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Adrian was your typical nerdy boy. An 18 year old who always got by on his own. His looks weren’t anything dashing, and he spent most of his time at home playing video games. He was a nice boy, but having a hot 24 year old sister made his life more miserable that he was still a virgin among his peers, who often went to sex parties and got laid before him. He had freckles around his face, and he was a little overweight, which didn’t help with his image at all.

His sister, Cheryl, was a beautiful blonde chick, with lush, long hair often tied up in a ponytail. Her face was perfect, and many modeling agencies tried to get her to join them to no avail. She was a Sports Champion at school and now often went to the gym which attributed her with a fit, sexy figure, and now works in an office job where all the males often try to take her on dates to no success. She had only one love deep down in her heart, and that was her youngest brother.

The pair grew up together close, bonding together despite the age gap. Although they sometimes teased each other with kisses on cheeks and thigh slaps, nothing further happened.

Until this night.

It was valentine’s day, and Cheryl had a long day at work attending to clients, meetings and spent the rest of the day looking at other people on social media going on lovely dates. Cheryl knew her brother was at home today, and decided to do something special with him. Their parents were on a week long vacation anyway, leaving them alone at home with only the other brother Jake, who she did not feel sexually attracted to for some reason, despite his age of 21 being closer to her.

Cheryl started touching herself, gripping her white collar shirt and groping her black skirt in the toilet anticipating returning home to see her youngest brother. She felt overly sexual today, and felt guilty about thinking of her brother like that, but she could not control it.

Thud. The door closed as Cheryl entered her house. Taking off her high heels, she was unaware Adrian was already peeking at her taking her heels off from the second floor. He loved seeing his older sister’s feet, and thought of all the ways he could lick and suck them.

Cheryl sat down on the couch as her two brothers came down to watch a movie with her in the living room. However, Cheryl and Adrian was secretly waiting for Jake to go to bed. Adrian was hoping Cheryl would fall asleep on the couch and he got to admire his sister’s sexy body and masturbate to it, while Cheryl had even better thoughts.

The time came and Jake went up, much to the excitement of the pair. Cheryl leaned over to Adrian, and asked him to go up to her room to play some games. Adrian of course, gladly accepted.

Entering the room, Cheryl quietly locked the door. She walked over and leaned into Adrian’s ear, and whispered “I know you’ve been watching me take my shoes off, you dirty bastard.” Adrian was flustered. His sister caught him in the act! Cheryl placed her left hand on Adrian’s neck, and leaned in, licking his neck. Adrian couldn’t believe it, he was smelling his sister’s sweaty dirty body from coming home after work without bathing, and he loved it.

“I… I…” Adrian stuttered.

“Mmm?” Cheryl whispered sluttily, moving up to kiss his face and nibble his ear.

“I love you…” Adrian said, his hormones raging and excitement took over. He was on the path to seeing her naked! “Get naked then, love.” Cheryl whispered, smiling and giving him a peck. She then closed the window, leaving a small slit open for air while making the room hot enough for both of them to start sweating profusely. Adrian wasted no time, immediately stripping down his clothes and even underwear as his hot sister leaned back and laid on her bed with a seductive pose.

“Don’t make too much noise hun, we don’t wanna wake him up.” she said as she winked.

Adrian was standing fully naked, his cock erect. He jumped into his sister’s bed, and immediately grabbed her feet, sucking them and tasting all the sweat and dirt accumulated on them. He was so excited his saliva drooled all over her feet, wetting them. “You love feet huh?” his sister chuckled.

“Mmm..M…I… I love all of you.” he struggled to talk with her left foot lodged in his mouth.

“You wanna undress me, honey?” Cheryl said as she used her free foot to massage his shoulder. Adrian released her left foot, now drenched fully in his saliva, and grabbed her left leg with both arms, licking his way upwards to her skirt. He couldn’t believe he was now groping his sister’s fit legs. He made sure to slide casino şirketleri his cock to her feet when he reached the top of the skirt. His sister’s long luscious legs were beautiful.

