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Third leg of the African Safari. Our hero and his sister need new clothes – and someone is taking an awful long time in the shower…

I eventually fell asleep in the car to our lodge. It wasn’t before we took off from the road and stopped in front of the tall barbed gate that I woke up. My sister Christine looked at me with a smile on her face.

“Awake at last? You missed a lot of cool stuff, John.”

“Nah, I think I got the most interesting parts,” I grinned and turned towards Mr. Evans and his beautiful and frisky daughter, Julie. I still couldn’t believe I had witnessed the two of them fucking in the car, while Mrs Evans sat in the front seat.

“Oh? I thought you were asleep the whole time?”

“No, I saw him watching some of it,” Julie chirped and smiled innocently, first at my sister, then at her father. The heat suddenly seemed to bother him more than it had. He became red and small drops of sweat started to form on his forehead.

“Yeah. I saw a lot, I think. I can’t wait to se more, though. Do you think it will be more of the same stuff?”

“I really hope so!” Julie smiled. Her father turned white.

The gate opened up, and our car drove the last 20 meters of the road. Four dogs of different size and breed approached us curiously. Mrs Eileen Evans sat stiff as a pole, watching them.

“John! Get those animals away from here! I hate dogs!”

Our driver got out of the car, and opened the door to let Julie out, so that her father could chase the dogs away. Christine got out as well, and stretched her toned body to get the travel out of her system. As I crawled out after her, she threw me a happy grin.

“Life is good! I cant wait to go shopping for your money and then get a good and long shower. Join me for a beer afterwards?”

I returned her smile and nodded. My mind was still on the live porn in the car, and I had decided I wanted a piece of the young Julie Evans’ ass myself.

“Just let’s get our stuff, get checked in and find someone to take us to a mall. There has to be some kind of shops here?”

“Yeah. We’ve got one just a couple of kilometres away. Welcome to Africa and the start of your trip!”

We all turned towards the main entrance of the lobby, and saw a huge Afrikaans man walk towards us. I could see Christine liked what she saw – a lot! She straightened her back and flipped her hair as if to cool herself.

“My name is Arnie, and this is my lodge. I hope you will enjoy your stay here, even if its just for one night. It’s nice to have such lovely people as guests. You are…?”

He extended his hand towards Christine, but had trouble with keeping his eyes from settling on her huge rack. As I have said, she is a 75H, or 34E in US terms, and her ass is equally nice. She is built to turn heads, my sister.

We all shook hands with Arnie, but as we walked up the stairs to the lobby, he grabbed Christine’s small bag, and gave her his arm to guide her in. I just smiled. It seemed to me that my sister had forgotten her gay ex husband already.

It didn’t take long for us to get the keys to our cabins for the first night. Christine and I would share lodging for the whole trip, and on our way to the cabin Christine couldn’t stop talking about the handsome Arnie, how nice he was, how well built he was and so on. It was just a too good opportunity to let it go. “Glad to hear you liked him. I sure seemed to like you as well, but I think he is a bit myopic. He seemed to focus on what was nearest to him, and with you, that would not be your face.”

“John! What a mean thing to say! he was a perfect gentleman. Besides – they are not that big!”

“Sister, dear! They are not the biggest I have seen, but beyond doubt the biggest naturals. I have never met any man who manages to let his eyes stay focused on your face. Most of my friends don’t even know how your face looks like, but they could describe your beautiful tits in a heartbeat – even though they have never seen them naked.”

“That’s bullshit!” my sister mumbled as we found our cabin and she unlocked it. It was a small building with tin roof, two single beds and a nightstand. The toilets and showers were in a separate building 100 meters away. Christine sat down on one of the beds and jumped a bit to test the softness of it. The bed started to squeak loudly. “Not a bed for any hanky panky,” she stated, before she added – as if it was an afterthought: “Do you really think my tits are that big? And beautiful?”

“Did I say beautiful? I am sorry if I did. It is not may business as a brother to evaluate them. But yes, I think they are. Mind you, I have never seen them naked, but in some of your bikinis and tops, they looks just spectacular.”

Christine gave me a weird look, then looked down on her rack. “They are pretty big, aren’t they? I have been wondering if I shall get a reduction. I can’t seem to get men to talk to me. They all talk to my tits.”

