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“Is everything okay, Mom?” I heard a concerned voice ask from across the room. I was sitting in my bed, propping my back up with a pillow, watching a romantic comedy film. The lead characters had just realized how much they were denying their feelings for each other, gazing into each others’ eyes, the scene changing to him carrying her into his apartment.

I looked over to see my son Danny staring at me intently, clearly waiting for an answer. I didn’t answer immediately, instead giving him a quick look up and down. I was pretty proud of what I had created. He was 25 years old, a medical school student, home at last for a study week before his final exams. He was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and shorts, and had clearly been making use of the school’s gym, as his 6 foot body seemed to have no fat anywhere. He had scraggly blond hair, blue eyes, and a cheerful demeanour, as if he was always having the best day of his life. I smiled for a moment, thinking about how all the girls at school must want a piece of him.

“It’s nothing, honey, don’t worry about me” I replied, turning back to the TV.

“I can see it in your eyes, it’s not nothing” he said with more urgency in his voice. “Do you miss him?”

“Of course. Every day.” I answered while trying to keep my emotions under control. My husband had died 1 year and 7 months ago, in a terrible drunk driving accident. After his death, I couldn’t really bring myself to get back out into the dating world, instead resigning myself to staying at home, watching cheesy romance movies and trying to come to terms with the fact that I was all alone in the world.

As if reading my mind, Danny jumped up on the bed beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re not alone. I’m always here for you.”

He smiled broadly, “And hey, I was just thinking last night about an idea that might help.”

I paused the movie, quite curious about where my son was going with this. “What’s that?”

“Well, I was thinking that since you haven’t been on a date for a while now, how about I take you out myself?”

My face must have shown my surprise, because he immediately continued.

“It’ll be fun. We can get dressed to the nines, and I’ll go outside and ring the doorbell to pick you up. We can go to that snazzy new jazz club that just opened downtown, and have a few drinks.”

I had to admit, it did sound like a good evening. He knew that I was a sucker for jazz. I tilted my head back and forth considering it.

“The important thing is that you get used to dating again. I want you to get back out there and have some fun, not just sit at home all the time!”

I was touched by his thoughtfulness. “Well…I guess it would be good practice”

“Yes! I hoped you would say that” he said, giving me a quick hug before jumping off the bed and heading to the door. He turned back to face me just before he left, “One more thing: when we’re out tonight, I want to pretend we are on a real date, not just as mother and son. You can call me Danny, and I’ll call you Amy.”

I giggled a little bit. “Okay Danny. Let’s get ready, and I’ll wait for the doorbell to ring for my new man to come sweep me off my feet.”

“Wear something nice!” he grinned from ear to ear and then left, closing the door behind him.


I turned off the TV and walked over to the closet, excited for the first time in too long. Even though it’s with my son, I’m about to have a real date! I thought to myself.

I stripped my pyjamas off and looked at my figure in the mirror. Even though I was 41 years old, I was always careful about my eating and workout habits, and honestly looked and felt much younger. I ran my fingers through my long brown hair, which flowed down a bit past my shoulders. My 5’8 figure was pretty impressive for my age, with a thin waist and C cup breasts that still looked nearly as good as in my late 20s. I looked down further and noticed my vagina was sporting a little bit too much hair. It had been such a long time since I needed to shave it that I had completely neglected it. I grabbed a razor and carefully shaved a thin landing strip, making it as sexy as possible. I don’t even know why I did it, since obviously no one was going to be looking at it tonight, but I continued anyway. The result was totally worth it. I posed in the mirror for a few minutes, enjoying my sexy new look.

I spent another 20 minutes or so on makeup, then picked out a little black dress from my wardrobe. It shaped my body so well, with just enough material over my breasts to not look too slutty, but enough cleavage to make them a perfect focal point. I turned around and looked in the mirror, and saw my smooth back clearly visible between the straps. It was a sexy look, indeed, and for a moment I thought it was maybe a bit too much for a date with my own son. But it had been a long time since I had felt as beautiful as I did now, and the thought soon passed over me. I finished getting dressed with some black high heels and an emerald bahis firmaları choker around my neck, humming to myself happily.

