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Russ spoke into the phone without knowing who called. “Speak softly and tell me what you want.” He inhaled the joint for a moment then slowly filled the air around his head with a cloud of marijuana smoke.

Connie knew it was the wrong number. She casually brushed the stump of her left forearm though her hair. Some of her girlfriends had told her she had a voice that would melt their knees. A guy she had known for a short while told her the same thing. She held the phone against her ear using her left foot. Using her feet instead of her hands was a talent she had acquired as a small girl, mostly for fun, after watching her Aunt Grace who was born without arms and lived next door.

“Well,” she drawled in her most sultry voice. “I want a man who knows his way around a woman’s body and can last all night.” She giggled softly waiting to hear the response. All she heard was silence then a deep breath. She played with a button on her blouse, then another, letting the blouse open slightly as if the person at the other end of the line could see. “Cat got your tongue?” she drawled having fun with the person at the wrong number.

With the phone wedged in the crook of her neck, a cup filled with whiskey dangled from her toes resting near her face. She tipped it slightly with the foot as though it was the most natural way of holding the cup and the brown liquid rolled along her tongue. Her forearm stump dragged over the nipple that just exposed itself. The next breath was deep and swelled her chest.

“No. Just picturing how you were touching your nipple. How that made you feel. How it made you moist.” It was as if he could see her.

“Hmmm,” she purred. “Really?” She quickly put the cup down and let her foot grip the phone as it almost wiggled free from her neck.

“I bet you prefer to reach your climax through a long slow exposure to your partners tongue.”

She could hear his labored breath. Hers matched. The short stump of her right leg moved to the side. Her hand had already filled the space between her thighs. “Go on.” Her hips moved forward as she slouched down. Her head leaned back against the couch. Her mouth opened slightly. The continuing massage over her mound made her quiver with excitement.

“I was just trying to decide if I wanted you on your back with my face looking down between your thighs or to have you riding my mouth. What’s your preference?” He inhaled again and held the pungent smoke longer this time as he slipped his pants away. His cock stood like a monument, the head swollen with the smooth skin stretched tight. A finger played with the small indentation at the back of the head and the thick shaft pulsed with anticipation. A small amount of fluid covered the tip and began to roll away.

“Guess I’d like to start on my back, your tongue lapping wildly over my pussy. I would rest a foot against your back.” She drawled a long slow moan into the phone. A fingertip circled her clit. “Yeah … like that,” she whispered as though he were touching her. Her head leaned to the side keeping the phone in place as her foot lifted the cup for another sip. A finger pushed the blouse onto the floor next to the skirt already there with her panties. Another sip of whiskey washed over her lips. “Yeah.” Her fingers teased her clit. She gasped. She batted it around as though it were not cooperating. “Ah-h,” she almost screamed but caught herself in time to turn it into a long sigh not wanting to let the listener know how aroused she was. Moisture flowed towards the wet spot on the cushion.

“Yeah, you like what I’m doing to you as much as I do. We have all night. Don’t we?”

“Could be … you holding your cock yet?” She could hear. She knew he was.

“I’d rather you have it in your mouth.”

“Yeah, me too.” Connie loved the fullness of the head, swollen and full. She pictured her lips slipping past the thick ridge around the head, the slight popping sounds as her lips fell against the slightly smaller shaft, the way the head filled her mouth barely leaving room for her tongue to move over it, the slight gag reflex….

“Un-huh,” he groaned as he let another cloud of marijuana smoke blow from his mouth. He pressed the remains of the joint into the ashtray next to one from before. “Love your clit. It’s nice and large.”

“Oh baby, it loves your lips.” She let her chest swell, her breasts move. The thumb and forefinger rolled the clit, slipped along the shaft. “Ah-h,” she moaned loudly. “Flick your tongue over my clit.” Another moan filled the phone. “What do you think about my pussy lips? The hair is all gone too.”

“I’d noticed how neat it was. I like that.” He groaned realizing how close he was to losing control and his hand flew away as if it had touched a hot stove.

“What?” she inquired as she heard his troubled sounds.

“Almost came … trying to prolong this.”

“Yeah,” she moaned adding a finger inside her, the thick wetness covering the new finger. She gasped. “I’m enjoying what you’re doing to me.”

“In person would be better.”

“You bahis firmaları wouldn’t like the way I look.”

“Tell me why. I bet you are lovely, maybe five-six, nicely tanned, slim, athletic-like, great breasts, long hair just past your shoulders, blue eyes, kissable lips, and a doll of a face. Am I close?”

“Not so far off.” Her fingers continued to massage and drill. She gasped. She moaned. She played.