“I understand it if they start to get too heavy to carry around, but if I were you, I would keep them around for some more casino şirketleri years. You could get the reduction when they start to touch your knees.”

“John! They will NOT touch my knees! What’s gotten into you? You have never been this direct with me before!”

“That’s because I at first was too young, and then you were married. But believe me: I have always wanted to see them up front and naked. Hell, when I was a young teenager you were my prime fantasy!”

It might have been bad of me to say those things to my own sister, but the show in the car still replayed in my head, and I was in a sexual mode. And all I said was true and I didn’t tell her she still figured in my fantasies from time to time.

Christine managed to flirt enough with Arnie to get him to fix a ride from his lodge to the nearest shopping mall. Hell, all she had to do was to put a hand on his arm and smile as she told him we needed to get there. He could have promised her rack anything…

I don’t like to shop, but I think I am good at it – the man way. I spent 10 minutes finding what I wanted, another five minutes to try it on, and then a couple of minutes to pay for it. By the time I was finished, Christine had managed to find two shorts she didn’t like. “Finished already, brother? I don’t get how you do that! But I guess that is good. Now you can help me!” I couldn’t help letting a groan leave my mouth. For the next 30 minutes I nodded, shake my head and tighten my lips in a desperate attempt to seem helpful. To my shock I found I liked helping Christine out with her shopping. In the end we had found some tight tops and I had managed to get her to agree to try on some hot pants and some proper push up bras.

As we entered the changing room area we were strictly told by a big black shop assistant that I could not enter my sisters cubicle. We just nodded our acceptance, and Christine brought the pile of clothes in behind the doors. For ten minutes she opened the door and modelled the clothes, and she had to agree that the pants I found for her looked good. “I don’t know if I dare wear them though.”

“Bah! There are nobody here you know, and wouldn’t it be nice to have the men look at your legs and ass for a change?”

Christine laughed. “Yeah! But with these tops, I need to go naked below my navel to get them notice anything but my ‘big, beautiful boobs’, don’t you think?”

“Maybe. Have you tried on the bras?”

“No. And I am not going to come out of my cubicle to show the to you either.”

“That’s ok. You can take that decision on your own.”

It didn’t take a long time before Christine’s head peaked out from behind the door, though. “I need your assessment, here, John.”

I laughed. “I am not allowed to go in there, sis.”

Christine looked at the shop assistant and gave her her sweetest look. “Mind if my husband comes in here with me and helps me deciding how many of the bras I should buy?” You may wonder of the assistant didn’t understand we were brother and sister, but we had been speaking in our own language the whole time, and our “guard” had no idea at all. She gave a gruff nod, and I sneaked my way past her and behind the door.

“Ooh! This is the first time I am in a changing room with a girl,” I joked. Christine just slapped my arm and smiled.

“No naughty thoughts now, little brother! Ready to give your verdict on the first one?” Christine held one of the tops up in front of her, but when I nodded she lowered it as if unveiling something special. And special it was. The bra lifted her huge breasts up in such a way that they seemed to point straight at me. Her cleavage was the Grand Canyon of cleavages, and the pink lace made me water my mouth. I couldn’t get a word out.

“I take that as a ‘I like that one’,” my sister giggled. When she did, her breasts danced and wiggle on her chest.

“I do! Wow, sis! That is the most amazing… How did you not turn your gay husband straight?”

“I don’t know. He never saw me in bras like this one, to his defence. So, you really like? Its pretty well padded on the underside, that’s why they seem to shoot out from my chest. Its not over the top?”

“Nah, I think they look amazing … and the bra looks good as well,” I joked.

“Ok! Next one… No, don’t leave. I cant send you in and out of the door for each one. Just turn around.”

“You didn’t notice there are mirrors on all three walls? I’ll see anyway.”

“Then you just have to close your eyes, dear brother. And no peaking!”

I shrugged my shoulders and closed my eyes at her command. But behind my closed eyes I still could see those magnificent huge and round breasts. I knew the were nice, but I had never seen them as that mouth watering. I could feel my cock started stirring in my pants, and tried desperately to think about every no-sexy thing I could think of.

“Hm… This one seems a bit to small. Give me a sec… Ok! You can look now.”

