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Just one of those girls you laid in bed at night and thought about while you whacked off. Her name was Amanda Beckmen but everyone called her Mandy. She was a cheerleader, president of the school dance committee, the Winter Ball Queen. All of that and she was young, a fresh little thing. If this had been a normal situation I would just have gone up and asked her out. I’m not intimidated by girls. The only problem was… she was my student.

Mandy had all the elements that men, not just high school boys, dream of. Curves of a perky 34C chest, 25 inch waist, and 36 luscious inches of perfect hips. Her ass was tight and she walked like Marilyn Monroe. She often wore clothing to accent her well-formed hour glass and it distracted not only the teen-age gawkers in my class but me as well.

Dress was definitely one of her strongest suits, unfortunately, Biology II was not. Mandy was not stupid by any means, she just had one too many upperclassmen sitting around her in my class. Always a flirt, Mandy seemed to prefer boys older than her. Sometimes when I was in the shower I would tug at my meat wondering how she would like an older man. But in class the next day I would have to push those thoughts aside or risk an embarrassing situation in the middle of my 4th period class.

The day the trouble started was a day Mandy was being particularly noisy in class. My students in 4th period always seem to be a little more uppity because it’s right after lunch so I try to let it slide when they act up for the first twenty minutes or so. But it was well into the hour and Mandy was interrupting my lecture by her giggles. While writing something on the bored I saw her out of the corner of my eye, flirting with one of the senior football players that sits next to her. I turned and gave her a slight “a-hem” and a semi-mean look. I thought she had gotten the point.

I continued with my lesson and suddenly heard a giggle and a whisper. Turning around I saw Mandy’s green eyes flash with the fear of getting caught.

“Miss Beckmen, if you are so bored in my class perhaps we should assign extra work to keep you busy.”

She settled back in her seat and folded her hands in her lap. “No Sir.”

“Good then, I can continue.” And I went on.

I gave the students my assignment for the day and sat down at my desk and started working on grades. About five minutes later I glanced up at Mandy. It was so always so hard to scold her and today was no exception. She had on a little black skirt, very short and pleated, with a tight pink sweater very low cut in the neck line. Mandy’s tan breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Her hair was mostly blonde but it had a hint of hell-cat red in it , was pulled up in a long pony tail of curls that spilled down around her neck. Her jewelry was a small silver chain with a tiny heart charm and small silver hoops in her ears that she would fidget with while she read. My view traveled south and a wondered if that skirt that she was wearing was with-in the bounds of the school dress code. I also wondered what was under it. Her legs were crossed, black thigh-highs hugged them and a cute pair of 50’s style oxfords finished off her ensemble.

My eyes darted back and forth from her to the grade book …….until I caught her passing a note to the girl on the right.

“Amanda! That is the last straw. You be back here after the last bell, I am going to make sure you have enough work to keep you busy in here for the rest of the quarter,” I growled.

Her green eyes snapped with anger and she whined, “But Mr. Smith I’m sorry! I have cheer-leading practice after school!” As she protested she leaned forward with cleavage spilling out of her sweater. This girl made it real hard for you to get mad at her, but I had to be strong.

“You’ll just have to explain to the cheer-leading advisor why you missed practice then,” was my reply. I couldn’t back down, “we will discuss it after school.” She immediately set back and pouted in her chair until the bell rang. As she left the room I made it a point to remind her, “I’ll see you after school Mandy.” She predictably flounced out of class.

My last school period of the day is what we teachers are given as a “planning” hour. We normally grade or make lesson plans for the next day. Today I had a stack of tests on my desk that I really did not feel like grading. I started to straighten the desks in my room and I eventually came to Mandy’s. I started to wonder what my punishment would be. I really didn’t have any extra work for her to do and her grade average of a B was better than most of the class. Maybe I would have her grade papers I did not want to mess with and then send her home with a good lecture on classroom decorum.

A smile crept up in the corners of my mouth when I thought about how her cleavage had almost fell right bostancı escort out of that sweater. Hey I’m human, and was only 25 at the time. I guess I’m attractive; 5’11”, brown hair and hazel eyes, athletic build. No problem getting a date. Then why on earth was I standing here getting hard at the thought of this, this, this girl?

