A Marine’s Welcome Home


It had been an unbelievable day. I had been bumped from my first flight, the second had mechanical problems and the third had been delayed. I had almost decided to call it quits and try again in the morning but all I wanted was to get home have a hot shower and sleep in my own bed.

I was just getting ready to take the escalator down to the train when out of the corner of my eye I saw them. They were dressed in desert cammies and carried black rucksacks. One of the men was about 6’5 and the other was a bite shorter. Their sandy blonde hair was shaved close and it was apparent from their tans that they had spent time in the sun. The shorter of the two wore sunglasses and they both carried Kevlar helmets. It was obviously they had just hoped a flight from somewhere in the dessert. Even with a layer of dust clinging to them they were gorgeous. There was no doubt under their cammies what kind of bodies they had. Even in their gear the sight of their tanned faces and bulging arm muscles made me tremble with excitement. I could not stop looking at them and I could tell that the one wearing sunglasses had picked up on me as well. Several times I caught him looking my direction. My pulse quickened, I couldn’t bring myself to just walk up to them but I didn’t want to stop looking.

God they looked so good I don’t know where to begin except that I would tear those shirts off and feel those chest muscles and their backs and arms and every inch of flesh that I could get my hands on.

To my disappointment I did not get the same train car as theirs but I was determined to keep them in my sight. I took my time getting off the train and timed it perfectly. They were just stepping off the train. The tall one kept scanning the crowd but the stud in the glasses looked right at me. I gave him my must seductive smile. He tipped his head and looked over the top of his sunglasses and elbowed his friend who was still too busy looking for someone. In the shuffle of people they got further ahead and if they weren’t so tall and noticeable with their short buzzed hair I would have lost sight of them.

When I got to baggage claim my heart sank. They were nowhere in sight and I had hoped for at least some opportunity to say hi or something witty. As I stood watching the carousal circle round and round with the luggage, someone behind cleared his throat – very deliberately. I glanced over my shoulder and to my surprise there they were, the two most fuck able men in uniform I had ever laid eyes on. My blatant stare must have given him a clue to my interest. A moment later my luggage appeared and I was tempted to just let it keep going but I grabbed the over sized suitcase and before I could even get it off the carousal he was lifting it for me.


I expected he was going to set my bag down or give it to me; instead he lifted the bag and read the identification tag.

“So are you the beautiful Darcy James?” He said in slow southern drawl.

“Yes,” I said flushing like an awkward schoolgirl.

“A pleasure to meet you Darcy, my name is Jake.”

I regained enough of my composure to notice his last name plainly displayed on his cammie shirt.

“And yours is Jake McDaniel?”

From the look on his face it was obvious I had caught him off guard. I couldn’t suppress a snicker pointing to the patch on of his shirt.

“You got me,” Jake said sticking his hand out.

I shook his hand. I felt his sun-weathered skin and my legs quivered.

“Long flight? You look like you guys just flew in from a dust bowl.”

“Yea, that pretty much describes it, we’ve been flying for about the last 15 hours.”

I whistled, “wow!”

Jake shrugged, “you kind of just get used to it after awhile.”

“And here I am bitched out that it took me an extra three hours to get home. I can tell you the first thing I’m going do is have myself a cold one.”

Jake nodded, “I second that!”

For a moment we just stood there looking at each other. I wanted to say something else but suddenly didn’t have a clue what else to say. So just gave him a little wave, “have a good leave and thanks for the help with the luggage.”

As I walked away I cursed myself. Here I was talking to the hottest man I had seen in ages and I walk off. I should have asked him if he wanted to have a drink or something but they were probably meeting their girlfriends or wives and then I would have felt like an idiot. I glanced back a couple of times and noticed that the taller of the two was still scanning the crowds of people. The guy in the sunglasses was still looking my way and had a cocky grin on his face. As I headed through the terminal I had an idea. There was a sports bar in the main terminal. I would stop in there and have a drink or two before heading home and if by chance they walked by I would invite them in.

In the sports bar I found a table with several empty seats and sat down. I ordered a drink and I was taking my first sip when – taadaa – who should be walking by. I stuck alanya escort my hand up in a little wave. He paused and then started towards me. My heart pounded, I couldn’t help but lick my lips, he was beautiful. He was by himself but I wasn’t complaining.

