After School Adventures Ch. 09




Being depressed and lonely is really boring, I noticed. As I laid face down on my bed in my underwear, I kept trying to come up with a way to get over this funk and move on, but I wasn’t having much luck. After a while, I heard my little brother, Spencer, dash into my room.

“What’s up, Viv?” he asked, obviously trying to help.

“Ugh…” I groaned, not really in the mood for talking.

“You haven’t moved since you got back from the bathroom,” he sighed, “Mom sent me up here to tell you there’s pancakes on the table if you’re hungry.”

“Ugh…” I groaned again.

“So, basically if you don’t come down to eat, I’m having your share.” He teased, hoping to get a rise out of me.

“Come on, Vivian!” he grunted, punching my arm playfully, “Get up!”

I really wanted to, but every time I did, my stomach hurt. I really missed Xander. No one had seen him since the incident at the school 2 weeks ago. He left just after we realized our true feelings with other. It was kind of hard for me to just ignore his absence, especially since he, along with Hailey Klassen, the Cheerleading Captain, helped me realize that I’m bisexual. It took being apart from both of them for me to decide that. Xander was gone, but Hailey wasn’t. She might as well have left too, because I haven’t seen her for a while either.

“Okay,” said Spencer, sounding desperate, “You leave me no choice.”

I heard him leave my room. Then, seconds later, I heard him come back again. He didn’t say anything, which seemed odd. Just then something cold and wet touched my bare back. I shrieked and leapt to my feet, furious.

“You had your chance to get up,” he giggled, “But you didn’t listen.”

“That means leave me alone,” I snapped, “Not put an ice cube on my back!”

“It does in my dictionary,” said Spencer, “Now get dressed so you can show Mom that you’re still alive.”

“Fine…” I sighed.

As I scoured the ground for a shirt, my phone rang. Only a handful of people knew the number, so I wasn’t really surprised to hear Monica’s voice when I answered.

“Howdy, cousin!” she said.

“Oh, it’s you.” I muttered.

“Viv, are you still moping about Xander being AWOL?” she asked.

“I can’t stop thinking about him,” I whined, “I hate feeling this way!”

“Nobody likes feeling that way,” said Monica, “Not even the emo kids that hang out in the school basement.”

“Then how do I get over it?” I asked, “You must have some ideas!”

“Do something to distract yourself,” said Monica, “Like, for example, babysitting.”

“I don’t know anybody who needs a babysitter.” I said.

“I do,” said Monica, building the suspense, “Mr. Hartford.”

“So that’s where he went?” I gasped, “I thought he just quit.”

“No, his wife got pregnant,” said Monica, “He took paternity leave because she makes more money at her job.”

“How do you know all this?” I asked.

“They told me all about it when they asked me to babysit for them,” said Monica, “But I can’t make it tonight, so I said I’d ask you to do it instead.”

“Well, alright,” I said, “It’s better than sitting around all day.”

“Atta girl!” said Monica, delighted, “I’ll text you the details in a second.”

“Okay…” I said, “Thanks!”

I hung up the phone in time to see Spencer standing in the doorway. His hand was red. Looks like Mom had slapped his hand for trying to steal my pancakes again.

“So, I had a change of heart,” he said, “I don’t want any of your pancakes.”

He walked away towards his room.


I showed up at Mr. Hartford’s house ten minutes early. The porch light was on, so they were obviously expecting me. I raised my hand to knock on the door, but it opened before I could.

“Hi! You must be Vivian!” said Mr. Hartford, pulling me inside, “Make yourself at home, I’ll be with you in a minute.”

I sat down on the couch and looked out the window. There was a black man mowing his lawn across the street. I don’t know why he was doing that in the evening, but he was. He looked kind of hostile. I watched him for a while. There was something about him that I found interesting.

“Vivian,” said Mr. Hartford, softly, “This is Mellie.”

I looked behind me to see him holding a precious baby girl. She was looking at me just like I had been looking at the man across the street. I stood up and walked over to him.

“She’s adorable!” I moaned as Mellie grabbed the tip of my finger.

“She’s already been fed, so all you’ll have to do is give her a bath and put her to bed,” said Mr. Hartford, “Emergency numbers are on the table and, uh, help yourself to anything in the fridge… Except the last piece of cheesecake.”

“Actually, sweetie, if you don’t mind, go ahead and eat that,” said Mrs. Hartford, walking up anime porno behind him, “He had a hard enough time getting into his suit tonight as it is.”