As I was just finishing up in the mirror, I heard the doorbell ring. That was quick, I smiled, and went downstairs to open the door. My son was there, looking handsome in a dress shirt and sport jacket, the door to his car open and waiting for us behind him. He took my hands and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Your chariot awaits, madam” he smiled and closed the door behind us as we left.

On the way to the jazz club, Danny looked over at me for a moment. “You look gorgeous, Amy. The girls at school can’t compete with an elegant woman.”

I blushed a bit, and figured he was just flattering me. “You’re too sweet, Danny. I bet you tell all the girls that same thing.”

He looked me right in the eyes. “No. Only you.”

I looked out the window as we continued driving.


The band was already in full swing when we arrived, and my son ordered us a couple of drinks and a fried pickle appetizer, my favourite. As I was enjoying the music and feeling the drinks aid in my relaxation, I felt Danny put his strong arm around my shoulder and give me a kiss on the cheek.

“Are you enjoying our date, Amy?” he asked, smiling.

I nodded and squeezed his hand for a moment. That seemed to be all the answer he needed, and he turned back to the band.

Suddenly another couple walked by our table, bumping our drinks slightly. Danny rushed to stabilize the glasses, while his other hand on my shoulder accidentally reached down and touched my right breast. At least, I assumed it was an accident. He did seem to let it linger there a little longer than necessary.

“Oops, I’m so sorry about that.” he said, withdrawing his hand and immediately looking away. The damage, however, was already done. I felt my nipples harden immediately. In that fleeting moment, I wished that he would continue touching me, holding my breast. I wished that he was not my son – that the moment could continue all night.

Danny fidgeted in his chair, and I couldn’t help but notice a slight bulge in his dress pants. Did he touch me on purpose? I let it slide for now, focusing on the music again. The song had just changed to a slow ballad, and romance was in the air. Other couples were clearly giving in to the feeling, embracing and kissing each other as discreetly as possible. Danny poured me another drink, and raised his glass.

“To you, Amy, the most beautiful woman in the room. You’re going to make a lucky man very happy one day soon.”

It must have been a combination of the music, the couples around us, and my son’s blue eyes seemingly peering into my soul, because I suddenly leaned in close to him and gave him a kiss. He returned the kiss, pressing into my lips for a few seconds before he pulled away.

“Mom, what’s gotten into you?” he asked in shock. Honestly, I wasn’t really sure of the answer myself. I put his hand back on my shoulder and leaned in closer to him while the band continued playing the ballad. I looked down at his pants, where the bulge from earlier had grown even larger. It was wrong, so wrong, but it had been so long since I’d had a man, and I began to fantasize. I wondered what his cock looked like. How it would feel in my hand, in my mouth. And then, as I gazed up and down his body, I wondered how it would feel inside me. I felt my panties getting wet. I looked at his face as he continued watching the band. I couldn’t help but think to myself, if this were any other man, he’d be taking me home and making love to me tonight.


Half an hour passed, and the band ended their final song of the night and started to pack up. The time had absolutely flown by, and the thought crossed my mind that it was probably one of the most relaxing and romantic dates I’d been on in 20 years. We held hands on the way back to the car, and I wondered what was going to happen next.

“The night is still young. Why don’t we have another glass of wine together at home?” Danny said, smiling broadly. “I don’t want our date to end too soon.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” I replied with a laugh, and we got in the car and started driving.

When we got back home, Danny went into the kitchen to pour us some wine. Meanwhile, I went into the living room and turned the stereo on, switching it to a smooth jazz station I often listened to at night to relax and help me fall asleep. I knew that another glass of wine would probably push me over the edge, and my inhibitions would fall away like loose snow from the roof of a car, but I couldn’t help myself from wanting to continue…wanting Danny to touch me…wanting him to –

“Care to dance?” Danny suddenly entered the room, holding 2 glasses of red wine in his hands.

“I’d love to.”

