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Big Tits

Note: Obviously before Homeland Security kicked in. 🙂


The airport was dark and lonely tonight. I always wondered why the airlines felt the need to stretch out the flights so that they came in at all sorts of hours. Not even the gods would be up this late. I pulled my blazer into a parking space before the hulking building that served as the airport for our city. I turned off the lights and sat for a moment listening to the radio as Robert Smith sang with the Cure.

I sighed softly as I knew I missed him more than I ever thought possible and I was glad that tonight he was coming home to me again.

I turned off the ignition and slipped the key free before opening the door and exiting. With a click of a button, the blazer was locked and I was walking across the parking lot towards the airport in the middle of the night.

I stepped through the automatic doors as they opened with a faint swish and walked up to the counters, squinting at the different rows of arrival and departure times. I let go of the breath that I was holding as I noticed his flight was still listed as being on time. I couldn’t help the smile that washed over my face and I made my way over towards the escalators that would lead me up to the second floor and the arrival gates.

I was humming the tune from the car faintly as I walked through the deserted airport towards the observation windows. Everything was closed and locked behind security gates and the airport would look almost creepy if a few people hadn’t been slouched across the couches, waiting for their parties to arrive at this late hour. An older security guard strolled by and politely covered a yawn before giving a polite smile and mumbling an “excuse me”. I returned his smile and stopped before the tall windows that reached towards the ceiling, my reflection showing clearly in them.

I smiled and saw my “twin” in the window do the same. I was dressed in a long black skirt that hung to the ankles of my black boots. A soft dark blue short-sleeved shirt hugged my upper half, it was low cut in the front and in the back as well. I loved to wear it as it showed off my eye of Ra tattoo on the base of my neck. I was proud of my tattoos and grinned all the more because I knew he loved them too. Of course he’d always said that he loved any part of my body, inked or not.

I pressed a stray lock of dark hair behind my ear and out of my face as I looked down at the watch on my wrist. Any time now he should be landing and coming home to me. Warmth spread through my body and made my skin shiver softly as I thought of how long he’d been gone from me. Too long.


A figure softly slid up behind me and gently let the carry-on luggage drop from their fingers. I glanced up into the reflection of the window and saw him. His hands slid around my waist as he pressed his body against mine and nuzzled the back of my neck. I let out a delicious sigh and leaned back into his embrace, closing my eyes and feeling relaxed now that he was safe and home. My fingers moved to intertwine with his.

“I missed you hun,” He whispered softly into my ear, his breath tickling my skin.

“You better have, but I think that I missed you more,” erenköy escort I replied back to him, eyes still closed and enjoying having him pressed against me once again.

“Did you now? Is that true?” I heard him ask as I barely paid attention to what he was doing, just feeling relaxed in his embrace. One stayed still upon my hip, thumb softly rubbing back and forth with affection as the other was stealthily sliding under the bottom of my shirt and under the waist of my skirt.

My eyes opened wide and my hand flew to cover his, stopping him as I whispered fiercely, “What are you doing?! We’re in the middle of the airport for Gods sakes!” I could see his reflection smiling innocently.

“I was only attempting to find out if you were telling the truth. We’re in an airport yes, but this is the observation lounge and it’s really dark.” He finished and started to nibble on my ear lightly, causing me to shiver once again while trying to slap my mind back on track.

“There are people here you perv, you think they’re gonna wanna join in or something?” I asked trying not to giggle and pulling at his hand, trying to remove it. He stopped nibbling and lifted his head, as if thinking on something before answering me, “You think they’d want to? Hmmmm, now that would be interesting…” His voice trailing off in thought again. I smacked his hand that was resting upon my hip.

“My gods, you are an awful man,” I giggled, my hand upon his as I watched out the window again, the runway lights in the distance twinkling like stars.

“Aw…but you love me. I know you do…cause good little girls normally wear underwear under their skirts when they pick their boyfriends up from the airport,” He replied to me as his hand delved a bit further under the waist of my skirt, feeling nothing but smooth skin, “Besides, it’s late, those people are leaving. Everyone’s in a rush to get their baggage and head home.”

I attempted to pull his hand out once more as I felt a blush spread it’s way across my cheeks as I mumbled something about that being a present for later and he wasn’t supposed to be spoiling it like he was.

“I always did peek before Christmas…no patience.” He said softly into my ear as his fingers drifted lower, brushing over my soft bare lips while his other hand reached up to lightly rub at my breast, his nail lightly dragging over my nipple, toying with it through the fabric.

I couldn’t even manage a grumble of protest but feverently hoped that everyone had left and the old security guard had wondered off to nap someplace. I leaned back against his frame, held by his hands as he teased me with his tender touches and gentle kisses upon my neck. My breath was shallow and I could easily feel the heat from my reddened face. What was I doing?

My fingers answered that question for me. My hands subtly reached around behind me and rubbed the front of his jeans. He was hard and he pressed against my hands, moaning his encouragement softly in my ear. My fingers unbuckled his belt and then fumbled at the button to his jeans, not having much experience at undressing someone who happened to be standing behind me.

