After Dinner Pt. 02


You were panting and needed a few minutes to come back to Earth.

Our friends, having helped me bring you to orgasm, needed to address their own cravings. Who were we to stop them? While they both needed release, and soon, she sat down on the couch and he dropped to his knees in front of her. You took my hand and pulled me up. You were raw erotic heat and the room was filled with sex. Life was good.

You and I just watched for a few minutes. She moved her hands through her hair, across her chest and in circular patters around her stomach. He kissed her inner thighs and slowly migrated between her legs.

Every couple has a pattern they follow instinctively, knowing from years of practice what each other needs. Our friends were no exception to the rule. In no time, she was moaning as he hit all the right buttons. He was taking his time in bringing her to orgasm but we were all amped up a little from our fun with you.

I sat on the couch and you on top of me, your incredible pussy gliding right on top of my rock-hard erection. You slowly descended and felt every incredible inch along the way. Your pussy enveloped me and I was in heaven. You took your time, easing up and down, back and forth, fully in control and you were incredible. Our eyes locked and you leaned down to kiss me. Our passion was evident – deeply in love and in a room filled with lust. All the while, you continued to move around on my cock, very well lubed with your juices.

We broke our kiss and watched our friends more. We both reached out to caress and rub; I found her breast and you ran your fingertips down her cheek… down her neck and onto the other breast. She was squirming and moaning as he ate her greedily and we played with her tits.

Her own orgasm began to build and, in no time, she kaynarca escort was moaning and panting. With a shriek, she came and he kept up with her bucking hips. Sucking her clit had sent her over the edge and he wasn’t stopping until she pushed his head away.

She told him to sit down next to me, his own hard cock quickly enveloped by a pussy that needed more. We were two men being ridden by two beautiful, sweating and panting women.

You’re not always a competitive person but you surprised me when you challenged her to a race. Odd timing, I thought, but I was not really thinking clearly and had no idea where you were going.

“First one to cum takes a break while the other enjoys these two men.”

“And if one of the guys cums first?” She asked, panting, still riding him.

“Then he sits out and we both attack the remaining lucky guy.”

Not another word was spoken. Moans filled the air. You were getting close; you had gotten a small break but your g-spot was engorged and making regular contact.

“Close your eyes,” you whispered to me.

I obeyed. You were driven by lust and the thought of two hard cocks, two tongues or some combination of body parts from these two men at once.

You licked your index finger and reached over, finding her clit. She hadn’t expected it and it seemed that your g-spot wasn’t the only one pretty engorged. Add on some masterful rubbing on her clit and she was screaming in no time. I opened my eyes and it was all I could do to keep from coming.

Another time and place, she could have accused you of cheating. She had just had two orgasms – the second more intense than the first – and she just collapsed off to the side. A big smile came over your face.

You continued to ride me. I leaned küçükyalı escort in to lick your nipple. My tongue ran around the perimeter, slowly and seductively. You told him to sit on the back of the back of the couch and you leaned in, licking his cock up one side and down the other. Tasting her on him, your pussy got wetter and you became one raw nerve. He rubbed his hands all over your back, through your hair.

Not one to sit idly by, her hand dropped to her pussy. Watching the three of us was great inspiration, an image she would never forget. With one hand, she was pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy; the other attended to her clit. We were all building to orgasm and it was all going to be big. The only question was who would snap first with a big release.

You greedily sucked on his cock, with your hungry pussy devouring my cock at the same intensity. Slurping sounds came from the abuse her hand gave her pussy. The air was filled with moans and groans from four people who were experiencing incredible bliss.

You felt him starting to engorge and you pulled his throbbing cock out of your mouth, aiming it directly at her tits. Having gotten as close as she could to the action, she was not far. Wave after wave, spurt after spurt of hot cum spewed from his cock and he groaned. You continued to pump your hand up and down his shaft; the cum providing lube and increased the sensation for him. Having gotten hot cum sprayed all over her chest, she erupted with another orgasm. I couldn’t hold out much more and placed my hands on your hips, thrusting and bucking with all the energy I could summon. I burst with orgasm, sending hot cum inside you.

You hadn’t gotten there again yet and we all smiled instantly. Time for all three of us to focus on you sancaktepe escort again. You were close but we would send you over the edge.

You rolled off of me, with my cum dribbling down your leg. Sweat dropped from all angles; you were the image of beauty and eroticism.

“Get on the couch on all fours,” I instructed. Your mind was too numb, with every nerve in your body on fire and no conscious thought coming to mind, so I knew what you wanted and I was going to give it to you. I moved in front of you and got on my back so we could kiss, lip to lip. He got under you and started to suck on your tits, one hand rubbing all over your body. She got on her back, as well, her body facing in the opposite direction as mine and lined up to let her tongue attack your pussy.

She started by running her tongue along your lips, one and then the other. My cum was still dripping and she licked it up in the process. After some initial exploring, she honed in on your clit. Her tongue went all around the edge, and then back and forth across the tip to give it the attention it deserved. You were moaning and groaning, your orgasm building. We kissed passionately, our tongues intertwined in a dance. His attention to your nipples was fantastic.

At that point, she inserted her middle finger into you and you let out a gasp of delight. She crooked it to find your g-spot and your body wasted no time in reacting. You were primed and ready for her touch after the evening’s events. It was fully engorged and screaming for attention – attention it received expertly. Just a few strokes in, you called – panted and gasped, but you called – my name with urgency. Over and over, you called my name as you always do when the big orgasms are about to explode. She continued stroking your g-spot and we all continued licking everything else with intensity. I moved to your neck, kissing and licking it to give you the ability to release vocally. You let out a throaty, scratchy cry of erotic pleasure that was unparalleled by any of us.

We all collapsed, temporarily exhausted.

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