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[This is a sequel to ‘An Online Sin’]


Almost every time I came – either flying solo or at the hands of my boyfriend – I was thinking about Ben. It became an obsession. And I knew it was not necessarily a healthy one. This was no step-brother or half-brother, this was my 100% blood brother, three years younger than me and telling me over the internet what kind of unspeakable acts he would do to me if we ever met.

Of course, he still didn’t know who I was. And it had to stay that way. But my fertile imagination and cunning mind were running wild, trying to imagine a way we could be together physically without him knowing who I was. Suddenly just watching him shoot over semi-naked pictures of me via his webcam was kind of tame.

I would sit at my PC, watching his stream of filth pop up in a window before me, gently pressing my fingers between my legs wishing it was his hand. Then I would go to bed and have a long, drawn-out play – but always with a brand new scenario in my mind, cumming hard and alone but with my little brother and his throbbing cock in my head.

This went on for months, during which he was begging to meet me every time we ‘spoke’ online. I deliberately stayed away from home – my old home that is, dad’s house – choosing instead to spend my next half-term break in my student accommodation just to avoid being in the same house as him. I needed to get my head straight before I saw him in the flesh.

At the end of the year, though, I packed my bags and went home, dad collecting me in his car and moving me back into my old room for the summer weeks. When we got home after a four-hour drive, we found Ben upstairs posing in a full-length mirror wearing some brown rags and holding a fairly realistic-looking light sabre. Hello?

“Hiya sis! Whaddya think?”

“I think… I don’t know what I think.”

“Luke Skywalker. End of term party this weekend.”

I stared blankly at him, my brain trying to kill off a crass joke about his light sabre.

“Duh! It’s fancy dress, Hollywood as the theme. Isn’t it realistic enough?”

“Oh, well, I guess so. A stormtrooper would have been more impressive though.”

“Yeah and a shitload more expensive.” He walked over and gave me a peck on the cheek. I felt myself going red already, so I smiled and turned to pick up a bag and throw it on my bed. “You having fun up there? Any hot chicks you can fix me up with?”

“Oh I’m sure you’re doing just fine for chicks Ben.”

“Yeah but I like older girls, Jane.”

“So go on the pull with dad,” I turned and winked. “Got a date for your Star Wars party?”

“Nah. I’m hoping Princess Leia will drag me into a corner and let me stroke her wookie.” We both laughed, and he went off to get changed. I sat on the bed plotting. Fancy dress was my perfect opportunity. But what outfit?

Four days later I was skulking in the corner of a drunken end-of-year party for horny 18-year-olds dressed head to toe in black PVC. Catwoman. It had not been easy to afford, it had not been easy to shop in an S&M store and it had most definitely not been easy to squeeze into while in the confines of a toilet cubicle in a bar down the road. But fuck me it was hot. I was getting wet just looking at myself in the mirror when I had finished.

I found myself thinking I was glad I had made myself wear something like this when I was 21, while I could get away with it, because it fitted me perfectly. It zipped straight down the middle of my front, down between my legs and up round the back to the base of my spine. Horny as. And the real bonus was the mask – it was attached to the costume down the back of the neck and so couldn’t just be just whipped off by anyone. It came down over my nose – with sensuous cat’s eye-shaped holes, naturally – and left just my mouth, chin, neck and ears free. My black leather boots were on, I did some make-up at the bar and went on to attract a pile of unwanted attention while wandering down the street to the venue and then entering alone.

The party had been going a good three hours, and it was full of drunk and/or stoned 18-year-olds. I felt ancient even though I was only three years older. After Ben had told me about the party earlier in the week I began some subtle email questioning from Kate’s address as to what he was up bahis firmaları to this weekend, eventually getting the venue of his party as well as the theme out of him. Then I travelled down to his school office and bought my own ticket. No one knew who I was. No one knew where I was.

I put my coat and bags in the cloakroom and wandered in with enough money to buy my first drink. I sipped on a JD and Coke in the shadows, looking out for Ben and occasionally getting a glimpse of him across a crowded dancefloor.

I ignored the lecherous stares as best I could, politely turning down numerous offers to dance or drink. After about 20 minutes of planning some sort of attack there was an incident on the edge of the dancefloor. As far as I could tell one of Ben’s mates, dressed as John Travolta in Staying Alive, had snatched his light sabre and whacked someone over the head with it. A bouncer had confiscated the weapon and was taking it to the front office, Ben running after him to protest at the confiscation.

They were moving more or less directly towards me, now was my chance. I stepped across and forwards, putting myself in Ben’s line of vision. I smiled at him. It did the trick. He stopped dead and smiled back.

I had been practising a Scottish accent for weeks just in case I ever decided to have phone sex with my brother, now confronted by him I slipped into it without thinking. “Want to dance Skywalker?” I said, and grabbed his hand to lead him to the dancefloor. We stopped right in the middle. It seemed more private there somehow.

