Alex takes Sarah to the Glory Hole


Written by Sarah to Alex:

I lay in our giant bed, wrapped in a towel, still more than damp from the shower — and the thorough cleaning you gave me. You entered the room quietly, standing tall with the towel wrapped just below your waist, running your hands through your hair, and looking over my body. You hid your presence as you watched one hand resting on the inside of my thigh and the other sliding up and down my still wet slit and softly dipping in between the lips of my pussy, probing and playing.

I hear your breath and pulled my fingers away, blushing. You gave me your grin, dropped your towel, and started getting dressed for the evening. I followed suit, stopping to wrap my arms around you, wanting to feel my skin against yours once more before our clothes separated us for the evening.

Throughout dinner, you poured my wine faster than usual, and at the very right moment, when my defenses were lowered, your grin came back and you suggested we take a trip to Main St. Torn as usual, I felt scared and nervous, and also a little uneasy — but as soon as those negative feelings sunk in, I craved the release from it, the release from control and calculation. So I slipped my hand in yours, and let you take over, let you take me back to the glory hole. I sat close to you in the cab, loving you as you wrapped one arm around my bare shoulders and lightly brushed your other hand inside my thighs, teasing the edges of my panties, bunching them up and wedging them roughly inside me. “Don’t adjust that,” you whisper into my ear.

As we climbed out of the cab, the roughness of the fabric between my legs and your firm grasp on my upper arm triggered an almost trancelike state. I couldn’t handle the shame and apprehension of crossing the threshold of the video store, and so I kept my eyes cast on your shoes and followed you as thoughtlessly as possible.

The place was busy, and moans were coming from a number of the stalls. I finally looked up and met your eyes when I heard a female cry from behind one propped open door. You stared hard at me, and suggested I open it, cautiously watching my reaction. I opened the door to find a slender, tan young woman, maybe a few years older than me, completely naked on her knees, sucking a cock through the wall, I was shocked to see her, so exposed on that dirty, dingy floor, her clothes weren’t even Kartal Olgun Escort in the room, she was absolutely committed to her submission. She looked at me, at first surprised, but then lustfully and invited us to watch. Her boyfriend, on the other side of the wall, came out to see why she stopped and you ordered me to join her in the room while you two spoke. As an after thought – you told me to take off my clothes and put them through the hole into the other stall.

She immediately stood to take my clothes off for me, not giving me a chance. She moved quickly, and as soon as my dress, thong and bra were through the wall, she began exploring my body, no permission asked. I stood frozen, unsure of what to do, what you were going to say. She laughed quietly when her hands probed between my thighs and she found them to be already wet, quite far down my leg.

Just as she was about to go in with her fingers, two cocks came through the wall, spread about a foot apart. She fell to her knees, so quickly I thought she must have hurt herself, and I followed.

I was in front of the cock that wasn’t mine. But it was a wide and full cock, throbbing hard and precum was glistening down the head. I wanted to taste it bad, my mouth was salivating and I could feel my jaw fall slack in anticipation. I leaned in and started eagerly lapping at the precum, swirling my tongue around the head, and sucking hard on the end. The cock was huge and its owner impatient. Unexpectedly, he slammed hard against the wall, his cock shooting to the back of my throat and the thrust forcing a hard heave from me. I almost threw up right then and there, but managed to gasp in a deep breath and start sucking.

I was aware of you getting pleasured by this beautiful, uninhibited girl next to me, and as I heard you cry out, I looked to my left and saw your cum pouring all over her face and lacing her hair. I could have cum just then, but almost immediately after, he grabbed my face through the wall, held his cock deep at the back of my mouth and after a second of his cock twitching its way into my throat, he growled, “drink” and poured his load deep inside my body.