We each took a sip of wine first, then I put my hands over his shoulders and he put his around my waist, looking into each other’s eyes as we slowly began to find our rhythm. kaçak iddaa

The music was perfect, and with only one light on in the living room, the ambience was wonderfully romantic. As we danced, I slowly rubbed my hands up and down his shoulders. I loved feeling his body so close to mine, but I decided that I wanted more – needed more. I took his hands from my waist and placed them on my bum instead, hoping he would take the hint.

Danny’s eyes went wide as he realized what was happening, and he quickly took his hands away, putting them back on my waist. My plan seemed to be working though, as I saw Danny’s eyes almost instinctively take a quick glance down at my breasts, and the bulge in his pants from earlier that night returned. I pulled his hands back to my bum, more slowly this time, and held them there myself for a moment, not giving him the chance to pull away.

“Let’s dance a little bit closer.” I said, slowly pressing my body up against his. This time, he accepted what I was doing, and I felt his hands rub up and down on my bum and give it a light squeeze. After a few more minutes, I gave Danny a quick peck on the lips, and in his eyes it was very obvious that he was fighting the urge to go further. I loved him for that. Even though I was coming on strong, he was still a gentleman. Still hesitant. The music seemed to fade into the distance as we continued to dance.


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of internal conflict, Danny made his move. He pulled my head towards his with both of his hands, running his fingers through my hair as he kissed me passionately. I put my hands on his shoulders and returned the kiss, completely forgetting that he was my son. He grazed his hands over my bare back through my dress, and I felt his tongue come out to meet mine, locking our mouths together for what felt like an eternity. I guided his hands to the front of my dress, never breaking our kiss. He seemed to hesitate again for a moment, then gave in and started caressing my breasts. I broke the kiss and moaned softly. I wanted more.

“Let me take this off for you, Danny.” I cooed to him. He stepped back and gazed wide eyed as I took off the straps and let my dress fall to the floor. All I was wearing now was my panties and the choker. His face was full of love and lust, as he looked at me like the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. His penis seemed to agree, as it visibly strained against his poor dress pants.

“You are so amazing, Amy,” he said with a low voice that I’d never heard from him before. He let his jacket fall to the floor, and started unbuttoning his dress shirt. I walked forward and took his hands away so I could undress him myself. I kissed him deeply as I took off the remaining buttons. I ran my fingers over his chiselled chest and belly as I slowly sank to my knees. I undid his belt and threw it to the floor, then looked up so I could see his eyes. He seemed to know what was about to happen, as he softly moaned, “Oh God…yes baby…”

I pulled off his pants and underwear together, releasing his erection in one fell swoop. I paused for a moment to admire my lover’s penis. It was about 7 inches long, fairly thick, and had beautiful shaved balls drooping down beneath it. It was perfect. I took it in my hand, which made it jump a little bit. I giggled for a second, then turned to look him in the eyes again. “I’m going to show you how much I enjoyed our date.”

I held his now completely hard cock in my hand, pointing it slightly upwards, and slowly ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, from the base to the tip, letting my lower lip glide along with it. Danny moaned, and I knew I was off to a good start. I kept caressing his cock with my tongue, first the bottom of the shaft, then the top. I looked up at Danny’s face. He was already feeling amazing, but I was about to take him to heaven. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft one final time, but instead of changing position for another lick, when I got to the tip I kept on going, parting my lips and taking about 4 inches of his cock into my mouth.

“Mmmmm, oh, baby” was all Danny could manage to say.

For the next few minutes, no words were spoken as I made love to him with my mouth. I sucked him deeply and passionately, and he reached down to hold my head lightly and guide me along. I wrapped my hands around the lower part of his shaft and stroked him with a twisting motion while I sucked the tip. His breathing started quickening, and his cock started to throb even more than before. I knew he was getting close, but I wasn’t ready for him to cum yet.

I stopped sucking him and went to work on his balls instead, giving them the attention they deserved. They felt so good as I fondled them with my hands, tongue, and mouth. I stroked his cock slowly as I gently sucked his balls into my mouth, one and then the other. I looked up into his eyes. “You like that, baby?”

“Oh my God, Amy, you are incredible. I don’t think I can last much longer.”

