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Chapter 10 – Office Space

It felt good to sleep in the next morning. I woke up well after 10am and moved around my morning routine with no urgency. The house was quiet, as both Penny and Vivian had left for work already. I showered and threw on a golf-shirt and a pair of jeans. I had a bagel and cup of coffee as I waited for noon to arrive.

Brooke was right on time as the clock struck 12. She rang the bell and I headed for the door. I locked up as I exited the house and got in Brooke’s car. I closed the door and before I could buckle my seatbelt she tore out of the driveway.

Brooke raced to our first destination. She was driving like a woman possessed, weaving in and out of traffic and darting through the streets. We didn’t speak as she drove, allowing her to fully concentrate on driving. Finally, the car screeched into the lot of a small, two-story office building. Brooke parked close to the front door of the building and killed the engine.

She didn’t waste a moment, snapping the door open and stepping out of the car. I climbed out of the passenger side and saw that Brooke had passed me and was heading for the front door. I stopped in my tracks, noticing for the first time how hot she looked today. I was completely and totally blown away.

Brooke was wearing a one-piece black collared jumper mini dress. It barely fell past her ass, allowing her gorgeous legs to be shown in full, all the way down to her black 5-inch pumps. I could not move watching her walk with a purpose towards the front door. When Brooke finally noticed that I was not following her, she stopped walking and turned her head around to look at me. She knew I was staring at her fabulous figure and terrific ensemble. She pressed her lips, pink with lipstick, together and blew me a kiss before continuing towards the door.

I bolted from where I stood to catch up with her. I passed her just as we reached the door to the building. I held it open for her and watched her walk through. I am sure she shook her ass an extra time or two knowing that I was watching. I followed Brooke past the elevators and she opened the door to the main level office suite. We entered and I looked around.

“This is option number 1,” Brooke announced. “It occupies 2/3 of the first floor space and has plenty of room for our operation. Any questions or thoughts?”

“Yeah, I have a question,” I replied. “Did you wear that to torture me or just to ensure you had my complete attention?”

“Hmm, why don’t you give me your full attention and we’ll see what happens,” she giggled. “But torturing you is always fun.”

“What was with the crazy driving,” I asked.

“I wanted to get here fast so you could see what I was wearing,” she admitted with a chuckle.

“I see, so you did wear it to torture me,” I stated.

“Do you have any questions about the space,” Brooke huffed.

I looked around and really started to take in the space she was showing me. There was plenty of room for all of us. There was a small conference room and a small desk area for Nikki to go with 7 offices and a conference room. I was a little indifferent about it, though I had some questions.

“What is the rent,” I asked.

“$14,400 per month,” Brooke revealed.

“What company is upstairs,” I inquired.

“It is a not-for-profit church group,” she revealed.

“Yeah, I am pretty sure they won’t like us,” I chuckled. “Any chance the building is for sale?”

“No, it’s not,” Brooke disclosed.

I turned and walked out of the suite. This was not for us; it just didn’t seem to fit. I headed back to the car and waited, which allowed me to watch Brooke as she followed me. We headed for the second location and she drove with much less urgency this time, allowing me to stare at her phenomenal legs as she drove. I would have loved to have just gone back to her place and ravaged her body, but I did have a job to do.

I watched the scenery change as Brooke drove. We were no longer in the large collection of office buildings that made up the main part of town; we were now in a more rural portion of the area. Brooke made a sharp right onto what appeared to be a gravel road. As we reached the top of the small hill we were climbing I realized that bağcılar escort it was not a road but a driveway to a small, one-story building well off the beaten path.

She parked and we entered the building through a thick oak door. It appeared that there was no current tenant occupying the premises. I took in the sight of the space, which had a good-sized conference room in the center flanked by 3 offices on either side. The offices were a decent size, each with a window to see into the office area, and the two corner offices were somewhat larger. There was a large circular workstation in the center for a secretary, flanked by small sitting areas on both sides for guest and clients. The bathrooms were to the right and a small kitchen area was off to the left. The space had a lot of natural light and felt professional yet it was not at all stuffy. This was definitely more like it.

“What’s the damage on this place,” I asked immediately.

Brooke seemed to study me as I surveyed the office.

“$15,000 per month to rent,” she confessed.

“And to buy,” I pressed her.

“A million six,” Brooke confirmed.

I flipped open my cell phone and started dialing. Penny answered her office line immediately.

“Hey, how’s it going,” she asked.

“Pen, go in the conference room with Emma and Leslie and call me back,” I said and I snapped my phone shut.

