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The insistent sound penetrated his dream. It was irritating and would not go away. Gradually his brain identified it as two noises; the high one, that was the telephone and the lower . . . that was the girl snoring. He carefully unsealed one eye. For some reason the other was sore and reluctant to budge, it seemed to be swollen shut. Of course, it was that elbow he’d received in the rugby scrum; probably be black for weeks. Nor was the first eye doing too well, peering against the dazzling October sun streaming between half drawn curtains.

The telephone. . . yes. He reached across her, the effort nearly exhausting him. God, what a celebration it had been. Unable to keep his head up he cushioned it on her soft boobs, clamping the receiver to his free ear.

‘Roger Brown,’ he croaked.

‘Morning Rog. How are you this bright and shiny morn?’

‘Easy Cedric, keep it down man. What excuse do you have for disturbing a dude’s well earned rest?’

‘Time you were up and doing. Or have you already got it up and are doing some poor innocent young thing?’

As if to reproach his lack of action the girl stirred underneath Roger and stopped snoring.

‘No, just a tough rugby match yesterday followed by a triumphant victory celebration. So if you’ll get off this line until a civilised hour I just might become human again.’

‘Is that what you call it? Sorry Rog, but it’s already nearly lunch time. Look. . . I’ve got a bit of a problem and need some advice. Tami and I are coming into town this afternoon, so can we drop by later? Say between four and five.’

‘By all means – if you’re up to slumming it.’

‘You forget I was a student once. Well, I better let you get back to your sore head. Till this afternoon then.’

As Roger twisted back across the girl to replace the ‘phone a firm nipple popped into his open mouth. Automatically he sucked it hard.

‘Eh, what’s the time?’ She drowsily asked.

He checked the clock on the bedside table. ‘Coming up to twelve.’

‘God, and I’m on duty at two.’

‘That’s okay, gives enough time for nursie to attend to this morning woody I seem to have contracted.’

‘You medical students are all the same. Never satisfied.’ She opened her legs, eased him to a comfortable position and passively accepted his thrusting. It was a perfunctory shafting and it wasn’t long before she had routinely relieved him of his sperm and disappeared to the shower.

The splash of the water in the distance barely registered as he reviewed the previous night. She might well be top of the list of bedable nurses, and in laying her he would be the envy of most of his fellows but, as he had now discovered, an appetising appearance did not guarantee even a mediocre meal. He couldn’t remember ever having been so disappointed in a girl. She might be all right if one were desperate to scratch an itch, but not for him. He wouldn’t be taking her again.

Lethargically he wondered what Cedric wanted. Medical students soon learn that they are looked on by many as a source of free advice, even before they really know anything; still he hadn’t thought Cedric would be one of those.

A late gift to his grandparents, who had long prayed for a son, Cedric was ten years younger than the sister who had borne Roger at the tender age of nineteen. The bare nine years between them meant Cedric and Roger were more like brothers than uncle and nephew.

And he was bringing 18-year-old Tamara. Interesting. It would be nice to see her again, it must be over three years since they had last met. Then she had been a fast developing teenager, with the promise of becoming a real beauty. She was Cedric’s ward, or at least everyone assumed she was. Though it was difficult to imagine a court granting him custody, so maybe he just acted as if he was and waited to see if it bothered anyone. That would be typical Cedric.

He’d been twenty one, and Roger twelve, when he’d forsaken the family home for his own bachelor pad in a run down block. Living in the flat above, Naomi had been a single mother with a seven year old daughter – Tamara. Being, as those of mixed race often are, an exotic and rather beautiful woman Naomi had proved irresistible to Cedric and although she was somewhat older a relationship had quickly blossomed. It had seemed that marriage might well follow, then the big C struck and in only a few months Naomi was gone. Many said Cedric was too young and inexperienced, too overcome with grief, to be the guardian of a young girl but, as always, he did his own thing and moved Tamara into his flat.

The shower stopped and the nurse came back vigorously drying herself. Finished she dropped the towel and moved to fully open the curtains. His good eye was getting used to the bright sunlight streaming in. Despondently he viewed the way she flaunted her nakedness at him; bahis firmaları most men would be conned into lustful pursuit, only to find her pedestrian and tedious. What a waste of a good body.

