A Scene


She kneels in the middle of the living room, waiting for her Master. Her outfit consists of a lightweight summer dress that buttons down the front. Underneath she is wearing a black lace underwire bra with half cups, matching thong panties, garter and stockings. Five inch black paten leather heels complete the outfit. She is in position as her Master demands, knees spread, back straight, hands clasp behind her neck head bowed slightly and eye cast downward. She does not know how long she has been there, nor does she know how long her Master is going to make her wait. His instructions were clear: she was to be in position by 3:45; she was not to answer the door or the phone once she was in position. He would let Himself in when He got there.

Her mind is racing wondering what her Master has in store for her. What would He demand of her, what limits would He push this time? Would He be gentle, teasing her until she begged Him to let her cum, or would He be rough forcing her endure the sweet pain that she craved? Her cunt has been in a constant state of arousal since her Masters phone call this morning. She knew He enjoyed leaving her there, contemplating her situation, wondering what devious plans He had in store for her.

It was 4:15 when He arrived, even though it had only been a half hour to her it seemed like forever. She resisted the urge to greet her Master, as she knew He would speak to her when He was ready and unless she was spoken to she was to remain silent. She also kept her eyes downcast which kept her from seeing what He was up to.

As she kneels there her Master begins to set up the equipment He has brought for this evening training. First He sets up the portable bondage horse, and moves it out of the way. Then He sets up the new platform He has constructed, which consisted of a 2 x 12 four feet long, with eyehooks screwed into it in various locations. Next He lays out various items on the dining room table. He then goes to the archway between the living room and dining room and removes three ceiling tiles on the dining room side. This gives Him access to the eyehooks He installed the last time she served Him. He then feeds a length of rope through each eyehook, and places the platform under them.

The whole time He is preparing the equipment for the scene that will follow she obediently kneels never once leaving her position. This is torture in itself as the anticipation of what is to come is growing even stronger with each passing moment. She can feel her panties are soaked. God she wishes He would hurry up, but she knows that He likes to take His own sweet time.

Once He has the equipment in place He stands back and admires her. It pleases Him to see how obedient she is, always trying her best to please Him, to make Him proud of her. She has come so far since the first time she served Him.

He goes to the table and picks up a length of soft cloth, about 3 inches wide and 24 inches long; He then goes over to her and stands behind her, He takes the cloth and covers her eyes and ties it behind head, plunging her world into darkness. As He is tying the blindfold in place a shudder runs throughout her body. She knows her night has truly begun, and that she is now completely at His mercy.

Only after the blindfolded is in place does He speaks for the first time, “Stand up pet.” She complies and He leads her over to the archway between the dining room and living room. Once she is positioned under the eyehooks, standing on the platform, facing into the living room her Master returns to the table and selects a set of leather wrist cuffs. He puts the cuffs on her then takes the rope He feed through the left eyehook earlier and ties it to the d-ring on the left cuff. After it is attached He pulls the other end of the rope until her left arm is pulled up and slightly out to the left, then He ties it off. After repeating this with her right arm, taking care to make sure they are both secure, He moves to stand before her.

She feels vulnerable, her mind still racing wondering what He has in store for her. She finds out soon enough as she feels His hands sliding slowly across the front of her dress. When all of a sudden she feels the front of her dress being ripped open, hearing buttons fly across the room, hitting the walls. He makes short work of the shoulder straps and the tattered remains of her dress fall to the floor. Next He reaches down and rips her thong panty off her. Before her mind can make sense of what is happening He balls up the panties and shoves then into her mouth. Next He gets another length of cloth and ties it around her mouth to hold her panties in place.

He begins to speak to her, “there now pet, now I can torture you and I do not have to worry about the neighbors hearing your screams. Yes pet your screams,” and with that He grabs her tits and squeezes them roughly, which cause her let out a squeal. He then turns to the table and retrieves another set of cuffs and secures them around her ankles, after which He makes her spread her legs until her ankles are positioned on the out side of the eyehooks that are three oral seks porno feet apart on the platform. Using a small length of chain and a couple of quick links He attaches each ankle to the eyehook; He now has her secured, stretched and spread eagle.