“We should be back by around 11:00pm,” said Mr. Hartford, walking over to Mellie’s crib and setting her down, “Oh yeah, and um, if that guy you were staring at from across the street comes over, feel free to let him in. He’s Mellie’s pediatrician.”

“Why, is she sick or something?” I asked.

“Not at all, he just likes to drop by and check on her every now and then.” said Mr. Hartford, “He’s just across the street after all, so I figure why pass up a free check-up for little Melanie?”

“Also, John owes him money from poker last week,” said Mrs. Hartford, rolling her eyes, “Don’t worry about him, Dr. Graham wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

“Well, Honey, we better get going.” said Mr. Hartford.

“Thanks again, Vivian,” said Mrs. Hartford, “We’ll see you tonight.”

I waved goodbye as they left and then lay down on the couch again.

“Oh yeah, this is much better…” I sighed, “Now I can be depressed with a little company.”

I leaned my head back and looked at Mellie.

“I don’t suppose you know how to get over depression, do you?” I asked.

Mellie just gurgled at me. Obviously she couldn’t talk yet.

“Come on, Mellie, let’s get you all nice and clean.” I said, picking her up gently.

As I walked over to the kitchen, I saw that they had left a baby bath out for me. That’d make it a lot easier. I filled the bath up and took off Mellie’s clothes. She was so quiet. I really expected her to cry or fidget, but she was no trouble at all. Once she was clean, I dried her off and rocked her in my arms for a while before putting her clothes back on.

“I’ll have to remember to tell Monica that I want to take over as official babysitter for them,” I muttered, “$4 an hour and there’s hardly anything to do.”

I carried Mellie back over to her crib and set her back down. She looked up at me curiously. I wasn’t her mother, but, that didn’t seem to bother her. I tucked her in and she fell asleep within minutes, sucking her thumb.

I was about to sit down on the couch when there was a knock at the door. Maybe Mellie’s parents had forgotten something?

I peered through the peephole and saw the black man from across the street.

“Hello? Anybody home?” said a very deep, slow voice from the other side of the door.

I opened the door carefully so that I wouldn’t wake up Mellie.

“You’re the babysitter, right?” asked Dr. Graham.

“Yes, I am. My name’s Vivian.” I said.

Mrs. Hartford might have said that he wouldn’t hurt a fly, but that didn’t stop me from being extremely intimidated by him. Dr. Graham was huge, at least 6’5″ with broad shoulders and large arms. He shaved his head bald, but had a simple, well groomed goatee. He smelled like gasoline, probably because he had just been mowing the lawn. But apart from the smell of fuel there was also cologne.

“I’m Dr. Graham,” he said, grabbing my hand and kissing it, “But you can call me Richard.”

I found myself quite flustered. I was extremely attracted to him, but also a bit afraid of him at the same time.

“So… Richard?” I stuttered, “What brings you here?”

“John owes me a small poker debt,” he said, “I just thought I’d drop by and see if he had the money yet.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I don’t know,” I said, “But, um… Would you maybe like to come in for a while?”

“Sure, why not?” said Dr. Graham, ducking so that he could fit through the door.

I locked the door behind him and closed the blinds in the living room.

“That’s a nice dress you’re wearing,” he said, ‘Do you always dress up so nice when you babysit?”

“Oh, thanks!” I giggled, ‘No, it’s just that um, all my other clothes are in the wash.”

“So, do you know the Hartfords at all?” asked Dr. Graham.

“Mr. Hartford is a teacher at my school,” I said, “He’s always helping out my cousin in her studies.”

“So, John is a teacher is he?” chuckled Dr. Graham, “Well, that explains why he makes such outrageous bets in poker.”

“How much does he owe you?” I asked.

“Two thousand dollars,” said Dr. Graham, “A thousand from each of our last two games.”

“You call that small?” I gasped, “That’d be enough for me to buy a car!”

“Well, okay, it’s small for me,” said Dr. Graham, “But for a teacher it’s a lot.”

We sat down on the couch. Dr. Graham kept giving me a peculiar look. I also noticed that he seemed to be trying to peek up my dress. If I wasn’t so turned on I would’ve snapped at him. There was a period of awkward silence, during which Mellie’s gentle breathing was all that could be heard. It was actually quite soothing. After a while though, Dr. Graham broke the silence.