Stiffly he clambered from the bed and took her place under the shower. Turning it as hot as he could bear, he luxuriated as his stiffness and aches were slowly soothed away. By the time he had towelled himself dry she had left with a “see you on the ward tomorrow”. He pulled on track suit bottoms and an old rugby shirt and set about the task of roughly tidying the flat.


It was nearly five before the front door bell rang.

‘Beware all Greeks bearing gifts,’ Cedric announced, marching into the flat clutching a six pack of beer. ‘Which way for the glasses.’

‘You’re in student land now,’ Roger told him. ‘Here we take it straight from the can. Anyway the nearest you’ve ever been to Greece is the Hellas Bar in Soho.’

‘Don’t be so literal. One tries to create an ambience. It’s time we civilised you. Anyway I don’t want you infecting Tami with your loutish upbringing.’ He strode toward the small kitchen. ‘Come on Tami, don’t dally.’

‘I seem to remember you were the major influence on my upbringing.’ Roger objected. He turned to close the front door behind Tamara. ‘Hello, how are you?’

She gave him a puckish grin, ‘Maturing nicely.’

Suddenly he was aware of her; aware in a way he’d never been before. Was she attractive, beautiful even? He didn’t know, it didn’t matter, she was Tamara and suddenly he knew he wanted nothing more than to have her as part of his life.

Settled in the living room, the latest tidings shared, the beer almost gone, Roger said, ‘And what’s this problem you wanted my advice about?’

Sheepishly Cedric stared at his feet. ‘A few years ago I was a little foolish. I got the opportunity to buy a house. It meant I could give Tamara a proper home. But I couldn’t quite raise enough cash, so I took the extra from the company’s funds. I didn’t tell Peter, my partner, because he’s straight laced and I knew he wouldn’t agree.

‘Well I’ve paid most of it back, but last month Peter found out what I’d done. He hit the roof. Said it was illegal and threatened to call the police and have me charged with theft – dissolve the partnership. However he said he would overlook the matter on one condition.’ Cedric paused.

‘And that is?’ Asked Roger.

Cedric stared silently at the carpet for several moments then very quietly said. ‘That he gets to deflower Tami.’

Astonished Roger looked at Tamara, ‘How come you’re still a virgin?’

‘I promised Mother not to do it until Dad said I was ready.’

Cedric looked up again. ‘When Naomi was dying we both made promises to her. Tami was too young to really know what it was about, but I said I would do my best to see she didn’t lose her cherry until she was of age and knew what she was doing.

‘Naomi also knew that the first time can be bad news if it’s the wrong man. Since she trusted me, she asked that when the time came I should initiate Tami myself. I want to keep faith with her.’

There was silence for several minutes then Roger said, ‘I have listened and I’m not sure what to say. What makes you think I can help? What about you Tamara? What do you have to say?’

Her dark eyes were serious. ‘I’ll do what Dad wants. After all he has done for me, all he means to me, how could I do anything else?’

Roger turned back to his uncle. ‘Anyway how come your partner knows she’s still unused?’

‘That’s my fault,’ Cedric said. ‘His first demand was to have Tami spend the weekend with him. When I protested I used her virginity as an excuse. He then changed his demand.’

‘Why? Surely it’s not relevant to him?’

‘And you training to be a quack. Of course it’s important. Most men have a thing about being the first.’

‘Hmm. Even so I’m still don’t see how I’m supposed to help.’

‘What about these young whores who are stitched up again after each session so their virginity can be repeatedly sold?’

Roger laughed. ‘That’s a myth. Possible in theory but not in practice. The hymen rips at its weakest point, where it isn’t strong enough to be stitched. I suppose if it were surgically detached beforehand it could then be replaced, but who would want to do that?’

‘That’s the answer’ – Cedric grew excited – ‘If you can do that I could keep my promise to Naomi. After I’ve broached Tami you could sew her up again and Peter would never know he was not her first.’

Roger was dubious. ‘Maybe. It all depends on the strength of her membrane. That is if she still has it – in many females it ruptures during exercise.’

Cedric was not to be stopped. ‘How does that sound to you Tami?’

‘If that’s what you really want, Dad.’ She didn’t sound too enthusiastic.

‘Before kaçak iddaa everyone gets excited we need to check and see if it looks possible.’ Roger wondered if Tamara was really willing. ‘I’ll need to check the situation. Tami, you go to my room and take off your panties while I find my bag. Cedric, you can go and get another six-pack from the store up the road, we’ve finished this one.’

