A Camping Trip


Mistress Honey ~

It will be a long weekend trip for us. It is Friday, late afternoon, for hours we have driven to get here, with her spread wide in the back rubbing and fucking her cunt with her own fingers and toys I have provided, ashamed and excited each time a trucker spies her through the window and honks his appreciation. Finally, we arrive at our destination, my sweet slave and I are now deep into the woods. I set up camp and then take special care of my toy. I blindfold her and stake her spread-eagle on her back to the ground, clamps on her nipples and a vibrator on low in her pussy, not pulsing fast enough to allow her to cum, but just enough to keep her on the edge. She also has a very large buttplug pushed deep into her, stretching her ass, filling her up so well. The last thing I do before leaving her alone is to push my wet panties into her mouth, always her favorite gag.

Now, I watch her continuously, I will allow nothing to harm my precious toy. But all she knows is she has been left alone in the woods, exposed, helpless, and aching with such desperate need.

Honeys.toy ~

It is so late at night, hours have gone by, and i am still tied to four stakes. A vibrator in my pussy, on low, my body aching for my Honey, the clamps on my nipples hurt perfectly. Oh God, She makes me ache for Her. She has told me i must not cum until She allows it. i struggle with the ropes as She sleeps hopefully nearby. i hope that soon She will come to me and bring me to orgasm once again. She is my keeper, i am Hers. i shudder as i think of the pleasure She has brought me. My cunt spasms slightly, but i can’t cum. My tits ache for Her. Once again She has brought me close, so very close. i hear Her move and think this is it, but She settles back down and i am left with what will be. i dream of the times She has allowed me to touch Her, to taste Her, to feel Her. i am Her slut, Her whore, Her toy, Her baby, Her love slave. She is my Honey, my Mistress. i try to drift off to sleep, but my body aches too much for Her, my tits are so sore for Her mouth, my Holes desire to be filled by her in whatever manner she sees fit. i am Honeys.toy

Mistress Honey ~

I check my watch, pushing the little indiglo button, 3:00 a.m. The moon is so bright and I can see my toy from where I lay. She is still tied spread-eagle. I know the vibrator is making her ache, I can see her lifting her hips and struggling with the ropes that bind her. She thinks I am sleeping, but I have been watching her this whole time. I love the pretty little clamps I put on her nipples, and the way they stick up in the air as she arches, trying to find relief. She has been ordered not to cum without permission, but I know she wants it, how desperate she is to orgasm. But she needs more… if it comes too easy I know she won’t be satisfied. It is not the climax she needs as much as the struggle to achieve it.

I rise, purposely making noise. I see her tense, hips thrusting as high as she is able, always offering herself to me. My toy, my baby slut is blindfolded and she is not sure if I might be moving to her. Up and down she lifts those hips thrusting her throbbing cunt into the air. With no warning, I pull the vibrator from her pussy. She moans as her gaping hole is left empty and exposed, so open for me. I pinch her lips together, rolling them between my fingers and thumb, her little hard clit squeezed tight in between them. My toy is so wet, even after hours of being stretched out here on the ground alone with only a plastic toy to keep her occupied. I can see her thighs are still slick with her juices. I pull the clamps from her nipples and rub those little nubs too. I know this pain is worse than the clamps themselves as the blood returns, causing her such an ache. I take my panties from her mouth and offer a little water. Well, actually, I squat over her and take a sports bottle of water and squirt the liquid up inside of me… letting her have it as it dribbles out, tasting of me now. I have not removed her blindfold and I know she is not sure if I am pissing in her mouth or if it is water. Either way she is eager for it. Yes, always such an eager slut. My pussy is so close to her I know she can smell me. Her mouth moves wildly, opening and closing, tongue reaching, my toy is so desperate, exactly as she should be. I pick up the thin branch I choose earlier. I have stripped all the bark from it and it is thin and supple. Pulling the blindfold from my little whore’s eye I show her what I hold in my hand.

“Please Mistress, please… i will be good. Anything You want Mistress. Please, if only You might let me cum. Please let Your toy cum,” she begs me, looking with fear and obvious excitement at the branch. I bring the switch down across her tits, catching both nipples at once.

