A New Outfit For His Slave

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I had Jasmine promise to call me at work when my order finally arrived at the shop, you see I had promised my slave that her new dress would be here this week, and I believe that when a Master makes a promise he must keep it.

I had decided to purchase a new latex dress for my slave, let me describe it to you, from the neck down, the neck is made stiff rubber to encourage the wearer, to hold her head high, with pride with her eyes cast down, the top section covers completely ending in sleeve gloves, the waist again is very stiff this then acts as a corset holding the stomach giving her a longer body line.

The lower section of the dress passes the knees halfway down her, calves and I am able to further restrict her walking by zipping the hem tighter Now I am no different then most men I love stockings, but black nylon stockings would not work with this dress as I had intended.

Jasmine first put me on to the idea of using latex stockings with the dress, so I ordered several sets. That’s why there is the delay they would not dispatch until the order was processed completely, you see after ordering the stockings I felt that my slave should have underwear, yet again I ordered 4 pairs of thongs, however I wanted my slaves pussy in pleasure while she wore them therefore I had built into the thongs a thick rubber nub, constantly rubbing on a pussy. There you go, shows what a kind Master I am. So it was no ones fault other than mine, off course I blamed my slave. (Well wouldn’t you?)

The phone rang I picked it up it was Jasmine the order was in I thanked her assured her I would be by later that day. Then I phoned my slave, she was delighted, she always is when new clothing or toys come. I instructed her to make sure that she has removed all hair from her arms, legs, and pussy Before I get home.

I arrived at the shop was greeted, by Jasmine , she removed the packaging and before my eyes was the dress, perfect I said, I took the dress out and carefully checked it over, Jasmine congratulated me on my choice. You were correct transparent latex for a dress, stockings and thongs wow.

I hurried home, my slave greets me upon entering, in the correct fashion kneeling, head held high, proud to belong to her Master. Hands locked behind her head, eyes cast down in respect, knees wide apart, it had only taken my slave one week of continuing practicing, now it was second nature to her.

“She greets her Master” as he looks upon his slave, smiling for she certainly looks as a slave should look, kneeling appropriately in respect of her Master, He addresses her. I have the present slave have you made sure you have no body hair. Yes my Master she answers.

Master then passes the dress to her, she takes the packages. We will be going out to night please ensure you wear this dress my slave. Oh my Master your slave ask permission to kiss you Master, which Master grants.

Kisses Master deeply to thank him for his gift even before, She opens it. As they part she get back down on her hands and knees. Take the package by the ribbon between her teeth and crawl to the bedroom with it. Hearing her Masters footsteps following her as she crawls. She knows he is watching her every movement.

Stopping at her spot near the foot of the bed. She takes the package in her hands her fingers trembling, as she undoes the ribbon on her present that her Master has brought her. Removing the box lid, pulling back the tissue paper that it is wrapped, inside the box with. She sees the clear plastic, as she removes it from the box she sees that it is a clear latex dress with a high stiff collar, then she notices the thong and stockings.

All made of the same clear latex, Then her eyes widen with excitement and nervousness as she remembers her, Masters words about going out and that she is to wear her new outfit. She starts to prepare herself for the evening. Already having had her shower just before her Master, arrived home so that she always presents herself to him clean, smelling of lilic her favorite flower, she moves to her dressing table to do her hair and makeup so that she will not get anything on the clear plastic.

First she takes her long hair and brushes it out, then puts it up and a fashionable bun on top of her head, leaving the little wisp of hair to frame her forehead in curls then taking the two thin strands of hair she left out curling them to run along sides of her face, creating an elegant appeal.

As she works fixing herself up she wonders where her Master is going to take her this evening that she could wear such an outfit. She takes the liquid base beige and applies it to her face, then the fine powder a shade lighter that allows her skin to shimmer giving it a glow, then taking her massacre and doing her eyelashes making them even longer than normal, she take a fine small comb and brush, for her eyelashes and makes sure they are not clumped or matted together with it.