“Then why wouldn’t I like the way you look? What, you’re missing a few limbs?” He laughed nervously. She nodded as though he could see, otherwise silent. His hand was back. The grip was even tighter, pumping furiously. Just a few more strokes and the stream arced through the air. A long pause followed by a low grunt and another pause.

“You did it.”

“Yeah.” He paused. She waited. “Is that’s all that wrong? Don’t be silly. With a voice, a pussy, like yours….”

She interrupted. “You’re sweet to try and smooth away my lack of an arm and leg. Maybe we could talk more another night. This was a wrong number you know.”

“Are you kidding, of course it was a wrong number.” He laughed. “No body ever called and got me off like you just did.” He laughed again as he rinsed his hands under the kitchen faucet. “How do you know I would be someone you’d like to see naked?” He laughed again and patted his chiseled stomach. “I might be old enough to be your father.” He wasn’t.

“I doubt it. I think you are….” she paused for a moment. “Mid-thirties, tall, nearly six feet, great bedroom eyes. Hung like a horse.” She giggled. “You might be too large to get inside me.” She giggled. She clicked the button and they both heard the dial tone. Her foot lowered the phone to the table next to the couch. “Hmmm,” she purred circling her fingertip around her clit in tighter circles. The thought of the phone call fanned the flames and ratcheted the heat up. Her fingers slipped into her drenched flesh, massaging, stroking. “You watching?” she groaned aloud to no one. Waves of pleasure pounded her. She rubbed, moaning with each, until there were no more to be found … for now.

“Wow,” she said and stretched. She picked the phone up with her hand and pushed the redial button with her thumb then wrote the number down holding the pen with the toes of her foot. She leaned down and picked up her single crutch as she stood.

The ocean breeze wafted across the deck lit by a faint quarter moon. Connie sat undressed and wet from the shower she had not dried after. Watching lovers entwined in the edge of the surf, she slowly sipped from the cup of whiskey held by her toes and thought about the phone call. Her forearm stump toyed with a breast drawing the nipple into a rigid mound of flesh resembling a pencil eraser. She sat the cup on the table and picked the phone up with her foot. She pressed the buttons with a fingertip and lifted the phone to the ear. The dialing tones soon became a voice.

“Hey sweetheart,” she said to Darla, her closest friend and confidant.

“What’s up?”

“Guess if I transpose two of the numbers for your phone, I get one hell of a phone sex partner.” She laughed and slouched while keeping the phone wedged against her face by her shoulder. The whiskey from the cup held by her toes wetted her throat as she listened for a reply.

“I should rush over and let you tell me about it. Maybe we could act it out.” Darla giggled with excitement.

“Uh-huh,” Connie moaned as the flat of her palm rubbed her mound in small circles. A chronic masturbator, Connie was always playing with herself and constantly near orgasm.

“Oh dear, you’re playing with yourself.”

“Un-huh. Uh-huh,” she drawled and gasped repeatedly though a small orgasm.

Darla slipped the stump of her left leg into the socket of the peg leg, straightened her skirt with a few brushes of her hand, and then paced about the bedroom while listening to Connie.

“Do you like to listen when I do that?”

“If I can’t do more.” She laughed and walked towards the kitchen. “I just put my peg on.”

“You’re turning me on.”

“I’m just glad you happen to know a friendly surgeon.” Darla giggled and poured about an inch of whiskey into the glass. “And that we know each other.” She tilted the glass and swallowed half the drink in a single gulp. She tipped the still open bottle over the glass and added more. “At least it’s Friday night.”

“Yeah, here’s to the weekend.” Connie lifted the cup sipping her drink and listening to momentary silence of the phone while watching the man slam his cock into the younger woman by the surf. Between crashes of the waves, she could hear the woman’s loud moans. “There’s a couple fucking down by the water.” She sat the cup down and used the foot to move the phone about her ear so she can better hear Darla’s labored breaths. “Oh baby, think if he were pounding our pussy instead of hers,” she whispered in her velvet voice. Her forearm stump lifted a breast then let it fall back against her chest. It happened again. She filled the air with a low moan. The breast kaçak iddaa moved against the stump again.

“I’m coming over.”

“Ah-h-h.” Connie’s moan lasted longer this time. “The door’s unlocked. “I’m, ah-h, ah-h, I’m on the deck.” Connie held the phone in her foot for a moment as her fingers took her away. She laid the phone on the table next to the cup. She hopped the few steps to the railing and watched the couple walking away in the fading moonlight. Bent at the waist, her forearm stump played between her thighs.

