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with editorial assistance and encouragement from “Dark Mistress Absinthe”

[ This account was originally written as a series of e-mails to a very close friend of mine, but I’ve consolidated them into a single story and changed some of the details in an effort to protect the slightly less-than-innocent. ]

Truthfully, I have thought about my wife’s feelings were I to pursue an affair, but, at least in the case of the almost-affair that ended yesterday, neither I nor the “other woman” pretended we were in love. And, not that it excuses anything, but neither of us was looking to hurt our respective spouses — all we wanted was a sort of short-term consummation of a simmering lust that had been on both our minds for a very long time.

Here’s the story:

I worked in a small office for a long time. In 1989, after I had left for a year to get a Master’s degree, I returned to work at this office as a mid-level manager. After I had been back for a month or two, a couple of women were hired simultaneously — Vera and Michelle. Vera was my mom’s age and I treated her almost like a surrogate mother at work. Michelle is a couple of years older than I, and at the time was divorced, with custody of her three young children. Vera and Michelle took to one another right away, and to me, too, and before too long, the three of us were good work-friends, always talking and laughing together. We even went out to dinner and a movie a couple of times. I had a strong attraction for Michelle… she has auburn hair, bright green eyes, nice legs, and devastating smile… and I was single, but, at the time, I really couldn’t deal with the concept of getting seriously involved with both her and her children. So I never said anything, except for standard workplace flirting every once in a while. I even asked Vera and Michelle for dating advice (I was very shy with women for a long time), and they were never anything but kind and supportive.

So anyway, I meet the woman who I later married, and Vera and Michelle are still supportive, and then my own kids come along and my work-friends are both wonderful fountains of advice about them, too, and in the meantime, Michelle dates and marries a guy named Earl. No one thinks this is a particularly good idea (Earl is kind of a jerk and thinks about very little but sports), but he seems to represent security, and he likes Michelle’s kids, and so they end up married. Michelle and Vera and I remain good friends. This goes on until mid-year of 1998, when I take a higher-paying job in bahis firmaları another part of the state.

As a sidenote: My wife and I generally get along very well, but, for reasons I won’t go into, for quite a while there had been very little in the way of a physical relationship between us… no hand-holding, no cuddling, zip… and I am very much a toucher. So, being fed up with this and feeling sorry for myself, I stop in at my old office one afternoon this past May (I was in town for a meeting) and ask Michelle to go out and get some lunch with me so we can talk. I hinted that I needed some marital advice.

So we go out, and as we’re talking, I think about all the attraction I had for Michelle and how pretty she still is, and I find myself telling her about it. Then she shocks the hell out of me by telling me that she has been seriously attracted to me from Day One. She even said that she sometimes faked having problems with her computer so I that I’d come and stand near her while I helped fix it. But she never said anything because she didn’t think I would ever consider dating her. (I had always said that one thing I was looking for in a woman was brains, and she mistook that to mean education – and she barely graduated high school. On Michelle’s behalf, she is very savvy when it comes to the real world, and I happen to think she’s very smart.) So we both look at each other with these “If only we had known!” looks on our faces, and then we start thinking (although I was actually too surprised to think much of anything). Michelle laughed, a little bitterly, and said (I swear to God this is true), “I had to go and pick last month to go off The Pill.”

So there’s a little more talk, very tentative, along the lines of “What do we do now?” Nothing is definitely decided, but we’re both a little scared and a lot excited. Anyway, we drive back to the office and she kisses me on the cheek. I had hoped for more, but she pointed out that it was possible we could be seen by folks in the office. I went back at closing time and we sat in her car for a few minutes and talked, both of us nervous as schoolkids. When it was time for her to go, we kissed, and it was… incredible. Her tongue was in my mouth in a moment and her arms were around my neck, holding me very tightly. I slid one hand up and cupped her breast (I found out later she is a 34DD and she is so firm that the first time I touched her, I thought she’d had implants), and she pulled me in even closer, and moaned softly into my mouth. And then we had to kaçak iddaa stop, and she had to go home.