Then taking a light lavender shade of frosted eyeshadow she applies to her eyelids, kayseri escort then takes her makeup brush and removes any excess eyeshadow then she applies a frosted dark green eyeshadow in a line just a little below her eyebrows then brush it to remove the excess eyeshadow and to blind it in knowing the green eyeshadow will bring out the green in her eyes.

Then she applies the brown eyebrow pencil, then she uses the blue eyeliner pencil and highlights the lid just above the eyelashes and just below her lower eyelashes with a thin line at the end of her eyes to make the most of her eyes.

Then she applies her blush, a bronze pink rose color highlighting her cheekbones. Takes the lip liner pencil and highlighting the edge of her full lips in a raisin color then she applies her frosted lipstick a shade of raisin color lighter. Her makeup complete she then puts the earrings in that her Master brought her before.

The ones that have a post with small chains hanging down with a tiny pair of handcuffs on them, made of white gold, trying to decide if she should wear the matching choker that has a pair of handcuffs joined together that goes in the center of her neck and fasts behind her neck with the chain and if so out side the dress or inside the dress.

Knowing her Master has been watching her all this time, making her feel wet already. Placing her feet into the thong as she does so she sees the knob in the thong knowing were it will ride on her. She blushes though her blush. Slides them up her legs and makes sure the thong is positioned correctly.

She takes the clear latex stockings and slides her toes in noticing that it does not take away from the toenail polish she put on earlier in the day. Garnet frosted red, her long well manicure nails the same color. Working the latex stockings up her legs feeling them clinging to her skin. Then stepping into the dress sliding it up her legs over her hips wiggling to move the skin tight dress over her hips. then sliding her arms in working her fingers into the gloved fingers.

Turning to her Master she ask him if he would zip her up. And she ask him if he would like her to wear the necklace that goes to the earrings and if so would he like the necklace inside the dress or out Master?

For him the sight of his slave dressing was always a big turn on but this time it was more so. She had not seen this dress before but with in a short space of time she had clearly mastered the technique of getting this dress on. He noticed how she positioned the bud of the Thong so as to give herself pleasure. Now she was putting the stockings on, without fail every time he watched her do that it just blows his mind.

But he had to admit her crawling across the floor was extremely provocative. For she has a nice ass, and takes the whip well on it. On more than one occasion when his slave crawled, he had to hold himself in check.

He knew some Masters were not interested in watching their slaves dress for them. But he found it so pleasing, and also suspected that his slave liked it as well. His slave was in the process of getting into the dress this was just the opposite, of a strip tease show. But it was every bit as exciting, his slave and the material were becoming as one.

He knew that very quickly the dress would become very uncomfortable to his slave. The heat would take its toll. But he also new there was desire in his slave, for she was by now very horny. He could see the look on her face and the battle she was also fighting.

The gloved hands on the arms of the dress sealed her fingers in, making it somewhat difficult for her to navigate. But she had managed, she was ready. His slave required his assistance for zipping the dress up which he did. He now allowed himself A kiss of his slave this time he choose the back of her neck. I think slave the necklace is better on the outside, he picks the necklace up and place it around her throat to complete her attire for the evening. He looked at her for a very long time every detail was being recorded The sight of his beloved slave melted his heart, “I am so lucky to have you slave” he thought to himself.

His slave presented herself to him and he duly checked every detail moving this moving that She knew she was perfect so did he but he was the Master and she the slave. He choose a long black latex coat for his slave to wear. The down side would be the heat build up for her. There was no downside for him. As the scent of the latex was for him an aphrodisiac, and it showed on him, well I am a man slave was all he said.

They left the apartment and entered the lift rode to the basement. He turned to his slave held her Tight and kissed her deeply. She knew this was going to be a long night for her. He opened the car door for his slave, she got in, and as they drove, He told her, we are going for dinner, slave this place has a View of my city the drive was not long but already she was very hot, by the time he opened the Door she was very happy. kıbrıs escort This place was an apartment building, somewhat confused she entered.

