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It had been months since the breakup, and Alex didn’t know if she would ever find true happiness again. After all Kyle had been her first and only boyfriend. Alex was in her prime a beautiful 19 year old girl, Sophomore in college and best of all pursuing her dream of becoming someone and getting out of that boring town that held her back. All of that was about to change, she had promised herself that she was not going to let Kyle ruin her life, she was going to move on and start over…after all it was a new semester and new people were moving into the small cramped dorms. It all started well enough she was moving into the room she occupied the year before, they had repainted the walls the smell of the new paint filled her nose and she said to herself, “I’m home”.

She was anxious about meeting her new roommate, they had exchanged a couple of letters before school started and Alex thought she was a very sweet girl. A couple of hours passed and Alex was getting things set up when the door opened. Alex looked up and saw the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. She froze not knowing what to do next. Her new roommate giggled and said. “Hello Alex nice to finally meet you I’m Lexy”. Alex managed to spit out a hello, her eyes glancing up and down Lexy’s body. It was a very awkward couple of hours, and when all was taken care of the girls finally illegal bahis decided to sit down and really get to know each other.

It had been a warm day and with moving in it worked up quite a sweat, Alex had already been sweating and was taking a shower little did Alex know that Lexy had noticed the attention that she had received from Alex and was ready to acknowledge the fact that Alex had some bi curious tendency’s.

Lexy finally made her way to the shower, but before she decided to start her shower she couldn’t help but notice Alex’s pert tan 34C breasts and her sexy flat stomach it made her pussy tingle with excitement. The soap dripped down Alex’s breasts and down to her nicely shaved pussy, this turned Lexy on very much, so much she started to touch herself. Alex turned around and gasped, quickly covering up as much as her body as she could. Lexy giggled and dropped her short little bathrobe to the floor revealing her tan 34B breast, long legs, and shaved pussy. She casually walked toward Alex and said to her in a sexy seductive voice, “Ya know Alex I saw you checking me out, you never told me you were bi.” Alex quickly replied, “Oh no I’m not bi..I’m bi curious.” Lexy now very close to Alex kissed her lips softly making pure excitement take over Alex’s body, all she could focus on was her soft supple lips and tongue sliding over her illegal bahis siteleri lips. Lexy pulled away and whispered to Alex, “Can I be your first Alex?” Alex quickly nodded. Lexy smiled and started to kiss her neck, moving down to her collarbone slowly traveling to her breasts. Lexy started to suck on her breasts immediately making Alex’s nipples hard. Lexy then got down on her knees and started to kiss Alex’s pussy. The smell of her wet pussy made Lexy very excited and horny she started to swirl her tongue around Alex’s clit making Alex moan louder and louder.

All of this was so new to Alex and she was enjoying every second of it, Lexy bit down playfully on her clit and it made Alex get weak in the knees. Lexy knew Alex was losing her balance so she helped Alex down to the floor of the shower. They never stopped to think people could probably come in at any time of course that was the last thing on their mind. All that Alex was thinking about was how bad she wanted and needed to cum. She wanted Lexy so bad, she was nervous though, she didn’t know if she would be able to give Lexy the pleasure she was giving her. Lexy slid her hand up to Alex’s nipple playing and pinching them gently she could feel Alex’s pussy throbbing against the tongue that was now darting in and out of her tight hot, wet pussy.

Lexy slid two of her canlı bahis siteleri fingers into Alex’s pussy and rose up to Alex’s mouth and began to kiss her passionately, their tongues swirling around each other’s mouth. Alex deciding not to leave Lexy out moved her hand down her stomach, when Alex reached Lexy’s now dripping hot cunt she put two fingers inside of her and started to finger Lexy hitting her G-spot this made Lexy’s back arch she had never experienced this before she was always giving and never receiving, she liked this. Lexy whispered into Alex’s ear, “How do you feel about finishing this in the room?” Alex looked into her eyes and said yes. Lexy could see the desire in her eyes.

The two girls walked down the hall into their room, once they got into the privacy of their room Lexy went into her dresser and pulled out the strap on that was hiding beneath the collection of thongs that were piled carelessly in the drawer. Lexy put on the strap on and slid the dildo into her Alex’s wet, hot, waiting pussy. She thrust in hard and deep making Alex moan loudly. She pounded her hot tight pussy fast and in no time made Alex explode into a very intense orgasm. Alex squirted and that turned Lexy on even more. Alex body went limp and she could hardly catch her breath. She immediately fell asleep and the last thing she said to Lexy was this, “I promise next time you’re the one who’s getting all of the attention.” Lexy smiled and proceeded to get herself off.


Let me know what you think about this…I could use all the feedback I can get. If you like this ill continue it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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