The sound of the last bell broke my thoughts and I quickly went to my desk and sat down, trying to hide the damage of my wondering mind. When Mandy walked in I pretended not to notice and continued working on straightening my desk. Finally she approached, “Mr. Smith, I’m sorry, I mean I know that I was wrong and all its just that Becky is having a really hard time with her boyfriend and she needed my advice,” she began to explain.

“What does this have to do with the disturbance in class today?” I questioned.

“That’s what the note was about,” she went on, “I was telling her what I thought.”

“Well Mandy, note passing in not permitted in school and it makes me feel very unrespected when you do it on my time,” I lectured. “Now here is a stack of tests. Grade everything but the essay and we will talk about punishment.”

Mandy picked up the stack of papers and I handed her a red ink pen. She got to work. I begin to work on the assignment for the next day as she quickly graded. My eyes would occasionally dart over her body. This continued for half an hour. A junior named Allen came in and asked for help on an assignment. When he left I looked down the hall. My wing of the school was empty. When I turned back around I found Mandy staring at me. Her pink little tongue was softly caressing the red pen top between her parted lips. I only got a half a second to view this before she snapped her head back down and continued grading.

It only took that half a second for me to get hard. That hot little pink tongue darting was more than I could take. I returned to my desk and wondered if she knew I had caught her. I decided to be a little bold.

“Mandy, Becky wouldn’t be having sexual problems with her boyfriend would she?” I ventured.

“Sex!?” she squeaked out, “um, why do you ask? I mean did you read the note?”

“Well, no, but so many times today young girls are pressured into having sex and I wondered if that was the problem.”

“Um, well yeah. I mean she’s not a virgin,” Mandy blurted out, then caught herself. She turned red and stammered, “It was about sex but a different kind of sex.”

“Oh I see,” I nodded my head and tried to ignore the bulge in my pants. Mandy’s eyes seemed to dance a little. I pressed on, “what kind would that be?”

She looked taken aback even more now, “oral sex,” came her quick reply.

I had to see how far she would take this, “and she asked you for… advice?”

Mandy blushed to the roots of her hair and shifted in her seat. A nod was her only reply. My eyes locked with hers for a moment. She had a look of lust on her pretty little face and she knew exactly where I was going with this. Instead of giving up the ghost completely I told her to finish the tests. It was only a few minutes later she brought me the tests. She leaned over the front of my desk and handed them to me, those tan breasts heaving forward again. I told her to come around to me so I could level with her. She did as told and I looked up at her from my seat. My cock and my brain were debating over what to do.

“Well Mandy we can get this over with all at once or you will have to be in here everyday after school this week, what will it be?” I started in. I had an idea.

“OK, what do I need to do, a report or something? Just tell me cuz I really need to get going…” she began to babble.

“Alright lean over my desk and hike your skirt up so you can receive swats,” I calmly said.

“WHAT?” she almost screamed, “SWATS?? I haven’t been spanked in school since I was in 2nd grade, this is silly!”

“You know that they are still part of the punishment system at our school. Swats or your in here every day this week,” I explained knowing her social life was too important for her to waste time in class after school.

She scrunched up her face and turned around, bending over my desk she flipped the back of her skirt up over her behind. A lace white thong appeared into my view traveling along her tight ass. No tan lines I noticed as I reached for the paddle in my desk. Never had I spanked a girl, and Mandy knew as well as I did that it was not mandatory for the spankee to be bare-bottomed. I knew I had free range now. She was willing to play.

I raised the paddle and told her to hold onto my desk, I struck her just hard enough to leave a little red mark and she yelped out loud. I repeated this two more times before she breathlessly said, “Mr. Smith please just use büyükçekmece escort your hand, that board hurts sooooo bad.”

I sat it on my desk and raised my hand, bringing it down and smacking her tight little ass. This time I heard her gasp. I did it again and again. I felt her ass wiggle back into my hand the third time. Feeling my cock stir in my pants I knew the gig was up, I stopped spanking her and begin to trace my finger tip down the crack of her ass were those panties lie. She shivered.