“What anne porno are you wearing underneath that dress?” he asked.

That comment shocked me a little. I wasn’t expecting him to be forward. I pretended that I was both shy and offended, because I didn’t want Dr. Graham to know I was attracted to him.

“Underwear…” I said, confusedly.

“I’ve been thinking…” said Dr. Graham, “Since John doesn’t have my money, why don’t you pay off the debt on his behalf?”

“I don’t have two-thousand dollars!” I snorted, “If I did, do you really think I’d be here babysitting?”

“Oh I know you don’t have the money,” said Dr. Graham, “But there are other things you could do…”

“Like what?” I asked, innocently.

Dr. Graham leaned in and kissed me. I could smell the gasoline and cologne again. But this time there was a bit of a minty smell as well. I think he had used that breath spray stuff before he came in. He was a good kisser, being an older man he would have had a lot of experience over the years. His beard was tickling my chin, but I was so desperate to get my mind off of Xander that I didn’t care.

“Is this okay with you?” asked Dr. Graham, “Because I’ll stop if it isn’t…”

I just stared at him. I was sort of hypnotized by lust. I now understood why men would sometimes say really stupid things while talking to girls because at that very moment, I was about to say “You smell good”, but luckily, I managed to stop myself. Dr. Graham leaned in and kissed me again. While he did so, I felt his hand reach down and start pulling off my dress. He was doing it very slowly, almost as if he wanted to build up suspense before seeing me in my underwear. Before he had really even touched me, my nipples were starting to get hard.

“Normally I wouldn’t let you do this, but… I think this is something I need.” I said, sighing.

“Bad breakup?” he asked.

“Sort of… We weren’t technically dating, but it still hurts just as much.” I said.

“Normally I wouldn’t want to be the rebound guy,” said Dr. Graham, “But you’re just so beautiful that I’ll make an exception.”

“Well then everything works out.” I moaned as Dr. Graham kissed me again.

I felt my dress move down past my shoulders as Dr. Graham continued pulling it off. I shivered slightly once it was all the way off. It was a little chilly.

“Wow…” said Dr. Graham, admiring my body as though I was a famous painting.

His attention went straight to my navel piercing. He sucked on it and licked it, which I didn’t think would ever actually arouse me, but the way he was doing it did. The chilly room, that manly smell, the kisses and fondling, it all added up and made me horny. It seemed like that’s something you can only feel once you’ve had sex a few times. Not only were my nipples rock hard, but my pussy was starting to get wet. It wouldn’t be long before Dr. Graham noticed.

“You must drive all the boys at your school crazy.” he sighed, moving his mouth lower and lower.

“People keep saying that about me,” I said, “But it’s not true.”

Dr. Graham shrugged to show it didn’t matter. Then he gently nibbled at my underwear and pulled them off with his teeth.

“Well, for what it’s worth, you drive me crazy,” he whispered, “I mean, look at this precious little pussy of yours…”

With my panties still around my legs at the knees, Dr. Graham licked his finger and carefully started caressing my clit. His hands were rough, not sandpaper rough, but not soft like Xander’s or Hailey’s hands. I shuddered as a tingle of sensation rushed through my body.

“You’re already wet.” he moaned.

“That’s because you drive me crazy, too.” I gasped, another tingle rushing through my body.

As Dr. Graham slid his finger inside me, I shuddered. His index finger was almost the same size as the dildo I bought myself after Hailey helped loosen me up enough to masturbate. I was so horny that I felt like I could do anything, even take Dr. Graham’s likely enormous cock. The fact that his hands were so rough just made everything more erotic. It felt like I had a ribbed dildo in my pussy even though it only his finger.

“Are you nervous, girl?” he muttered, “You keep shaking and trembling.”

“I guess I’m a little nervous…” I said, “But that feels so good that I’m quivering even more.”

“If you like this, then just wait until we get to the main attraction,” said Dr. Graham, “Unless of course if you think you’re ready for it now.”

“Oh… I thought you’d never ask…” I moaned, relieved when I noticed that I was no longer thinking about Xander.

I pulled my underwear the rest of the way off and then unhooked my bra just as Dr. Graham unzipped his fly. His dick was so big that the head of it was poking out from under his waistline. It was huge in girth–over arap porno an inch thick and at least 9 inches long.

“Open your pretty little legs…” he ordered, stroking his iron hard cock.

