A Lesson in Servitude


He kept his eyes downcast, following the stiletto heels of his mistress as she strode before him. His breathing quickening with each step, unsure of what new delight or punishment awaited him at the end of the hallway. Like a good slave, he knew better than to question his owner.

They entered a room at long last, the light dimmer than the harsh fluorescents of the hallway. The dainty boots in front of him slowing to a stop. “A surprise for you pet, I feel that your training in servitude needs…expanding” his mistress purred, her light breathy voice sending tingles through him. “Eyes up and see what your Mistress has brought you!” A short jerk of the chain attached to his collar punctuated her command. Obediently, he lifted his head and barely suppressed the gasp that threatened to escape him.

Reclining on the black leather couch before him was a large, well muscled, gorgeous male. Black shit-kicker boots encased his feet, black leather pants seemed more spray painted on than worn over his long legs, thighs thick with corded muscle that played deliciously as he subtly shifted on the couch. He was topless, with mouthwateringly golden tanned skin covering his sculpted abs. The ends of his long brown hair trailed over his broad shoulders and ended just above his nipples. A thin, almost cruel mouth twisted up at one corner with a wicked smirk, while dark chocolate eyes regarded him coolly. The aura of power this male exuded let him know even without his mistress telling him, that this perfect specimen of masculinity, was a Dom.

Delicate fingers stroked through his hair, petting him. “Now pet, I found myself pondering on those little fantasies you’ve had, where you’ve been curious about exploring your interests in other men.”

His heart rate kicked up a notch, anxiety spiking. Yes, he had confessed, bound and whipped, to his darkest of fantasies, the curiosity about another man’s cock, no one person in particular. Just the tantalising, taboo nature of it all.

A conservative mildly religious upbringing as a child telling him such desires were “wrong”, then the football culture machismo fuelled opinions of his teens where only “bitches” or “queers” would want that. But still, that nagging little curiosity, that spark of arousal that he had tried to quell, the furtive glances at other men in the gym change rooms, always ashamed, swearing to himself that he wouldn’t, but unable to stop himself risking that fleeting glimpse.

He continued to stare at the intimidating figure reclining on the couch. No slouch himself in the height or muscle department, at this moment, in his “uniform” as it were, denoting his subservient status to the petite redheaded dominatrix holding his leash, he felt almost small, beylikdüzü escort a prey animal to a dangerous carnivore. He wasn’t sure he could go through with whatever his bewitching mistress had a planned, his heart racing, breathing visibly strained. Pleading eyes flicked to Her. Seeing her sub’s obvious distress, she continued to pet him, reaching up to stroke through his hair and down his back.

“Now now love, if you’re not willing to push through your comfort zone, how will you ever learn?” she whispered. Tugging him forward until he was at the feet of the Dom on the sofa, she commanded him to his knees with a tug on the leash and a point of the riding crop in her right hand.

“Master Jayce has kindly offered to help me in my training of you today. You, my sweet, are going to learn to give a blowjob!” He closed his eyes involuntarily, waves of shock and excitement competing within him for control. “And not just a run of the mill half-assed attempt, you had better work on pleasuring him to your utmost ability!”

She inclined her head at her fellow Dom. “Master Jayce trained me once upon a time, and I would be sorely disappointed if one of my slaves couldn’t live up to my expectations for him!” She warned, a cold glint entering her eyes.

His Mistress pulled his chin up to look him in the eyes, her hand fisting in the chains of his leash to pull him almost off balance. “Make him cum like the good little whore you are, and don’t you even think of letting a drop go to waste!” She hissed softly.

She then handed his leash to Master Jayce with a small bow. He felt himself being pulled forward, and he shuffled on his knees to obey. “Lets see what you’ve learnt then shall we?” a deep baritone voice intoned from above him on the couch. After bowing his head to the floor, he lifted his hands to the buttons on his temporary Master’s leathers. He was unable to control the shaking in his arms, almost fumbling to undo the fastenings, careful not to accidentally scratch the golden skin being revealed before his eyes. At last, trousers undone he reached into the leather to free the most beautiful, yet intimidating cock he had ever seen up close. At least 7 or 8 inches, and a glorious thickness to it. Circumcised, with not a trace of pubic hair to be seen, rising above heavy balls, the skin there darker in colour than on the shaft.

He froze for a moment, his mind reeling at the fat dick in his hands, was he really going to put that in his mouth? But could he ever forgive himself for giving up an opportunity like this if he did use his safe word? More serious still, he knew he would never be able to face His Mistress again should he embarrass her like that. Slowly, his right adana escort hand began to stroke the shaft, feeling the muscle twitch under his fingers, allowing his left hand to gently trace the heavy, pendulous balls hanging below.

