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Saturday. While my wife and I were working around in the yard my wife asks are we going to have sex tonight. I say I don’t think of anything that can stop us. She says good I need to run to the store later so let’s finish our work. I tell her go ahead and clean up that I’ll finish what we have to do. She heads in and showers, I keep working. She finishes and asks me how much longer till I’m done. I tell her about ten minutes and I’ll be in. Once done I jumped in the shower while my wife says she is going to rent some porn for us. That’s great I say. I set down on the bed and my wife say I got to videos, One is Bi Cuckold Cum Eaters and the other is Cum in my mouth I’ll spit it back in yours 6. Each one of those are pretty hot. The first one the girls get fucked and sucked to their fulfillment and the guys gets his ass plowed as well as fed the cum of the other guy. Not to mention he eats his own load also. There are three of those scenes. The second one is pretty self explanatory. A hot babe fucks and sucks a guy till he blows in her mouth. She then snowballs it back into his. There are three of those scenes also.

My wife tells me to lay on the bed stomach down She crawls between my legs and says she wants a taste of me and to warn me up. I feel each of her hands on my ass cheeks and spreads them. Next I feel her face dive in between my ass cheeks and she drives her tongue up my asshole. She wiggles it in up as far as she can than rings her tongue around the outside of my sphincter muscle. She keeps licking my hole for a few minutes till she inserts a finger up me, then another is added followed by a third. She stops and says stay right there.

I don’t move as I hear her open our toy drawer. She comes back and says flip over. I do and she has our cuff restraints, she says stretch your arms out. She puts the wrist restraints on me and ties them off to the head board. I ask what is going on and she just says you’ll see. Now lift your legs up and show me your asshole. I do and she grabs some lube and fingers my ass some more. She gets up again and grabs a towel shoves it under my ass, she puts each of my ankle on her shoulders so I’m fully exposed to her. She inserts a dildo up my butt. It feels great as I quietly moan with pleasure. She relaxes my hole and pulls out the dildo. Seconds later another larger one has taken its place. In and out she strokes it and works it side to side, further relaxing my tight ass.

She pulls that one out and asks me if I’m ready. I grab my hard throbbing cock and say absolutely. With that she pulls out our Bam strapon. She says I mean are you ready for this? I tell her I guess just please be gentle. No problem she says as she bumps the massive head up against my hole. She pushes it in slightly and backs off again, in again as bahis firmaları my butt stretches then back out again. Another push and she has the head in as my hole clamps down on it. She lets it set there for a short while then pulls it out again, it doesn’t come all of the way out and back in it goes. This time she pushes deeper I must have four inches up my butt as it is stretching to accept it. Out again it comes but she leaves the head in. She starts shoving it in again, it feels awesome as I feel it’s round brown smoothness with the nerves in my asshole. I now have at least 8 inches up my ass as she lets me get used to it for a moment.

She withdraws it again to the head, pauses then back up my shoot it goes, I groan with pleasure as it slides all of the way to its balls. She stops and backs herself off of the bed. Then she ties my ankles to the foot of the bed. She says you stay there with that up your ass till I get back, I’m going shopping. Boy you are a sight She exclaims. I would guess so, I’m tied up spread eagle with a hugely fat twelve inch rubber dildo up my ass. She starts the Bi Cum Eating Cuckolds movie and says to me, lay there and watch no cumming and don’t take that out of your asshole. You and I both want it relaxed and stretched. Now I’m worried I ask her where she is going shopping and she says the sex shop I need another bigger strapon. My mind starts to wonder how much bigger.

Well the movie is hot, the girl in the first scene slurps cock down her throat with ease. She gets fucked till she cums and then climbs on top of the guy while she slides him up her ass. She has her husband lick her pussy as she is getting fucked and a few times tells him to take it out of her ass so he can lick it clean. Back up her ass again and a few pumps later his balls are tightening and she says don’t cum in my ass my husband will eat it. Out it comes from her ass and the husband sucks him till his moth is filled with his cum. He swallows it all as she climbs off of the guy. She kicks the guy out and tells her husband to shot into his own face. He protests that he can use some help by she refuses and says get to it. He throws his legs over his head and jacks off while she slaps his ass telling him to hurry, cum in your face. Shortly he does and is then told to push into in his mouth with his finger and swallow. The video fades out to the next scene One hot chick one guy with a huge dick and the poor cum eating husband. I’ve seen this clip before and the guys not only gets feed cum but he gets plowed up the ass by the guys huge dick.