“AHHHHHH, please Mistress, more if it pleases You.” Again I bring it down, the soft underside of her breast this time. “OHHHHHHH GOD, please Mistress, again, anything for You,” she begs me. I change my erzurum escort angle this time… and lay the thin greenwood whip right between her legs, striking right at her lips and clit. “YESSSSSS, ohhhh please Mistress may Your slut cum?”

I take the vibrator and turn it up full, pushing it back inside of her. “You may cum slave… but you only have ten strokes to achieve it.” I pull up the four stakes that have held her down and have her turn over. I restake her two legs and one hand, leaving the other for her to use while I leave pretty welts across her ass and thighs. “Count each of them for me and beg for the next, toy.”

“One.” I start rather soft. “Please Mistress, your toy wants to please you.”

“Two.” The next is low, right where ass meets leg. “OHHHHHH, yes another my Mistress, please.”

“Three.” she is reaching between her legs her fingers rubbing on my toy’s aching clit. “AAAAAHHHH, yes Your toy is such a slut, please give her another Mistress.”

“Four.” she has hold of the vibrator now, plunging it deep into her cunt. “OHHHHH, so close Mistress Your toy only thinks of Your pleasure Mistress.”

“Five, Six, Seven… AUGGGGGGGHHHHH, oh You toy is cummmminnnnnnnggg.” she pumps her hips up and down.

“Eight, Nine… OHHHHHHHH Mistress… yesssssss, fuck yessssss.” her fingers go still on her clit. “Please Mistress, please finish, please give me the last one… i deserve it so for being allowed to cum.”

I bring the whip down one last time, holding nothing back as is whistles through the air striking my precious toy’s ass a final time. She has pulled the vibrator out and has plunged all four fingers inside of her cunt. Screaming, she calls out… “OHHHHHHHHHHHH, Honnnnneeeeyyyyy!!!!!”

After a moment, I smile at my good little whore and move up to kiss her mouth. Then I push the stake for her free hand hard into the earth. Both her arms are spread wide bringing her head low to the ground, she is on her knees, those too spread wide. She is unable to close them, ass in the air, pussy, as always, exposed. I lay a pillow under her head and put the panties back into her mouth after giving her another little drink of water. Then I whisper in her ear, “When the sun rises I will be back and again your sweet parts will give me pleasure. Sleep until then My darling slut, My toy, My whore, My fuck slave. Or perhaps, you never know, we might have company. Wouldn’t that be a nice treat for my whore? But you wont know for sure will you?” She looks a little scared, my toy, just before I slip the blindfold back over her eyes. I would never let anyone else hurt her, but she doesn’t know this for certain at this moment. As I walk away I gave her one last small slap on her pussy, and am quite pleased to see she is once again dripping wet. She wants more and she will get it.

Honeys.toy ~

It is now dawn, i can see just a bit of light through my blindfold . i am still tied, Mistress’s panties in my mouth, a vibrator still on low in my hot cunt and a butt plug up my ass. Once again She is making me ache, making me want, making me struggle to find relief. She brought me to a shuttering climax not so very long ago and then left me thinking about would it even be Her who visits me next. i don’t think She would allow anyone to fuck me, but She did say someone else might visit. i tasted her juices as She allowed me to drink. i struggle with the ropes, as the vibrator moves inside me. i smell Her in my imagination. i feel Her presence near me, always playing with Her toy. i want so badly to eat Her, to taste Her, maybe even to spank Her a little, but i know She would never allow that luxury. i want Her to fuck me, my every hole. i was so excited when She took me with the switch. i can’t get enough of her. i start to shudder as a spasm nears, but She will not allow me to cum without Her permission so i try desperately to calm my throbbing pussy. i still struggle to get out of my binds, to go to Her, to hug Her, to kiss Her, to crawl between her legs and feast upon her perfect cunt. i long to let Her bring me to orgasm as She sees fit. i am Hers. Will She come to me soon? my heart races. Or will She send someone else? i will serve Her as She sees fit, for i am Her whore, slut, toy, Her baby.

Mistress Honey ~

The sun is just rising and so do I. I stretch and then go and wash my face and begin to make breakfast. My toy is struggling with all of this noise going on around her, wiggling her naked ass, begging me with her motions to be touched and used. I go and pull the vibrator from her leaving her wet pussy gaping wide open. I pull the panties from her mouth, my panties, and again give her a drink the same way I did last night. Squatting over her letting it run out of my pussy after filling myself up with the liquid. It is a little more difficult this morning because she is on her hands and knees, but she lifts her chin for me, tongue out, such greedy little slut for anything I have to give her.