‘Sure thing.’ Cedric bounded toward the front door. Without comment Tamara went to Roger’s bedroom.


Medical bag in hand Roger entered his bedroom to find a smiling Tamara stretched out stark naked in the middle of the bed. ‘It wasn’t necessary to remove all your clothes,’ he told her.

She gave a mischievous grin. ‘Oh! I thought you wanted to give me a full examination.’

‘Well, I must say the view is superb.’

Jauntily she hugged her ravishing breasts. ‘And I see from your pants that it’s not just the view you want to enjoy.’

‘What I want is not available to me right now,’ he said diplomatically. His hand trembled slightly as he selected the speculum from his bag. ‘Are you sure you really want to do this?’

‘I owe Dad a lot – more perhaps than if he was really my father – and it means a lot to him to keep that promise to Mother. He may be somewhat eccentric but he does have two firm principles – loyalty and keeping promises. Anyway it’s not that important.’

He suddenly realised that he did find it important. Theory was fine, but when it was Tami. . . ‘Yes it is. To me.’

‘I’m glad, but don’t worry. In the long run it doesn’t matter who fucks me first. People who’ve had a deep trauma, as I did over Mum, learn to go for what really matters.’

‘And what’s that?’

‘Affection, security; love even. The rest isn’t important.’

‘Right. Spread your legs and raise your hips.’ Struggling to keep control, his hand shook as he inserted the speculum in her virgina and dilated it. Lowering his head he peered into her. ‘Well Cedric could be in luck. Looks as if you are complete.’ He removed the instrument. ‘Right you can get dressed now.’ He tried to keep his tone businesslike.

Before he could raise his head she had brought her legs down and grasped him between her thighs. ‘Is that all you’re going to do for me?’ She asked. He gave a muffled groan and spontaneously started to lick her sensitive centre. His hands slid higher until he was stroking and kneading those sublime boobs.

‘Yes . . . yes . . . harder,’ she panted, her fingers frenziedly twisting his short, curly hair. Her cry was loud and primal when his lips found and suckled her clit. Hips bucking she moaned inarticulately as she quickly climaxed. Lying back she gazed at him. ‘Thank you. It was better even than I hoped, better by far than my fingers. But what about you?’

Frustratedly he looked at her. ‘You know what I want, and you can’t give it me. Not if you intend to keep faith with Cedric.’

‘I could if we told him my cherry was already gone. But you’re right, I couldn’t do that to him. I meant it when I said how much I owed him. But I could fellate you. I’ve never tried it before, but the girls say it’s easy.’

‘You think I’ll be satisfied with half a loaf?’

‘Why should you. But please . . . just wait a little longer. Ever since we last met I’ve dreamed of feeling you inside me. Not long now and you can have me. After we get this thing with Dad and his partner sorted.’

‘You’ve wanted me since we last met?’

‘You must have known. No, I suppose not. How could you? But come here.’ She tumbled forward to the end of the bed and her fingers fumbled to lower his track suit bottoms. Resplendent in its glory his cock sprang forth only to disappear as her lips engulfed him like a sword-swallower sheathing a blade.

It shouldn’t have worked. He was still spent from the night with the nurse and Tamara was a novice, yet the joy that it was her mouth, her soft lips enclosing him, produced such a rapture he could barely hold back long enough to withdraw and spatter his seed over her entrancing breasts.

‘Come and get it.’ They heard Cedric slam the front door behind him.

‘Be right with you,’ Roger called, rushing to grab a towel from the bathroom and wipe her clean. ‘What do you want me to tell him?’

‘The truth, but when we plan what is to happen let me do the talking. Just follow my lead,’ Tamara said as he hitched up his pants.

‘So be it,’ he said,’Better get yourself dressed.’


‘Well, what’s the verdict?’ Roger was hardly through the door to the living room before Cedric was imploring him.

‘Wait for Tamara, then I’ll tell you.’ Roger reached for a can of beer. ‘Where’s that glass you made me use?’

‘Come on Tami. Don’t keep us waiting,’ Cedric muttered, restlessly striding around the room. ‘Ah! At kaçak bahis last.’ He flopped heavily into a soft chair as she joined them.

‘Right then.’ Roger took a gulp of beer. ‘The situation is that Tami is intact. There is a good possibility of doing what you want. But remember there are no guarantees, it’s only a possibility.’