I stared at Brooke, not sure if she knew what I was doing, but sure that she was the sexiest creature I could fathom at that moment. I walked over to where she was standing and stood behind her. I kissed her on the cheek and then the neck. She giggled slightly as my cell phone rang in my pocket.

“Hello,” I answered quickly.

“What’s the emergency, stud,” Emma called out.

“I need to know what my parameters are with my current assignment,” I said.

“In what regard,” Leslie asked.

“Do we want to rent or buy,” I questioned.

“That depends on how much,” Penny stated.

“A million six,” I conveyed.

“Too much,” Penny said.

“Even for the perfect spot,” I interjected.

“Yes, even for the perfect spot,” Emma added. “Incidentally, how perfect?”

“How about this,” I began, “a single tenant space with no other companies around. Perfect for anything we do, business or otherwise.”

“Thinking on your feet I see,” Leslie contributed. “Get them down to a million four and we can do it.”

“Okay, I will get back to you,” I said as I hung up.

I turned to Brooke.

“How flexible is the price,” I asked.

“I am not sure, but I can take them any offer,” she said. “What can we do?”

“A million four or less,” I informed her. “Can you make that happen?”

“What leverage do we have,” she questioned.

That was an excellent question. I was in the dark on the financial positions of the firm but an idea struck me quickly.

“We will rent while the sale is going through,” I decided. “And we will over pay on the rent upfront.”

“That might work,” she decided. “Let me make some calls.”

Brooke stepped outside as I continued to survey the office. I began envisioning us all working there together. I was starting to want this place and that was not a good thing. I waited while Brooke worked her magic. I sat on the couch in the waiting area for a while and then stood up and began to pace. I was wearing out a path in the carpet when Brooke finally returned.

She burst through the door and stared at me with a smile that was a mile wide.

“I’m good,” she announced about herself.

“How good,” I postured.

“I made a good deal,” she said confidently.

“Really, what’s the deal,” I pressed, dying to know.

“We rent for 3 month at 24K, put 10% down and we can have it for 1.325 million,” she informed me.

“Wow,” I exclaimed. “That is a great deal.”

I smiled at her and dialed my cell phone rapidly. I ran the numbers in my head over and over as the phone rang.

“Where do we stand,” Emma answered her phone quickly.

“It’s ours for a million 325 and we can rent while we close,” I informed her.

“I am very impressed,” Emma admitted. “Brooke did very, very well. Make bahçelievler escort the deal.”

As Emma hung up I turned to Brooke. I grinned at her and then wrapped my arms around her tightly.

“You did so well,” I told her. “You are a star and everyone knows it.”

“I don’t care who else knows besides you,” she said softly.

As I was hugging Brooke ever so tightly, my cell phone rang again.

“Hello,” I answered quickly without checking to see who it was.

“Hey, you have some more work to do,” Penny said to me on the other end of the line. “You get to decide how the office will layout and who gets each office. Now, let me speak to Brooke.”

I handed Brooke my cell phone without a word. As she began speaking to Penny, I started evaluating the layout of the office space and trying to decide where everyone would be going. This was turning out to be a great first day on the job.

I looked at the setup of the offices and the entire space. It was starting to come together in my mind. This was a role I could handle and was very much enjoying. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I did not hear Brooke finish her conversation with Penny. It took her stepping in front of me so that she was in my direct line of sight to get my attention.

“Have you figured it all out yet,” she asked as she handed me back my cell phone.

“Almost,” I answered confidently.

“So, tell me,” she urged me as she moved to stand very close to me.

“Ok, starting on the left,” I began. “Emma will have the corner office, then Penny and then we will leave the office next to the conference open for guests. On the right, Leslie will have the corner office, then you and then I will have the last office next to the conference room.”

“That seems like a good plan,” Brooke admitted. “I think they will all be pleased with it. I will be right back.”

Brooke excused her self and stepped outside of the office. I continued to look around to ensure that I had not missed anything. I made my way over to what was to become my new office. As I stared into the space that was about to become mine, one thought crossed my mind. How did I get here?

I heard the front door open and close as Brooke made her way back into the office. I turned to look at her and noticed that she was holding her hands together in front of her. She was carrying something that I could not identify. As she reached where I was standing, she handed me what she was carrying. There were 6 black nameplates framed in gold, containing each of our names. I found the one with my name on it and looked at it strangely for a moment or two before securing it to the door of my new office.

“Let me guess,” I said turning to Brooke. “Emma sent these with you.”

“Actually, no,” she contradicted me. “This was Leslie’s idea of how to get you acclimated to your new role more quickly. She wanted you to be comfortable and feel like you were as big a part of this as they want you to be.”