It was the girls turn now, and you two came around the wall, fully clothed and pulled the door open, looking down on your naked sluts kneeling on the floor of that filthy place for you. Kartal Sarışın Escort He pulled her roughly up by her hair and whispered in her ear. She crawled back into the cramped space. I was still on my knees at the back of the room and she kneeled in front of me, opening my legs wider with her hands and then lowering my ass to the ground. She got down low in from of me, her tits dragging on the ground when she moved. She dipped her tongue directly into the folds of my cunt, sloppily letting her spit drip over my body.

Her boyfriend told her, “begin,” and you looked at me and said, “I want you to take the whole thing, just take deep breaths and let her inside you.” My eyes widened as she wasted no time putting three fingers in and moving them around in my body. I winced as my skin was stretched taut, but you called my attention to you, saying, “you’ve never done this before, but you remember who’s body that is, who’s pussy that is.” I nod reluctantly and you move into the room, standing over her body, ignoring the fact that her face was awkwardly pressed into the leg of your pants. You came close to my face and whispered, “Sarah, this is going to hurt, you’re not going to like it, but we’re not doing this for your pleasure are we? You’re pain is going to make me very happy, you’re going to look so beautiful with a fist inside your body, and you want to make me happy don’t you?” And so I nodded more firmly, whimpering as your body moved away from mine,

The fourth finger sent a sharp pain through my body and I cried out loudly, only regaining my composure when I saw the look of fascination on your face and your cock growing visibly in your pants.

She started pressing her thumb in and I felt like I was going to split. Her had was small, but it was still more than I’ve ever taken inside me. Her boyfriend lightly kicked her ass with his shoe and told her, “more tongue.” The softness of her mouth and the additional wetness opened me up just enough for the fifth finger to slip in. “Now hold.” He commanded.

We stayed like that for a long time, probably five minutes as you and he pulled out your cocks and started stroking yourself to your second orgasms. She lay with her tits pressed to the ground, ass in the air and I sat on my heels, my legs shaking violently and my pussy slowly stretching more and more under Kartal Şişman Escort the pressure of her widening fingers. I could feel you two tense up and lean in closer, knowing at any second she could plunge her fingers into my body at his command. But you spoke up first, “Sarah, bear down.”

You wanted me to push myself through the pain myself, for your pleasure, and I could see in your eyes that you were testing me, measuring my willingness to push myself and my commitment to fulfilling your command. I kept my eyes focused on your swollen cock, bit my lip, and lowered my body with one swift movement onto her full fist. I felt like I would split, the pain was excruciating and there was no way to end it without making the painful return off her hand. My body froze, but the sobs kept coming from my throat, high pitched noises that I almost didn’t recognize. You and he were standing directly on top of her, each of you resting a foot on her back as you pumped your fists around your cocks. She started lapping frantically at my pussy, around her wrist, and I could feel her fingers opening and extending in my body, pressing against the walls and running along my cervix. You two started breathing heavily, obvious to how hard you were stepping on the girl, and she oblivious to the pain as she took me from that excruciating pain of being split, to a new intense feeling of feeling fully penetrated by her hand.

You reached down, and grabbed my face roughly with your free hand, and almost shouted at me, “you’re going to cum, now.” and I tilted my hips forward onto her hand as you started spurting cum directly into my eyes and he followed pouring a hot load into my hair. Feeling the warm liquid running down my face, I exploded on her hand, screaming out your name and collapsing into tears.

You came behind me and firmly grasped my heaving shoulders and she pulled her hand from my body, bringing on a fresh wave of pain. But this time, you held me through it and as soon as I was free, I collapsed into your shoulder, feeling a new emptiness inside my body, slowly waking up to what had just happened on the floor of the xxx video store, and the fact that the audience had grown from two to more than ten.

I quickly begged you to wrap me up and take me home, which you lovingly did, but with that grin back on your face,. Later that night as you washed the dirt and cum from my hair and body, you told me over and over how proud you were of your dirty girl for taking all that fist up her pussy, gently eating me out to another orgasm as you reminded me of what I looked like, absolutely naked and exposed, splayed on the fist of a total stranger.

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