‘Great.’ Cedric punched the air above his head. ‘Can you fix her now?’

‘Well, yes. But it would be better to wait. I need to get some local anaesthetic, as well as double check my texts. Anyway “when” is really up to Tami.’

They both looked at Tamara.

‘Yes, Dad I’ll do it. I promised. But we have a couple of weeks before my birthday so lets take our time. How long would it take Roger? A day?’

What was she hinting at Roger wondered – a few minutes was all it would need, but she clearly wanted him to allow longer. ‘Well if you came, say, next Friday evening, I could do the deed then. That would allow you to recover overnight, and Cedric could collect you Saturday afternoon. How would that suit?’

Tamara jumped in before Cedric could comment. ‘That sounds ideal. Lets do it that way.’ She turned to her guardian and gave him a wink. ‘Then you can ruin me Saturday night.’

‘What about the repair?’ Cedric asked.

‘I can come back on Sunday for Roger to see to that. Which means you can tell Peter that the big event is set for the following weekend.’

‘That’s all very well, but does Roger have the room for you? Wouldn’t it be better if he came to us?’ Cedric said.

‘Two reasons to do it here,’ Roger said. ‘Firstly I have to be around that afternoon for an important rugby match I can’t miss. Secondly, the chances of anything going wrong are remote, but just in case the hospital is only round the corner. Anyway,’ he added as an afterthought, ‘Jonas – he’s my flat mate – is away for another six weeks; Tami can use his room.’

‘All right. We’ll do it your way,’ Cedric acquiesced. Behind his back Tamara grinned at Roger and nodded.


The noise would not go away. Reluctantly Roger opened his eyes to the dazzling April light pouring through the gap in the curtains. Yes, it was the ‘phone. Still tired he reached across Tamara to pick up the receiver. God, what a night it had been, she was inexhaustible – had been ever since she’d moved in with him. Unable to keep his head up he rested it on her bare boobs clamping the receiver to his free ear.

‘Doctor Brown,’ he announced.

‘Morning Roger. How are you this bright and shiny morn?’

‘Easy Cedric, keep it down man. It is Cedric, isn’t it?’

‘Yep, it’s me, myself, in person. Look I’m going to be in town this afternoon and I thought of dropping in for a chat with you and Tami.’

‘What time?’

‘Oh, about four.’

‘I’ll tell Tami you’re coming then. Bye.’

As he twisted back across Tamara to replace the ‘phone a his mouth found a firm nipple. He sucked it hard.

‘How are you feeling?’ She asked drowsily.

‘Bit stiff.’


‘Down here,’ he steered her hand to his cock.

‘I think a special massage is called for.’ She rolled him on his back, straddled him with a knee either side of his chest then sat back impaling herself on his stiff member. As she slowly stretched up then down she asked, ‘What’s the time?’

‘Coming up to twelve.’

‘Good that gives us the whole afternoon to fuck.’

‘Didn’t I give you enough last night?’

‘That was last night. This is today,’ she said as he grasped her boobs, his thumbs stroking their firm tips.

‘If you say so. But you’ve still only got a couple of hours. That was Cedric on the ‘phone. He’s calling in around four.’ He pulled her forward and sucked a nipple.

‘Is he bringing his new girl friend?’

‘He didn’t say. You know I’ve hardly seen him in the couple of months since I qualified.’

‘Ah! That’s good, do that again.’

‘Your wish is my command, insatiable one,’ he groaned as he started to come, ‘but hurry up, I can’t hold out much longer.’

She fingered her clit, straightened her spine, threw her head back and cried, ‘Yes… yes… yes,’ as they came together.

Contented she slid down beside him to lie secure in his arms. ‘What d’you think. Has Cedric worked it out yet?’ He asked.

‘He may have his suspicions, but so what? All he wanted to do was keep faith with mother. What he doesn’t know he won’t grieve about. If he even suspects you had me as soon as the cut had stopped bleeding he’ll shut his mind to it rather than risk spoiling his beliefs.’

‘I still don’t feel too happy bamboozling him.’

‘I know, I feel the same. But at the end of the day it would have vexed you for ever if you’d stood back and let either of the other two have me first. You didn’t say anything but I could see you weren’t happy even letting them each have me once.’

He grinned, ‘Ah, well. It’s not every girl who gets to have her cherry popped by three different men. I reckon that makes you eligible for the Guinness Book Of Records.’


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