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He sits and watches as she squirms on the floor. He can tell that she is nearing release, that moment when the pressure building insider her is too much to fight any longer and her body reverts to its basic functions. It has been 6 hours since he bound her hands and feet and tied her to the metal loop in the wall. She has 12 feet of rope and can move about almost freely. The room is kept dim, only the few candles on the wall brackets providing just enough illumination to see by. She can’t see anything for the blind fold he makes her wear. 6 long hours she has been kept there and all the while he sits, unmoving, just watching from the leather chair in the corner.

He can tell she is nearing release. The way her legs tremble, the rippling of the muscles tensing in her stomach. 6 hours ago she had her first drink of the evening. A large, cool glass of rose wine, not as cold as to bite but just right to quench her thirst. Then every hour on the hour another, brought by the other woman, she wears deep red leather corset and thong. Fishnets wrap her legs and she brings the wine on a silver tray. Gently she places the glass to her lips and she drinks. She is not thirsty but she drinks all the same because she is told to.

Hour 6 passes by, 7 glasses of wine have passed her lips. They are not full like those of the other woman but delicate, almost too fragile to speak, to kiss. She is beginning to lose control. Her legs shake more violently now. She is kneeling, pressing her feet between her legs to try and stop it but her body is taking control. A whimper, the first sign she has lost the battle for control. Then a hiss. The seal is broken, her body has won. She jumps to her feet, a skilful maneuver when your feet are bound together, but a one she is well practiced at doing.

He can see it now. The dark stain that mars the tight blue jeans she wears. He watches as all control is lost and she gives in to the sensation of release. The stain grows, spreading down her left leg. He wonders at that, the way it spreads unevenly like the great asymmetry of the universe. Bigger and bigger the stain becomes. She can feel the warmth spreading with it. The wet material embracing her vulva and spreading down her thighs. She feels shame and pleasure. Disgust and excitement.

She has done this many times before for his enjoyment. At first she only felt shame, shame at pissing herself. Grown women do not piss themselves, especially not for the pleasure of some pervert. But the more he made her do it, the more she came to like bursa escort it, to be aroused by it. The way the material of her panties absorbs the first few spurts keeping her accident hidden, then the comforting warmth of her pee as it pours out of her and feeling of ultimate release after so long. Holding it until she can no longer physically contain it only makes it better.

She feels her stream diminish and stop. As she stands there, pee dripping from her legs she wonders what he is doing. Is he hard yet? Is he touching himself? She waits. The leather creaks as he stands. Slowly, deliberately he approaches her. She feels his eyes staring at her now soaked crotch. She imagines him peeling back the wet fabric to reveal the stained panties beneath. She feels his breath on the back of her neck. Her nipples harden immediately. He is close enough to touch if only she dared. She hears the click of the pen knife as her releases the blade, then the cold kiss of the metal at the base of her spine. He slides the blade upwards splitting the vest top she wears straight down the back. She can feel the edge of the knife scratch at the sensitive skin of her back and the reaction is has on her is immediate. Heat flushes her vulva. She is excited by the danger.

He cuts the straps at her shoulders and the top falls away. He replaces the blade of the knife and puts it back in his jacket pocket. He always wears the same suit when they play, light grey with a purple lining. He makes her wear the same things as well. The tight blue jeans, the white panties and the vest. It’s always a new vest. She wonders at how much he spends buying those vests simply to cut them from her only a few hours after he makes her put it on. She doesn’t really care; the thought is forgotten as she feels his hands on her shoulders.

He moves slowly down her arms then back up to her shoulders. His hands slide forward down across her now exposed breasts. His fingers lingering on her nipples long enough to give them each a light squeeze before moving further down over her stomach. He muscles have relaxed now that she has relieved herself. Still his hands continue down, down to her waist band. A momentary pause, only a split second as her prepares for the next sensation, then they move again. The glide over her waistband and down to the wet stain on her jeans. His hands press the fabric against her exciting her further. The travel all the way to her ankles where he unclasps the locks on her cuffs freeing her legs.