Once in the building they again got into a lift (elevator for you my slave) she now held his hand and he Allowed this, they reached the top floor, then they had to climbing some stairs. He unlocked the roof door she followed what she saw took her breath away. She had a panoramic View of his London at night, houses of Parliament, the Palace, big Ben, she ask her Master, may I look around master Yes my slave, but be careful, she wandered around the roof top, perhaps with the best view of London.

Slave he called its ready, standing on the roof was now a table with food on it. The evening air was cool, his slave asked “may I remove my coat master?” Master answered her yes slave, she did so but the cool evening air offered her little relief from the heat that had built up in her body under the latex, her skin was flushed. He command his slave to sit, slave obeyed and sat down, and they did consume there meal.

As they ate the food, they talked and continued to talk for hours after the meal. He found her so incredibly attractive interesting that the time flew By. He stood brought over her drink (vodka collins) “I hope”. They both looked at the sights as he held her tightly and kissed her so passionately but tenderly.

The ride back was quite for both knew that the night had now started on the 2nd phase.

As they rode in silence, she reflected over the wonderful meal and great conversation they had shared. Feeling she was very lucky to have such a Master. For not only was he Handsome, he was also intelligent, caring, and seemed to have a heart of gold. He seemed genuinely interested in her and what she had to say and not just in her body to use. It pleased her greatly that he seemed to be going to such lengths to get to know her the person. And not just out to for his own pleasures.

She wonders what else the evening holds, knowing she will not have to wonder long as they arrive back at the apartment. He parked the car in the garage, they rode the lift up, And entered the apartment, as he shut the door behind him and locked it, he reaches out to his slave and pulls her to him, kissing her tenderly with passion, as he kisses her, he removes her coat sliding it over her shoulders and down her arms.

Kissing him back tenderly, as he breaks the kiss she feels the gentle pressure on her shoulders knowing that she is to assume her position. She kneels and clasp her fingers behind her head, spreading her knees as much as the dress will allow. She watches him walk across the room and hang up her coat. Just watching him moving makes, the heat she is feeling in her body grow even moister, under the dress coating her skin from her neck down, the growing moister between her legs spreading from the pleasure He thought to give her by having the thongs special made with a nub in just the right place in the crotch.

She felt her body was already on Fire, then the heat grew even more as she saw the look in his eyes and upon his face as he returned to her carrying her collar and cuffs. Her Master stopped in front of her and squatted down and attached her collar after he removed her necklace. He then commanded her to hold her wrist out to him and he attached her leather cuffs, then he instructed her to stand up. He then attached the leather ankle cuffs. He runs his hand up her legs, stopping at her crotch, then press hard on the nub in her thong, giving her another minute of pleasure. Master then instructs her to kneel again. She obeyed his every command.

Master then commanded her to heel, she assumed her position on hands and knees at his left side, her head on level with his left knee, she crawls following him into the bedroom first as he put her necklace up into it place. He then leads her to the room off the side of the bedroom that he had sound proof, and fixed into a Dungeon of sorts.

Master lead her to a sawhorse with a post attached to the front of it, he stopped in front of it. She knew that what every Master leads her to that she is to get up and position herself in the correct position on it. She raises to her feet, Master stops her before she can straddle the sawhorse, he unzips the hem of the dress so she can straddle the sawhorse correctly, placing a leg over the sawhorse and sliding her ass as far back as she can.

She can feel the nub in the thong pressing hard against her clit now, as the wooden sawhorse presses hard against it and her so moist vaginal folds. Master walks in front of her and takes her wrist and fastens them to the rings on the post in front of her.

Walking back behind her, he fastens her ankle cuffs to the sawhorse stretching her out knowing it will make the flogging she is going to receive hurt more. And that not only will the stretching make it hurt more, but also the moister that has accumulated under the latex dress will also increases the pain.

Master takes konya escort the leather flogger blue that his slave made, she had done a good job on the flogger, the wooden handle had been covered in blue leather weave’d with red to fasten it to the wooden handle, then the twenty strands of leather two feet in length had been attached to the handle and sewn to make them secure. Master knew that though the leather was soft it had a bite to it, but that it would not mar the dress he brought her.