I tried my best over a couple of songs to put on a show. I wasn’t the best dancer in the world, but it was much easier with a mask on it seemed. I was able to shake my ass much more than I ever would normally. I writhed, I touched myself, I licked my lips and eventually I was moving my body against his. I could feel my brother’s cock, absolutely hard as a bone, against my ass as I swayed against him. He was holding me tightly to him, hands on my hips, and I made one final effort to grind into his crotch before I hauled him off for some fun, my shiny black ass sliding against his outfit of brown rags.

Other guys were naturally ogling me. There were plenty of girls there looking sexy but, as you can imagine, a Catwoman dancing like that was pretty hot. I decided to take the initiative. I turned and kissed him. I think I shocked him but after a split second he responded, his tongue coming out to play, his hands grabbing my butt. My mind exploded. My tongue was in my brother’s mouth, his hands were all over my barely concealed curves. I reached down to squeeze his cock through his trousers. “Come with me. Now,” I said above the music.

I dragged him towards the toilets, peering into the ladies then pulling him straight across the room and into a spare cubicle. I slammed him up against the wall and bolted the door behind us with my left hand. We kissed passionately again, his stiff cock pressing against my stomach. I was absolutely beside myself. I knew how wet I was. Up until now my plan had been to bring him in here, give him a mind-blowing blow-job and then leave. But now I wanted much more.

I reached inside his loose-fitting brown sackcloth trousers and sought out his cock. The button on the front of his boxers burst right off as my hand forced its way urgently inside. We both moaned as my hand closed around his warm tool and pulled it back out through the hole in his underwear. I began tugging and squeezing inside the trousers as our tongues explored each other. That cock that I had watched cumming across the internet, my brother’s stiff dick was in my hand after all this time and all this fantasising. I was gagging for him, though I still seemed to be taking the lead with kissing as well as the groping, but he was probably still a bit taken aback.

And of course he still didn’t know that I was ‘Kate’. I left his mouth, keeping my eyes closed for fear of being recognised, and sank slowly to my knees, the black PVC creaking as my knees bent. I pulled his trousers down as my hands dropped with my body down each of his sides. I gave a short look up to check he was watching and then stared for a few seconds at his stiff cock right in front of my face. I was about to suck off my brother.

I kissed the end, my already smeared lipstick kaçak iddaa leaving a red imprint on his swollen head. I licked, kissed, licked, then took it into my mouth, sucking gently, my tongue stroking and pressing the underside of the head just inside my mouth. He moaned a “fuck” down in my direction. My hand reached up to hold and squeeze his tool as more of my mouth sank on to him. I sucked harder. He moaned loudly and I heard a thud as, presumably, he threw his head back against the cubicle wall.

There were the usual comings and goings outside, chatter of the ladies’ room, but I was oblivious. I could feel myself positively oozing inside the catsuit. There was no underwear on underneath and that just added to the thrill. I was sweating inside it anyway but I could fell myself sliding against the inside of the suit between my legs when I crouched down and now I was conscious of the wetness that had built up down there.

Ben was making lots of approving noises as I sucked and slurped on the end of his dick. Instead of just squeezing I began to stroke up and down, jacking him off as my mouth fucked him. He let out a really loud groan, which was probably the first time anyone outside knew he was in there, and threw his head back again, one of his hands seeking out the back of my head as I bobbed against his crotch.

My little brother was about to cum, he was tensing up, I noticed him edging on to tiptoes. I planted my mouth firmly over the end and wanked furiously, driving him on. Lord only knows how ridiculously horny it was for him to get a blow job off Catwoman, but I was about to find out just how hard it would make him cum.

Without any warning the first load exploded into my mouth. I stopped sucking and swallowed quickly, my mouth quickly filling up again and again with each swallow. Every time was more difficult than the last. Ben was gripping the back of my head, holding it in place, as he emptied into me. I tried to keep up and, with a few splutters in between, managed to down his entire load. When his grip loosened and the shots had finished, I slowly pulled my mouth away, kissing the end of his cock as I did so. He relaxed. I composed myself, restructuring my Scottish accent in my mind, trying to control the minor retches emanating from my throat.

“God that was amazing!” he said. “Thank you.”

“That’s OK Ben,” I said with my lilt in place.

“How do you know my name? Do I know you?”

“Erm, yes!”

“Sorry it’s the outfit then. You look great by the way.” He pulled me up and kissed me. His still-hard exposed cock pressed against my stomach once more, slipping this time with its new-found wetness against my shiny black exterior. “Give me a clue – which courses are you on?”

“Ben you fool. It’s me – Kate.” I smiled.

“Wha…?” He was staring at my face so I looked down, my mind racing for a suitable distraction. Bingo. I turned round and stood over the toilet, legs apart. “Could you unzip me Ben? I haven’t come all this way just to have you cum in my mouth.”

