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The following story is pure fiction. Pity.

As Lisa passed Rosie’s bedroom door she glanced in and couldn’t believe her eyes. Rosie lay on her back, the bed cover to one side of her. The short, thin, light blue nightdress that she wore had ridden up above her waist exposing her naked body from her navel to her toes. Her legs were together and her left knee was slightly raised and lay on her right leg shielding the majority of her pussy, but enough was visible to see a great bush of rich red hair. Lisa felt her heart skip a beat before she carried on to the kitchen.

As she stood pouring a glass of cold milk she couldn’t get the thought of what she had just seen from her mind. Lisa didn’t know why the sight of her laying there like that was having such an effect on her. She was almost certain that Rosie was straight and Lisa had defiantly never had any leanings at all towards another female. All she knew was that she just had to have another look through Rosie’s door in the hope that she was still in the same position.

Lisa finished her drink and quietly tip toed back along the hallway, stopping just short of Rosie’s bedroom door. Without realising why she did it Lisa lifted her own nightdress up and slipped her panties off. She took a deep breath and took the final step to the open doorway.

As she looked in she saw that Rosie had moved slightly but the bottom of her nightdress was still up around the top of her body. A few buttons had now fallen open exposing the bottom of her small breasts. Lisa’s hand found it’s way to her own pussy, and although Rosie’s legs were still together Lisa had a much better view of Rosie’s nakedness.

Rosie moved making Lisa panic a little so she made her way to her own bedroom. As she lay on her bed she couldn’t get this vision out of her mind. Her hand was slowly caressing her pussy and after a few minutes she decided that she was going to risk it all and slip out of her room to take another look.

Lisa slipped off her nightdress and stood naked beside her bed. As she turned she glimpsed herself in the mirror and reacted with horror when she realised what she was about to do. Rosie was her best friends mother, why on earth was she having this effect on her? Lisa jumped back into her bed and pulled the covers over herself.

As she lay there she continued to stroke her pussy, thinking of Rosie half naked in the next room. After a while she made up her mind, she was going to take another look.

Lisa slipped out of her bed and crept towards her door. The nipples on her small breasts were rock hard and her pussy was wet. She slowly moved to Rosie’s door, and peeped in.

Rosie’s nightdress was now fully open and her breasts fully exposed. Lisa just stood there looking at her, all the while playing with her own pussy. She could feel an orgasm slowly building. Rosie let out a loud sigh. Lisa was routed to the spot, praying that she wouldn’t be caught. Rosie moved very slightly onto her side and then her legs parted to expose her pussy in all of its glory to Lisa’s eyes.

This was just too much for Lisa and she orgasmed instantly, desperately trying not to make a sound, with some success. As Lisa made her way back to her own room, Rosie’s hand moved between her legs, her eyes opened and a satisfied smile filled her face.

Lisa lay back in her bed still thinking of Rosie’s naked body. The image kept going through her mind. She couldn’t shake it off. She started caressing between her legs again, all the time thinking of the moment when Rosie’s legs parted to expose her pussy.

She thought to herself that if Rosie’s nakedness was having this effect on her, would the sight of her totally naked body result in the same effect on Rosie? The thought of Rosie seeing her naked excited her. The more she thought about it the more excited she became.

Lisa made her mind up, she wanted Rosie to see her naked. Not just naked, but in a way that was sure to have some kind of effect on her. It would have to be as natural as possible. Maybe by being caught getting out of the shower, or by accidentally dropping the towel covering her body when she got out of the bath. She mulled these ideas and others over and came to the conclusion that they would all seem contrived. She would have to find another way, but how? While she pondered on how to reach her goal Lisa slipped off to sleep.

Lisa had been a friend with Toni since she and Rosie had arrived in Australia. At the time Rosie was employed by an International Bank and had been transferred on a long contract from England, initially to set up a new system and then to help oversee the appointment of permanent local staff. The original intention was for the task to take up to a year but in the event the posting lasted nearer five. When it was time for them to return to England the two girls vowed to keep in touch, and they did.