“Oh Mr. Smith, what are you doing,” she asked in the ficklest scared tone I have ever heard.

“Punishing you,” I told her and I turned her around.

Her mouth found mine and our tongues became tangled. As I began to travel down to her neck, nibbling and licking here and there my hands reached up under her skirt and each squeezed a perfect ass cheek. I picked her up by her cute little ass and set her up on my desk. Her fingers where working on my shirt and had it undone and before I knew it it was on the floor. I dropped to my knees in front of her and leaned forward into the crotch of her panties. They smelled damp and musky with her juices. I slide my tongue along her panty line and she moaned and whined. I repeated this action as my hands traveled up to pull the material over her hips. Then I push her skirt up around her waist and stood back to take in my view.

Mandy’s head was tossed back and she had her arms bracing herself back on the desk. Those tiny white panties were binding her at the ankles. Her nipples were hard and erect through the fuzzy pink of her sweater. Her pussy was shaven, and a little bit of juice was beginning to appear on the lips that were starting to puff out. I slide my right index finger down her moist slit and then pushed in slightly at the bottom, sinking it slightly into her hole before pulling it out and traveling up to her clit. When my finger brushed into it she lost control and let out a scream, loosing her grip on the desk she fell onto her back.

“Mr. Smith please, you are teasing me,” Mandy whispered when I removed my hand. I leaned forward and kissed her lips and then gave them a quick swipe with my tongue.

“You want me Mandy? Do you?,” I asked. My cock was so hard now it wouldn’t have mattered what she said. I reached down with one hand and begin to stroke her clit again; the other worked on unbuttoning my fly.

“Oh God yes! Please Mr. Smith, please, ” she begged. My cock sprang free as the jerked my pants with my boxers down around my knees. I removes my finger from her swollen clit and traveled down to her hole again. I sank my finger in deeper this time and I could feel how hot and tight she was. She squeezed my finger from the inside of her velvet vise. I knew it was time for lunch.

After a another moment or so I finally buried my face into her sweet pussy. I started by only inserting my tongue a fraction of the way into her slit, driving her to grind her hips into my face. The next thing I knew I had a tanned set of thighs wrapped around my head. Mandy moaned and withered on my desk. My tongue was down doing flat laps all over her pussy, occasionally rolling her clit with my tongue. About three minutes into this, Mandy came.

“Oh Oh OH OH OH OH OH GOD YES OH YES PLEASE OH GOD!” she screamed. Her juices flowed and I attempted to swallow every last drop. She tasted so sweet and I wanted her to sample herself, so I leaned up with a mouth full of her honey and gave her a passionate kiss.

“Mmmmmmm,” Mandy cooed. I smiled at her. My cock brushed against her bare thigh and jerked. It desperately needed attention. Mandy seemed to read my mind. She reached down and slid her hand along the length, tracing her fingertips lightly over the head as her breathing returned to normal.

“Sit in your chair,” she nearly commanded me. I did as told. Mandy crawled off the desk, her skirt fell back down over her hips. She quickly removed her sweater and stood in front of me in only her white lace bra and skirt. I reached out to touch her nipples but Mandy pushed my hand away.

“Uh uhhh, you keep your hands off for now,” she told me.

“I thought I was the teacher,” I reasoned.

“Oh you are, I am going to work on some extra credit.” She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand again, pumping it up and down, I leaned my head back and enjoyed. Mandy’s tongue found the head of my cock and traced circles around it. I felt her other hand tickle my balls. Her mouth traveled all the way down the length, licking and kissing softly. Then before I knew what hit me, Mandy had all 7 inches of my in her mouth and down her throat. My hands begin entwined at the back of her head and slowly began to bob with her in time. I felt her moan lowly and the sensation raced through my çağlayan escort cock. I nearly came at that so I pushed her off my cock quickly.

“What’s wrong Mr. Smith?” Mandy’s wide eyed response came, “what kinda grade am I getting today?”