“So, you couldn’t wait till you got home for that cold drink huh?”

I shook my head sheepishly, “no, thought what the heck their bar is better stocked then mine and this way I won’t have to run to the store.”

“Do you mind if I join you?” He asked. I couldn’t see his eyes through his sunglasses but I could feel them on me. I was so filled with adrenaline that I nearly spilled my drink offering him a seat. For a couple of minutes we made small talk. Where he had flown in from and how long he was on leave. When his beer arrived he drank almost half the glass in one gulp.

“You must be just a little thirsty!” I said, impressed by his beer-guzzling prowess.

He grinned, “no it’s just been a long time since I’ve had a good beer and I’ve got some catching up to do.”

We chatted for a few minutes but the fact that he was still wearing his sunglasses was unnerving me. Finally I just blurted it out, “Would you mind removing your sunglasses? I would really love to see your eyes!”

“My sudden request must have caught him off guard, he paused like he had either not heard me or was debating my request. A slow devilish grin spread across his tanned face as he removed his sunglasses, “sorry about that, you just wear them all the time in the dessert and pretty soon you forget to take them off.”

Up close his eyes were the most intense green I had ever seen. I felt a shiver of desire that started at the back of my neck and ended up between my legs. “You have great eyes, but I bet you hear that all the time.”

“Unfortunately I don’t hear those kind of compliments often enough considering I spend an inordinate amount of time with only men and we don’t usually share compliments.”

I couldn’t help but snicker imagining what it would sound like if they did exchange such compliments.

Oblivious to the dialogue in my head Jake asked, “What’s so funny?”

“Well, I was just imagining what it would sound like if you guys were exchanging compliments such as, ‘Jake I really love your green eyes,’ or ‘Jake I think you have very sexy and muscular arms.'”

Jake let out a chuckle, “Yea, that wouldn’t go over too well. Now if you were the one handing out the compliments it would be another story.”

“Really,” I said feigning ignorance. “What kind of response would I get?” My question had the desired effect because Jake leaned in real close.

“They would probably ask something like, so what are you doing tonight?”

I decided to play along and shrugged nonchalantly, “I guess it kind of remains to be seen.”

He raised his eyebrows, “hmmm, it does now does it?”

At that moment Jake’s friend joined us and he did not look very happy as he plopped down in a chair. Jake immediately made the introductions. “Darrin this is Darcy, Darcy this is Darrin.”

Darrin grunted something like nice to meet you but obviously was not interested in making my acquaintance.

“You want a beer?”

Darrin grunted what sounded like a no. Immediately the mood changed and the tension that had been building between Jake and I fell flat.

“What’s up man? Why don’t you have a few beers and chill a bit.” Jake said with a little bit of an edge to his voice.

“I don’t know what the fuck is up! I’ve tried calling that mother fucking bitch twenty times and there is no fucking answer!”

Jake sighed, “that’s why I’m telling you, you will feel lots better if you just have a few beers. I mean what more do we need? We’ve got beer and a beautiful woman for company.” He said winking at me. Darrin ignoring Jake’s reference to me stormed off again.

Jake shook his head, “Sorry about that.”

We flirted back and forth and after polishing off a few more beers between the two of us, we were really feeling each other’s vibes when who should return even more agitated than before but Darrin.

He was fuming and looked like he was going to blow. Then he looked right at me with a smirk and said, “So what’s the going rate?”

I was dumbfounded, I felt the blood rush to my face and I couldn’t think of anything to say. At this point Jake looked pissed. He glared at Darrin. “What the fuck is your problem man?”

“I’ll tell you what my problem is, I am sick of being in this airport and I’m getting the hell out of here. If you want hang out be my guest but I’m not wasting another minute of my leave.” Darrin then stalked off.

That was my queue to leave, though they both were incredibly hot, Darrin was not the kind of company I wanted to keep. I finished the last of my beer, “I think it’s time I get home, besides I’m pretty tired.”

Jake apologized for Darrin’s behavior. “He isn’t usually this big of an ass.”

I thanked Jake for the beer and then quickly jotted artvin escort down my number.

“If you want together while you’re in town give me a ring.”

“Sure thing.”