They had been back in England for three years and in that time Lisa and Toni had been in almost bahis firmaları constant contact. A few weeks ago the firm that Lisa worked for has gone out of business and Toni suggested that her dear friend should come to England on a long holiday. Toni had landed herself a good job and although, like Lisa, she was only twenty-two she had been selected for management training. This is the reason that Lisa found herself alone with Rosie. One of the friends that Toni had made through her management training had suggested that she stay with her for the weekend before the next course, this being held just a few miles away from her home. This meant leaving her guest for a week but Lisa told her that she would find plenty to do, and anyway Rosie was there to keep her company.

Lisa was a petite young lady, a slim five feet two inches tall with perfectly formed 32A breasts and long dark blonde hair while Toni was five feet ten inches tall, with a shapely 34B bust and shoulder length dark brown hair. Her mother was in her very early forties, about the same size and shape as her daughter but with dark red flowing hair. Rosie and Toni lived in a homely cottage standing in large gardens, the rear one leading down to a river. The nearest neighbour was over a quarter of a mile away, making for a very private and peaceful environment.

Lisa opened her eyes and looked over to the clock standing on the bedside table, it was 9.20. She stretched her slim body before slipping out of bed. As she stood up she could hear Rosie in the kitchen. Lisa opened a drawer and removed a pair of clean panties. She slid them over her legs and then put on her nightdress before walking to her door. She stopped and looked into the mirror on the dressing table. She wanted Rosie to notice her and to even catch a glimpse of her body. The very thought started a stirring deep inside. She was determined to display herself for Rosie and what’s more to do it in such a way that she turned her on. She looked at her reflection for a few moments before she slipped her panties off again. She looked back towards the mirror. Her nightdress only just covered her bottom. She then undid the top four buttons which left it undone to just below her bare breasts and showing a lot of cleavage. She then pulled the material forward to make it hang loose. She headed for the kitchen.

When she entered she was surprised to see that Rosie was still in her nightdress and her eyes were drawn to the obvious fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

“Do you mind if I have a glass of milk?” Lisa asked.

“No, help yourself. In fact there is no need to ask for anything. If there is something that you want just help yourself, and by that, I mean anything.”

Lisa thanked her and kept on talking as she made her way to the refrigerator. As she bowed down she asked Rosie if she had anything planned for that day, knowing full well that her short nightdress would ride up to reveal a great deal of her bare bottom, and that Rosie would be looking at her ready with an answer. Lisa took her time in getting the bottle of milk from its holder.

Rosie paused before she answered.

“Nothing planned for today, but of course we’ve got the school fete tomorrow. I thought that we might just lounge around the garden today and perhaps sort out some costumes to wear for the fete.”

Lisa stood up, walked to the table and poured herself some milk into one of the glasses that she found there. “What are you going to do for a costume?” Lisa asked.

“As you know the staff and helpers are going to dress up to the theme of school days, so I thought I would go as an olden day school ‘marm. What about you?” Rosie replied.

“Well, as I’m, how shall we put it? Quite small, I thought that I would try and find something so that I could dress up as a young school girl.”

“As it happens I still have most of Toni’s school clothes. I don’t know why but I’ve never gotten around to throwing them out. I’m sure that we could find something there to suit.” Rosie told her. The thought of wearing one of Toni’s school uniforms, one that had in the past covered her friend’s body made her pussy tingle.

“How far back do those clothes go?” she asked, “I would think that the ones that Toni must have worn when she was about twelve or thirteen would fit me now.”

Rosie looked at Lisa closely, eyeing her up and down before replying, “Yes, I think that you’re right, they should fit you perfectly. I’m sure that I still have all of her school clothes. What’s more, when she was that age she was still wearing the lower school uniform, little cotton dresses and white socks. The school didn’t change up to senior uniforms until Toni was about fourteen.”

“Do you still have all of the clothes? I mean, it wouldn’t feel right if I wore one of my lacy bras or skimpy panties underneath, and I’m sure that they would show through.” Lisa said.

“Oh yes, I still have all of her clothes, including her underwear, kaçak iddaa white cotton panties and little trainer bras.” Rosie replied, the thought of Lisa dressed up like that making her nipples harden. Lisa’s pussy tingled even more with the thought of wearing Toni’s underwear next to her skin.

