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“And the State Patrol has issued a severe storm warning, if you do not absolutely have to go out, do not go out. Many roads and bridges will soon be impassable, or out all together,” was the radio’s warning.

“No shit Sherlock,” thought Dee as she rounded the rain soaked corner and hit yet another deep standing puddle of water. “Now you tell us!!” she said out loud in disgust. As usual she had stayed late at her office, oblivious to the world outside her 42nd floor cave of stainless steel, oak, “newblend” carpet fiber, and glass. Now she knew everything and more about her field, but normal day-to-day stuff, the goings on of people, their world and weather was not one of her strong suits, and that included her own life outside of work.

Dee was proud of her company; she had worked very hard to make it one of the most profitable, and prominent travel agencies in the city. She made it a point to know her clients, to get inside them, to hear what they didn’t actually say, to find the perfect spot for their vacations. It was quite an uncanny ability she had to read other people like that, a shame she could not read herself in the same way.

Once again, she was on her way, alone, to the apartment she lived in, alone. She was quite attractive, perhaps a little to hard looking for most, but underneath that put-on business face was a soft, serene, attractive woman, especially when she let herself smile, her whole self, but that had not been happening much as of late, the travel industry being in the decline it had fallen into.

As she turned yet another deep water corner, her windshield wipers were not able to keep up with the amount of rain even on their highest setting, which made it impossible to see what she was about to drive into, until it was too late. Evidently something had covered the culvert, and none of the water had a chance to escape. This mixed with a deep dip in the road, caused Dee’s car to flood and then stall as it headed into almost three feet of standing water. The water was so high, she had to roll a window down and climb out, as the weight of the water was too much against the doors of her low slung sports car. As she slipped out of the window, she let her high heels fall off, and jumped into the water to half walk, and half swim to the sidewalk, and hopefully some sort of safety.

As she stepped up onto the curb, she could see a light on through one of the doors of the businesses along this, one of the seedier streets of the town. She couldn’t worry about that tonight, and pressed on to walk towards the light and hopefully the warmth.

The door clinked a bell as it opened, and had a spring-loaded hinge that slammed it shut behind her with a load FWAP! In her state of distress, Dee was startled at this and turned to look at the cause of the sound. In so doing she missed the obvious nature of the business she had just entered, so as she turned around again, a small gasp escaped her involuntarily.

“I didn’t reckon the likes a you had ever been in here ma’am.” Was the semi literate greeting from the skinny, smarmy less than tooth full man behind the counter. His leers at her made her wonder if perhaps she was safer out in the monsoon.

“Look, there is a horrible storm out there, I just flooded my car in about 3 feet of water, I am tired, wet, cold, and angry, cant you just be a gentleman and offer me your phone?”

“Caint do that ma’am.”

“What!! Why not?”

“Phone’s been out for hours ma’am.”

“Well, can I at least get some dry clothes?”

“Well, ma’am, I will be happy to oblige you. As you can see, my store doesn’t offer much in the line of fine clothes like the duds you got on, but I can find you something to wear while we dry off yours.” The proprietor found a black, thin silk robe, and handed it to Dee. She looked at it in disdain, but thought since it had a tie around it, she felt she should be relatively safe.

“Where are your dressing rooms?”

“We don’t rightly have those, but you can use one of those booths back there, t’aint nobody here ceptn for us, and I wont bother ya.”

::To late, thought Dee, you already have::

Dee turned around, and started towards where he had pointed. So this was an adult bookstore she thought to herself. How repulsive she thought to herself haughtily. How could men get aroused at this fake, trumped up stuff? As she walked towards the booths, she passed all sorts of books, magazines and videos, depicting just about every form of depravity known and unknown to her. Then, on the other side of the wall were all sorts of hideous sex toys. Huge rubber or plastic dildos that she could not imagine fitting into anyone, were garishly displayed. Ones that were electric, ones that had a bulb to squeeze out your “own hot milky cum”. Curved ones, straight ones, ribbed (for her pleasure) ones, skinny ones, fat ones, my oh my, they just seemed to go on for ever, every size, color, shape, and texture. She let her imagination go just a bit as she walked by this hedonistic display, until she tuzla escort came to the ones that fit into a harness sort of affair. She turned around to look, and the little man had returned his attention to his little tv. She reached her hand out to grab the box for one of the strap on types, so she could get a closer look.