He has her mind in turmoil; His promise to make her scream scared the hell out of her, yet at the same time she could now feel her cunt juice running down her inner thighs. She still could not figure out why submitting to someone, someone she knows is going to torture her, make her endure pain and do things she could never bring her self to do, excited her so much. All she knows for sure is she needs what her Master needs to give her. She longs to serve Him when they are apart; thoughts of Him all but dominate her mind.

Her thoughts are interrupted as her Master reaches into her bra and pulls her tits out over top of the cup. He then takes a length of rope ties a slip not at one end, leaving about a six-inch tail. He slips the loop around her right tit, carefully positioning the rope as He pulls it tight around the base. He continues to pull the rope until she lets out a squeal; He gives it one more tug and then wraps the rope once more around her tit, making sure to keep it tight. He then runs the rope between her tits and under the left tit, and then wraps it twice around the base, again keeping the rope pulled tight. Then between her tits once more and twice more around her right tit. Back between her tits and twice more around her left tit, ending by tying the end off to the tail. Her tits are now sticking straight out and are flushed.

He takes another length of rope and wraps it twice around her waist pulling it tight just above her hips, and tying it off in front leaving to long lengths of rope dangling between her legs. Her Master then takes a tube of KY jelly and begins to work the lube into her ass. He is very generous with the lube making sure to work it deep into her ass. He slides one finger, then another, and finally a third, then He starts fucking her ass loosening it up, preparing it for another new toy He has purchased for her. His fingers in her ass soon have her moaning and rocking back and forth trying to fuck His fingers deeper into her ass. Her Master reacts quickly, yanking His fingers out of her ass and cracking her hard on the ass. She screams into her panty gag more from the shock than the pain. As soon as the swat lands He growls at her, “How dare you try and give yourself pleasure without permission!”

He then goes and picks up the new butt plug He purchased, it was the large model at 6 inches long and 2 ½ inches in diameter, quite a jump from the medium one she just got used to at 5 ½ inches long and 1 ¾ inches in diameter, He also gets a large dildo, 7 ½ inches long and 2 inches in diameter. First He smears a generous amount of KY jelly on the plug and then spreading her cheeks with one hand He presses it to her asshole and starts to push it in. He goes slow rotating it as He goes. She can feel her ass stretching as the plug is pushed in; she concentrates on relaxing as she knows it will not hurt as much if she does. It only takes a moment or two for her to realize that it is not the same plug she is used to, it was bigger thus causing her to strain to try and relax as He continues to push it in deeper. With one final push He pushes the widest part past her asshole, which snaps shut around the base. This causes her to again scream into the panties stuffed into her mouth. Her breathing is labored and she was covered in sweat. Next He pushes the dildo into her cunt, He needs no extra lube, as her cunt is extremely wet. After the dildo is pushed all the way in He takes the two ends of the rope and pulls them between her legs and across the base of both the dildo and the plug then tying them off to the waist rope in the back. Again pulling the rope tight to push and hold both toys in deep. He then steps back and admires His work as she stands there stretched and stuffed and ready for the whipping she knows will follow.

Her Master comes up behind her and runs His hands across her taut body. She draws in a quick breath at His touch. Starting at her tits and continuing across her stomach and then around to her back and across her ass her Masters hands float barely touching her, bringing goose bumps to her skin. Her Master then continues down her thighs caressing her inner thighs as well as the backs of her thighs. By now she is moaning and breathing hard again.

After He is done caressing her body He removes her heels, thus giving her the choice of how tight she wants to be stretched. All she had to do was stay on her toes and she would not be stretched any more; stand flatfooted and be stretched tight as possible. He goes to the table and selects a suede flogger about twenty-four inches long including the handle, with about fifty ½ inch wide tongues. He holds the flogger to her lips letting her breath in the essence of the leather. “Time to warm you up, pet” with that said He steps back and lets the flogger land across her right ass cheek. She jumps more playboy porno from the surprise then the pain of the first swing. But before she can get her composure back the next one lands on the other cheek. Her Master continues His assault on her ass, and she continues to try and regain her composure. His swing is not hard but continuous, and soon her ass is a nice dark pink and she is moaning. He then moves up her back, lightening up the blows considerably across her lower back, as He does not wish to injure her kidneys or spine. He quickly moves to her upper back and His blows again become harder. The skin on her upper back quickly turns the same shade of pink as her ass. Her Master makes sure some of the blows hit in such away as to have the tongue wrap around and sting her tits.

