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The glow of the candles flickering illuminated the dull black paint on the walls. The old architectural pieces hanging on the walls casting eerie shadows everywhere. Sheer black curtains blew gently from an open window which was framed by thick black velvet drapes. In the middle of the room was a large wrought iron bed, dressed with black dull silk sheets and tapestry over sized pillows adorning the head of the king size bed. There wasn’t much furniture in the room besides a huge vanity with a mirror in the shape of a Gothic style window framed in iron. There was a wrought iron chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling almost invisible against the black paint. The contrast of deep crimson roses sitting on the vanity was almost the only thing that stood out in this black room. Soft music whispering out of every corner of the room, with a French woman’s voice singing melodiously along, almost sounding unearthly/angelic. Bergamot, rose, and cedar scents fill every part of the room.

Gabrielle sat there waiting for her husband to enter her bedroom, to enter her. Clothed in a black leather dress, it hugged her body, almost constricting her movement. Her long, burgundy hair hanging off of her face, hiding her demure expression. The thoughts of him heated her cold body. She pondered his arrival, what she would do to make him feel pleasured. Even though she had made love to him a million times before, each time they kissed was as fresh as the very first time.

The familiar sound of the Jag pulling up onto the cobblestone driveway made her leap up within herself. Michel was home at last. She restrained herself from meeting him at the door because she wanted him to find her waiting for him in their room, the room she enjoyed so much. She then whispered to God, thanking Him for bringing her love home safely once again. His footsteps through the house sounded rapid, as he anxiously made his way to find her. He burst through the internet casino door like a child at Christmas. His long black cape sweeping behind him. She sighed deeply as she gazed up at him. His fitted black leather pants, and black ruffled shirt covered him so well she thought, as she smiled wickedly at him. She gracefully stood up to embrace her lover. Her ruby coloured lips met his blackly painted lips, mixing the two colours together as they kissed. He pressed his body passionately against hers as their tongues intertwined together. Their minds raced thinking what would happen next.

She pushed Michel’s straggly black long hair away from his face, looking at his blackened eyes smeared with eyeliner. They sat together on the bed. She knew he would be famished from the long day. She made for him a platter of different berries, imported crackers and cheeses, and a metal chalice of Burgundy wine. She placed a strawberry into his mouth, holding the leafy end in her fingers as he bite into it. Then she kissed him tasting the sweet berry juice from his mouth. They fed each other and drank out of the same cup.

Michel looked deep into Gabrielle’s iced blue eyes almost drowning in them. He looked at her, seeing who she was, admiring her graceful beauty. His love for her so intense, new everyday, wanting more of her yet being satisfied. He could feel the blood flowing to his penis just from the sight of her. It throbbed as it pressed against his leather prison. Instinctively she knew what he was feeling as she felt it too, the electricity between them was evident, they needed no words not even with their eyes to give each other the signal what was going on in each other’s mind. It was pure instinct. Her black nails pressed deep into his pale, milky white chest, it sent sensations ripping through his entire body. He grabbed her nearer, they’re lips met hungrily, biting, sucking, probing at each other in unison. As they canlı poker oyna broke from their passion, they stood up at the same time. Standing there in front of each other, they began to undress, eyes fixated, burning one another. Their stark white silhouettes almost glowed in that black room. His boney fingers touched her face gently, caressing her cold cheek warming her within. He lend down to kiss her, their bodies pressing hard against each other. They fell on the bed in wild, primal lust for each other.

She climbed up on him, her long burgundy hair sweeping against his chest, tickling him. She used her engorged clit to tease the tip of his cock head. Involuntarily he thrust up against her. Michel gazed up at his queen, everything about her aroused him, he wanted to be inside of her, the anticipation building but while she was on top, she was in control of what would happen next….he loved that. She spread her pussy lips with the head of his penis, just barely letting him enter her. This drove him insane with desire. Her wetness coated him as her lovely, pink lips quivered with delight. She lowered herself onto him slowly. The walls of her pussy encased his entire shaft. The way she moved her hips on him made him throb inside of her. She arched her back, forcing him to slide in deeper. Both of his hands gently stimulated her round breast. He loved her tits the way it drooped a bit, her large pink areolas covering the entire front of her breast. She rode him harder, with all of her soul. He reached to find her clitoris, it was hard and waiting for him. This made her jerk and fuck him faster. She felt her passion building, bringing her close to an orgasm. Her body totally tense with pleasure. He whispered, “let go baby” and she did. Juices gushed forth as wave after wave of intense warmness flowed through her body.

She shook as he pumped his cock deep inside of her. She didn’t want him to cum just yet. poker oyna She rose up, looking deeply into his eyes. Gabrielle knew what she wanted and so did Michel. She laid beside him, taking hold of his wet, shiny, erection and covered it with her mouth. The taste of her love for him filled her mouth. Her tongue wrapping around the rim of his head. She began to stroke his shaft with her mouth firmly, sucking him in deeper. His head hitting the back of her throat. He was at the edge now and she knew it, she could feel him almost there. She let go of his cock, he gasped. She took one of his testicles into her mouth, now massaging it with her tongue. Then the other. She pushed his legs up as she got into the position to enter him. Still holding onto his cock, stroking it softly, she sucked on his hole vigorously, darting her tongue in to be inside of him. He let her in. He groaned as her strong tongue fucked him hard. He was almost to the point of no return, knowing he could not resist this pleasure for much longer. She alternately sucked and fucked him with no mercy as he press his ass against her mouth making her eat him harder. She dragged her tongue up toward his balls, his moaning was loud as he tried to catch his breath.

He got up moving her to bend over for him. Her round firm ass sticking up in the air like that made his cock jerk. He then coated it with his saliva, stroking it, spanking her ass cheek with it. Holding on to her hips he entered her puckered anus, inching his way in. Reaching around her, he pinched at her clit. This made her push back against his pumping cock. The scent of their passions filled the room. Their sweaty bodies moved together. It wouldn’t take much, he ached to cum. She whispered, “fill me”….he knew what she meant. He thrust in her and then he felt an orgasm hitting him hard before his semen filled her. He pushed a few more times, moving his cum around inside of her pulsating anal cavity. He pulled out slowly and began kissing first her ass cheeks, moving near to the hole. He sucked on her asshole, filling his mouth with his cum, cleaning his lover. She groaned with absolute pleasure. They fell side by side, face to face, in a hot embrace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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