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I awoke from an astonishing dream, a dream of absolute sexual satisfaction and complete sexual fulfillment; I was buoyant, happy. How could a dream bring on all the sensations I felt throughout my body?

I felt an orgasm overtake my semi conscious mind. My cock spewed a load of cum and I realized someone was manipulating my orgasm. I focused on a hand holding my cock, stroking it, and a mouth lapping my cum. Again, the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment washed over me as I realized the hands and mouth providing me all this sexual happiness belong to Albert.

“Morning, Danny. You were poking me with this thing so I decided help relieve the pressure.” Albert and I have known each other for years going back to our school days in high school and the years we spent in college. Albert never spoke openly about his desire for men; however, it was never a secret kept from me.

I do not consider myself gay, yet I do enjoy Albert’s company. From the way my body feels, I enjoyed much more than his company last night. I remember Albert and I got some strong weed, we smoked, and got very wasted. I remember we drank several shells of kava kava and relaxed into each other. My mind cleared and my memory returned, Albert and I made love last night, he took me, fucked me, filled me with his love potion and just drank mine.

“Morning, Albert,” I sighed smiling at him. “I feel wonderful this morning. I can’t remember being satisfied like I am now. Can I offer you something in return?” I wanted Albert to fuck me. I had a vague memory of Albert’s cock, not huge, yet between seven and eight inches long and about two inches thick.

Albert gave me one of his infectious smiles as he rose from the sheets displaying his magnificent manliness. He drew himself up across my torso, brought his face to mine and kissed me. I returned the kiss with no hesitation even tasting my cum on his lips and in his mouth made me tremble like a horny teen.

I drew my legs up high locking my ankles over the small of his back. I gyrated my hips upward to expose my waiting ass hole. Albert took the cue immediately, broke our kiss to align himself. When his tool broke through the rim of my ass hole, I rocked up against him making his length slip deeper. Albert thrust his weight against me and I was impaled on a shaft of blinding ecstasy. “Fuck me, Albert,” I moaned grasping his body to mine, I was a horny teen on prom night begging.

Albert’s arms wrapped behind my knees drawing my ass higher, giving him deeper penetration. I was panting and crying as he drove into me. Something was happening to me as Albert slid his hard shaft in and out. I can’t explain the feeling overtaking me, I felt pressure building deep in my bowels then I exploded. I felt semen seeping from my cock as I pressed and squeezed Albert’s cock. Between us, we were wet with semen as the pressure in my bowels continued forcing me to strain against Albert’s thrusts. Albert began rutting and banging into me with erratic movements then he drove as deeply as he could. His cum coated my colon and we both went limp.

Resting in the other’s arms, we kissed lightly. “Albert, why does everyone say, ‘that was amazing’ after making love? That was amazing!” Albert’s cock still filled me as his cum seeped deeper in my bowels. I felt his movements, felt his cock slide against the walls of my rectum, he was not through fucking me.

Albert slid his full length out then drove in hard. He repeated his thrusts until my balls ached from the battering his hips gave them. If this was sexual abuse, I loved it. I wanted to speak but words were lost in the cries and moans we both shared.

Albert abruptly withdrew leaving me empty and wanting. “Roll over, Danny. Let me fuck you from behind.” I couldn’t roll over fast enough, I wanted Albert filling me with his cock, fucking me, I was not denied. Albert spread my legs exposing my already well fucked ass hole and with no hesitation Albert’s cock filled me. The assault on my ass was vigorous for a few minutes, my prostate felt enlarged from the constant pressure.

I whimpered and cried as I experienced another strong pressure building in my bowels, and it happened again, semen streaming from my cock as I pressed and squeezed hard against the wonderful shaft that caused this release. Albert felt me pressing against him, squeezing his cock. With one mighty shove, I had him as deeply as his cock would go. Albert shouted out his orgasm as his cock expanded and contracted filling me with another load of his life serum.

As Albert softened and my ass hole contracted, my thoughts returned to my waking thoughts of complete sexual satisfaction and sexual fulfillment. Our recovery was slow as we basked in the afterglow of our sexual union. Albert became limp and his cock slipped from my ass. I clamped my sphincter muscles to retain his deposit in my ass. The squeeze made my cock react with a tiny squirt of semen as the last of the pleasure and pressure released me from my sexual high.