“Do you have to piss ghpops.com little toy?” I ask her softly in one ear.

“Yes please Mistress, I can’t hold it much longer,” she begs.

“Who told you to hold it? Here in the woods you are just a little animal for me to play with, just my toy. Just go there where you are, it is of no matter to me. you will be getting a bath soon anyway.” her face goes red at this. I can see her struggling not to wet herself, but she obviously has to go badly and soon a little golden stream falls from her soaking the ground beneath her.

“See you are just a plaything and your basic needs are so unimportant. But we want you strong, so you must eat.” I place a shallow bowl of oatmeal in front of her and take off her blindfold. her arms are still staked and she looks up at Me obviously confused. “Just your mouth toy, that is all you need to eat.” she drops her head and begins to eat, little salty tears falling into her meal. It breaks my heart to see her so unhappy, she is so much more than just my toy, she is my love, but she craves this humiliation as much as she craves my fingers on her clit.

“Oh, don’t be sad, sweet whore. you please Me so, being such a good little toy, my darling slut. Look baby whore, I will even give you a little pleasure while you finish your meal.” I move around behind her and pull the plug that has been filling her ass, and replace it with the vibrator turned up high. I fuck my slut hard in her tight ass showing no mercy while she tries to eat as best she can. her little gasps and moans are such a pretty sound. As she licks the bowl clean and I stop suddenly leaving her frustrated and open wide, she has not cum and she wants more, much more. Then I unstake her legs and arms, and allow her to rise and stretch her tired muscles. I then order her back down on all fours. I snap long leash onto her collar, then thread it back between her legs and up over her back. As I tug on the thin braided leash it pulls tight between her pussy lips, rubbing on her clit and teasing her asshole. I begin to walk into the woods, my favorite pet behind me. I know she remembers my threat last night of there being someone else this morning. I know she is near trembling with fear at not knowing where I am taking her now. But I know what my slut needs, more than she does, and when we get to where we are going she will get it, get exactly what she needs.

Honeys.toy ~

i heard Her rise at dawn and thought, She will now make me cum again, i long for it. I wondered if She would untie me, feed me and let me go to the bathroom? Oh God, my body, my being, my cunt, my tits ache for Her. i heard Her moving about, She will come to me soon i thought. Finally She approached me, at least i think it is Her. What if it is someone else? She removed the blindfold and took Her panties out of my mouth. i hoped She would give me more of Her tasty panties to suck on. When She asked me if i needed to piss i told her yes, that i need to pee so bad, and She ordered me to relieve myself like an animal. When i finally did it i was so ashamed. Then She told me to eat using only my mouth in the bowl. Then i was allowed a drink from her cunt juices, that was such a turn on. my cunt was getting hotter and hotter. i felt like a slut, Her slut, like a whore, Her whore. i was totally humiliated for my Mistress. my nipples were hard, my body in need, my mind wondering my fate today. Then She put a leash on me, and ran it through my legs up through my aching cunt and rubbing against my asshole, God it hurt so good. She led me away, my tits brushing the ground, my nipples extending to meet whatever might graze against them. Now, i wonder where are we going. i am once again so hot for my fate. i have been a good slave girl so i know She will allow me great pleasure. Who is this stranger She threatens me with? All this goes through my mind as Honey leads her toy through the woods. Little spasms rock my body, but i mustn’t cum until She allows it. Oh, but I do ache so.

Mistress Honey ~

We move through the woods slowly, my sweet pet behind me on her hands and knees. I tug occasionally on the leash, not because she is lagging behind, but because it rubs on her clit so nicely and I love to hear her gasp. We are nearly to our destination so I stop and put the blindfold back over my toy’s eyes. I know this will heighten her anxiety, which always makes it better for her. I know as well she is not forgetting my words of there being someone else today. Just a hundred more yards or so more and we move into a clearing. There in front of us is a small log cabin. I lead my pet to the old water pump in the middle of the yard.

“Lay on your back sweets. It is time we get you cleaned up. And do spread those legs wide. I shouldn’t need to tell you that,” I scold her. She does as I order and I begin to pump icy cold water onto her gaping pussy. She gasps and tries to close her legs. Being blindfolded still she did not know what to expect.

