers-clad cock against his hand, moving my hips in a familiar rhythm and gripping at his bare shoulders.

He chuckled. “Ii kanji darou? I see that you crave it very much indeed.” I suppressed a groan when Keisuke’s warm hand slid into my boxers and pulled out my traitorous cock; the tip already moist and shining with precum.

For some reason, his Japanese accent excited me. It sounded so sexy and foreign that Keisuke could have been talking about dung and I would still think it was sexy. Teasingly, he traced a vein there with a finger, pausing at the mushroom-shaped head before rubbing at it with his thumb in slow circles, eliciting a low growl from me.

I claimed his lips as mine again when he started to stroke my cock, applying pressure in all the right places. “Fuck. That feels good,” I murmured. He rewarded my comment with steady strokes of his hand, pumping my cock to a fast rhythm that I readily gave in to.

He smirked down at me, all traces of his usually gentle demeanor gone. What replaced it was the expression of someone who knew that he was in total control, and loving it. “Now, enjoy the ride.” He increased the speed of his hand, until the movements almost became a blur. I was close…so close.

“Yeah, fuck! I’m…I’m cumming. Kei!!” Breathing hard, I fucked into his hand, making it my goal to cover it with my thick, creamy cum and then licking it off of his fingers.

All of a sudden, it was gone. That delicious pressure on my aching cock was just…gone. For a few seconds, my mind didn’t completely register what had happened.

“Jake. Point proven. You want me.” The victorious smirk was back on his face, making him look a little like a devilish angel. “Take care of that on your own, and try not to give in so eagerly next time, will you? You’re less fun that way. Heh.” With that, he changed into his jeans and shirt and left the room.

And then it hit me.

I was so hot and frustrated that I might have raped him right then and there if he hadn’t fled like the shithead he was. That little prick. I gritted my teeth, took the news like the man I was and finished off in the bathroom, embracing the anger that filled me after.

I was furious. At myself for capitulating so easily to his touch and at him for being such a total bastard and lording it over me.

Then, a predatory glint entered my eyes. “Payback time, Kei.”

Japanese terms:

Otou-san : Father
Hai. Wakarimashita. : Yes. I understand.
Kuso!! : Fuck!!
Kuzu : Garbage or trash
Ii kanji darou? : It feels good, doesn’t it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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