As she brought the box to within her eyesight, she felt a little twinge between her legs, with an almost automatic little spread of her legs, as she felt an unwanted fire of desire build from within. There on the cover of the box, in a glossy high quality picture was a woman, standing with the strap on installed on her, so as she stood, she had her own proud, hardon, pointing towards another woman and a man, who were both smiling, and in various stages of disrobing.

In Dee’s state, she could visualize herself standing there with that stiff cock, feeling her power as her awaiting subjects eagerly begged for her to plug them with her mighty tool. She caught herself in an evil grin, uncertain of these new feelings, but did not replace the box, and went into the nearest booth to change out of her soaked clothes.

As she took off everything, and stood before the blank video screen, she decided to try on the strap on, just for fun. She took it out of the box, and ran her fingers and hands over the wonderful feel of it, read the instructions, hooked up the harness, loved the way they made it so part of the harness had a little hard nubbin right where her clitoris was, so that as she cinched up the harness, it started to arouse her even more, and she could only imagine how it would feel as she was violating a wanton love partner.

She stood and admired the reflection of herself in the blank screen, and then threw the robe over her, cinched it up, and once again, admired her hardon visible through the thin material. She took all her wet clothes with her, so she could leave them close to the heater to dry, and then continued her exploration of this curiosity shoppe of sexual delight (amazing what a strap on can do to one’s perception).

She came to the counter with the oils and fragrances. She took each display bottle, opened them to sample the fragrance and the feel. She smiled at the way some of them made her skin feel, soft, yet alive with a tingling that was not all together unpleasant. She snuck another look over at the proprietor; happy to see he was still engrossed in whatever was on the little tv behind the counter.

Glad to see she could feel alone, she took the one that smelled and felt the best, put some on her hand, and snuck it under the opening of her silken robe. As her hand caressed one breast with the fragrant oil, she could feel her nipple harden at her touch, and that wonderful moistness begin to flow to ready her pussy. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensations immensely.

She pulled her hand out, to refill it with the magical oil, and once again slipped it under her robe, to now anoint her other breast, nipple already hardened in anticipation. As she caressed her other breast, the full effect of the oil was beginning to warm her first one, and the pleasure was mounting. Now, with both breasts fully oiled, her hand could roam between the two, to keep them in equal state of arousal.

Her pussy was now soaking with the anticipatory want for caresses. She pulled out her hand, spilled a larger amount of the oil into her hand, and slipped it back into her robe, which was now starting to open wider as her caresses became more intense. She finally reached her soaked pussy, and began rubbing herself, and the part of the harness that pushed against her clit. She found that she wanted to oil her “hardon” and did so with vigor, for the stronger she pumped herself, the more and harder contact that now oiled nubbin exerted on her clit.

Oblivious to everything now, she opened her robe all the way, so she could use both hands to please herself. She smiled and thought how strange it was that she had not done this for so long. “I cant let the business stop me from this again” she thought in her now almost fully aroused state. But there was something missing, and she knew what it was, she wanted herself to be filled. She went back to the dildo rack, and pulled down the most formidable looking one, with the gnarled veins and thick shaft. She took it out of its wrapper, and walked back over to get her magic oil. She poured a copious amount of the oil all over the massive tool, and loved the feeling of it in her hands. Feeling the dildo was ready, she finished the oil in her hands by rubbing it into her already wet hole. Bracing herself against the counter, she spread her legs as wide as they would go and started the tip of this huge psuedo penis into her waiting lips. She enjoyed just teasing herself for a bit, but could not hold back much longer. She gritted her teeth, closed her eyes, and with both hands holding the massive tool, pushed hard, and with one stiff push, got the full feeling she wanted, as the dildo slipped inside her, relatively easily, tuzla escort bayan up to a point. She just played with it there for a while, in and out, and her moans matching the self induced thrusts.

