A Special Night With His Heart


Coming home one night after work, I walk in and see you in the kitchen washing something in the sink. You are wearing a little apron and nothing else on under it. Standing in the doorway knowing you do not know I am home yet, I watch you as you move about at the sink. I watch your lovely ass and body move elegantly and gracefully about. Slowly I move up behind you and tenderly kiss the nape of your neck softly. Sliding my hands gently around your waist and hugging you back to me with love and tenderness. Turning you slowly so that your face is turned to me, I gently kiss your lips and slide my tongue out and tenderly lick your lips and nibble on them. Whispering into your ear as I hug you how much I Love you and want to be the best Master and lover and friend to you. Sliding my hands into your apron and cupping your breast and feeling your nipples harden to my touch I squeeze and caress them softly. Knowing they are very sensitive and love my touch. Nibbling and biting softly on your neck as you head tilts back and you give me access to your neck and body. Reaching back I undo the tie on your apron and let it fall loosely around you and slide my hand down to your pussy and play with your clit.

Feeling how hot you are and wet your acıbadem escort pussy is makes my cock harden against your ass. Pressing into you I slide your apron off you and turn you around and lean down and nibble on your breast and bite your nipples softly. Making you moan in pleasure and toss you head back as you enjoy the feelings I make course through your body. I pick you up and set you on the counter and spread your legs wide opening your pussy to my gaze and touch. Leaning down I slowly lick your pussy from top to bottom and then find your clit with my tongue. Flicking my tongue slowly and gently over your clit making her harder and hearing you moan in pleasure makes me smiles am moan against your clit. As I hum onto your clit and you feel the vibration run through your body I feel you tense and want to cum but I make you wait till I am ready for you to cum. I want you to enjoy what I am doing and learn to control your orgasm. Knowing it has been a while since this pleasure has been felt from me it is hard for you to control and I sense it and smile. Licking into your pussy I taste your sweet juice and lap it out of you gently. You feel my tongue slowly working it’s way in and out of your hot wet pussy and thrust your atalar escort hips gently up into my face as you want me to continue.

Loving how you taste and how I know you love what I am doing I continue to lick at you and then surprise you by sliding two fingers into your hot tight ass. Slowly sliding them into you deep and nibbling on your clit I feel your orgasm start to course through you and I whisper to you to cum in my mouth. Licking and sucking your juices out of you I slide my fingers into your hot ass harder and faster and reaching into a draw I find the candles I have there and pull one out. Lighting it I hold it over you and let the wax drip down onto your nipples and then slowly move it down your body. Watching your reaction and how your body likes what is happening to it. Watching you tremble and your inhalations of breath from the erotic feeling you are having from this. Smiling at you I reach for another surprise and blindfold you as I want to take one of your senses away from you and give you the most erotic feeling you have ever felt before. Once blindfolded I reach for the surprise and, slide it slowly over your clit and pussy watching you tremble and shake with anticipation.

Slowly I slide aydınlı escort the cucumber into you watching your pussy open for it and grip it tight. Sliding it in and out of you slowly smiling remembering your comment of how you like to play with food. Make me harder and wanting to make you enjoy this experience very much. Picking you up with the cucumber inside you and carrying you to the table, I lay you on your back with your feet propped up and spread for me. Moving around you I slowly lift your arms above your head and tie them to the ropes that are already there waiting. Then I move back down and tie your ankles and slide the spreader bar into place opening you up for the pleasure you are about to receive. Moving back to the side of the table I spray whip cream onto your nipples and then leave a trail down your body till I reach your clit. Smiling I open a jar next to your ear so you wonder what I am up to and then you feel, a cool wetness touch your body. Smiling I let the juice run out and cover your nipples and then down the same path the whip cream took. Till I have you covered and ready to eat.

Smiling and looking at what is before me in you as a whip cream delight, I slowly lick the whip cream off your nipples and the cherry juice off your body. Working my way down your body, licking ever so lightly watching your body react to what is happening to it. Reaching your clit I slowly and lightly lick you and love the reaction I am getting from the treatment and what is happening to you.

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