After smelling his sister’s skirt, Adrian started to fumble with it. he had not operated a skirt before. Cheryl giggled, and helped him by hold his hands and directing them to her zippers. Adrian slowly unzipped the skirt, and pulled the skirt gently down Cheryl’s legs. his eyes fixated along the movement and revealing of her beautiful thighs.

Her black panty greeted him. His sexy sister was now down to her office shirt and panty, her skirt fully removed. Adrian was overwhelmed. He got in and licked the panty, enjoying the smell of her vaginal discharge and odor. Cheryl moaned softly. Her youngest brother’s mouth was now sucking and licking her panty near her vagina. She couldn’t wait for his lips to touch her vagina.

“Eat me. Eat me love.” Cheryl whispered as her legs started to curl up in sexual anticipation. Adrian grabbed her panty with both hands and pulled them down, eager to taste his first contact with a girl’s genitals. her pussy laid bare, with hair, is now open for the taking. Adrian crawled back up to her vagina, and grabbed both her thighs with his arms, his head going down on her vagina. he started by first licking the hairy bush around the opening, then his tongue went into her vagina.

Cheryl moaned. her brother’s tongue felt good for some reason, almost as if purely because this was taboo in all sense of the word. Adrian had a good time tasting her vagina liquids, his tongue making all sorts of movements in her pussy. Cheryl grabbed his head by the hair with her left hand, guiding it around between her thighs while her right hand was busy texting their mom who just sent a message if everything was okay.

After 30 minutes of cunnilingus, Adrian lifted his head, licking his lips because he couldn’t get enough of his elder sister’s pussy. “Don’t worry babe, we’ve got the whole week.” she joked. Adrian felt like the luckiest boy in the whole world. His sister was a consistent looker, always labeled the most gorgeous babe in every school and office she went to. So many suitors, but he was the one for her.

“This shirt isn’t going to slip off itself.” Cheryl whispered, gesturing her youngest brother to undress her. Adrian slowly removed each button one by one, his eyes discovering the sexy skin that each unbuttoning revealed. After the last button popped, Adrian opened the shirt up, and his sister helped removed it. The shirt was drenched in soaking sweat by now, as with both their bodies.

“Teach me to unhook your bra.” Adrian whispered to his sister. Cheryl took his hand and guided him. her black bra now off, his sister’s voluptuous breasts hung freely. Looking at her lush pink nipples, he knew what had to be done, immediately going down on them and sucking.

“Hey! Not going to kiss me first?” Cheryl frowned and said.

Adrian quickly went up. “Sorry… I” he mumbled. His fully naked sister’s body was too much for his brain to process.

“Come up and kiss with me. i’ll teach you to kiss a woman for your future girlfriend.” she said.

Adrian shook his head. “I want you to be my girlfriend. I love you.”

“Aww, Come here. I’ll be your secret girlfriend!” Cheryl smiled and pulled her brother close. The couple began kissing lip to lip, hugging and embraced tightly skin to skin. Her legs started to curl around his legs, as his cock felt the warm embrace of his sister’s body. Adrian’s left hand was between her ponytail-tied hair, while his right hand was lodged under her back.

Cheryl used her left hand to grab his head from the back, while her right hand groped his buttcheeks. The pair occasionally opened their mouths, with their tongues interlocking and tasting each other’s saliva intensely.

Saliva drooled from both of their mouths, while sweat from both bodies trickled down their bodies, soaking the bedsheet. An hour of intense smooching ensued.

“Why is your hair still tied?” Adrian asked his sister.

“So I can suck you off better.” she winked and whispered back. “You wanna fuck me now?” she offered.

Adrian was excited. His cock was going to be in his sister’s warm pussy!

Knock knock! The bedroom door shocked the pair, now interlocked in a sweaty embrace.

“Hey! i can’t find Adrian in his room!” Jake shouted. “Why is the door locked?” he continued.

“I’m busy!” Cheryl shouted back, pushing her youngest brother’s naked body aside as the two rushed to dress casino firmaları up. “Oh god.” she whispered. Adrian was furious. His cock was ready to pound his sister’s soft sweet pussy. Jake was a cockblock.

“Gosh sake! He’s a young adult! Why do you care? Check the yard!” Cheryl shouted.