“What about your costume,” Lisa asked, “Any ideas?”

Rosie replied, “I thought that one of my old housecoats, a navy blue one, with a few modifications should do the trick, with suspenders and stockings and a shape and lift bra underneath. I’ll wear my hair up in a bun. What do you think?” She was hoping the mention of sexy underwear might have an effect on Lisa but was surprised by her reaction.

“Oh no, you can’t dress like that.” Lisa said, “I can see the housecoat and your hair in a bun but not the underwear. You must try and find some big blue knickers and a rather shapeless bra that make your breasts hang naturally. I’ve seen pictures and that’s how they used to look, all stern and somewhat shapeless.”

“Okay then if that’s what you think then that’s what I must try and find.” Rosie said.

Lisa said that she would like to have a shower before she got dressed but Rosie told her that the shower hose had developed a leak so it would be better if she had a bath. Lisa agreed and Rosie went to run one for her. When Rosie returned she told Lisa that she would cook them a breakfast when they had both taken a bath and as it was such a nice day they would eat outside.

Lisa went to her bedroom and sorted through her clothes to see if she could find something suitable to help show her body off to Rosie. She sat on the side of the bed and looked at what she had selected. A thin white cotton blouse, a tiny pair of lace panties and a very short tight red skirt. She had decided to forgo a bra choosing instead to tie the blouse up leaving a considerable gap between it and her skirt. She collected the clothes up and headed for the bathroom.

The water was deep with just a little bath foam but had obviously been scented. She purposely left the door slightly ajar just in case Rosie should happen by.

Rosie stood in her room, opposite the bathroom and could see clearly as Lisa removed her nightdress. She had her back to Rosie giving her a wonderful view of her naked ass. Lisa turned on the tap of the hand basin and started to clean her teeth. Rosie lifted off her own nightdress and stood naked watching her daughter’s friend. She felt her pussy twitch as Lisa parted her legs slightly and leaned over the basin to spit out the toothpaste. Rosie could now see the faintest glimpse of hair showing through the gap at the top of her legs. Rosie’s hand made contact with her pussy and gently caressed it. As Lisa stood straight and put her toothbrush back into the cabinet above the basin Rosie moved to one side to be shielded by her wardrobe door so that she wouldn’t be discovered if Lisa turned around.

Rosie continued to watch Lisa through the gap between her wardrobe and it’s door, and as she turned around Rosie was rewarded with the sight of the young woman’s breasts and fur covered pussy, made even better when she lifted a leg over the side of the bath and placed it in the water. The other leg followed and she disappeared from view.

Lisa lay soaking in the hot deep water thinking of Rosie’s naked body as it lay on her bed the night before. She wanted to see it again.

Rosie was preparing breakfast when she heard Lisa call that she was out of the bath and that the bathroom was free. Rosie called out for Lisa to leave the water in the tub, as she would use that instead of replacing it. She collected her clothes that she had laid out earlier and walked to the bathroom, passing Lisa on the way. The sight of Lisa dressed so provocatively made her already hardened nipples even harder. She wanted this sweet young girl and the only question in her mind was how she would react if she made a move. Any such move would have to be planned with the utmost care.

When the pair had finished breakfast Rosie went inside and filled the dishwasher, insisting that Lisa stay in the garden to enjoy the warmth of the sun. Rosie went to her bedroom and changed her clothes. She chose a loose fitting tee shirt and a pair of baggy shorts, omitting any underwear before returning to the garden where she found Lisa sitting on one end of the double swing lounger. She sat on the other end.

The day was spent chatting, drinking iced drinks and just enjoying the fine weather. During the afternoon Rosie sorted out some of Toni’s old school clothes for Lisa and together they attempted to adapt one of Rosie’s housecoats without much luck. Then Lisa came up with the idea of changing Rosie’s costume to a matron and set about making that, this time with much more success.

As the afternoon turned into the evening they decided to visit a local pub for a drink and a meal after which they returned home just before midnight. Lisa said that she felt tired, kaçak bahis the temperature still being high not helping. They each retired to their beds. Lisa had planned to take another look into Rosie’s bedroom, but in the event she soon fell asleep.