Knowing kaçak bahis that he was getting close made me double my efforts. I returned to sucking his cock and milking him with my hands, feeling my panties completely slick with pussy juices. It wasn’t even 2 minutes later that his breathing quickened again, and I felt his balls tightening. I was so excited. I was about to get something I hadn’t had in years. I looked into his eyes once again. “I want you to cum in my mouth, Danny. I want to taste every drop.”

He could only muster a low moan in response. I felt his penis grow even harder than I thought possible, and he threw his head back in pleasure. “I’m cumming Amy…unghhh.”

Then it happened. His cock had its first spasm, shooting a thick spurt of semen right to the back of my mouth. I felt it coat my tongue. God, it tasted amazing. Warm and sweet, with just a little bit of saltiness. I moaned and felt my pussy get even wetter. Danny groaned again, just as another spurt coated my tongue. I swallowed, savouring every drop as it slid down my throat.

Danny must have been having the orgasm of his life. He moaned loudly with each spurt he shot into my mouth. It must have been 5 or 6 strong shots before his orgasm slowly started to subside. I gave him one final suck to make sure he was completely finished, then slowly stood up. His eyes were glazed over, and I felt proud of myself for obviously blowing his mind.

He grabbed my face and pulled me close, kissing me again. “Let’s go to the bedroom. Now it’s my turn to taste you”


We held hands as we walked up to the bedroom, and Danny pulled the door open. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked into his eyes with anticipation. He slowly walked over and kissed my lips again, cradling my head in his hands. Then he started kissing my neck, caressing my breasts with his hands. His warm hands felt so good on my soft breasts, and he knew how to squeeze them just the right way to make me shiver with pleasure. He alternated kissing my lips and kissing my neck while his hands expertly massaged my breasts and his fingers played with my nipples.

Danny took his time, clearly savouring the moment and every inch of my body. He moved lower and sucked lightly on one of my nipples, while his right hand crept down lower and lower, brushing my skin like a feather on the way. His hand finally reached my pussy, and he started to carefully rub my soaking wet clit. I moaned in appreciation. Everything he was doing just felt so good.

He stopped for a moment and gently pushed on my upper body, giving me the cue to shift backward a bit more on the bed and lie flat on my back. He kissed my breasts one last time, then started making his way down, kissing every inch of my chest, my belly, my landing strip, until finally he reached his goal. He pulled my panties off and looked into my eyes one last time before he began. No words were spoken, and none needed to be.

Finally, Danny licked my pussy. Every little kiss and flick of his tongue shot a spark of electric pleasure through my body. I moaned loudly and often, and ran my fingers through his hair while he licked and sucked. All that could be heard from him was an occasional moan of satisfaction, and soft kissing noises.

Suddenly he slipped his middle finger slowly inside of me. I drew a sharp breath at this new sensation, and moaned softly as I got used to it. He kept licking my clit while his finger made a “come here” flicking motion against the inner top of my pussy. I felt the familiar waves of pleasure inside me rising to their crashing crescendo, and he seemed to catch on, increasing his intensity ever so slightly.

“Oh Danny – I’m gonna cu…oh Godddd”

My eyes rolled back in my head as my orgasm took over. The room went black, and everything except his tongue and my pussy ceased to exist. The contractions seemed to flow through my entire body, as my juices completely coated Danny’s mouth and face.

Danny gradually stopped licking me and withdrew his finger after I had finally come back down to Earth. He wiped his face with a towel, and grinned broadly.

“How did that feel?”

I could only mutter and whimper in response. I looked down and saw that in the midst of all the passionate licking, Danny’s erection had completely sprung back to life. He looked down at my naked body with a look of awe and wonder.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, Amy.”

He looked up at my face again. “Can I make love to you baby?”

There was no turning back at this point. I nodded my head at him.



The sex was incredible. Danny’s penis inside me gave me a feeling of fullness and completeness, physically and emotionally. His moans and kisses while he slowly thrust as deeply as he could, giving me every inch he had again and again, were something I will never forget. I came once again as he took me doggy style, his balls slapping against my mound as his glistening penis slid effortlessly in and out of my wetness. Towards the end, we switched to missionary, and gazed into each other’s eyes as we made love, kissing and sucking each other’s tongues as if it were a battle to see who loved the other more.

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