Russ slipped the disk into the DVD player and clicked play. As he reclined on the couch, a woman with one leg hopped across the screen of the TV. Her stump swung below the bikini bottom and her breasts heaved under the tight tee shirt with each hop. The view panned until a woman with empty sleeves sitting on the couch holding a ballpoint pen between her toes writing on a piece of paper appeared. He casually stroked his cock as the woman with one leg hopped to the couch and sat next to the woman without arms.

Russ thought about the phone call and wished there had been a caller ID. Why would she have mentioned she was missing an arm and leg he wondered? Was she only trying to turn him off with the comment? His fingers wrapped tighter around the warmth of his cock. For a moment, his eyes darted between the phone and the TV then his full attention returned to the lovely young women in the video.

When the front door closed, Connie was staring at the wine and liquor bottles on the kitchen counter. A soft white silk robe loosely covered her dangling just past her hips. She listened to the single foot and rubber crutch tip of the peg leg move across the tile floor.

“Quit looking and pour something,” Darla teased as she walked up behind Connie and kissed her neck. She pressed her body more closely and wrapped her arms around Connie’s waist nuzzling her face into the side of the neck. “How’s my favorite woman?” Her hands slipped under the robe across bare skin until they cupped each breast then one hand dropped low enough to touch the short leg stump. Her lips nibbled along the neck. Fingers parted Connie’s sopping wet opening. A guttural sound rushed from Connie’s mouth as it dangled slightly open. After a moment, Darla stepped back.

“Whew, look at you,” Connie said as she turned. Darla was wearing a short dress cut in a deep vee to just above the navel. Her right leg and peg leg dangled beneath the hem that ending near the top of the thigh. A moderately high heal adorned the foot. “Bet you’re naked under that.” She laughed and tilted the whiskey bottle over her cup. “What the hell? I’ve only had two so far.”

“I had one at home. I’ll take one of those.” She hiked the dress up to her waist for a moment flashing her nakedness underneath. “Guess being a little drunk feels right tonight.” She laughed and lifted the freshly filled glass to her lips.

Connie held her cup in her hand and clinked it against Darla’s glass. “Here’s to having one leg.”

Darla clicked the glass against the cup again. “Here’s to best buddies.” They both drained the remainder of the drinks into their mouths then let a long slow sigh exit their lips. She poured more into the containers.

Other than the sounds of a single crutch and a single peg leg, they moved quietly towards the deck stopping by the railing. Connie leaned against it letting her long hair blow in the evening breeze. She untied the belt to the robe and let the front hang open.

“Phone sex. Huh?” Darla quizzed.

“Oh … yeah. I don’t know what came over me.”

“Did ya tell him about … um, you know?”

“Actually, I hinted. Well, I mentioned I might be missing an arm and a leg. He acted as if he didn’t mind. I hung up rather than pursue the conversation.”

Darla stood with her fingers slipped inside the low cut top of the dress playing with a breast. “What was his voice like?”

“Heavenly. I could have listened to him all night behind me in my bed.” She laughed. “Why? Do you want to call him?”

“How long ago did you have this conversation?”

“Don’t know, maybe a few hours. It’s not that late I guess. I might just be drunk enough to call him again. I wrote the number down.”

“Do you think he’d like TWO woman missing something?”

“We don’t even know if he’d like one.” Connie laughed and slapped her forearm stump against her hip.

“Good point. So if we call him, how far are we willing to take this?”

“Don’t know. Guess it’s been a while since I’ve been fucked long and hard. Watching that couple out by the water got me a little weak in the knee.”

The two women sat on the couch, one at each end. Connie’s single crutch lay on the floor as she held the phone to her ear with her foot and listened to the ringing sounds. Darla let the strap of her dress slip loosely along her arm until a breast fell into the open.

“Hello?” Russ’s voice said.

“Hope I didn’t wake you. We accidentally talked earlier.”

“Oh, the wonderful voice with missing kaçak bahis parts. Nice to hear from you again.”

“I guess that’s something that caught my attention ’bout you. So, ah, um.” Connie stammered. “What if I were missing a limb, … or two, is that something that interests you?”

“Sure.” Russ’s erection was quite full as he let his hand make a second stroke before pausing.

“Does it matter what is missing?”


“How much?”

“Nope. I believe you suggested you might be missing an arm AND a leg.” He inhaled deeply from a fresh joint holding the intoxicating smoke for a few seconds before releasing it in a steady stream across the mouthpiece of the phone.

“Oh-h,” Connie drawled glancing at Darla. She watched her friend drag her tongue across the lower lip then mouth ‘can I hear?’ Connie held a finger up as if to say just a moment. She brushed some hair from her face with her forearm stump. “Would it excite you to be with two women missing legs?”

“Wow!” Even Darla could hear the word flow out of the phone and through the room.

“My friend Darla is here. