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The rain shower had stopped and the weather was brightening. I was sat outside the pub waiting for a ploughman’s and a pint.

“Here’s your lunch Bob.” Big buxom Tracy the barmaid shouted out the door, “I’ll bring it out to you.” She handed me the plate and stood beside me. “Have you seen Lynn Blackstone? She asked about you this morning.”

“Thanks, Tracy. Not seen Lynn. What’s she want, any idea?” I was intrigued. Lynn, I called her sexy Lynn for obvious reasons, had been a girlfriend years ago. The thought of her gave me a good feeling. That lovely warm body held in my arms all that time ago. Yes I remembered that with pleasure.

“She didn’t say what she wanted but she’ll back from the school soon. She does dinners for the kids now.”

The sun came out fully and all signs of the rain disappeared. I looked up the road and saw Lynn bouncing towards me. The day was definitely brightening up. She made me smile; she really ought to do something about that bra.

“Hi, Bob.” Lynn dropped down on the seat opposite me. “How’re you doing?”

“Improving, thanks Lynn,” I answered. I had been off work for a week or so after falling off step ladder. I had been a bit silly one day on a building site. We looked into each others’ eyes and an unspoken exchange passed between us. ‘No, we’re not going to do that,’ was her message back to me. “How’s Andy. Still an arse?”

“Bob, that’s not fair, but yes. That’s not what I want to talk about though. It’s my Mum.”

Andy was still her husband and still an arse.

“Yes Lynn. Sorry about your Dad, I heard he’d died. How can I help?”

“Well it’s like this,” she gave me her sexy look and paused, “Since Dad died Mum has been a bit lost in herself. She needs some help with the house and garden. She needs to be busy and won’t do anything on her own.”

“That’s OK. I can understand that.” I replied, “What does she need doing.”

“Bob,” Lynn moved closer and looked around. She spoke in a subdued voice. “Bob, well, it’s not just the house and garden that needs attention.” Another pause. “It’s her as well. Do you think you can help her out?”

Lynn’s mother needs attention. She needs helping out. What did Lynn mean? I knew her Mum was nearly 20 years older than me. She must be in her mid 50’s. How am I expected to help her out?

“Just how does she need helping out, Lynn?” I asked.

“Show her some attention. Be a friend. You know Bob. A good friend, a close friend. You get my meaning.” This was a plea from Lynn.

Of course, I had met her Mum lots of times. Her name was Alexandra. Lexi to her friends. As I remembered she was similar to Lynn when she was younger. That’s sexy Lynn Blackstone of course. Mum used to be sexy Lexi Loxley. Was she still?

“What needs doing in the house and garden, Lynn?” I was considering the job.

“Oh thanks Bob. I just knew you’d help. The trees need trimming. The lawn needs regular mowing. The woodwork on the house needs a coat of paint. You know the usual things.” Lynn assumed I had already agreed to the project. “And she needs a bit of male comfort.”

Lynn gave me a sideways glance. ‘Male comfort’, I thought, that could mean anything.

“Right, Lynn. My job has been finished on the site I was working on and I’ve not got another start yet. I’ll do it for a few weeks and see how I get on. You’d better take me round to Mum and tell her what we’ve agreed.”

“I guessed you’d go with it, Bob. She’ll be expecting you. Ring her and say what time you’ll turn up. You’ll have to take any gear you think you’ll need and any protective stuff, of course.”

Lynn got her mobile out. “Hello Mum, it’s me. Bob Miller will be round as soon as he can. He’s off work and a bit stiff.” She listened to her mother talking. “No mother, behave. It’s his shoulder that’s stiff,” Lynn laughed and looked at me. “Yes I suppose you can give him a massage as payment. He’ll like that.”

She faced me again. “That’s it settled. Go round when you can. Mum’s got something in mind for you. You won’t be worked too hard at first.” She finished with that sexy laugh again.

Next morning I rose early and phoned Lexi to confirm I’d be calling. “Have all your equipment ready. You’ll be working hard,” She said, “and I’ll give you something for lunch. No need to eat elsewhere.”

Lexi was a pretty woman in her mid 50’s. Time had been kind to her. She had had Lynn at 20 and had looked after herself well in the intervening years. Her body was still trim, well certainly not overweight, and she had nicely rounded breasts that complemented a neat pear shaped bum. She had those characterising lines around her eyes and lips that curved into a contour that just begged to be kissed. Wearing shorts, I could see her legs were similar to those of a younger woman. In brief she was a jewel. However there was also a hint of sadness in her eyes and the quiet voice that betrayed her recent tragedy. When she saw me she brightened up like a morning flower opening to the first rays of bahis firmaları the sun. She must have smiled for the first time in days at that moment.

As Lynn had said there was work to be done in the garden. The sun was bright, the damp grass was drying and it promised to be a warm day. I set to work cutting the branches back on the shrubs and got the mower out for the lawns. Lexi wore a sleeveless shirt and short shorts and very nice she looked too. She smiled happily as she worked beside me picking up the offcuts and raking the mowings together. By midday we were both tiring and ready for a break. I threw off my helmet and goggles and loosened my work boots, which she pulled off for me. Lexi brought out a tray of sandwiches and a pot of tea and we sat together on the bench at the garden table to eat. She slid close to me so that she could reach the food and occasionally our bodies bumped together as we stretch for food and cups.

Her boobs rubbed across my arm. “Oh, sorry, did I knock your hand.” She apologised, and then did it again.

“That’s OK,” I answered and caught a glimpse of her to the side of me. She was looking at my face.

“I remember from years ago when you used to take Lynn out. You should have married her you know. You’d have been good for her.” Lexi made a statement.

“Yes, well, I had other stuff to do. I wouldn’t have been around much. Anyway she’s got Andy and the children and she happy with them isn’t she?”

“Happy-ish, I suppose. She could have done better though.” This remark was clearly directed at me.

“Come on,” I broke in, “We’ll be finished in the garden in an hour.” We worked silently until we had got the back garden tidy.

“God, it’s hot out here,” Lexi said as I got the tools together. “Come inside to cool down.” She looked happier herself now.

Once in the house she seemed at a loss at what to do. “Would you like a shower? There’s one in the laundry room.” She pointed. “I’m getting one upstairs.” Lexi disappeared and I went to the shower downstairs. Minutes later I dried myself and pulled on only my shorts and tee shirt again. “Bob, Bob come through here.” Lexi called from the conservatory. She was sitting on the sofa wearing a wrap around robe. There was a bottle of gin and some tonics on the table in front of her. “Grab a drink,” she waved her hand. I did and sat beside her.

“Bob, I need you to help me get it all together again, living I mean. Tell me what I should do. I know you can, Lynn told me. She wants you to help me. Tell me the things Toby used to tell me before he, well, before he left me.” There was a tear in her eye when she said that. She emptied her glass and reached for a refill. Her robe fell open and I saw she had nothing on underneath it. “Tell me everything that I should do, Bob.”

“Alexandra”, I spoke her full name to get her full attention. She looked at me in expectation. “If you give yourself over to me I want you completely. Will you give yourself completely?”

Lexi bit her lip and stayed quiet. I could see why I thought of her as sexy Lexi. She was quite a few years older than me but she still had what it takes to raise passion in a man. Her eyes told me what I wanted to know before she spoke. “Yes.” That was all she said, just “yes”.

“Right-oh, we’ll start now. Open your robe.”

“You’re not just leching at me are you?” She kept her robe closed.

“No, I want to see what you’ve done to yourself.”

She dropped the robe with no further hesitation. I breathed in deeply at the gorgeous sight before me. All right, her boobs had sagged from their original pertness and her waist was now a bit flabby. However having seen what she had on offer, she was in very good shape. Certainly her naturally shaded pudendum was a delight. She shuffled her feet and parted her legs slightly drawing my attention to the swell of her pussy.

“Hold your arms out and spin round.”

She did it. Then she peeked at me over her right shoulder with one eyebrow raised. What an alluring little glance that was, definitely intended as a come-on. Her bum was a soft round cushion in pale pink, still damp and warm from her shower but with a hint of white talc lying in the crack. I was tempted to spank it there and then, but would resist until later.

“You have been letting yourself go Lexi.” I looked at her and rubbed a finger tip across her skin. “You need to eat properly and get some exercise. I’ve been off work with the collar bone. We will be doing this together.” She turned to face me. I could feel her breath on my bare chest. She must have been able to feel mine.

“You haven’t done your arm pits recently,” I slid a hand down her thigh, “or your legs.”

She shook her head. “It didn’t seem worth the effort.”

“It is, and shave your mound as well.”

“Pardon? I never did that even for Toby.”

“Sorry, but he’s not here to see it now. But I shall be.”

She stood up and walked away. Half turning she said, “Come on then.”

“Where kaçak iddaa are we going?”

“Upstairs, we might as well start. There’s no time like the present.”

“So you’ve decided to do it? No second thoughts?”

I hesitated. I must say I did not think she would agree to my suggestion, but she had. I thought I must still have the magic touch. She went to the stairs and I followed to the bathroom.

The next hour was spent with her wielding her razor while I watched and commented. Then she picked up a bag and said, “Come back to the bedroom.”

She reached for her scissors, handed them to me and said, “Here, trim it to the shape you want.”

She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. I knelt in front of her and snipped at the longest hairs first. Her pubes were fair in colour and not very thick. I worked round making a symmetrical patch and shortening them to a neat little thatch. I took a damp cloth and the gel and rubbed around the edge using my finger tip. She giggled and squirmed so I pressed a bit harder and faster into her cleft. She squealed and smiled at that, moving her hand onto mine in a gesture to stop. I wouldn’t. I got the razor and cleared the stubble at the same time making sure I stretched and squeezed her labia as I completed the task.

“Dry me off, use this.” She gave me a soft towel. I patted her shiny mound dry while she looked on. Finally she handed me a tub of Aloe Vera cream and told me to rub into the shaved area.

“And do it gently Bob,” she emphasised. I started on the soft, bare skin, trying to be careful. I brushed a hand over her clit as I took the excess off.

“Ouch Bob, your hands are a bit rough,” she gasped, “but, ooh, that makes me tingle all over.” She was getting excited by the constant touching.

“There is some body oil on the dressing table. Rub it onto me please.” I did. Now I am not a masseur by any means but I was willing to give it a go. Especially given what I had to work on. I rubbed oil into my hands for her comfort and warmed them up at the same time.

Starting at her feet, I worked up her legs, one at a time. When I flicked a finger between her buttocks it made her jump but smoothing over her back made her purr. I rolled her over and began on her belly. I allowed my fingers ripple her fleshy body as I rubbed up toward her breasts. Actually she liked that. I made circles around each nipple before finishing at her neck.

“Just a bit more to do,” I said and poured more liquid into my hand. Lexi raised herself on her elbows and looked along her glistening torso. She knew where I was going next and there was apprehension on her face. I placed my right hand on her pubic mound and slid up and down. She gave a moan at that and closed her legs together. I just had to gently ease them apart again. She put her tongue out, licked her top lip and sucked in a deep breath. I moved between her thighs using my fingers to push and press into the crevices and openings I found. She sat up and grabbed my arm. The body oil was mixing with her own juice.

“Bob, don’t stop.” Lexi gasped. I made sure I did not and teased her clitoris all the more. She dropped back onto the bed and stretched her arms above her head, at the same time arching her back. “Oh my god.” I heard her yell out but I do not think she was at prayer. She lay still and looked into my eyes. I got down beside her and took her in my arms. Beginning at her lips I moved my mouth down and kissed each sensitive spot she had to offer. Slowly I worked to her vulva and pushed my tongue between her engorged labia. She gasped and moaned and tousled my hair as I excited her towards her climax.

She stirred and next she was undoing my shorts and pulling them down. Proceeding with her part of the bargain and she started on an oral massage of my cock. I was ready for her and kicked of my shorts altogether. I lifted myself between her legs and now pressed my well prepared member into her lubricated vagina. She spoke softly into my ear offering encouragement. I moved in and out slowly at first. Neither of us had fucked for some time. She kept looking at me and stroking my arms. I increased speed and she began lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. Soon I felt her legs tensing and closing round my waist. She held her breath and exhaled with a little grunt. She did this a couple of times more and I pushed as deep as I could into her. My cock seemed to burst inside her. I twisted and pumped and squeezed while she held on as tight as she could using her arms and legs. I collapsed at her side panting for air. I must have been out of practice. She rolled toward me and gave a snigger. “Well, I didn’t expect that,” she whispered. We snuggled together for a few minutes.

We lay together a few minutes longer before each of us went to the bathroom. I sat on the end of the bed feeling the glow and gazing at nothing in particular. I was thinking that sexy Lexi was definitely the right nickname for this little cracker.

“Oh, look at this bed,” she kaçak bahis exclaimed. “It’s a filthy mess and it stinks of sex. Help me strip the sheets off. I’ve got to wash them.”