When she awoke Lisa discovered that she was lying on top of her bed naked, the cover having fallen to the floor sometime during the night. It had been so hot when she went to bed that she had decided to dispense with her nightdress and panties. She stretched her legs and her feet touched something on the bottom of the bed. She sat up and saw a pile of school clothes by her feet. Rosie must have put them there before she woke up. Lisa then realised that Rosie must have seen her naked body and was disappointed that she wasn’t awake to see her reaction.

Lisa pulled on some light clothes and made her way to the bathroom to have a wash and clean her teeth and then headed to the kitchen where she found Rosie preparing breakfast. She was wearing a thin robe held together with just a belt that was only tied loosely around her waist, the two sides barely overlapping. Lisa’s eyes followed Rosie’s every movement. The robe kept starting to fall open giving her quick flashes of Rosie’s nakedness beneath. They ate breakfast, chatting about the day ahead. When Rosie started to clear the table she leaned forward, her robe parted and Lisa was given a clear close up view of her bare breasts. She made no attempt to pull the robe together and Lisa felt her pussy start to tingle.

Rosie reached out and put a hand on Lisa’s and asked her if she would like to go and get ready, as they would soon have to leave for the fete. Lisa stood and made her way back to the bedroom, collected the pile of clothes and went into the bathroom.

She sorted through the clothes to find three complete sets with a school year separating each size. Lisa decided to try the smallest. She lifted the smallest panties to her face and smelled them. She was disappointed to find that they smelt freshly laundered. How she wished that she could have sniffed the faintest odour of her friend Toni.

What was happening to her? She had never had any sexual feeling for Toni but now she was getting excited at the thought of her panties being so close to her own pussy. She pulled the tight panties on and caressed her pussy through them. She tried on the smallest bra but it was too tight so she tried the next size. It too was tight so she tried the last. It fitted perfectly. She felt so aroused wearing her best friends underwear. She wanted to play with herself but knew that she didn’t have enough time as she has so much to do. She slipped off the panties and bra and set to work.

Almost three quarters of an hour had passed when Rosie knocked on the bathroom door. In this time she had changed into her matron’s outfit. Lisa opened the door and her appearance left Rosie almost speechless. Lisa stood in front of her wearing the smallest of the school dresses, short white socks and her hair in perfectly braided pigtails. She looked all of thirteen. She looked at Rosie and told her that she really looked the part, the perfect school matron.

They picked up their bags and headed for the local school. They had decided to walk the two miles along the path beside the river. Although it was only ten o’clock it was already very warm and the brisk pace at which they walked coupled with the thick clothes that she was wearing made Rosie feel the heat. Lisa kept looking at Rosie trying to work out a way in which they could both be naked. She longed to again see her in all of her splendour whilst putting her own charms on view to those bright blue eyes.

They continued their walk along the riverbank until they reached the small gate that led into the grounds of the school. Once inside they made their way to the canteen where each helper was going to be assigned to a stall or function. Rosie was asked to help with the games for young children and Lisa was assigned to run the tombola. All day Lisa kept looking at Rosie and she kept thinking to herself how easily the underwear that she had talked her into wearing could be slipped off.

Every time that Lisa caught Rosie looking at her she imagined standing there naked, Rosie’s eyes exploring every part of her body. Her nipples were hard and her pussy wet all day. The day dragged on and Lisa thought that she would never get the chance to peel herself naked. How she longed for Rosie to see her and to touch her. ‘To touch her?’ The thought of Rosie touching her was new but it excited her.

She started thinking about touching Rosie, exploring her body with the tips of her fingers. She was now feeling extremely horny.

The days tasks successfully completed they walked back along the riverbank. On the narrow parts Rosie walked behind Lisa. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the gorgeous little body in front. How she ached to make love to this little schoolgirl.

“I used to swim with Toni in this part of the river.” Rosie said as they reached the gate at the bottom of the garden. “Of course it’s too overgrown and dangerous now. We would swim and play for hours and then run-up to the house to get dried.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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