I hear my wife coming back into the house and can only hope that fake cock is still lodged all of the way up my ass. It feels like it is but it is hard to tell. I do know that watching that video has my cock dripping precum like kaçak iddaa crazy. She walks up to me and says you have been a bad boy, that dildo is at least three inches out if your hole. I tell her well that means at least nine inches are still in there, that has to count for something. Well I guess it does she says as she shoves it back in to the hilt. She shakes a bag in front of my face and says you’ll going to love this. I don’t know about that, the bag looks pretty heavy and is pretty large. She reaches in the bag and pulls out an unbelievable strapon. It is huge, it has to be four inches thick and ten inches long. She says I had to buy another strapon harness for this thing, it’s just so big.

OMG I think to my self the is no way that will fit up my ass. She will tear my butt hole trying it and I won’t shit right for a week if she gets it in. Even after that she asks me is your asshole hungry for this? I really have no alternative but to say yes baby, she is going to try and get it up my ass anyway. She strips naked and puts her new harness on as I lay watching stroking my cock. I’m trying to build up my sexual excitement to be able to accept that massive thing. I wipe my cock of the precum that is leaking and glance at the TV just in time for the cuckold to be crying out in pain as his asshole is getting pounded, his wife laughing as the guys cock is pounding in and out of her husbands ass with no regard for what damage he is doing to it.

My wife grabs the bam dildo and works in it and out a little then pulls it all of the way out. My ass is thankful to finally get to relax as it spasms open and shut. My wife says what a nice gape you have there, your butt hole is wide open and I can drive a truck up there. It slowly closes back to into normal closed position but it still feels stretched and I can tell it had just been full. Did you like being full with that cock up you? I tell her it was great, it actually did feel great. I love having my ass stuffed. It’s the fullness that I get off on. Well I’m going to untie you so you can flip over, I’m going to stick this up your ass and stretch you like you have never been stretched before.

She unties me and I flip over and knell on the bed in the doggy position so my ass is easily accessible for her. She kneels behind me and in between my legs. I glance up at the tv and the third scene is on, appropriately enough the wife is leaning over her husbands back as he too is in the doggy position. She is spreading his ass cheeks so he can get a cock up it. The other guys puts his dick up against his hole and pushes his cock it’s full length in one quick hard push he is buried balls deep in his ass. I think in my head my wife hopefully won’t try that.

She lubes up my ass with her finger and mentions how loose my kaçak bahis ass is. She places the head right at the entrance and is slowly applying pressure. My ass opens up easily to partially accept the head of the intruder. She pulls it out and then again attempts to get the head in. It goes a little further but not all of the way in. She grabs my hips and pulls them into her as she applies the force of her weight to the strapon. She says almost, almost in then she backs off and takes it completely out, she lets me rest a second or two and rubs the head back against the entrance to my hole. She pushes with her weight and my hole opens to swallow her tool. She grabs my hips again and pulls…Arrrgh! I gasp as the head starts to slip past my sphincter muscle and my ass sucks it in inside of me.

My wife exclaims you did it, you have about four inches up your butt. She just lets my asshole relax and acclimate to her monster, a half minute later she withdraws it till the head bumps up against my sphincter this time frame the inside and pushes back in. The massive tool is tunneling deep up my ass as she pushes past the four inch mark all the way till it is totally up inside me.. She slowly fucks my ass with long loving, ass stretching strokes. I’m in haven but can take no more. I ask her to please stop and take it out, but take it out slowly. I feel every inch being pulled out of my ass and then the bulbous head again is stretching me as it strains to come out. It finally pops out of my ass as I let out a groan. My wife says now you really have a gaping asshole, I wish I had my camera.

My wife asks me if I want to cum and I of course say absolutely I do. She says I’ll untie you so you can roll over and assume the position, shoot it right in your mouth so you can eat it right from the source. I flip on my back and position my cock right over my face and start to stroke my cock. My wife looks at my open asshole and says I think I destroyed it. She inserts a couple of fingers, then a couple of more are twisting and turning in my ass. The she folds her thumb into her hand and pushes her whole hand up my ass. While she is again filling my asshole I’m about to the point to have my cum is coaxed out of my balls. My asshole clamps down and squeezes my wife’s wrist and the first shots of sperm blast my face and mouth. I cum and cum, I think more than I ever have before. My face is covered with it. My wife helps me by pushing the cum into my mouth as I swallow each and every drop. She removes her hand from my stretched out butt hole, helps me uncoil and we both embrace on the bed.

She asks was that good for you, I tell her she was great, it was such a surprise. I thought all we were going to do today was yard work. Now I’m glad it’s all done because I don’t think I will be able to move around very well, I think my ass is still stuck open and kind of aching. Thank you very much I’ll be feeling this for a few days I’m sure. She says we’ll save the other movie for later.

Sunday to follow

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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