“Okay.” Jake replied, as his footsteps down the stairs relieved the pair.

“Get back to your room!” Cheryl said, gesturing Adrian to return to his bed. The pair took a towel and dried up, wiping away all the sweat and saliva that was all over their body. Fuming, Adrian went back. he could not sleep for the rest of the night, his mind still thinking of his sister’s naked body and all the foreplay they had been performing on each other.

The next day came round, and Adrian had to go to school. He got in the car with his sister and Jake, as his sister drove them to their places as usual. The whole ride, Adrian was just admiring his sister’s figure. After dropping Jake at his workplace, Adrian waited for his sister to drive off, before asking “I wanna fuck you so bad.”

Cheryl looked at him and smiled. “I know sweetie. I’d take a half day tomorrow, and we will have all the sex in the world while Jake’s at work, okay?” she gave him a pat on the cock.

“Why tomorrow! my cock is hard since last night! I can’t wait!” Adrian sulked. Cheryl drove to his school, and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Adrian immediately grabbed her by the cheeks, and turned her so he could full smooch her and lick her lips all over. Cheryl quickly pushed him off. “Wait! Not in public love!”

The day was long and arduous, and Adrian could not pay attention in school. Everything was boring when his sister’s naked body was the only thing that mattered. Not even his close friends could keep him interested with video game talk, which was usually all he cared about.

“Ding!” his mobile phone rang midclass. Adrian opened up the message, it had a multimedia attachment. Cheryl had sent him a picture of herself in the office toilet, an up skirt photo.

The message attached read : “This should keep you satisfied 😉 <3 xoxo your girlfriend xoxo". Adrian immediately rushed to the restroom to masturbate. he kept staring at the message for the rest of the day. he had never received such a mushy message from a female before. The next day rolled over, and Adrian was patiently awaiting at home for his lover to come home and fuck. The door open, and Cheryl came. Her high heels clicking on the floor made Adrian jump up in excitement. The pair checked the house to be empty, and immediately Adrian rushed over and started pulling on his sister’s skirt. “Wait! Wait!” Cheryl laughed. “Okay tiger, where do you want to do it?” Cheryl asked. Adrian grabbed her hand, and pulled her to their parent’s bedroom. “You naughty fuck.” Cheryl said as she placed her hands on her hip. Adrian smiled in glee. Adrian pushed Cheryl onto the bed, and she giggled. “Mmm, all that pent up sexuality.” she joked, her legs seductively rubbing against the king sized bed blanket. “Close your eyes, don’t open them until I tell you to.” Adrian said. Cheryl closed her eyes. “Okay, babe.” she was excited on what was to come. Adrian pulled her hands to the bedframe, and took out two handcuffs, cuffing his sister to the bed frame. “Gosh, you’re kinky!” she exclaimed. Adrian laughed, and wrapped a black cloth around Cheryl’s head to cover only her eyes. “You can open your eyes now, but you wont see anything. I’m going to fuck you no matter what. Even if Jake comes home early, I’d still keep fucking you. He can watch if he wants. But you’re my girlfriend, and he is not allowed to see your genitals.” Cheryl got comfortable with her position. “You’ve got four hours until he comes home.” she said. Adrian ran his finger down from her neck to her skirt. “Four hours is a lot of time for me to cum all over you.” he whispered in her ear. “Someone’s been watching a lot of porn.” she replied. Adrian slapped Cheryl on the cheek. “Shut up bitch.” Cheryl immediately recoiled her legs. “Crude. Slap me harder.” Adrian slapped her harder, sending her ponytail hair to fly to the front of her face in recoil. “Should have stripped me first before cuffs don’t you think?” Cheryl asked. Adrian paused for awhile. “Oops. I’ll cut your clothes off.” he said. “Oh gosh, what the fuck.” Cheryl exclaimed. Adrian was serious. He went to take a pair of scissors, and starting cutting into his sister’s shirt. “I love you so much. We should start a family together, love.” he güvenilir casino said.

“Mmm… What do you think our family would say of that?” Cheryl asked.

“Screw them, they don’t matter to me as much as you. You are my girlfriend, and I want to make you my wife.” Adrian replied.