Albert’s warm breath on the back of my neck made me shiver, then bets10 he spoke softly but deliberately, “Danny, last night and this morning make me realize just how much our friendship means. Have we crossed a line we cannot recover from?”

I heard more than his words, what he wasn’t saying was more meaningful. “Yes, Albert, we crossed a line, together. What happened is exactly what we both wanted to happen. You are now and always have been an important part of my life and maybe I now know why.”


Last night was the culmination of all the years we’ve known each other. We met in high school, I played football and Albert was the student team manager, we became friends immediately. Through our high school years we hung out after Friday night games. Though Albert didn’t date, there was never any need for him to justify why he didn’t. I dated several girls but nothing was ever serious. I had my share of teen age sex although I wasn’t the kiss and tell type. Even when I dated a girl known as easy, I kept what we did to myself.

One afternoon the summer between graduating high school and starting college Albert confided, “Danny, I think I am homosexual. I don’t have a desire to be with women. I do desire men and have had a couple homosexual experiences.”

The use of the word ‘gay’ to mean homosexual was not in use in this era and homosexual was a whispered word. We used hurtful words like homo and fag to demean anyone we didn’t like or accused of being homosexual.

My feeling was that Albert expected me to make a joke of his admission and maybe I surprised him, “As long as we are still friends, I don’t care. I sure won’t say anything that hurts you.”

It was several years later that society relaxed its moral judgement of homosexuals. Not yet fully accepted, and not completely rejected, people who are gay began coming out and so it was with Albert. After college he headed to Washington State for five years. We remained friends and used email and phone to stay connected.


On a late Friday afternoon as I left my work place, Albert phoned. “Danny, I’m coming home, can I stay with you until I get my own place?” He knew that I didn’t have a live in girlfriend and knew I would say yes.

“Bring your ass on home, and hell yes, I have room for you.” Room for Albert was prophetic although I didn’t know it at the time. “When will you get back?”

“I have cold beer and hot pizza waiting for you. Hurry up before we have hot beer and cold pizza. I’m at your door.”

My door lock is keyless, “Albert, my door code is your birthday. Go in and wait, I’m about 15 minutes away.” I closed up my work, made my way to my car, and sped quickly to my apartment. Inside was my best friend Albert sucking on a cold beer.

“My birthday, you care so much that you made your code my birthday, I’m touched” The look on his face told me he really was touched.

“Unless you give me a beer now, I’ll change the key code and kick your ass out.” Albert handed me a beer. “You are the only one who has my door code. What is it about you that I like?”

“I bring beer and pizza,” he smiled, “or maybe you like gay men with big cocks.” The former was true and little did I know the latter would become true.

“Let me deal with beer and pizza first, I am glad you came home. What made you decide to move back?” We sat on bar stools at my kitchen counter, side by side, facing each other. Albert reached out an arm, rested it on my shoulder, and looked deep into my eyes, finding my soul.

“Only my real friends are here, my real friend.” The emotion in his voice was real, his touch on my shoulder was almost electric, and the depth of look into my eyes, gave me an answer I didn’t expect. I realized he had an interest in me. “Danny, I like you in ways you may not be able to understand.”

I reached across my body and placed my hand over his, Albert stiffened for a moment expecting me to remove his hand. Instead, I held my hand to his looking back just as intently, “I understand more than you give me credit. I was the first person you told about being gay.” Albert gave a heavy sigh and thanked me for understanding.

Albert turned on the oven to warm the pizza and we drank another beer. “So, Albert, spill it, why are you moving back?”

“It may surprise you, I am moving at company expense. I got a promotion to district and policy is that I can’t stay in the same district I was promoted in, I picked here. Movers are bringing my few household goods and furniture in two weeks. I have to find a place soon.”

“How about we go to the rental office here tomorrow, unless you want a place in a different location. I have a rental guide for this complex someplace around here.” I went to my folder and found the rental guide.

“I think I would be tempted to monopolize you and get jealous of the girls you bring home. I was thinking about a place closer to work up north toward the campus. My work is in that area and the commute would be better.”

