Adventures of the J.A.P. Episode 2 Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Anticipation

The following day as I awoke, at first I thought that it had all been a dream, but then the feeling of muscles I had seldom used before gently reminded me that they had been used quite extensively while my skin seemed taunt from the dried semen as it’s stale odor assaulted my nostrils; while next to me laid Peter still sleeping and snoring as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

I walked to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, acknowledging the minor bruises I had accumulated and several rather prominent hickies. I couldn’t believe that! Here I was at 26 years of age and I had great big fucking hickies all over my neck and breast. I would have to wear a high collar blouse for the next week or everybody would be able to see them!

I started my shower and as I started to soap and lather myself, I began to actually caress myself slipping into a daydream about the night before; what had happened and how I enjoyed it in all of it’s many facets. And somewhere during that time I started imagining what would happen when next I met my new Master. As the visions played thru my mind I started to masturbate and really had a very nice little orgasm before I was aware that the water had really turned cold!

The rest of the morning still remains a vague blur to this day, I just kind of floated thru it with my imagination running wild; the first thing I really do remember is Peter coming in with a great big grin on his face, whistling and asking me how I felt and if I really enjoyed what we had done the night before.

I asked him, “Do you really have to ask? I mean didn’t my actions prove anything to you?” He replied, “Absolutely, I just thought I would ask. Were you serious last night about doing it again? Do you want to try somebody different or do you want to try him again?”

“Oh there is no doubt, I want him again! I was serious; I really do want him to be my Master! I want to do anything he tells me. I just came again a few minutes ago thinking about it. The submission, the debasing surrenders and the way he let me do what I wanted, how he knew, I don’t know, but he did and I liked it! The way he took control of everything and made you do things that I never even thought of you doing was a Kartal Esmer Escort startling revelation. I thought it was so sexy, and then the way you licked and sucked my pussy afterwards, I was in heaven. I will do it every time he wants whether you want to or not, but I would rather that you did it with me, it really is so sexy with you afterwards!”

Then he said, “OK, if that’s what you want, that’s what you get. But it will cost you!” he added with a grin. “How much?” I asked. “A big hug and a kiss.” He replied. So I crawled into his lap and gave him both and asked, “When?” Having told me whenever I wanted, I proceeded to call my Master and talk to him about when I would be able to see him again, figuring being a truck driver and out on the highway it might be some time before he was back near us again.. That is when I found out that he was not a real truck driver in the sense most people would think of. He only drives occasionally for special reasons and it just so happened we had spotted him on one of his rare trips. Now that is what I call a cosmic connection. When I found that out, I knew we where meant to be star crossed lovers!

It turned out that he lived about 120 miles away and was free to come back again so that I could see him tonight if I wanted (if I wanted, I felt like I would die if I didn’t!). Then he asked me if I was really sure I wanted to continue the role and was willing to do whatever he commanded; at which time I immediately cried, “OH YES!”

He instructed me to dress up extremely sexy, I mean to the point of trampy; very short skirt, exposed hose, spikes, open blouse so my hickies showed, make-up, costume jewelry, red nails and lipstick and then to have Peter reserve a room at a hotel. He said that after we got to the hotel for me to stay with the car until Pete called a cab and it had arrived.

Then we were to take the cab to an adult bookstore on the other side of town and proceed to enter and browse. He said if we saw anything we liked to go ahead and buy it but basically for me to strut around inside and flirt, but not to do anything with anybody. When he entered I was to proposition him and Pete was to reinforce the scene by offering to pay him to have sex with me, while I rubbed him Kartal Eve Gelen Escort and kissed him like a slut bitch in heat.

Of course I agreed and when I told Pete, we fucked on the floor right there! I mean at that point in our relationship, after we met the Master, everything seemed to turn us on, we were like to minks in heat all of the time, it only changed later after a few months had gone by and we experienced some rather exotic and wild situations, that I will be telling you about in the episodes and chapters to come.

For the rest of that day, I went shopping, had my hair done, got a manicure, pedicure and just imagined all of the things that I was going to experience that night, fingering myself every chance I got and having Peter lick and suck me several times.

For the first time, but not the last; I completely experienced all of the wanton imaginings my mind could wander coming to the realization that I had been totally sheltered and protected from these feelings and actions up to this point in my life, but I would never be again, I liked being sexual, I liked acting like a slut, I loved being my Masters Slut!

He had opened up a floodgate of emotions and physical yearnings that I have pursued to this day and though many times I have felt satiated, I believe I know how a drug addict must feel, as I have a compulsive desire, lust and need to experience sex, sex and more sex in every style and manner available to me with my Master’s consent, and fortunately for me, he lets or has me do just about everything!

While we were riding to the hotel across town I opened my legs wide so that Peter could start playing with me, as I absolutely adore having someone finger me as we ride down the road. Needless to say, by the time we got there, I had come again and my juices were running down my thighs & legs creating a wet spot in my already very obvious short skirt.

Peter had called the cab on the cell phone and had me stand on the corner while it was on its way to pick him up. When it arrived he got in and had the driver stop at the corner and pick me up and we proceeded to the adult bookstore.

Now up to this time we had never been in one of these stores. As I told you previously, we Kartal Evi Olan Escort had bought everything by mail. We had access to the evidence from my court case and then sent off for everything after that, so we were a little apprehensive about what it would be like as we had heard all of the rumors (which many are true by the way, but not all) but were so turned on by the idea, we were ready to fuck right there whether people watched or not! But reason prevailed and we followed our instructions.

Peter stood by and watched me strut around the main room and flirt outrageously, and he also bought a new movie, a couple of magazines and a few accessories to the tune of $225 and believe me it doesn’t take long to spend money in one of those places…lol!

And then the moment I had waited and anticipated on all day occurred, the door opened and there was my Master, looking so totally different from the night before, I almost didn’t recognize him!

His mustache was curled in a handlebar, his hair combed back, wearing a pair of amber driving glasses and a three-piece herringbone suit; he looked like a model of a lawyer out of a German magazine. I literally knew I was in love then! When I was caressing and kissing him begging him to take me and fuck me, I wasn’t acting out a role or kidding, it was for real and I meant it whether anybody else knew it or not!

I was making quite a spectacle of myself when the man running the store started to say something; Peter said, “She is my wife and I’ll handle it.” He walked up to me and my Master and in front of everybody, pulled his wallet out of his pocket and took out a hundred dollar bill. He offered it to my Master and said, “I will give this hundred dollar bill to you, it is yours; if you will fuck her for me and let me watch.” Before the Master could say anything, I came right there and in my frenzy I cried out, “PLEASE!”

Everybody in the store encouraged him to do it, they were screaming, “Fuck her, fuck her here, make her suck your dick” and all kinds of things. It was such a turn on to know that all of those men wanted me and to see me do nasty things or do them to me themselves that I seemed to be in a continuous state of orgasm, I mean everything was spinning and my vision was blurred and I just seemed to be floating on air and struggling to catch my breath.

Then the Master said, “OK, I have a cab out front let’s go.” Then he held out his arm for me and we exited to the cheers of my first but not my last, roomful of horny men.

To Be Continued….If Encouraged…

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