“OH GOD!!” cried Dee, as she increased force, speed and depth of the tool’s journey into her center. She got it to the point she could handle it with one hand, and stroke her hardon to manipulate her clit with the other. She felt the counter moving a bit as she pushed harder against it as her orgasm started from deep within. She didn’t care anymore, and just kept bucking back against it, pushing it with each of her thrusts, her moans drowning out the sound of the sliding case. Although so little aware of the man at the front, between two almost slits for eyes, she could see him still glued to his little tv, and with that realization, brought herself to her brink, and then in a marvelous and powerful flow, let her orgasm shake her to her very core, as she let it run throughout her body, thrusting and stroking all the while, until the pinnacle was reached, and she lay back against the counter so much, she slid slowly down to the floor, her legs wide open, her sopping pussy filled with the huge dildo.

After she regained some of her senses, she stood up, removed the dildo from her, and pulled the robe to surround her and cover her once again.

“You gonna buy that stuff you know,” came snide remark from the little man.

“What stuff?” asked Dee innocently.

“That strapon, the mr big, and that bottle of oil.”

::How the hell?::: thought Dee, as she began to walk over to the counter. As she got near enough to see, she realized….. The little tv was a closed circuit of the shop, with a control panel for different cameras. She realized she had just put on one hell of a show for this guber. His leer only accentuated her thought, and when she was close enough to his counter, she could see he had been whacking off at her show, his prick in his hand, and his pants down to his ankles.

“So, you liked my little show did you?”

“Oh yes ma’am, you’s some fine looking woman, and you got yourself some high sexual energy there.”

Dee smiled, and thought a bit, but then went ahead, “why don’t you come over here, so you’re not just jerkin off, perhaps I could help you with that.”

It didn’t take him long, one exaggerated leap, as if going over a wall, and he was standing right in front of her, grinning with those few teeth he had left.

“First, I think I need to get you ready”, she said, and pulled him by his rigid cock, him following like a blind man. He was just so happy to feel her oiled hands on his dick, that hadn’t felt a woman’s touch in longer than he admitted, even to himself. Due to this, he did not know or care where she was leading him. That is until it was too late!

As she reached the handcuff display, she noticed his eyes would close as she stroked his shaft, so to keep them closed, that is what she did, until she could jockey them around to the point she could cuff him to the display wall.

“Hey, what the?” he mumbled, but by then it was too late. Dee’s plan was in full swing. The cuffs were on a slotted display rack, so she could move them down, causing the little man’s butt to stick up in the air as he was bent over.

He began to see his predicament, especially when her hand was removed from his hard cock, “hey, I aint no fairy, I don’t do that kinda shit,” he said roughly.

“I know you aren’t a fairy, but I also know what you are, and right now, you are my bitch!!, now shut up, and take this fucking like you want it, or it’ll get much worse for you.”

At least she was a little decent, as she dribbled a little of the oil so it dropped into his crack. She wasn’t about to touch the man, but she would at least drop some lubrication there. He was now almost whining, as he felt her hands steady herself on his side, and then, he felt the tip of her strap on, as it knocked on his cherry butt hole. He tried in vain, to push or pull away, but there was just nowhere to go.

As she slipped the tip of her hardon into his virgin butt, he screamed, and she loved it, throwing her robe all the way off, and letting her body radiate in its sexual glory. She loved being able to see herself in the mirrored walls, and began her thrusts into his sore hole in earnest now. His movements were still that of pain, and Dee remembered all those times, those idiots she had been with, had been so damn horny, they couldn’t understand she needed some foreplay, to moisten herself enough to enjoy a good fuck. They got so excited, and so damn selfish, they would thrust their little peckers into her dryness and before she could even say anything, they had spewed their meager cum juice, and would leave. That was a long time ago she thought, and that was then, and this is “NOW”!! she screamed as she totally rammed herself home into his now very irritated ass.

Dee was just about to cum herself, as the power of fucking this little man; mixed with the clitoral stimulation escort tuzla of the harness was taking her right to that beautiful edge again. She could feel her orgasm starting once again, from deep within her core, and readied herself for its power.