I opened my eyes and immediately my desperate tries to get control over my hard on was lost. Christine stood casino firmaları there with a way to small, black and lacy bra on. Her breasts spilled over the rim, and the lace was so thin that I clearly could see her nipples. My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. After swallowing hard a couple of times I managed to speak.

“Equally wow as the first, but you are right – way to small. Damned hot, but to small.”

Christine tried to stretch the material to get her boobs inside, a manoeuvre that didn’t diminish my growing erection. The way her hands fondled and squished the breast flesh was way too erotic.

“It says it is a 75H, but it is impossible to get my babies inside of it.”

“Want me to try?” I jokingly said, still focusing my eyes on her boobs.

“You would love that, wouldn’t you, pervert. Drooling over your sisters tits like that!” Christine smiled as she said it, but did I see a glint in her eyes?

“Yes, I guess I am a pervert if that means loving your own sisters rack. Look at them! Can’t you see they long to get some extra support from my hands?”

Christine smiled, rolled her eyes, and told me to close my eyes again – getting ready for the next bra. “I can’t use this one – except for turning my brother into a sicko.” I smiled.

The next bra was even better than the two first ones – combining them in a wonderful way. It fitted her perfectly, but it was a balcony bra, with most of her big boobs just laying there waiting for me to touch them. The bra hardly managed to hide her areolas.

“That’s my favourite by far!”

“You sure? Why? Wait! Let me guess. You love the way it hardly covers my tits, don’t you?”

“Bingo! With a low cut top, it will almost seem like you have no bra on, and with boobs that defies gravity. And when some lucky guy gets your top off, he will dive right into that heavenly cleavage.”

Christine laughed out loud, again giving her tits a proper shake. “Is this trip your way of getting me fucked?”

In my head my answer was ‘rather getting to fuck you’, but out loud I just grinned. My dick was already at full mast, and starting throbbing at the thought. So far Christine had been too busy to model her clothes to notice, but I had to get out of the cubicle before she did.

“Was that all, sis?”

“No, just one more. Close your eyes? No peaking?”

I closed my eyes, but all the sexual tension made me slightly open my eyes as I heard the rustles of clothes. I almost came as I saw my sister remove the bra from her breasts and dropping it at the chair behind her. They were – naturally – far nicer when freed. They had a natural sag due to their size, but they were still high on her chest, round and full. Her areolas were a light brown, and her nipples were pencil sized… and erect? Christine held her hands over her boobs, and with a lazy movement let one of her fingers glide over the nipple. What was she doing? I lifted my gaze to her face and got another shock: She was staring at the bulge in my pants!

“Soon ready?” I asked, closing my eyes properly again, thousand unanswered questions in my head, the most prominent one being ‘does she get horny from this as well?’.

Christine dropped her tits and grabbed the last bra. “Just a sec.”

A bit more rustling and then some angry mumbling. “I can’t get the clasp to close properly! Can you help me?”

“Sure! Are you ‘decent’?”


I opened my eyes, and to my disappointment saw the back of my sister. In the mirror I could however see she was grasping the bra over her breast, with the clasps hanging loosely by her side. “Another first for me: putting ON a bra on a sexy girl,” I sighed. Christine just giggled. It took me quite a bit of fumbling to get the clasps to sit, but eventually I had it done.

“You can quit groping your boobs now, sis. They are firmly secured – I think. That clasp doesn’t seem quite right.”

The bra was pretty much the same as the first, and we debated a bit witch one was the best, with Christine deciding to go for them both in the need. “It’s your money, after all!” she grinned.

Getting the bra off was just as difficult as getting it on, and I just couldn’t get it done fast enough for Christine. She slipped her arms out of the shoulder straps, and stood there holding the bra to her breast, mumbling about clumsy men, until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Here, let me do it myself.” Just as she said that and reached back to get the clasps herself, they suddenly broke loose. The bra, which now had nothing to hold it to her body, hung for a split second on her rack, before it drifted of towards the floor. It all happened as if slow motion: Christine with her hands stretched backwards, the bra falling off, she trying to understand what was happening. Me? I was just staring in wonder at her breasts in the mirror. Suddenly reality snapped in, and my sister hurriedly grabbed her breasts to cover them.

“Ooops! Not going to buy that one!” she laughed. “At least you at last got to see them for the first time.” I still stood staring at her hand güvenilir casino covered boobs. “Earth to John? Something wrong?”