I reached round and started him off, pushing the zip down a few inches from the base of my spine. It wasn’t far enough to expose any flesh yet but it certainly meant only one thing. He shuffled up behind me and put one hand on my waist as he slowly pulled the zip down along the path of my ass crack. He saw that I was naked underneath and let out an approving sigh. Once the zip was up between my legs I reached down from the front to take over, not wanting anything to get caught as it moved over my most sensitive bits. Not stopping there, however, I lifted it to my midriff, allowing for hands to wander further up if necessary.

I looked round to see if he was hard enough again. He was. “Just like you imagined?” I whispered

“Hell no. Way better,” came the reply as his hand slipped between my legs to gauge how wet I was. I was soaking and his fingers slipped easily between my lips, nudging my clit and slipping back down and inside me as I moaned and leaned further forward. I bent over, resting my elbows on the cistern of the toilet, my ass further in the air, my legs shuffling wider apart. His hand was still alternating between my wet hole and choosing to slide over my clit, making me squirm a little. Then both of his hands moved to my waist and he pulled himself kaçak bahis closer to me.

My knees were already shaking in anticipation. I had to transfer more weight through my arms to the toilet. I felt his cock pressing gently between my legs. Go on, get it inside me, I silently urged him. After a few nudges, squelching at my hole’s entrance, he slid in and I almost came there and then. Obviously this was 99% mental. Just the knowledge that my brother’s cock was inside me, unprotected and unknowing, was driving me wild. I whimpered as he started to move in and out with paced strokes. I tried to bend over even more, offering an angle for him to drive even deeper into me, but he continued just slowly but surely fucking me.

His hand reached round my front, plotting a route to my clit but I grabbed it and redirected up the inside of the front of my suit and pushed myself back into a more upright position, wanting him to grope me, kiss me, hold me as he fucked me. He was groaning too as he held me there, his hips thrusting. I had absolutely no need of any help from his hands. I just wanted him to nail me and shoot is brotherly love right up inside me. That would be more than enough to see me over the line.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I whispered as my head turned to him. “Fuck me hard Ben. Make me cum.” I was stood over the actual toilet bowl now – I’d been pushed forward during our few minutes of fucking – so I could not lean over quite as much as before when I threw myself forward again. I had wanted to bend right over and watch underneath as his cock pounded me. I couldn’t quite see at first but then Ben, reaching round and grabbing the front of my PVC-clad thighs, began to take things into his own hands. He lifted my left leg so that I was half-standing on the toilet seat with that boot and turned me slightly so that I was facing the corner of the cubicle. My right foot was kicked softly sideways, spreading me even wider, and then he started banging me mercilessly. Oh dear God.

I was virtually crying in ecstasy. My noise levels had gone way beyond what is commonly decent for a fuck in a public toilet, but I didn’t even realise. I was in a world of my own. A world where I had enticed my little brother into fucking me senseless. I could feel him gripping the PVC around my thigh and hear him grunting with each thrust deep into me. My mind raced to the night I had seen him cum on webcam. The multiple shots of his seed that had spread over my photograph. Very soon I knew that same cum that had smeared my picture months earlier and raced down my throat tonight would be deposited in my cunt. That pure thought of impurity was too much – I screamed as I came all over him. His cock showed no mercy and carried on rutting me as I groaned and whimpered into the cold ceramic of the wall in front of me. I soon realised that his pace picking up because of how close he was, and as I felt the first signs of him cumming inside me it almost started off another mini-wave of orgasm for me. His fingers were digging into my thigh as he shot. His body was half-lifting me into the air with every thrust as he came, his stifled groans and grunts betraying him even if I couldn’t feel myself filling up with cum as I’d imagined in my fantasies.

He stopped, kissed my back and let go of my leg and waist.

“Oh my God. You are amazing.”

“Yeah,” I hoarsely concurred.

“We will see each other again won’t we?” he panted.

“Yeah course,” I whispered truthfully.

He slipped out, both of us moaning as a succession of creamy drops fell from me and spattered the floor below. I couldn’t resist and, with accent in place, whispered: “Ohhhh brother.”

“You enjoyed that enough for us to meet again, then?”

“Uh-huh. I reached for some toilet paper and wiped myself clean, zipping myself back up carefully before turning to him and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. “Be a doll and get me a drink while I straighten out. JD and coke. I’ll meet you by the DJs.”

“OK, sure.”

He let himself out and I bolted the door behind him. I gave him a few minutes to get the drink then ducked out of the toilets, dashed to the cloakroom, picked up my stuff, ran outside, hailed a cab and went home.

I heard Ben stagger in some time later. As I strained to hear him climb into bed in his room across the landing, I licked the fingers that had been sliding in and out of me for most of the previous two hours, savouring the final traces of my brother’s cum, smelling and tasting his juice mixed with mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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