But then the lights went out, or something. She knew she had thrust her head back in exhilarated ecstasy, but the next thing she knew it was dark, and there was a pressure against her forehead.

“Who the fuck do you think you are, you slut?” came the deep voice from behind her, and a little above her, signifying a man of some height. It was then she realized there was some sort of blindfold around her head, blocking her eyes. She slowed down, a bit pissed off that her luscious orgasm had been interrupted. “The little worm had it coming,” she retorted, with as much bravado she could muster in her blindfolded state.

“So you think people have that comin do you?” was the baritone reply. “Well, missy, two can play your game, and it will be funny to see the power switch.” To accentuate that word, she felt a sharp pain and heard a loud crack as something had cracked across her naked butt cheeks.

She fought back tears, even knowing they would not be seen through the blindfold, but could not fight back at the strong arms that took hold of her, and began to drag her away. She tried valiantly to resist, but there was just no way, the mystery man was way too big and strong. So, she just let herself go limp, to try that way of fighting back.

This too was in vain, for his strength easily moved her with and without her help. She felt herself be dragged quite a while, and even had the sense of a doorway, as she thought she brushed a door jam with her dragging feet. Then, she felt herself being turned around, and pushed roughly into something that was like a chair, but had little separate parts for her arms and legs. She felt first her hands, and then her ankles being fastened with something cold like steel clamps, and realized she was totally at this mystery man’s control. She could feel the fear creep up through her body, but also, a secret kind of pleasure, excitement.

“So you like my store and its toys do you?” asked her unknown master.

She felt no need to answer him.

“Well, we shall see how you like it back here, in my private little club. Usually one has to be invited here, by special arrangement, but you, you have forced the issue.”

With this, she felt her legs being spread, as the contraption had some kind of wench, that when turned, spread her legs, and dropped her back. As this stopped, she felt totally vulnerable, and worried, for she did not hear anything for a bit. Then there was the distinct sound of a match being struck, and that telltale smell of sulfur. She could hear her captor moving towards her, and tried in vain to shrink back from his ensuing presence. As she felt and heard him approach, the sulfur smell had been replaced by the distinctive smell of scented candle wax.

“So, you said you were cold didn’t you?” she heard and then screamed as a hot drop of melted wax landed directly on her still erect nipples, one at a time. Her back arched in the pain, but yet, there was still that hint of excitement, blindfolded, tied up, helpless, and totally at the mercy of this strong man.

“Stop that!” she screamed in vain, “that hurts!”

“Of course it does, but you know you love it.”

::How does he know that?:: thought Dee.

By now the drops of hot wax were landing all over her bare chest, each one sending shooting pain through her body, with the slow, unsteady pace not allowing her to sense when the next drop would occur, keeping her off balance.

She moaned in pleasure and in pain, that strange mix of the two, as the candle drops made a pathway down her chest, starting at that sensitive point right between her breasts and following down her chest. As she felt the drops burn, and then simply warm, she sensed that as the drops moved away from her breasts, she wanted to feel them again there. She dared not speak, and even less, ask for something she wanted, as she sensed this would do her no good at all. By pretending to fight each drop, and to recoil from its pain, she was able to play into what her “master’ wanted, thus pleasing him, making him continue as he was, instead of finding some other way to torment her.

As the drops started hitting the top of her stomach and moving down, she readied herself for the heat she knew her naval would soon feel. Yes with her perfect “innie” she knew it would be a target he would want to attempt. She forced out a scream as the first drop hit directly into the center of her navel, sending shock waves all throughout her body. She could feel herself beginning to get moist in her pussy again, and felt glad he had not taken off the strap on she had put on herself. She giggled to herself how silly she must look, strapped to this chair at the mercy of this maniac with the candle, and a plastic hardon sticking straight up into the air. Of course what was not silly, was the fact that every one of her struggles against her shackles, waved this plastic dick around, thus stimulating her now wanton clit, and bringing her closer to another crashing orgasm.

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