Adventures with Suzy Ch. 05

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When Suzy went in to shower Bill and I stayed on the deck and had another beer. Bill refilled the bowl of weed and as we passed it back and forth he told me that he doesn’t mind kissing his hot wife after she sucks him off but won’t do it with somebody else’s jizz in her mouth, let alone all over the side of her face. I told him I agreed as I had no urge to taste his spunk either! We both had a good laugh and clinked our long neck bottles together as a toast to “NOT EATING EACH OTHERS CUM!”

As we sat there partying we were completely relaxed thanks to the beer, weed and the fact that we had both just had an amazing orgasm. It dawned on me how I was sitting here naked with a man I had just met a few hours ago, on his deck, after just cumming in his wife’s hungry mouth, and yet I was completely comfortable. Bill and Suzy had made me feel right at home from the start and that feeling remained even after she sucked us both off. We were just a couple guys having a beer and smoking a bowl and listening to some tunes on the deck on a beautiful summer evening. The fact that I had just met his wife at lunch time and met him at five o’clock seemed irrelevant. It was like we were old friends. We found we had similar tastes in music, even having been to some of the same concerts. Although I didn’t get to fuck my date under her short skirt in the middle of the throng of screaming fans in front of the stage! We both liked the same brands of beer and whiskey. And we both liked to get high.

We talked about guy stuff in general, guns, tools and of course pussy. When the talk turned again to sex I mentioned that I didn’t know what their plans were for the remainder of the evening but if there was more sex in store that I would surely like a chance to taste Suzy’s snatch before either of us fouled it up with cum. I reminded him of our pact from earlier as I said this. I have to say that even though I had been quite comfortable with Bill up until now; it was a little awkward telling a man I had just met that I wanted to eat his wife’s pussy. Bill took it in stride though and assured me that Suzy would by no means be done for the evening. He also said that she had a hunch about me being a muff diver and was looking forward to it. He said that I shouldn’t worry because I would get my chance. She would want to sample my skills and would keep him occupied at the same time.

I toasted him again by raising my beer and repeating my earlier declaration of “That sure is some wife you’ve got there Bill!” He raised his own bottle and thanked me with another clink.

Just as we were raising our bottles Suzy emerged from the house. Her face lit up in her usual smile and with a jaunty spring to her step she approached us wearing nothing but that smile and a towel wrapped around her wet hair. “Hey guys, what are we toasting?” She asked as she walked towards her husband. The sun had started to descend behind the large maple trees at the back of the yard and a few determined rays of sunshine broke through the branches to fall on her still damp body. Her skin seemed to glow in the evening light as she pranced up to Bill. She was completely comfortable with her body being exposed to us and I sat transfixed as I watched her. Her body was toned and tan. Her legs were smooth and firm with just enough muscle tone to flex as she walked. Her hips swayed seductively and her firm but moderate tits bounced to the rhythm.

These were the days before women were in the habit of shaving their pubic area clean or leaving a small strip behind. Suzy obviously kept her bush trimmed somewhat to prevent some unsightly hairs from peeking out when she wore a bikini or her skimpy shorts. But the hair that remained proclaimed that she was all woman. Her lack of tan lines indicated that she didn’t often wear even her revealing clothes. This was a woman who was comfortable with her body and proud to show it off. I was more than happy to look. I thought about Bill’s comment about her not being finished for the night and I felt a stirring in my recently drained cock.

Suzy leaned over her husband and her hand disappeared below the table towards his lap. “Were yunz toasting you’re lucky stars for giving you a horny woman to party with tonight?” She asked him.

Bills hands went to her neck and as he pulled her in for a kiss he told her “We were toasting having a horny AND beautiful woman to party with tonight!”

“So are you ready to kiss your freshly clean wife now?” She asked with a knowing smile. Her arm started moving below the table indicating that she was stroking her husband’s long prick.

“I’ve been looking forward to kissing my sexy wife.” Bill told her. As their lips met in a wet kiss his hands began to fondle her lovely body. One hand went to her breast, hefting it fully before tugging on her nipple. The other hand went to the inside of her thigh and gave a firm squeeze before sliding up to her wet lips. Soon they were making out like teens on prom night. çekmeköy escort Their breathing got heavy, their groping more aggressive. She was obviously stroking Bill to full hardness and he was slipping two fingers easily in and out of her. I sat mesmerized by the display. I watched as Bill tweaked first one then the other of her nipples to full hardness. I found myself getting more and more aroused right along with them.