Raising the flogger high into the air he brings it down on her back, she can hear it whishing through the air, then she is crying out as it bites into her skin through the dress, for it makes her feel as if she is being whip wet, as if fresh from a shower or bath.

He stands behind her admiring the marks as they redden beneath the latex dress, he repeats the process again and again each time pausing between lashes of the flogger to admire her redden backside. Whishhhhhh, Eeeeeekkkkkk, Whisssshhhh, Eeeekkkkkkk. Then he applies a few strokes of the flogger to her lovely ass cheeks. Whisssssshhhhhhh, Eeeeeekkkkkkkk, Whissssssssshhhhhh, Eeeeeekkkkkkk, Whishhhhhhh, Eeeekkkkkkk,

Then he does her thighs turning them as red as her back and ass cheeks, Whissssshhhhh, Eeeeeeekkkkk, Whissssssshhhhhh, Eeekkkkkkk, Whisssssssshhhhhhhh, Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk, She feels the tears rolling down her face, as the pain, burning, and stinging course through her body making her feel as if she is on fire. She knows he is standing behind her admiring the reddening look of her skin beneath the latex dress.

Master as he stands back and watches feels the pain in his loins from his harden manhood for his slave. He moves forward, fitting his body to hers, his legs pressing on her legs, his stomach and chest pressing against her back, he wiggles his body against hers so she can feel how hard she makes him, as he reaches his hands around her and squeezes her tits hard, making her cry out, for he loves the sounds she makes weather cries of pain or moans of pleasure, as he squeezes her tits, he kisses her neck, then nibbles her earlobe, just before he whispers into her ear. Pet I have so much in store for you tonight my slave.

He removed his slave from her painful and humiliating position. On the sawhorse, then the cuffs were also taken off. As was his custom he would fetch his slave a drink. She eagerly accepted the nourishment her Master offered her. She was an experienced slave. She knew with her Master that as the night drew on the punishments would grow in length and pain, but the pleasure, would exceed all the pain.

He ordered his slave to undress. Now he watched her, he never interrupted his slave after a hard flogging, when she undressed. He simple marveled at her ability to recover so quickly. He thought to himself , why hurry, a beautiful woman’s undressing. The latex peeled of her body. The sweat that built up beneath the latex, he knows caused excruciating pain for his slave. As he watched the sweat running down her body.

His slave had completed her undressing, and now assumed her proper position next to her master kneeling fingers locked behind her head legs slightly apart back straight. Slave you will shower now, then dry yourself, apply make up and do your hair.

Then come back to me, now be off with you slave and hurry. While his slave was away, he made the next arrangements. For this he would change his outfit. He laid out his leather trousers, white shirt and boots. He got dressed very fast the trousers fitted him to perfection his cock was at home in these trousers and seemed to be in near permanent state of arousal. Next he put on the black boots his slave had purchased for him.

Now he walked back into the playroom. The new toy was very simple in concept, but some what difficult to engineer and have made. But it would give him and his slave lots of fun. It consisted of a raised platform and on the platform was four timber stakes, the back two were three feet high, at the inside edges were metal groves running in sections these were designed, so that a catch fitting could be connected to the groves and be used to lift upwards or downwards.

The front stakes were of the same design. Her Master looked at the newest toy he had acquired, and in his mind he could see his slave there, with leather cuffs around her thighs, ankle and also she would have the same restraints on her arms, as well.

She would be brought in made to kneel at the back stakes the leather cuffs would, be attached now she would have to keep her thighs vertical, to the stakes. He would then force her wrist to the front stakes the catches would all lock into position. In his mind he saw his slave her ass high in the air and her head lower, her ass ready for what ever he had in mind. He now noticed, that just thinking about her gave him an erection. He smiled oh she would suffer.

He turned and walk back into the room, he still had to get his slave ready. She was waiting for Master in the correct greeting position. She looked quickly at her Master, and inwardly warmed to his choice of clothing. He noticed her furtive looks and smiled, you like my clothes slave. He had worn the boots she brought for him. Now my slave come, I am eager to punish you.

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