We decided on a trip to look at places bets10 giriş on the North side for tomorrow. The pizza came out of the oven warm and tasty washed down with cold beer. Conversation was on general stuff and we reminisced about high school and college. Albert also told me about a couple of his high school affairs. He shocked me with the names because I knew them well from football and knew they were married with families. Albert admitted they were just flings and sexual experimentations.

He told me about life in Seattle and a couple lovers he had there. As he talked, I became aware that the stories had an excitement element I wasn’t prepared for, something of a turn on for me. As I listened to Albert tell his tales, I felt a little growth in my pants that shocked me.

Night overcame us, this first night that Albert was home, I have a pull out bed that he could sleep in while I had my bedroom. We did a good job wiping out most of a case of beer and the pizza was history. I had a hard work week and Albert’s drive had him worn out; we went to bed and I had a deep sleep.

Saturday morning came, I lay half awake when the smell of coffee reached my nostrils. “Hey, Danny, get your ass up, coffee is ready.” I crawled out of bed feeling the after effects of too much beer and needing a good pee. I went to the toilet and washed up. Going to the kitchen in my boxers, Albert gave a greeting, “Ooh, a naked man in the house.”

Albert wore only his Y-fronts and I have to admit, he looked attractive and his package was a prominent feature; I was checking him out. “Just give me some coffee. You have more on display than me. “Did I really say that?Ó

“Yeah, and I notice you are checking me out, you want to see the full Monty?” Albert’s smile was fetching and was I ready to take him up on the offer? I think he sensed my confusion or was it my curiosity, I smiled back.

“Like I’ve never seen you in the shower! Get a grip, you are in good shape but you’re not my girlfriend. You’re missing the parts that excite me.” The reality was, if I told the truth, I was a little excited by Albert’s physique.

“And, I suppose you’re licking your lips only because I made coffee.” Albert noticed every bit of my nonverbal behavior and knew that I was experiencing some confusion over my excitement. “Come on, Danny, sit down and drink your coffee. I have to get out and look for an apartment and you are going to help me.”


Apartment hunting with Albert was an experience I’ll never forget. His list of specific needs were more those of a home builder not an apartment renter. He did find a two bedroom meeting most of his requirements and signed a lease for move in two weeks.

“Albert, you are staying with me until your move in, end of that discussion. Do you need to do any shopping to get ready for your new apartment?” I was eager to spend a few days with Albert. I couldn’t get vacation time from work but knew we could really make a mess of the weekends. We had the rest of this day and tomorrow. “Albert, are you off or are you expected at work Monday?”

“I had every intention to spend my time with you before moving in, I’m a big mooch and you are just too easy.” I could sense Albert calculating how I might interpret easy. “I may have a few things to pick up and internet to order but most can wait. I’ll check in Monday morning at work but I’m not expected until next week.”

Albert had a look I remember from college, he wanted to get loaded. “Hey Danny, do you suppose we could get some weed for tonight? We need to get fucked up and relive some old times, maybe create some new ones.”

The thought of us getting high, throwing caution to the wind, and doing it with Albert was exciting. We had some crazy nights in our college years and letting ourselves go again was the perfect order for the night. After a couple phone calls, we had a couple grams of really skunky stuff. After a stop for groceries to fix a fine dinner and junk to satisfy the munchies, we were ready.


We returned to my apartment with our dinner to prepare, munchies for the inevitable, and our weed. I started a small charcoal fire to cook steaks, got potatoes ready to bake in the microwave, and made a quart of kava kava root drink. Albert had not heard of kava kava, “What kind of poison are you concocting, Danny? What is that shit your blending up?” A quick explanation and Albert was ready to drink the whole quart himself.

We grilled steaks, ate baked potatoes, and drank a couple beers left from the previous night. We talked long after dinner about our years in high school and college. The conversation naturally went to our life style differences that always remained centered on our friendship bond that sexual orientation could not break.

As the sun sank low on the western horizon, we took out the weed, Albert’s stubby swivel pipe, and took our first hits. It wasn’t long before the laughs began over the most stupid things. We had a few more hits and Albert joked, “We are kissing by proxy, you bets10 güvenilir mi know.” Albert began laughing like he had just made the funniest joke ever; however, he did not expect my next move.

“Proxy, hell!” I leaned into Albert and kissed him square on his mouth and slipped my tongue between his lips. After the shock of the moment, Albert returned the kiss and a spell was cast. “Albert, as much as two friends can love each other, I love you.”