Soft words of encouragement came from over his shoulder. “That’s it, take your time, no need to rush with something so beautiful, savour the moment”, his mistress cooed. Mustering his courage, he lent forward and gave a tentative lick to the small pearl of precum oozing from the head of Master Jayce’s cock. He allowed the smooth liquid to slide over his tongue, relieved that it didn’t taste at all bad, a tantalising mix of salty and sweet. Feeling emboldened by this discovery, he swiped his tongue around and over the crown of the other mans dick, swirling it like one would a lollipop. He was rewarded by a long sigh from his Master, and a shift of the mans hips on the couch, moving closer towards his face now.

Dainty hands stroked his shoulders, as She whispered instruction to him. “Don’t just tease with little licks here and there, open your mouth and take him in!” With a small shudder of acquiescence he complied, parting his full lips, angling the shaft towards his now open mouth. He found he had to stretch his jaw more than anticipated to fit just the head of the thick cock in, wincing at the slight strain in his face. He tried to take as much of the hot flesh into his mouth as he could, but found he could only manage a few inches before gagging, his eyes watering.

A slight slap on his ass and a throaty chuckle came from his Mistress. “Breathe through your nose, you fool! Use your hand to help you, you’re still too new to attempt deep-throating at this stage!” she chastised.

A dark masculine laugh came from Master Jayce “Oh but I admire the boys’ enthusiasm for trying…the feel of his throat clenching around me wasn’t bad” the Dom said, slowly beginning to pump his hips in short half thrusts into the sub’s mouth.

Thinking back to techniques former girlfriends had used on him that he had enjoyed, he brought his right hand up to pump the 4 or so inches he couldn’t fit in his mouth, bobbing his head in time to his hand strokes. “Yes, a little faster now Pet, and remember to maintain suction, and lets not let that tongue stay idle, stroke the underside of his cock with it!” .

She glanced to her former master, pleased to see that he had shuttered his eyes briefly in apparent pleasure. She smirked, petting her slave’s hair again as his head bobbed up and down on the other man’s dick “what a delightfully talented little cocksucker you’re turning out to be, Pet!” Teasing him with a gentle stroke of her riding crop between his legs, tickling his own steadily afyon escort hardening shaft with the end of the whip.

Feeling the Master Jayce’s thrusts becoming deeper and slightly more erratic, he sped up his motions, sucking the hard length between his lips, laving the underside with his tongue while his hand kept up a steady pumping action, his grip firm, the pressure similar to what he would enjoy on his own shaft. He could taste the other mans precum now, stronger and saltier, seemingly coming in endless streams, and found himself loving the strange taste, hungry for more. Guided by instinct, he brought his left hand up to gently roll and stroke his Master’s balls, knowing how well he himself enjoyed it when his last girlfriend would do it mid blowjob for him.

Master Jayce groaned, a sexy animalistic sound, thrusting almost painfully deep into his mouth, one hand now clamped on the back of his head keeping the slave exactly where he wanted him, unable to back away from the depth of his thrusts. Feeling the cock in his mouth suddenly expand slightly, he knew the end was near, and was both desperate to see it through and terrified of the concept of having a hot load of cum in his mouth, let alone swallowing it!

His jaw now throbbing from being forced open so wide for so long, and his eyes watering uncontrollably, he tried to maintain the steady suction and stroking when he felt the first jets of hot cum flood his mouth, salty and thick, pouring over his tongue, the next few flying deeper to hit the back of his throat, causing him to gag uncontrollably. The hand on the back of his head tightened in warning, pulling his hair painfully.

“Swallow it all, you’ve been a good little bitch so far, don’t fuck it up now” Master Jayce groaned, the pumping of his hips slowing to a stop, before he slid his now softening cock from the slave’s swollen lips.

Closing his eyes tight, he swallowed, desperately forcing down his gag reflex. The taste, while extremely salty, wasn’t so much the issue as the unexpected texture. Thicker and saltier than he anticipated, having previously only seen it coating his own hand or his ex girlfriends face and breasts. Eventually licking the remaining drops from his lips, which felt almost bruised, he dared glance up at his two Dominants. His mistress looked pleased, having a soft kiss bestowed on her lips from Master Jayce.

“I’ll be happy to return when you think he’s ready to deep-throat the real thing.” The big male rumbled, eyelids heavy now with sated pleasure.

She nodded, kissing him back, nibbling on the Dom’s bottom lip slightly. “Of course, I would be honoured Sir” she purred. The slave’s mind was a blur, pleased at having served his mistress well, and now so turned on that he thought his own cock could cut diamond with its hardness. His curvy little dominatrix turned to him with a pleased smile, looking down at his straining erection. “I do believe, someone has earned himself a reward” …

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