He moves his hands back to her waistband bursa escort bayan and deftly opens the buttons of her jeans. His firm hands grip the sides of her trousers and peel them down to her ankles. She steps out without having to be asked. He repeats the move with her panties. They cling to her vulva, a mixture of her piss and her arousal making them stick to her. Again she steps out as they reach her feet. Blindfolded, bound and naked she stands there before him. He takes hold of her elbow and guides her to the only other piece of furniture in the room other than his chair. A sturdy table set against one wall.

He turns her around and she sits back, the edge of the table rests just under the globe of her bottom. He strokes her face and removes her blindfold. After so long even the dim light of the room is painful for her eyes. In a moment they adjust and she can see him stood before her, immaculate in his suit. He can see the longing in her eyes, the deep desire to be used by him. He locks his eyes to hers never breaking contact even as her moves to unzip his trousers. Only as the zip is fully undone does she look away, glancing towards his crotch to see the bulge now present there. With one smooth motion he frees he cock from his pants. It stands erect pointing directly at her face. She sees the drop of pre cum oozing from the end and bites her lip in anticipation.

His hands rest on her knees, forcing the apart so he can move between them. He moves closer until the tip of his penis is only a hairs breadth from her lips. He can feel the heat emanating from her. Her lips glisten with her secretions. He locks eyes with her again and thrusts forward. His cock forces her open. He is not gentle but she doesn’t want him to be. He rams his cock forward hard. It penetrates deep inside her. It feels like she is being torn in half. She can feel the roughness of his trousers and the rub on her thighs and edges of his zip as he forces himself all the way inside her. It is then that the first real noise of the night escapes her lips. A sharp intake of air and a muffled moan as his cock rubs against her g spot.

He stays there with her impaled on his cock for a second before pulling back, withdrawing his cock almost past her lips before thrusting forwards again. Another moan, this time she does not try and muffle it. Again he pulls back and slams forward again. This time the motion is violent enough to make the table move and thud against the wall. She moans again, tipping he head back and thrusting her pelvis forward escort bursa driving his cock even deeper into her. He feels her vagina contract around his cock as if it is trying to hold him there. He pulls back again for another thrust. He can feel his trousers are getting damp from her pussy. One more thrust forward. Another jerk of her hips. And another withdrawal.

This time he pulls back all the way. His cock slips from her dripping cunt and that’s when she lets go again. No sooner has his dick cleared her vagina than a spurt of piss sprays from her pussy. It covers his trousers and cock making them even wetter. Before she can release more of her hot piss onto him his cock is back in her. Driving deep into her cunt. Rubbing against her g spot and making her groan in pleasure. The table hits the wall. A louder thud this time. He pulls out again and she lets free another jet of piss. It hits his chest making the white shirt cling to him. He does not stop though. This is what he likes. With each thrust and withdrawal she lets her piss go. It soaks his pants and covers his cock.

He begins to thrust faster and she lets go altogether. Her cunt is leaking piss now. Every time his cock leaves her pussy it sprays onto his cock. Each thrust pounds her g spot. Her orgasm is building. She can sense he is close too. His pace quickens more. The tingling in her cunt spreads through her body. With one final thrust he orgasms. She can feel the hot cum filling her cunt and it send her over the edge into her own orgasm. His cock pulses. Each pulse sending cum into her pussy. They stay together like that for a while until they both come down from their high.

He starts to withdraw his cock. It is still hard and she knows what comes next. She has been anticipating it since they began. His cock comes free of her. He holds the shaft and aims it at her chest. Suddenly he begins his own stream of piss. It arcs over her stomach and lands between her breasts. He moves is cock left and right covering them both. Then he points it towards her cunt. She feels his hot pee spray her clitoris. She jumps a little as it is sensitive but she enjoys the warmth and the naughty feeling she gets from him pissing on her cum dripping cunt.

His stream comes to an end. He stands there covered in her piss and pussy juice. She lies back on the table dripping cum from her pussy and covered in a mixture of his piss and her own. She hears him turn around and the zipper of his trousers as her puts his penis away. She waits until she hears the door close behind him before moving. The door opens and the other woman comes in with a bowl of warm water and a towel. The other woman will clean her ready for later. This was just the beginning of their evening’s entertainment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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