As He continues to land stroke after stroke alternating between her upper back and ass, He has her skin feeling like it is on fire. He was slowly building the intensity, pushing her closer to her own little private sub space. He continues until she is lowed into His rhythm and just when she can anticipate where the flogger will land next He swings low and connects with her left thigh, the tongues wrapping around and stinging her tender inner thigh. The sudden change in His tactics brings a scream from her, again muffled by her panties. He steps and using a back swing lands the next only this time it is her right thigh, again the tongues wrap around and sting her inner thigh. He continues His assault on her thighs and this has her dancing and screaming a little.

As her thighs start to feel that familiar fire He again chooses another target and with a up swing He lands the next swat right in her crouch the tips of the tongues snapping at her cunt. She lets out her first real scream as the blow lands. He lands a few more each one a bit harder than the last, each one bringing a scream from her lungs, and caused her to dance. Then He starts on her ass again, this time He is standing back far enough that only the tips of the tongues are hitting her ass. Moving His hand in a figure eight motion His swats hitting her cheeks top to bottom. The swats are falling faster and faster, and all sting, no dull thud. She is soon dancing and trying to move away from His onslaught but as she is tied she can hardly move at all. Soon the tongues change her ass from dark pink to crimson red.

Her mind is in a fog as she is slipping further and further into her sub space. Between the flogging, her body being stretched, and the plug and the dildo stuffed into her, she is flying.

Her Master then steps in front of her and starts in again with the flogger, this time it is her tits and her cunt that are the target. He can tell she is now flying as she is no longer pulling away from the flogger but actually pushing her body closer almost begging for more. He continues until her tits, the fronts of her thighs, and her shaven cunt are as red as her backside.

He then steps back to the table and exchanges the flogger for the last of His new toys, a cane. He steps behind her and whispers in her ear, “Now you will scream for your Master, you will know what it is truly to be a pain slut.” His words cut through the fog as she leaves out a whimper and tenses not knowing what is to come next. He measures His target and lets the cane swing. She hears a whistle as the cane cuts through the air, but before she can comprehend it finds its mark and she screams into the gag as it feels like her master has just cut her ass wide open. An angry red line appears across her ass cheeks where the cane landed, before she can recover her Master lands another just below the first one, and again she lets out a scream that if it was not for the gag would have had every neighbor wondering what was going on. He continues with the cane until her ass cheeks were crisscrossed with angry red-purple welts, landing the last few on the tender flesh on the underside of her cheeks. As promised she screamed into the gag the whole time He caned her ass. Tears were running done her cheeks and she was sobbing as He placed the cane back onto the table.

He picked up a leather boot lace next, again coming up behind her He whispers into her ear, “slut I am going to remove your blindfold now, you are to keep your eyes shut tight or you will be punished.” With that said He removes the blindfold then takes the bootlace and braids it into her hair and replaces the blindfold. Her nipples are to be next as He picks up a set of clover clamps that were connected by a length on chain. When He attaches the first clamp she lets out a scream and shakes her head violently trying to tell Him no, but He just ignores her pleas and attaches the other clamp. She is shaking and sobbing, her mind is fighting the pain and He can see this, so He stops for a second and whispers in her ear, “Relax pet, let the pain become pleasure let it take you back to your space, let it make you soar.” His words, as always have a calming effect on her, she is still whining but she can already feel herself starting to soar again.