Suzy’s hips began to roll with Bill’s teasing fingers and they began to moan in their mutual arousal. I realized I was getting close to being fully hard myself and my hand went to my cock involuntarily as I watched the erotic display. It was like watching my very own porn flick but it was live and only a few feet away. I began to stroke myself slowly, in time with Suzy’s gyrating hips. I could see Bill’s fingers getting wetter each time they pulled out from between her enflamed lips.

Soon Suzy broke the kiss with a gasp. “I think we should hold that thought lover.” She told her husband “We do have company after all!”

“You’re right.” Bill said panting “We aren’t being very good hosts, are we? They were looking deeply into each others eyes as they said this and then they both turned toward me.

I told them “Hey don’t stop on my account. That was very hot to watch.”

“Oh, don’t be silly” Suzy said as she stood and started around the table towards me. “We can do that anytime. It’s not every day we have a new guest over.” She spied my hand holding my erection as she came around the table. “And besides,” She smirked “You aren’t allowed to jack-off here if I’m not a part of it! I want to at least watch.”

She stopped directly in front to me and looked me in the eye with a steady gaze in an unspoken challenge. Without hesitation or any direction from my brain my hand began to move up and down my fully hard dick. Her eyes left mine and fell to my lap where I was slowly stroking myself. I saw her lips curl into a pleased smile before my own gaze drifted down over her nude body. My mind was making a mental check list of all the places I wanted to lick, kiss and even bite her. I took in her sensuous neck and remembered how sensitive it was. I looked hungrily at her breasts, as they rose and fell with her heavy breathing. I imagined sucking them to hard points and how she would writhe as I bit them. My eyes travelled down her belly and slender waist to her patch of hair. I could see her distended labia peeking out beneath her hair. My mouth watered as I thought about how badly I wanted to taste her there. I looked at her thighs and calves, even her ankles and petite feet and toes. I wondered how many erogenous zones I would find given the chance. Thinking of her erogenous zones my gaze returned to a place that I knew for sure to be sensitive, her hot pussy!

Just then my view was blocked by her hand as she reached between her lips to gather some of her natural lube. She sunk her middle finger deeply into herself and shuddered as she withdrew it and smeared her juice over her clitoris which was beginning to peek out of its hood.

I had unknowingly started to stroke myself faster as I watched her diddle herself. Even though it hadn’t been that long since I’d had my last orgasm I was now jacking off fully. I was trying to come for this hot woman before me without any thoughts or reservations about it.

Suddenly Suzy pulled her fingers away from her wet folds and told me “O.k., that’s enough for now!” She leaned forward and wrapped a hand tightly around the hand that I was holding my cock with. She stopped my stroking and leaned in closer whispering in my ear “Easy big boy. I worked pretty hard to make sure you were drained so you wouldn’t cum too fast when you fuck me.” I heard a whimper escape my own throat as she continued “You wouldn’t want to be ready to cum again before you even get into my snatch, would you?”

“No.” I admitted. My hand slid up the inside of her smooth thigh and I cupped her sweet pussy as I told her “But I want to go down on you first, anyway.” I twiddled her clit for emphasise, causing her to quiver.

“I knew it!” Suzy exclaimed. “Didn’t I tell you Bill? He’s a muff diver!” She stood, releasing her grasp of my cock and looked at Bill. He smiled and nodded his head yes. Looking back at me she said “I knew it from the way you sucked my cum off your fingers in the car today.” I noticed that she was fingering herself again. “And then tonight when you sucked my fingers clean. You seem to want to taste me every chance you get!” I wanted to start working my own dick again but her warning about fucking her stopped me. I grabbed my beer instead as I told her she was correct. Both as something to do with my hand and to cool off I took a long swig of my beer. Suzy pulled her fingers from her wet folds and said “I want one of those beers too. Care to clean my fingers off for me again?” She raised her hand in offering.

I took her hand like cevizli escort I did before and again looking her in the eye told her “Like you said Suze, EVERY CHANCE I GET!” With that I took her drenched fingers in my mouth like a connosouir sampling a fine cuisine. I moaned at the taste of her essence and maintained eye contact. Suzy really did taste good. Musky with her arousal, yet sweet.