“My god, Danny! I swear you mean that.” We embraced and I believe Albert, overcome by emotion, had a teary-eyed moment.

“Take the weed and pipe to the living room, Albert. I’ll bring cups and the kava drink.” I had no clue where the night was headed but I also knew that our kiss and embrace was a start to new experiences for me.

Albert slid the center coffee table close to the couch and sat in the middle. I poured us cups of kava drink and order Albert to slam it down, “This is not a sipping drink.” I chose to sit next to Albert with no noticeable separation. “Stuff the pipe, lets smoke.”

We shared a couple more hits and felt a real buzz. I leaned back against the cushions and spread my arms wide over the back of the couch. Albert followed me and as he leaned against the cushions and against me, my arm encircled his shoulders. Albert turned slightly into me and placed a hand on the inside of my thigh mere inches from my crotch, and it felt good.

After several minutes of silently embracing each other, Albert shifted his weight a bit, slid his hand closer to my crotch, and kissed my neck. “Danny, we should shower quickly in case,” Albert paused, “in case we erase a few more lines of restraint.”

My reply shocked us both, “Albert, soap and wash cloth is all we need to wash away restraint.” I turned my head toward his, gazed into his eyes and planted another kiss on his lips. Our joint sighs and moans Sealed the spell cast earlier. We had a hot shower together, the kava drink and weed had us uninhibited, we washed each other.

“We’ve gone this far, Albert, don’t get dressed.” Albert’s excitement showed in his semi erect cock. I also felt the stimulation and wore it. The kava and weed was making our eyes light sensitive and dimmer switches made the apartment darker in a very soft glow. We retook our positions on the couch to smoke and drink more Kava Kava.

Even in close quarters of a football locker room, I had never been skin to skin with another man. That the man was best friend made no difference to me. It made no difference that he was gay. I felt comfortable seeing him semi aroused and comfortable to be aroused also.

We loaded another hit in his pipe and smoked. Immediately after we drank two more shells of kava drink. We both knew that tonight our friendship changed. With the pipe cold and the kava drink flowing through our systems, we felt the full impact of our high. Yet, more we wanted to return to our moment just before the shower.

Albert moved first this time wrapping one arm around my back and placing the other resting at the base of my cock. The sensation was electric, my cock jumped, and I sucked in a deep breath of sexual alertness and growing lust. I lusted for Albert.

We fell into another kiss and my free hand fell to Albert’s thigh with a gentle caress before sliding higher until I felt his hardening cock at my finger tips, then in my grasp. Our unison moan sliced the silence and my hand began slow strokes of Albert’s full glory.

I broke our kiss letting my lips kiss down Albert’s body. I kissed and sucked at his nipples, explored his chest with my lips and tongue then slowly slid lower. I had oral sex many times with women and enjoyed it as much as they did. “Albert, I want to satisfy you, my friend.” His cock was mere whiskers from my lips, my mouth opened to receive my first taste of man. Albert’s excited state climaxed as my lips closed around his stiff manhood. Albert came in my mouth as his full fury escaped his spamming cock. He screamed, I swallowed.

I was not ashamed of committing a gay act, not surprised that the night evolved into one of honest feelings of desire for another human. Albert stroked my cock as he recovered from his orgasm. “Cum for me, Danny. Cum and let me confess to you my desire.”

I was ready, didn’t hold back. “Now, Albert!” My own cum jetted over my chest and stomach as Albert massaged my cock. When the flow stopped, Albert began licking the deposit from my chest and stomach while still stroking my softening cock.

When I was clean of my cum, we embraced anew, kissed, tasted our cum in our mouths, and breathed deeply our muskiness. Our kiss ended with Albert exclaiming, “Danny, you have to know I love you, want you in my life, have loved you since our first meeting in high school. You need to know, need to understand, even if don’t want me, I want you.”

The lingering taste of Albert’s cum in my mouth was a stark reminder that I took him first, drank from h, and swallowed his offering. I couldn’t call it love, or maybe I was afraid to call it love; however, I knew it was not over for this night. “I’m yours, Albert. Tonight I am your lover and tomorrow will dawn with us together.” That was as close to expressing love as I could go in the moment. We loaded another bowl, smoked, and gulped more kava drink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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