As she hangs there pornhub porno He gets the bondage horse from the corner and places it in the center of the living room. Then He puts her heals back on her feet, and releases her ankles, and wrist. She groans as her joints flex. Before she can get used to her freedom He leads her to the bondage horse. He has her stand beside it, placing her feet on the outside of the legs. He attaches her ankle cuffs using two double-ended snap connectors. Next He pushes on her upper back forcing her to bend over at the waist. Again using double-ended snap hooks He attaches her wrist to the legs on the other side of the bondage horse. She is now bent over, her stomach resting on the cross member, her ass sticking out at just the right height. He then takes the leather bootlace He has braided into her hair and pulls it until she is forced to bend her neck back, as soon as He is satisfied with the position of her head He ties the bootlace off to the rope cinched around her waist. She is now tied where He has complete access to her body. He then takes a lead weight and attaches it to the chain running between the clover clamps.

He bends over and whispers into her ear, “I am going to remove you gag now, be very quite, we would not want to disturb your neighbors now would we?” Once the gag is removed He offers her a sip of water. Then He gets undressed and neatly folds His clothes and places them on the table. His cock is sticking straight out and is as hard as a rock. He comes around to her face and rubs His cock across her lips, she obediently opens her lips forming a perfect “O” in anticipation of what is to come. He continues to rub His cock around her lips teasing her. Her moaning and whining lets Him know how desperate she is to have His cock. He slowly starts to push is cock into her mouth and she starts running her tongue over it. He continues to push it deeper into her mouth until He bumps the back of her throat, He then pulls back and then without warning, pushes forward with one quick stroke, burying His cock in her throat. He reaches down and removes her blindfold so He can watch her eyes. He keeps His cock buried in her throat until her eyes show panic, and she is trying to pull off His cock. Then He only pulls back far enough for her to suck in air around His cock, and then plunges His cock back into her throat. He continues this way depriving of her air until she can take no more then only letting her have enough time to suck in some more air. Her eyes are glassed over and she is soaring again as He uses her for His pleasure.

He starts to stroke His cock in and out of her throat starting out slowly, and then picking up speed. He is soon fucking her mouth like it was a cunt. His cock is sliding down her throat and His balls are slapping off her chin, and she is moaning as He continues. It does not take long before He feels His orgasm building, not wanting it to end just yet He pulls His cock out of her mouth and steps back. She moans in disappointment and tries to no avail to get His cock back into her mouth.

He quickly moves behind her and releases the crotch rope holding the plug and the dildo deep in her. Then He releases the bootlace holding her head. He reaches down and yanks the dildo from her hot wet cunt and quickly slams His cock all the way in on the first stroke. Her cunt as hot and wet, and He can feel it spasming around His cock. He starts pounding away at her cunt. He can feel her on the verge of an orgasm and decides to help her along, buy spanking her already abused ass. As soon as the first swat hits her He commands her, “Cum you slut, come for your Master.” No sooner had the words touched her ears and her mind and body exploded in a white-hot orgasm. He continues to pound away at her cunt and spanks her ass without mercy. Her orgasms keep coming, and coming, one right after the other, she is now soaring higher and higher.

He slows His fucking but not the spanking as He reaches and yanks the plug from her ass and in one quick motion pulls His cock from her cunt and buries deep in her ass. She let out a scream more from surprise than pain. He starts pounding her ass like a jackhammer, raining down swats as He goes. Her orgasm is continuous now as He pounds away. Her ass is grabbing at His cock and He knows He is not going to last long. He leaves out a low growl and grabs her hips and slams His cock deep into her ass and starts to shoot His load. As He fills her ass with hot cum she screams and shakes all over as yet another orgasm rushes over her. As His cock goes limp it slides from her ass, stepping back he sits to recover from His orgasm.

Her orgasm drains her completely and her limp body just lies over the bondage horse. Once He recovers He removes the clamps from her sore nipples, which brings a fresh surge of pain to her, but she is to week to do anything more than moan. Then He releases her wrist and ankles and helps her to her feet. He helps her to her bed where He gently rubs lotion into her sore abuse ass. Then takes her into His arms and tells her how proud she has made Him tonight. Kissing her gently on her lips and tucking her into bed. As she lies there she can hear Him packing up His equipment and then she hears the door close and she knows He is gone. She slowly drifts off to sleep wondering when He will call and tell her to prepare herself to soar again for her Masters pleasure.

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