As I sucked her fingers hungrily into my mouth and twirled my tongue around them Suzy let out a low growl in her throat and said “Oh my, I’m gonna enjoy you later!” She put her other hand gently to the side of my face and withdrew her now clean fingers from my mouth. “But right now I need a beer too! You two hot studs are making me hot and thirsty! And anyway, we’ve got all night.” She turned to go to the fridge and I looked at her lovely ass. She looked over her shoulder and smiled as she busted me. “You’re gonna spend the night, right Dave?”

“Uh, I don’t know. I hadn’t really thought about it.” I was completely caught off guard by the idea as I really hadn’t given it any thought. I looked over at Bill and he was refilling the bowl with weed.

“Well we’ve been partying and there’s a lot more of that to come. And I’m sure Sue has plans for us for most of the night!” Bill told me with a wicked grin. “I’m pretty sure that by the time this party’s over you won’t be in any condition to drive.”

Suzy sauntered back to her spot at the table carrying another round of beers, a bottle of tequila, three shot glasses, a lemon and knife, and a salt shaker on a tray. “Drive?! Hell, if I have my way when were done he won’t be able to walk!” She had that devious smile on her face again as she said this. She sat the tray down in the middle of the table and asked “Do you like tequila, Dave?”

“Bill and I were talking about booze while you were gone.” I told her “I’m actually more of a bourbon man myself. And anyway, I get the feeling when you said I wouldn’t be able to walk, you weren’t just talking about booze. Were you?”

She gently cupped my face with both hands and kissed me softly. Breaking the kiss much too soon she said “No Dave, I wasn’t talking about the booze.”

We smiled at each other before I looked over at Bill and said “I guess I’m staying.”

“I knew that when she came back from lunch today!” Bill told me with a laugh before he lit the bowl and passed it to Suzy.

Suzy and I joined in the laughter and Bill poured three shots as Suzy took a toke. “I tend to prefer the bourbon too, Dave. But you really haven’t partied till you’ve done tequila shots with my crazy wife!” He told me with that smirk still on his face.

I looked to Suzy as she passed me the bowl and her devious smile widened. As I took my hit off the bowl Suzy asked me with a strained voice as she was still holding her hit in “You know how you do tequila shots, right? You lick the salt off your hand first. Then you suck the lemon after you do the shot.” She blew her hit out before she continued with a smile “Well, who wants to lick your own hand and suck the lemon from the rind when you’re partying with naked lovers?!”

I raised my eyebrows at the implications of that question while I held my hit in and passed the bowl to Bill. He had cut up the lemon after pouring the shots and as he took the bowl from me he said “This woman adds a sexual twist to damn near everything.” He took the pipe and he and Suzy exchanged a loving smile.

As Bill took his hit off the pipe, Suzy stood and said “Let me demonstrate.” She took a shot off the tray and set it in front of me. She then picked up a lemon slice and the salt shaker and came over and kneeled between my feet. I instinctively spread my legs for her. Whatever this woman had in mind, if it involved her being between my legs, I was game! She looked my body over with an appreciative eye and told me “There are much more creative places on the body to lick than your own hand.” My dick was still hard and I felt it twitch. She smiled at it and added “But think of it like foreplay. You don’t need to go for the obvious spots right away. And you never want to salt a woman’s….most sensitive spot!” She warned me. With that she took the sliver of lemon and proceeded to smear it on my left nipple. I leaned back in the chair and let her do her thing. She then looked over my crotch as she discarded the spent rind and picked up the salt shaker. She smiled up at me before slowly lowering her head toward my crotch. My cock throbbed and I tensed up in anticipation. At the last second she changed direction slightly and I felt the full width of her tongue on my inner thigh about two inches below my balls. As she sprinkled salt on the wet spot her tongue had made she asked me “You get the idea? Exciting isn’t it?”