Cheryl licked her lips in horniness. Her youngest brother talking down dirty to her was a massive turn on. “Mmm… We can run away together, just the two of us, get married and have a family.” she proposed. Adrian was done cutting her clothes. he slipped the fabrics off easily, revealing her underwear. Seasoned from the last encounter, he easily took them off, his tied up sister was now laid bare naked on their parents bed, ready for hours of passionate sex.

Adrian got himself naked, and went down on his sister. he first pushed her ponytail hair back behind her head, then kissed and licked her lips, before slowly climbing and mounting her naked body. He hugged his sister tightly, groping her naked back before rubbing his cock around her vagina’s exterior.

“What a tease!” Cheryl laughed.

“You ready, love?” Adrian whispered into his sister’s left ear.

“yeah give it to me!” she exclaimed. Adrian started slowly, slowly inserting his penis into her vagina. He made sure to feel every connection of the cock slowly pushing its way into the vagina. “Mmmmhf.” Cheryl moaned. Her arms started to pull away from the frame in reaction, and the cuff’s chains tightened further.

At his maximum, Adrian let it sit for awhile, feeling every bit of warmth and hotness of his sister’s pussy. He then started to slowly pull it out, feeling the sliding action again. His sister let out a seductive gasp, and clenched her lips. it was so wrong, what they were doing, but the wrongness was making her more horny.

Adrian went in a second time, this time a bit faster, his eyes fixed on his sister’s blindfolded face. The expression on her face turned him on. He felt his cock hard and throbbing, an experience much more intense than the times he masturbated to porn. His actual sister’s hot naked body had no substitute.

Adrian thrust another time, this time even faster. he was loving every second of it, and felt it was the best day of his life. His sister’s moans kept continuing, making him moan back like a porn video. this time, he hugged her body tightly with his own, and stuck his lips on her mouth, he wanted to feel her breath coming into his mouth as she moaned when his cock slid into her pussy. “Mmmphf!” his sister’s gaping mouth let out a gust of hot breath straight into his open and ready mouth. The feeling was so good, Adrian kept this position for a long time, constantly throbbing and thrusting his sister, while his free hands fondled every reachable body part of his loving sister’s profusely sweating body as much as he could.

Then he came. Adrian suddenly ejaculated a stream of hot semen while his cock was deep in his sister’s vagina, releasing the stream of liquid into the vagina. “Aaaah!” Both of them let out. Adrian felt peak happiness. He had orgasm-ed in his own sister! Adrian released his tension and let his body rest on his sister’s body, who was still cuffed in the same position as before. “Mmmm…” “Ooohh..” both of them let out in an aftermath of pleasure. Adrian groped his sweaty sister’s body gently, while the pair rested for 5 minutes in that position.

“You still haven’t sucked me off.” Adrian said as he fondled his sister’s nipples. Cheryl laughed.

“Okay, buddy. Your cock’s still loaded?” Cheryl asked.

“Always.” Adrian said as he climbed up over his sister’s head, rubbing his cock around her cheeks and face.

Without warning, Adrian stuffed his cock immediately into her mouth, forcing it as deep as it could go. “MMMMPHFPF” Cheryl made a noise as her mouth was filled with her youngest brother’s sweaty cock, now coated in pussy juice and cum. Adrian removed her blindfolds, and Cheryl’s eyes were greeted with a from-below view of her youngest brother’s naked body. He slowly turned around, and assumed a 69 position.

Adrian then went down on Cheryl, his mouth going to her pussy as his cock stayed in her mouth, getting massaged by her tongue. The pair continued to suck and lick each other off for a whole hour.

“Time’s up.” Cheryl slapped her brother on the buttcheeks.

“Aww I don’t wanna stop!” Adrian sulked.

Cheryl laughed. “Hey we live together, there’s going to be more opportunities!”

Adrian uncuffed his lover, and the pair sat up looking into each other’s eyes. “I love you, boo.” Cheryl smiled and said reassuringly. “let’s keep this a secret okay?” she whispered. Adrian nodded, and the pair went to have a good shower together before getting dressed and back into their rooms.

“I’m home!” Jake shouted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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