“It’s me s’posed to be telling you what to do, madam.” I swiped her across her bum. “Anyway you caused it.” The red hand print glistened on her shimmering flesh. So I kissed it leaving a love bite. She wiggled and giggled and made an ineffective swat in my direction as I held onto her thigh.

“Well it’s still your fault.” She jumped on me and pushed me down on my back. Our lips met and tongues fought together. “I’ve got a bottle of wine in the fridge, let’s have a drink.”

We did not bother with clothes; it was a very hot day. I fetched the bottle and opened it, she got the glasses. We flopped onto the sofa in the conservatory and sat holding hands, getting drunk together in the nude. Lexi lifted her feet and rested them on the coffee table in front of the sofa. I did likewise and drew her into my chest. Lexi closed her eyes and I quickly followed. I do not know how long we dozed together in each others’ embrace but both of us were happy and relaxed.

With my eyes still closed, I became aware of a faint noise. Lexi’s hand gripped hard on mine. I slowly opened my eyes and blinked. There, outside the window, straight in front of us I could make out Lynn, her daughter. Lynn smiled and waved. “Hello you two. Did you get main things done that needed doing? Or did you just skip to dessert?”

I snatched the nearest piece of clothing to cover my crotch. Lexi immediately snatched it back as it was the only covering she had. Oh well, Lynn had seen me naked many times in the past. She walked round to the door and let herself in. I grabbed a cushion and lay it across my lap so as not to embarrass either lady.

Lynn went to her mother and kissed her. “Mum, you look a lot better today. Bob must be good for you.” She sat on a chair opposite us. “And you Bob. How’s your aches and pains. Do they feel any better? Has Mum been treating you properly? I hope she’s not made you work too hard.” There was that sly sideways glance that I remembered of old on her face. I knew what she meant, Lexi knew what she meant and she knew we knew exactly what she meant.

Now it is highly embarrassing to be sitting bollock naked with your equally naked lover and be interrogated by her daughter, especially when that daughter is a former girlfriend. Lynn let us off. “Why don’t you two go and get some clothes on. I’ll wait here for you.” We both shot back to the bedroom and dressed in silence.

Back downstairs Lexi made a point of showing Lynn what we had done in the back garden. “We’ll be doing the rest tomorrow and on to the front. Then we’re starting in the house. We want to do a bit more every day.”

Lynn smirked and opened her mouth to make a smart remark about starting in the bedroom but thought better of it. “I knew Bob would help you Mum. He was always good to me you know. Hey, you’ve got yourself a toy boy.” She nudged her mother.

“Yes, it’s a pity he’s not older. He’s a rogue but I’ve liked him for years. He won’t settle down with a wife though. I’m going to try and civilise him.”

I must have come back out into the garden at that moment. They both turned towards me. Lynn spoke, “My Mum’s going to take you in hand, Bob. She says you need a wife. We are both going to work on that.”

She blushed, she saw me looking at her. “Oh no you won’t.” I responded firmly, “I’m OK as I am. Besides, I’ve not finished with you yet, Lexi. I think you should have a husband. I’m going to get you back into circulation.”

“Well we’ll just have to take turns at each other until we’re fit for purpose, won’t we. We still have to finish off putting the house and garden in order. Don’t we Bob? There must be at least another month of work to be done until I’m satisfied, maybe more. And I need a new wardrobe; you can help me with that. What do you say Bob?”

Now I would not argue, but a doubted my advice on her clothing would be taken seriously. I was very fond of pretty little Lexi and the down to earth approach she had adopted. I loved her company and was, maybe, getting carried away by her abilities. She knew what she wanted and she got it.

“I could manage another month for you. But sooner or later I will need to earn some money.” I was looking forward to spending a little longer in Lexi’s company. It would be fun for a few weeks.

“That’s all right, Bob, I’ll buy the things we need and we’ll come to some arrangement over your wages. How about that?”

Yes, I accepted her offer. I had been intending to apologise for seducing her but quickly realised, that actually, it was her who had seduced me. All that I did was completely with her consent and with her active participation. She had been so quick to take up my suggestions with practically no objection. Good god, she even had the oil ready to use as lubricant. If I had been smarter I would have twigged that she had something like twenty years advantage on me in the seduction game. One day she would make some old man a great companion. Pity she could not be mine, but honestly I would always be too young for her. However tomorrow is another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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