“You don’t want me to suck it?” I said, half relieved and half surprised.

“Naw, babe, I just want to watch you bounce on my dick.” said Dr. Graham.

“It’s probably too big for me to do that,” I whispered, “But I’ll give it a shot.”

I got off the couch and pulled his pants down, ending up on my knees. While I did so, Dr. Graham pulled his shirt off over his head, revealing a totally smooth, relatively toned chest. I stood up and pushed him, he collapsed on the couch, stroking his cock in anticipation.

“Last chance to back out…” he said, gently.

Facing him, I slowly began to squat until I could feel the immense bulk of his dick rub against my pussy, with was still drenched. I took a deep breath and held it as I let it penetrate me. I knew it would be big, but that was when I hadn’t been taking into account how tight my pussy was. I had, after all, only had sex once. Since, masturbation doesn’t seem to untighten it at all.

“Holy shit! That is a tight fucking pussy, girl!” groaned Dr. Graham.

“It’s only this tight because you’re hung like a horse.” I moaned.

It felt like it took hours to go all the way down on it, even though it was more like thirty seconds. The fact that I was soaked down there also helped, but only a little. Rather than “bouncing” like the doctor had suggested, I started off slowly, teasing both of us, by grinding on it in a circular pattern. To be honest, it was like a sumo wrestler trying to use a hula hoop.

“It’s like you’ve clogged me up. Does it feel good inside me doc?”

“Oh yeah… You’re so fucking sexy!” he grunted, grabbing a firm hold on my waist.

Dr. Graham started to steer now. He pulled up and down on my waist and I mimicked the speed and rythym. The more I worked it, the easier it got, just like how they tought us to knead dough in home ec.

“Grab a hold of me, cutie, we’re going for a ride.” said Dr. Graham, standing up.

I clung on to him and shrieked as he suddenly began to pound me. He was fucking me so hard that with every thrust his cock nearly came all the way out of my pusssy. With him in control, it went much deeper, I couldn’t keep myself from squealing.

“Mmmm… I hope we don’t wake the baby!” I yelped.

“Don’t you worry about that, she can sleep through anything.” he said, now thrusting even faster.

“Even me cumming really hard?” I panted.

Just as I started to hyperventilate, Dr. Graham carefully set me down on the couch. I knew all too well what that meant, but as it turns out, so did he, because before too long, he had leaned in a started to lick my clit, which just made me cum even harder. As I gasped for air, Dr. Graham stood above me, jerking off his enormous dick.

“Where do you want it?” he asked, playfully.

“Blow your load all over my titties, doc.” I shuddered, as my orgasm came to an end.

It seemed as though watching the girls enjoy the orgasms that his huge cock gave them was better than porn for the doctor, because it didn’t take very long for him to cum. Three, four, five, six globs of jizz landed all over my chest, I was so turned on that I even rubbed it around like hand lotion before licking a little of it from my fingers.

“Just as the doctor ordered.” I said.

We both shared a laugh and one last kiss before Dr. Graham mopped himself off and started to get dressed again.

“Ahem… Well, uh, that was certainly fun,” he said, “For what it’s worth, you can tell John that we’re even. I don’t think he’ll question it.”

“You know I didn’t do this to pay off his debt, right?” I asked.

“Yes, but, I still got something in exchange regardless.” chuckled Dr. Graham, “I’m not trying to imply you’re a whore, Vivian. Believe me when I say that I respect you completely.”

“Thanks, doc,” I said, blushing, “Maybe we could do this again sometime?”

“Call me Richard.” he said, unlocking the door.

“But “doctor” is so much kinkier,” I said, “You didn’t answer my question.”

“But you don’t really want me to answer. You’re head over heels for someone else. I’m just a rebound guy, remember?” said Dr. Graham, winking at me as he closed the door.

Once he was gone, Monica opened the door and barged in.

“Oops! My bad!” she giggled.

“You knew I was going to end up doing that, didn’t you?” I asked.

“Naturally.” she said, tossing me some more tissues to mop myself up.

“Don’t bother… I’m a mess. Can you watch Mellie while I take a quick shower?” I sighed.

“Sure thing. cuz.” she said, giving me the thumbs up.

I could’ve asked why Monica hadn’t revealed her intentions from the start, but, it didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. She might have tricked me, but her heart was in the right place. And, well, her plan did work, so, I guess I really had nothing to complain about. After all, I was still earning $4 an hour…


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