I smiled down at her and pulled her to her feet. I stood myself and embraced her, running my hand along the back of her bra and unfastening it. “Oh Mandy, Becky is a smart, smart young lady to ask you for help. You certainly know what your talking about.” My hands grabbed the twin mounds of flesh on Mandy’s chest and then tweaked the nipples. I dipped my head and pulled the left one into my mouth, biting it softly and then licking my way over to the other one where I repeated the process. Mandy’s voice was starting to raise again in her moans and I pulled back up to her face and looked her straight in the eye.

“Mandy do you want me to stick my cock in you and slam it in and out until you scream?” I demanded to know.

“Oh yes please Mr. Smith, fuck me please,” she pleaded. What’s a man to do? I turned her around and forced her back into her original position, bending over my desk. She whimpered as I pushed her legs apart and rubbed the head of my cock on her shiny wet opening. I couldn’t take it any longer, I grabbed her by the waist and positioned myself.

“Mandy you nasty little girl,” I groaned as I slide my rock hard cock all the way down her tight tunnel, she felt so good, “you were bad today! Do you see what happens to naughty girls like you?” I slapped her ass for effect.

Her ass pushed back and her tight little inner muscles squeezed on my cock. She panted out, “yes Mr. Smith I know I was bad please punish me some more.”

I pulled almost all the way out of her and slammed full force back into her, my cock squeezed into her honey hole. I began my all out assault on her, slamming into her so hard I could hear my balls flapping against the perfect cheeks of her ass. My pre-cum and her honey made a loud stucking noise everytime I drove into her again. She was pushing her ass back to meet my thrusts and tossing her head.

“Oh fuck me please! Shove that big hard cock into me, harder, harder, yeah give it to me, yes, YES OH GOD YES,” she panted. I grunted in response and reached around under her and began to toy with her clit, she promptly erupted all over my desk once again, squeezing my dick hard, causing me to loose it. I pulled her up-right as I slammed her to the hilt, grabbing her breasts, mashing her back against me, I buried my load deep inside my student’s hot quim.

We had collapsed forward onto my desk, my dick still deep inside her. I looked down at that tight ass one more time as I slide my now softening cock out of her now sloshy pussy. Our combined juices ran down her thighs. Mandy was still laying face down on my desk, panting and shaking. I ran my hands up her back and caressed her shoulders and neck. I wasn’t sure how to react at this point. I had just shot the biggest load of my life in this sweet, young little thing. And then my brain took back over. What had I just done? She was my student!

Mandy regained control over her body and her legs began to work again. She stood up and once again her ass disappeared from my view under the black pleats of her skirt. She reached down and pick her bra off my desk and put it back on. I didn’t know what to say as she dressed herself. I began to slide my own clothes back on. I didn’t want to say, “don’t tell anyone,” because she didn’t seem like that kind of girl. I pulled my legs through my khakis and searched for something appropriate to say.

“Mandy, I want you….”

“Mr. Smith, I hope that I’m….” we both said at the same time, followed by a nervous laugh.

“Ladies first…”

“Well, I just hope that you know that I’m not going to tell anyone about this. I mean I don’t kiss and tell,” she managed to get out. I just smiled at her as I buttoned my shirt.

“Mandy I know, your a very sweet and smart girl. I could loose my job,” I gently replied. I wasn’t sure where this was going.

“Um, I was wondering,” she continued, “if I could maybe come in here for some extra credit next week?’

She turned her face towards mine and finally met my eyes, she had a mischievous little gleam about her. I nodded my head, baffled at what she had just said. She pressed herself against me again and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a long, hot kiss.

“I’m sure that would be fine Mandy,” I told her when we broke the kiss. She shoved something in my hand and fled the room.

So there I was, mystified by what had just happened. I look down at my hand to see what Mandy had given me. It was her panties and something else, a piece of paper. I opened it and realized it was the note she had started to pass to Becky. My eyes scanned it and an evil grin came to my face when I read this passage.

“… that’s all you have to do to drive him insane! I swear it just makes them crazy. What I wouldn’t do to wrap my lips around Mr. Smith’s dick! I bet he is good, real good. You know how I like older men!..”

I raised her panties to my nose and inhaled her scent. I couldn’t wait for next week.

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