Jake had already put his sunglasses back on so I couldn’t see his eyes as we waved good-bye. I felt really disappointed how things had turned out. Now I was really tired and I just wanted a hot shower. As I waited for a shuttle to take me home I heard my name and turned to see Jake jogging towards me. My pulse quickened, maybe this would end in a more interesting way.

“You forget something?” I asked him in a teasing voice.

“Well, I just thought I’d ask if you were interested in getting together tonight?”

I raised my eyebrows, I felt a little annoyed at how things had just ended but I figured what the heck, maybe I would get lucky and see his nice ass after all. I gave him a long slow once over. I didn’t want to appear to eager but it was hard to hide my open appreciation for his body.

“Do I pass?” he asked.

“Well, that still remains to be seen.” I said with a wink.

He leaned in real close and whispered something about not being able to wait to show me what I was missing. Then he explained that Darrin and him were going to a hotel to get cleaned up first.

Suddenly, I had an inspiration or maybe I had just been waiting for the right opportunity. “Why don’t you just come back to my place and clean up?”

“You sure?”

I nodded. He gave me that slow cocky grin which had been making me wet since first laying eyes on him. “I never turn down an invitation from a beautiful woman.”

A few minutes later all three of us were piled into a taxi. I wasn’t so sure about having Darrin at my place but it wasn’t like Jake was going to ditch him. So I figured I would just go with it and see what happened. During the ride Darrin loosened up a bit. “Sorry for being such and ass and thanks for inviting us back to your place.” Darrin said sheepishly.

I accepted, and I started to tell them that my condo wasn’t very big but Jake interrupted.

“If you have a shower and beer that’s all we care about right now.”

“Yea,” chimed in Darrin. “I’m seriously in need of a hot shower.”

As soon as we got to my condo I directed them to the shower. I handed them the last two beers and turned on the stereo. After dropping my bags I jumped in my car and headed down to the corner store to stock up on more beer and some frozen pizza. When I returned Jake came out to help me carry it in. He looked like a new man. He was dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. I followed him up the stairs and my eyes were glued to his nice tight buns. The contrast between his tan and the white t-shirt was heavenly. His t-shirt fit perfectly, stretched across his well-shaped muscular chest. His arms bulged against the sleeves and I noticed a large tattoo peaking out. God the sight of him made my mouth water that I wanted to strip my clothes off and yell take me now!

Jake must have read my thoughts because I barely got the door closed before I felt his warm breath on my neck. A tingle went down my spine as he placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me around. His green eyes mesmerizing; he paused only a moment before his lips crushed down on mine. He tasted of beer and smelled of Calvin Klein, Obession. That scent alone had been known to lower my inhibitions. His body pushed up against mine until my back was against the door. I could feel his bulge through his jeans. Without hesitation I opened my mouth to his tongue. We kissed hungrily until we both needed air. He drew back but kept both of his hands against the door effectively trapping me. Of course all I wanted was more of what had just started.

“You taste just like I imagined,” Jake said with his slow southern drawl.

“Oh yea, what did you imagine,” I said licking my lips.

“Sweetness, just like honey,” his lips found mine again and he slipped his hand under my t-shirt and began tracing circles around my breast until he reached my nipple that was now hard. He did the same to my other breast and before I knew it he had my bra undone and was pushing my shirt up to reveal my taunt nipples. I arched my back begging for more. Lowering his head he took each nipple into his hot mouth, sucking and nipping at them until I let out a moan. Grabbing my hand Jake put it on cock that was pressing full against his jeans. He groaned as I firmly squeezed him.

It took only seconds and our shirts were on the floor. Our tongues flicked in and out, we couldn’t get enough of each other. I tugged at his tight jeans, pulling them down over his muscular thighs and tight ass to let his hard cock burst free. I left a trail of hot wet kisses down his chest pausing only a second to admire his cock before flicking my tongue out to taste him. I began to lick and suck him teasing him by not taking his full length into my mouth before pulling back slightly. This was not enough for him because he hardly waited before grabbing my head burdur escort and thrusting his cock deeper into my mouth. I cupped his ass and sucked him as best I could. I was having difficultly doing any maneuvering with all of his hot flesh filling my mouth. I alternated between sucking his beautiful hard cock and licking his now taunt balls.