“Don’t you dare close those legs.” I slap at her inner thighs, giving one side a cruel little pinch. “Lift your hips. And take hold of those pussy lips and open yourself up whore. We want you all clean.” I pump the handle again and a small stream of frigid water hits her right on her clit. I see her tense and know the sensation must be intense. A little dribble of water runs from her pussy up between her breasts. Her nipples grow hard from the cold and I cannot resist pinching each of them as the last of the water runs onto her wanting clit. She thrust her hips higher as the water stops. She may hate the cold but she still craves it running against her clit and pussy. My slut is so bothered right now she would fuck anything I put between her legs and beg for more. She is still holding her pussy lips open and I see her move one finger over starting to rub her clit.

SMACK… I bring the end of the leather leash down onto her hand and pussy, striking her clit.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhh,” she cries not expecting this. She thought she could get away with this tiny transgression but no, I am watching her. I am always watching her.

“you will not finger your little slut pussy without permission. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress, i am sorry. Please, i am so sorry. Your slut just aches so.” she bites her lip and spreads herself even wider open… hoping to please Me. And she does please Me, as I take the end of the leash again and strike her clit very soft this time, not enough to hurt only enough to add to her ache. I do this seven or eight times and she lifts and thrusts for Me, fucking the air with her pussy. With the last strike I hit a bit harder and order, “STOP!” she freezes her body, whimpering softly with her need.

“Come along now, time to see your surprise for the day, little one.” she moves back on her hands and knees, the cruel leash once again pulled tight between her pussy lips. Only this time instead of following meekly she starts and stops, moving very slowly. I know the game she plays. Each time I tug on the leash it bites into her pussy and clit and I see her rocking her hips as she hopes this little bit of friction will allow her release. I let her get away with this because we are only going a short distance, into the cabin that she is still unaware of. I know this rubbing she is doing against the braided leather will only frustrate her more when it stops leaving her wetter and more in need than ever. As we enter the small cabin I see her tense. she can feel that she is no longer crawling on the cool damp earth, but rather is now on the rough floorboards of the cabin. I know she can smell the fire that blazes in the large fireplace and maybe she can smell something else, the sweet smell of sex and leather.

I have her stand and I attach her wrists to the restraints hanging down from the rafters, around her ankles cuffs that click into bolts on the floor. My pet is now standing spread-eagle. I put the clips back onto her nipples she gasps in surprise at the sudden pain, then moans as I rub both breast in my hands, squeezing and rubbing them roughly. The panties I have been wearing on our walk I take off and push into her mouth. I love to see this bit of wet silk in her mouth, and I know she craves the taste of me all the time. My little slut would love to sleep with her mouth suckling on My pussy all night, like a baby with its thumb. Perhaps tonight that is how I will tie her, legs bound together, arms tied tight to her sides, a plug in her ass, a little egg vibrator torturing her cunt, My pussy over her mouth. Then occasionally I will rub against her lips and tongue staying wet and finding pleasure for hours on my own personal fuck toy. But right now it is time to show my whore where I have brought her and what is in store for her. I take the blindfold from her eyes, she blinks adjusting to the dim light in the cabin. Then I hear her moan from behind my panties that fill her mouth. She sees the surprise I have for her.

There in the corner is a cage and inside the cage is a young, pretty slave. her jet black hair is pulled back tight in a braid that falls to her ass. she is blindfolded and chained on all fours, a wide leather belt is around her waist and that is chained to the top of the cage. A huge, thick dildo has been mounted on the floor of her cage very low right below her pussy. she is pulling against her restraints trying to fill her dripping cunt with that plastic lover, but she obviously can only just get the very tip inside of her desperate fuck hole. She is grunting and moaning behind the red ballgag that fills her mouth. Again and again she bears down trying to plunge the thick fake cock into her pussy. So desperate she is, she seems to not even be aware we are there in the room with her. My own pet begins to thrust her hips in time with this new slave’s undulations. Her eyes are wide, her breath coming in ragged little puffs. I know she would love to have that huge dildo fill her own cunt. I have been loaned this cabin and this pretty slave for the rest of the weekend. her own Master left her caged for me only an hour or so ago, waiting until I got here to leave his own slave-toy to my care.

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