I was back in town a week or so later, and Michelle met me at another restaurant not too far from the office. We talked for a bit, nervous again, reassuring each other that we weren’t normally the type to cheat on our spouses, but we were only going to go so far with this little fling, and then it would be over. We ended up in my car just as it started to get dark and soon I had one hand under her blouse — and the other under her skirt (where I found out she was wearing pantyhose, but no panties — a fact that just about finished things for me right there). She was hot and wet and squirmed hard against my hand, gasping. Her own hands were in my lap, and in a few minutes she had my fly down. I didn’t want it to be over too soon, so I did my best to distract her, but she squeezed me gently for a few moments… then, another surprise. She bent her head to my lap and took me in her mouth — and she was very good at that, too. It didn’t last long, though — we had to stop when Michelle spotted a cop parked about 30 yards behind us and got very nervous. So we adjusted our clothing and drove around for a bit, looking (unsuccessfully, dammit) for an open drugstore. Couldn’t find one, and then it was late, and Michelle had to leave. That was the closest we came to actually doing the deed.

I met her at closing time again a week later, and we sneaked back into the office to the employee lounge. There was an old couch and a TV and a table for eating lunches. We walked back to the couch, stopping to kiss once or twice. Again Michelle was ferocious, almost attacking my face and neck with her lips and tongue. Then we were on the couch, and I was trying to kiss her and untuck her blouse, and she had one hand holding the back of my head and the other was in my lap. The blouse came untucked and I began to unbutton it very slowly. She was wearing a no-nonsense sort of bra that held her very firmly (which was one reason I’d never suspected 34DDs), and after some serious fumbling at her back — my hands were shaking a little (or maybe a lot) – I got it unhooked. I lifted it gently and there were her breasts, large and round and firm, with nicely freckled cleavage. Her nipples were small, but, I found out shortly, very sensitive.

Michelle slid up into my lap and straddled me. She was wearing panties this time, but no pantyhose. She arched her back a little and one nipple went easily into my mouth. I bit it gently and held kaçak bahis it in my teeth. As I ran my tongue back and forth over the tight little nipple, I reached for Michelle’s other breast with my free hand. I cupped it at first, savoring the smoothness of her skin and the firm weight of it, then my fingers moved to fondle that nipple as well. Michelle was breathing hard by this time, and curling her fingers in my hair, pulling my face harder into her breast. It was getting difficult to breathe, but I didn’t care — all I wanted was to keep making my fantasy woman gasp like that. It thrilled me that I was having that effect on her. Then all at once she was off of me. She slid to her knees on the floor and unzipped my trousers again. I was more than ready to meet her halfway as she took me into her mouth, pumping gently with her hand as she swirled her tongue around and around. Then she drew back a little, then bent forward again, covering my groin with her cleavage — and didn’t that just about do it for me there? I actually told her to stop — if she didn’t, she was going to have one hell of a spot on her blouse to explain — and she zipped me back up (very carefully) and climbed back into my lap.

Again, my mouth to her nipple, but this time a hand under her skirt, and under one leg hole of her panties and over the tightly curling hairs and, in a moment (though I was still trying to prolong everything as much as I could) I was touching the hot, wet center of her. And then I had two fingers inside her and Michelle was having an orgasm! She moaned and shivered and I took my mouth off her nipple and kissed her mouth hard, trying to quiet her down. It didn’t help much and in a moment, she was on the roller coaster again, still shivering. She pushed my head against the back of the couch and leaned over me, her hands to either side of my head, smothering me again with her breasts. Now both of my hands were under her skirt and she slammed herself down on me (I was worried for a moment that she’d hurt herself — she’d damn near hurt me) and she climaxed a third time, then sagged forward against me.

I held her for a minute or two, and then she scooted over to sit on the couch and put her clothes to rights. I told her that was three orgasms she owed me, and she laughed and nodded. We talked a little about when we could get together again (it later turned out that this would be the last time), then we left the office and went our separate ways. I had come through town on the way to yet another meeting (I had a lot of those this summer) and as I drove down the highway, I smelled her hot scent on my fingers, and I breathed it in carefully, thinking about her. I got into quite a lot of heavy traffic on that drive, but I barely noticed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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