“I want you to sit on my cock,” Jake said his voice hoarse with his need.

Moving to the couch he guided me to sit on to his cock. My wet lips quivered with the anticipation of feeling his cock.

“I want to watch you ride my cock.”

“That would be my pleasure,” said sucking him hard one last time before climbing on the couch and straddling him. The feeling of him sliding into my waiting pussy was more than I had hoped for.

As I slide up and down on his cock he ran his fingers threw my hair before grabbing a big hand full and slowly pulling my head back just enough to arch my back.

“God you have great tits,” he said letting go of my hair to grasp my nipples between his fingers and thumb, rubbing them till I begged him not to stop. On the verge of orgasm, I tensed up trying to keep his cock buried deep inside of me.

“Don’t you cum yet, he ordered. I want you begging for it.”

I leaned forward and began to nuzzle his neck and nibble on his ear lobe when I felt him push me slightly back. When I looked up to see Darrin beside me stroking his cock. There already were drops of precum on the tip. I glanced at Jake and he inclined his head toward Darrin.

“I want to watch you suck him while I fuck you, turn around.”

I followed Jakes order and was now still sitting on his cock but was facing away from him. Darrin moved in front of me and I began to lick and suck his straining head. Darrin was far more audible then Jake and his animal like grunts became louder and more intense the harder I sucked and rubbed him. I could feel Jake tense up mid rhythm just before I felt his hot cum squirting into me. Darrin must have somehow known that Jake had cum because he said almost immediately, “Get on the floor and stick your ass up in the air, I want to fuck you.”

As I knelt on the floor with my ass up Jake kneeled in front of me so I could suck him again. It wasn’t more then and few moments before Darrin let out one large grunt and filled me with his hot juices. Now Jake was ready again and this time had me straddle him on the floor. I lost site of Darrin but as my ass was popping up and down but a moment later he barked, “Slow down, I want in her pussy too.”

I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage both of their huge cocks in my pussy at the same time but I was so wet and turned on that I was willing to try anything. As Darrin’s cock pushed into my pussy I let out a squeal. I felt like I was going to burst at the seams. Together their cocks began to plug me, they were so smooth that I couldn’t help but wondered how many times they had done this before. There was no jostling for position and it didn’t faze them as their cocks rubbed together pumping. God, I didn’t think I could hold on much longer. Just when I was ready to give in to my impending cum, Darrin pulled out his cock. I suddenly felt half empty, then he slapped my ass a couple of times and began rubbing my ass hole.

I couldn’t stifle my groans of pleasure as his finger slide easily into me, now my ass was nearly as wet as my pussy. I squeezed his finger as I sat back further onto it.

“I bet you’d love a hard cock in your ass wouldn’t you.” Darrin said.

“Yes, I gasped,” The pleasure that was building in me could only be intensified by his cock filling my ass, “Yes,”

“Say it! Say you want my hard cock in your ass.”

I gasped, “Yes, I want your hard cock in my ass!”

“Slow down,” he barked

I held still as his head began to penetrate into my ass. I relaxed to give him full access and he took it without hesitation.

Jake smiled up at me, “I can feel him inside of you. How do you like being fucked?”

I could only whimper as I felt myself going over the edge into the abyss of my cum. I went ridged as the first waves washed over me and I realized that the carnal sounds were not just coming from Darrin but myself as well. Almost simultaneous with my surrender I felt the quick twitching of their cocks before with one last groan I felt their cum spilling inside of me again.

The three of us collapsed on the floor breathing heavily and dripping with sweat. There was beer spilled on the carpet where someone had knocked it over during our frenzied fucking. I went to go get something to clean it up and when I came back Darrin was on the phone and Jake was stretched out on the sofa. I handed them each a fresh beer and sat on the edge of the sofa drinking in the beauty of Jake’s out stretched body. Pulling me down against him, we kissed and then I rested my head against his muscular chest.

At some point we must have dozed off because we both awoke at the same time to see Darrin freshly showered and flipping channels on the TV.

“What’s up?” Jake asked

“Tammy is on her way.”

“She’s coming here?”

“Yea, the stupid bitch said she didn’t realize our flight was coming in today.”

Jake groaned, “I guess I better get a shower.”

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