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A few years ago I had to go to Phoenix for a week long conference. I was sharing a hotel room with a coworker named Vicki. Vicki had gone to high school in Phoenix and still had quite a few old friends who lived there.

On our last day Vicki was out for the morning, and I was appreciating the privacy within our hotel room. I had just clicked on the coffee maker having just returned from my morning run. I took a look at the coffee pot as the first drops of coffee began to drip and decided that I could get in a quick shower before it was done.

Just as I had undressed and turned on the shower I heard someone knocking on the door. I put on my terry cloth robe and answered the door. It was Tim, one of Vicki’s friends from high school. I had met Tim earlier in the week.

“Hi Virginia, did I wake you guys up?” he said as he peered into the room. Tim was a decent looking guy, tall, thin, but muscular. He was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a loose fitting T-shirt. He had nice legs, and I surprised myself when I suddenly felt attracted to him.

“No, I was just gonna take a shower, and Vicki won’t be back for another hour,” I replied as I opened the door allowing him in. “She had to set up something at the conference center.” I walked back to the bathroom and turned off the shower.

“Damn! I completely forgot,” Tim said. “She was going to take me to breakfast this morning and I thought we could go early.”

“She’ll be back in about an hour. You want to wait? I just put on some coffee,” I offered from the bathroom. I glanced in the mirror and quickly brushed my hair back with my hand. My shower could wait until after Tim left with Vicki.

“Are you sure? I really don’t mind coming back.”

“Don’t be silly, you’d have to turn around to come back as soon as you get to your place,” I responded as I went over to pour two cups of coffee. “Have a seat.”


Tim sat down in the chair by the window and sipped halkalı escort his coffee. I began to tidy up a bit, picking up some of my dirty clothes and putting them in my suitcase. I pulled a People magazine off the night stand and tossed it on the table by Tim.

“Oh great, I get to see the worst dressers of the year!” He laughed, scanning the cover.

I smiled, took a sip of my coffee, and turned towards my bed. “You never know Tim, you might get some pointers.”

That got another laugh out of him. I set my coffee down and absent mindedly continued to tidy up the room. I crawled onto my bed and began to straighten my pillows and sheets up. I had one knee up on the bed and was reaching to tuck the sheet into the far corner when I suddenly realized that I most certainly was flashing Tim, with my robe being on the short side. I backed out as gracefully as possible while I casually glanced over my shoulder to see if he had been looking. Though his head was pointed down at the magazine, I was convinced I made eye contact with him. Tim kept his eyes on the magazine as I stood up. I casually pushed my robe down back to thigh level feeling a simultaneous rush of embarrassment and excitement. I had completely forgotten that I was bare underneath.

Tim’s eyes shot up at me and then back down to the magazine. I knew he had seen, and seen close up. The bed was only a few feet away from where he was sitting. Why did I feel so excited by this thought? I composed myself and tried to shake off the awkwardness of the moment.

“Well, talk about worst dressed” I said coolly, trying to make Tim at ease, “I guess nothing you’ve never seen before, right?”

Tim looked up at me and kind of gave a reassuring smile, but I could sense that he still felt a little awkward. I reached for my coffee stealing a glance at his crotch. His shorts were not tight, but the way he was sitting there was little haramidere escort left to the imagination as to what was underneath. Tim had a major erection that was trying to push out of his shorts. Tim read my eyes and tried to casually move the magazine to cover himself up.

“Is that what I think it is?” I asked feeling the sudden urge to tease Tim a little.

I saw him look down quickly and then back up. He looked like a deer caught in headlights. Tim again started to move the magazine to cover his lap when I again surprised us both. Without even thinking I reached out and placed my hand over his swollen penis that was straining the fabric. Tim sat motionless, and speechless, as I squeezed and rubbed him with both of my hands.

I did not say a word and did not look at his face, but intently stared at the what my hands were doing. His penis was now straightened into the twelve o’clock position and I ran my finger around the head which was now clearly outlined through his shorts. I could see a small amount of moisture seep through the fabric and could feel my own moisture forming in the warmth between my legs.

Tim cupped both of his hands around my breasts and began gently squeezing them through my robe, gently touching them in the most pleasurable way. As if snapped out of a daze, I then yanked his shorts down to his thighs. The action caused his penis to flop against his belly as it snapped back to attention, arcing a trail of pre cum across across my face. The unexpected warmth of the liquid on my skin sent me into a sexual frenzy, I pulled off my robe, and vaulted onto Tim.

Tim slid forward in the chair and leaned backward as I placed my knees on the edge of his chair, spreading my legs wide as I straddled him. I pressed my pelvis down firmly upon his and felt him at my entrance. I pushed my hips down enveloping his slick throbbing hard-on with my warm moist sex ikitelli escort and gasped as I could feel the enlarged head of his penis slide deep inside me.

Tim reached up, his fingers teasing my erect nipples. I responded by tilting my head back and pressing my chest into his large hands. I slowly moved my torso from side to side, and rocked back and forth in a grinding fashion, stimulating myself against the base of his penis. Waves of heat raced up through my body as I again thrust my pelvis up and, down, deeper, and harder.

As my hands clenched the back of the chair, I dug my knees into the seat slowly lifting myself and descending back upon him. He tried to reciprocate the effort, but could barely move his hips. I rode him up and down in long deliberate strokes, careful not to rise too far, but just enough to where the head of his rock hard cock was parting my lips.

The moment was near. I felt as if I was going to burst. I was now, bouncing on Tim as fast as I could. My legs were burning, but I was so close to orgasm making me go faster and harder. Tim could no longer hold onto my breasts as they vigorously bounced in and out of his hands. He lowered his hands to my waist and spread is fingers around my ass. With one hand firmly on each cheek, Tim lifted and lowered me, complementing my own motion, like he was bouncing a ball onto his well lubricated shaft. I could tell Tim was about to cum. His breathing was heavy and rapid and he was now squeezing my cheeks hard, lifting and pulling me down faster and faster.

Tim’s panting turned into grunts as my moans increased in volume. His body stiffened pulling my ass down tightly to his body and held it there. I felt a sudden gush of moisture pulsate inside of me and I shuddered with euphoria as wave upon wave of pleasure cascaded throughout my body, both of us cumming at the same time.

I collapsed forward and laid across Tim’s semi prone body. I barely had enough time to catch my breathe or think about what I had just done when I heard someone walking up the stairs outside. Both of us bolted upright instantaneously. I put on my robe and Tim pulled up his shorts. We gave each other a glance that meant that this encounter was to be our little secret. I picked up my coffee just in time to face the door as Vicki entered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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