I gasped a weak reply and heard Bill chuckle as Suzy picked up the shot glass. “I thought you’d like this better.” She told me before she dropped her head to my lap again. She erenköy escort didn’t just lick up the salt; she literally sucked it off my leg. I tensed up yet again as she lingered there, basically French kissing the inside of my thigh. I squirmed and gasped as the feeling was so intense. When she lifted her head she grinned wickedly at me before she slammed the shot. She made the obligatory Whiskey face as she swallowed then made a dive for my nipple. I let out a yell as her lips and even her teeth encased my sensitive nipple. She worked it as eagerly as she had my thigh. Plus I had the added stimulation of feeling her firm titties swinging against my prick. My hips thrust forward and she arched her back to help me rub myself on her firm tits. She didn’t allow that too long though. She stopped before I got too into it and asked “You want to do a shot of tequila now, Dave?”

“YES!” I exclaimed. Bill laughed again as Suzy sat back in her chair. I followed her eagerly and knelt between her feet as she had done to me. I gazed at her body and had trouble deciding where to lick her first. I wanted so badly to just go down on her. Remembering what she said about foreplay I decided to start at each end and work towards the middle. Grabbing her behind the knee’s I pulled her towards me. She let out a squeal as her ass slid forward in the chair. This left her reclining in the chair with her ass on the edge and her inviting twat only inches from my bobbing dick. I looked down at our crotches and back up to her expectant face. Smiling at her I picked a lemon wedge from the tray and began to rub it on her neck and earlobe.

Her eyes closed and she said breathlessly to Bill “OH Honey, I THINK HE GET’S THE IDEA!”

“I think you’re right, dear.” Bill replied. I winked at him as I discarded the lemon rind and picked up the salt.

“I get the idea alright. I just can’t wait to see what we do with the worm at the bottom!” I laughed. They laughed with me but stopped when I grasped her ankle and lifted it up high. When I had her thigh pressed up against her breast I bent her knee and brought her foot down to my mouth. I looked her in the eye again and she held her breath as I brought her cute little toes to my mouth. She finally exhaled when I sucked as many toes into my mouth as I could. I sucked them and ran my tongue over and between them. When I heard her whimper I stopped and sprinkled salt on her glistening toes and immediately sucked them back into my hungry mouth. She actually let out a yelp and I smiled around her little digits before pulling them from my mouth and slamming the shot. As I swallowed I was already moving forward towards her neck. We both felt my hard prick drag across her excited clit as I leaned in to suck the lemon off her neck and earlobe.

“Oh fuck!” she gasped. I felt her thrust her hips up against me as I began to lick her neck and suck on her earlobe. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face harder into her neck. At the same time she wrapped her legs around my back and humped herself against the length of my hard dick. I ran my fingers into her hair and tilted her head to get at her neck better. We ground our bodies together and I couldn’t help but think how good it was going to feel to actually fuck her.

I knew I had better stop this soon or I would fuck her right here and now. I pulled my lips from her neck and tried to lift my body from hers but she clung to me, not wanting to quit yet. “I think its Bill’s turn for a shot Babe.” I told her gently. I felt her relax her grip slightly and I added “And don’t forget what you said about me lasting later when we do fuck.”

“I want you to fuck me right now!” she said, still rubbing her cunt against me. Our faces were inches apart and I could see how flushed her face was even in the fading light. Her eyes smoldered and I couldn’t help but kiss her. As our lips met our tongues automatically came together. Somewhere in the back of my mind I heard Bill telling us to go for it that he had to piss anyway.

We were both fired up and there was nothing tentative about our first kiss. It was hot and passionate from the moment our mouths joined. We fought to breathe through our noses as our tongues fought and explored. Our lips mashed together and we sucked each other’s tongue.

We moaned into each other’s mouth as we rubbed our bodies together. I could feel her wetness as she rubbed herself along the underside of my cock. She used her legs to try to maneuver her wet slot to the tip of my dick to take me inside. I used my legs to avoid her tempting offer and continue to rub my raging hard-on between her wet lips and against her clit.

Soon she was whimpering in frustration and broke our frantic kiss to say “Put it in! .Fuck me!” I kissed and sucked on her neck and ear again as she pleaded for my dick and demanded that I fuck her.

I had been supporting my weight on my arms with my hands on the seat cushion on either side of her waist. I now leaned my full weight into her as I pried her legs from around my body. I got my hands between her thighs and my waist and pulled them up and apart. “OH YEAH, FUCK ME!” she breathed in my ear. She sounded as if she could sense her relief was near.

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