I shook myself out of my trance and looked her in the eyes. “No, nothing wrong. On the contrary. This day is the best day in my life!” I grinned. “Want me to leave you to yourself now?”

“Yes, please. But, John? You should hold your shopping bag in front of your pants…” Christine looked down on my erection and winked at me. Red faced I grabbed the bag and hurried myself out of the cubicle. I don’t know why that made me blush, as I knew she had been staring at it. It was probably just the fact that it was now a ‘public’ fact.

In the end Christine decided to buy two of every kind of the bras she liked, enough to keep her going until our luggage arrived. In the car park our driver waited patiently, and we stuffed our bags into the car. We didn’t talk much, both having a lot to think about. But I caught Christine looking at my crotch several times on our way to the car, and I am pretty sure she caught me looking at her breasts as well. Something had changed in our relationship.

That evening we met the rest of the party we were going to travel through the bush of Africa with. In addition to the Evans, there were two other couples. Mr and Mrs Johnson were in their fifties, from England and rather dull looking. Brian Mathews and his wife-to-be Joanne Hurley were in their late twenties, from Australia, and both very good looking. He was a life guard, while she was a doctor at a hospital. Three girls in their early twenties from Germany travelled the world together, and had just finished the Latin America leg of their 9 month trip. Their names were Hanna, Anna Marie and Ebba. I have to admit I immediately felt a special interest in Hanna. She was not that tall, but had a very cute smile, beautiful eyes, and a normal, but curvy body – not fat, not slim, just perfect. The last two travellers were George, from Australia, 19 years old, on a trip paid for by his parents, and Joy, also 19 years old, from London, England.

I addition to the 14 of us, we met our guide Pete. He was a stocky little fellow in his thirties of Indian heritage, always smiling and friendly, but almost so that it seemed insincere. Our driver was a Zimbabwean. Chenzira was in his fifties, over 6 feet 5 (195 cm), dark and muscular. The first night he didn’t say much, but he seemed a nice enough fellow. The last guy on our trip was Mudada. He was chef, from Zimbabwe as well, about 6 feet, even darker than Chenzira and a guy who loved to tell stories.

Mudada had mixed together his first meal for us, and while we were eating, Pete was giving us all the information we needed for the weeks ahead. Then we sat down and started having some beers and getting to know each other. Christine laughed and flirted with Arnie the whole evening, and I started to be afraid I had to sleep in the open tonight while she at last got her pussy ploughed. I didn’t really know if I liked the idea of someone fucking her, after the shopping we did together. But I knew my incestuous ideas would never work in real life.

The party started to break up at about ten. The lone travellers still didn’t know many people and retired to their cabins. Mrs Evans decided it was time to get to sleep as well, and the three German girls probably found it easier to leave the party and not have to speak English all the time. I had a very interesting chat with Mudada and Chenzira, discussion wildlife photo options. After a while I saw Christine had disappeared from the area, and so had Mr Evans and his sexy little daughter. Pete stood and declared he had to go to bed as well – we were starting the trip before sunrise the next day. “I might as well do the same,” I agreed. I said good night to the rest of the party and went back towards our cabin. On my way there I decided it would be a good idea to use the toilet before going to bed, so I headed towards the bath-complex of the lodge. I quickly found a stall and did what I had to do. While standing there, I heard the water running in the back of the building where the showers were. Thinking nothing of it, I washed my hands and turned to walk to our cabin. A noise stopped me dead in my tracks. It sounded like a moan – a female moan. I stood there listening and was rewarded with a da capo. A woman was moaning, and it was a good moan – someone was feeling v e r y good.

The moan came from the showers, and I just had to check out what and who I was hearing. I sneaked around the building and in to the changing room outside the showers. Just one of the showers were in use, and standing there listening told me there was some hanky panky going on. The moans were louder now, and I could also hear the grunts of a man and the sound of wet skin slapping against wet skin. On one of the benches in the changing room I saw the clothes of Mr Evans, and it didn’t take me long to understand that I was listening to another incestuous fuck. It took my cock even shorter to react to the revelation, and pretty fast my brain decided to abdicate in favour of my hard on. I took a stool standing in a corner and tip toed into the shower stall next to where the couple were fucking. Silently I put the stool down on the floor, and painfully slowly stepped up onto it, trying to look over the wall.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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