Brooke had just said a lot and I stood there, silent, digesting it all. I moved to the next office to my right and attached Brooke’s nameplate to the door. I smiled as I looked at it before moving on and attaching Leslie’s nameplate to her door. I finished the other two offices on the other side of the conference room before retreating to the circular secretarial workstation and securing Nikki’s nameplate. My first note to myself was to have Nikki order a nameplate that said “GUEST” for the extra office.

I took one last look around and was preparing to leave when my cell phone went off. I opened it to see a new text message had arrived. I opened the text to find that it was from Penny and it read: Brooke did such a good job today! You two enjoy christening the new office!

Brooke had made her way over to where I was standing. She looked at me as I stared at my phone. I handed it to her to read. She took a long look at the message, rereading it 3 or 4 times before placing my phone down on the desk. She looked up at me and smiled widely.

“OH HELL YES,” she exclaimed.

She threw her arms around me and planted her painted pink lips on mine. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her bahçeşehir escort tightly as we kissed. I lifted her in my arms and raised her onto the desk, as our mouths remained locked together. I pushed up her bottom of her mini dress, caressing her legs and beautiful bottom. I pulled away from her and tore off her satin black thong.

Brooke undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. She unzipped them and tore them down. I wanted her and the look in her eyes said the feeling was mutual. I yanked down my boxers and let my swollen rod spring free. I pressed my cockhead to her gash. She worked her already wet opening onto my pole swiftly and took my length inside of her. Brooke wrapped her legs around my waist as I pushed in and out of her vagina.

I pulled her to the very edge of the desk and continued to enter and exit her box. She gasped slightly as I implanted my manhood inside her firmly again and again. I rocked my hip, sliding my shaft into her hole repeatedly. She bit my neck lightly and shivered as she approached her peak. I pressed into her again, causing her to groan. I penetrated her once more, which caused her to yelp. She dug her nails into my back as I hammered my prick home yet again.

I felt my load nearing so I began to thrust inside of her harder and firmer at a more brisk pace. Brooke shut her eyes tightly and held me securely as her orgasm swept over her. I continued to inject my meatstick into her until I burst. I gushed squirt after squirt of man-juice into her pussy until I was milked dry. We both breathed heavy and held each other in place, not moving a muscle, enjoying the aftermath.

I waited for what seemed like a long while before pulling out of Brooke and sitting in the chair at the workstation. Brooke wasted no time turning around and bending over the desk, inviting me back inside of her from behind.

“Don’t make me beg for some more,” she teased.

I stood from the chair and placed my dick at her opening once more. I slid inside of her easily. I held her hips for leverage as I rocked in and out of her wetness methodically. I groaned at the feeling of pleasure I was getting while fucking her slowly. Brooke wanted more instant gratification.

“I am ready to be fucked, so do it already,” she snapped at me.

I immediately picked up my pace and began to crash into her cunt with great force. I pulled her to me as I thrust inside of her over and over. Brooke spread her legs, allowing my ballbag to crash into her clit with each thunderous pump. I was going to cum again soon so I increased the intensity of my attack. I assaulted her pussy with my shaft again and again powerfully.

Brooke put her head down on the desk, allowing her cheek to rest against the desktop as my flesh collided with her loudly. She breathed heavy as I emptied my nuts in her a second time. I unloaded my goo in her tight little box as I continued to thrust my cock into her time and again. She gasped as I did not slow down through my orgasm. I fucked her hard and fast until she groaned and squealed in delight.

Brooke let out a series of loud screams as she peaked a second time. I stopped moving as she spasmed repeatedly. When she was finally still I withdrew my pole from inside her and crashed back into the chair. Brooke did not move. She was breathing heavy with her eyes closed. I watched her closely for a little while before pulling up my boxers and securing my jeans back into place.

I put my hand on the small of Brooke’s back and began to rub. She smiled but did not open her eyes. I leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. Her eyes opened and she looked at me.

“I think we might want to go now,” I whispered to her.

She didn’t say anything; she just stood up and adjusted her mini dress back into place. She still looked breathtaking. I grabbed my phone and took Brooke’s hand. I led her out of the office and to the car. She climbed into the passenger seat and I drove myself home.

When we reached the house, Penny was waiting for us in the driveway. I left the car running as I stepped out of the driver’s side. Brooke did not get out; she simply changed seats inside the car and rolled down the window. Penny strolled over to the car and handed her an envelope.

“You did great today,” Penny said to her. “You both did.”

“Thank you,” Brooke said softly in return. “I am going to get the ball rolling on this right now.”

Brooke backed out of the driveway and drove off. I watched as her car disappeared into the early afternoon sun. I was still watching the road when Penny grabbed my hand and led me inside the house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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