His finger circled my clit and it was all göztepe escort I could do to hold in a moan of delight as I squirmed on his hand. Another finger delved into the folds and easily glided along my wet entrance causing me to press my hips forward a bit, trying to feel more of his touch. His other hand had since crept up under my shirt and was cupping my breast through my bra, pinching at the nipple and teasing it with out much mercy. My mind danced along, part of it was asking me what the hell I was doing and the other part was just reeling in delight at the his touch.

I pulled the button free and slowly slid down his zipper, feeling the throb of his shaft as he pressed forwards, rubbing himself on my hands. Reaching into the slit in his boxers I brushed my fingers up and down his length, enjoying the teasing that I was visiting upon him. I smiled when I was rewarded with a soft growl in my ear, his breath hot on my skin. I pulled him free of his boxers and rubbed slowly up and down, fingertips brushing his tip and feeling his pre-cum waiting for me. I brought the finger up and sucked on it, tasting him and his want for me. My other hand pressed his shaft along my skirt-covered rear, rubbing up and down lightly.

One of his hands pulled my bra up, freeing my breasts so he could knead and pinch as he pleased. With his other hand he continued to use his thumb to press against my clit, rubbing it, teasing me. He slid a finger inside my wetness and continued to slide it in and out with agonizing slowness, my hips moving against him softly, begging for more until I was rewarded with another finger pumping slowly in and out.

I was about to turn around, needing to press my lips to his and throw my arms around his neck but I felt him remove his hands and hold my arms still, his grip tight and I was suddenly confused.

“Hun…” I started to ask but was cut off with a low “Shhhh”. I was confused then my eyes few open thinking that some one was coming and we were going to be in trouble but I felt him lift my arms, placing my hands upon the cool glass in front of me. His weight was pushing me forward and I leaned on the glass for support, my face close enough for my breath to lightly fog the glass as I wondered what was going on, a tinge of fear creeping through my body.

His hands ran down my arms and past my breasts, giving them the slightest caress through my shirt before letting go. He lifted up my skirt quickly letting the cool air bathe my skin, holding it up with one hand upon my hip as the other was guiding his shaft so that the head was resting firmly against my opening. He then wrapped his other hand about my waist and pushed slowly forward and up into me. I caught my breath and trembled as he did. It felt so good and I missed him so much that I pressed back against him, wanting to feel him buried deep inside. Slowly he pulled out and I groaned ever so softly with disappointment and thought that he was a better tease than I could ever hope to be. He banished all those thoughts from my mind as he suddenly thrust up hard into me. I sucked in a gasp of air and closed my eyes, clenching at him with my muscles.

With one of his strong arms snaked around kadıköy escort my body holding me tight, he continued to thrust up into me, his breath hot upon my neck. His other hand let go of my waist and slid down under the front of me skirt and his fingers began to toy again with my clit, teasing it, circling it, gently tugging on it and causing my body to shake with pent up lust. I lifted one of my legs to rest upon the step like heater on the floor before the window, allowing him greater access.

“Oh Gods oh Gods oh Gods,” I breathed out softly my eyes closed tight as I felt him pushing me towards an orgasm, my body shaking with each of his hard thrusts. My breath was ragged as I held on, loving having his body pressed tight against mine, his fingers expertly drawing forth my release that was so desperately needed. I felt the orgasm coming on but fought to push it away, wanting to make this last as long as possible. My muscles clenched tightly to him each time he withdrew for another thrust.

I came with a quiet moan pressed into the back of my hand to try and keep quiet as my body shuttered violently, my knees almost giving way. I was thankful for the arm around my body that kept me from collapsing to the floor in bliss, no longer caring if anyone found our or not. He continued to thrust against me, still rubbing my clit and causing me to squirm from sensitivity, not giving me time to rest. I was once again pressing back against him, keeping time with his thrusts and working myself into cumming again. I was so slick that he slid in and out with ease and I feared that he would slip out. His breath was hot and fast as he chewed on my neck, I could feel him tensing with me and then with on final shove that caused me to gasp, we both came, his moans muffled by my neck.

We stood there for a few moments, catching our breath before he pulled out and put himself away as I smoothed down my skirt and shirt, fixing my bra and trying to ignore the tickle of our collective juices slipping down my leg and I almost giggled. I turned round finally and threw my arms around his neck hugging him hard and demanding a steamy kiss from his lips as he held me tight.

“Gods I missed you!” I breathed into the kiss.

“So did I hun, I missed you more than you know,” he replied back, holding me as my body still shook a bit, “Lets go home and continue this ‘discussion’ shall we?”

“Gladly!” I replied as he bent down, retrieving his carry-on and slinging it on his shoulder then sliding an arm around my waist as I did the same to him, snuggling against his body, never wanting to let it go.

His luggage was alone on the conveyer belt downstairs when we went to claim it. I dug my car keys from my purse and held his hand as we walked though the lobby towards the doors. The elderly security guard from earlier sat behind a desk and nodded a polite goodnight to us as we stepped through the automatic doors. As I paused to look for the parking ticket I could have sworn the two men passed each other grins. I blushed and pulled him out the door behind me letting the coolness of the night comfort my burning cheeks.

“Do me a favor?” I asked as we walked towards my blazer, clicking the automatic locks open.

“Anything hun,” He replied running his hand over my ass.

“Don’t ever take the bus, I don’t think I could handle picking you up at the mall of all places.”

He laughed and slapped me lightly on the rear as we got into my blazer, ready to go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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