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She sat at her desk practically squirming with frustration. The late start to the day hadn’t allowed her her usual fix before coming into work and she knew that she would have to take herself in hand unless she wanted to lose control and start pleasuring herself right there on her desk…

She looked around the office and tried to see someone to think about while she took care of herself.

It didn’t take long to see the man across the office try to look away before she noticed him looking. Smiling to herself she slowly got up from her desk making sure that he would notice her standing and running her hands down her tight summer dress to smooth it over her body and tighten the fit over her large full breasts that were already threatening to burst out of the tight v neck.

She looked slightly to the side, tilting her head so her long hair cascaded down over her face letting her look up through the tangle of locks to see him staring at her body as she turned to walk towards him swinging her hips to pull the fabric bahis firmaları of her dress tighter and tighter as she took a deep breath pushing her breasts hard against the thin material of her dress making her nipples rub against her bra and making her pussy start to moisten as she smiled at him, pursing her red lips and licking them slowly..

As he stared she suddenly turned to walk across his view point looking over her shoulder as she past and casting her eyes down behind her and leading his eyes to her ass as she trailed her right hand over the tight material as she imagined his hands and tongue doing the same…

She walked into the thankfully empty toilet and moved to the mirror where she could see her breasts pushing insistently at the thin material and threatening to push her bra through and out into view.

She licked her red lips in excitement as she felt her nipples harden and her pussy begin to moisten, her sweet juices leaking into her tight little panties as she imagined his hands and tongue running kaçak iddaa all over her pulsing tits as his cock slid inside her wet pussy.

She looked over at the door nervously as her hand moved on its own down between her legs pushing the thin material against the thin and now very wet lace of her panties,.

Unable to resist and not caring anymore who walked in she reached both hands up to her breasts and squeezed feeling her nipples come alive as her tits finally pushed her bra through the top of the dress exposing the thin see-through black lace bra so she could see her glorious breasts and the darkness of her hard nipples through the thin lace.

She couldn’t wait anymore and made a dash to the closest cubical slamming the door after her and falling back onto the seat.

Gasping in need she ripped the remains of her dress down over her tits and grabbed them through the thin material pulling the bra down so she could pull her tits to her mouth one at a time to suck the hard nipples with her darting red kaçak bahis tongue almost being able to feel his hot breath as he sucked them one at a time..

She slid one hand down between her legs frantically pulling her dress up to her waist and slipping her hand into her now soaking wet lace panties and into her moist wet pussy… She desperately sucked at her tits to stop herself moaning out loud as her fingers slid into her tight wet hole. Two probing fingers slipping deeper and deeper inside her as she imagined his hard cock doing the same..

She sat there with her tits spilling out of her dress and bra, dress pulled to one side exposing her wet pussy and tattered remains of her black lace panties, her tongue and mouth busy with her tits and three of her fingers now plunging harder and harder in and out of her dripping pussy as she arched her back and thrust herself onto her fingers.

She moaned involuntary as she began to come, grinding her pussy against her hand as yet another finger slipped inside and she frantically moved her hot wet tongue from one breast to another. Slipping from the seat she fell to the floor, gasping and moaning aloud now as she lost all control and let herself come with one final thrust of her fingers…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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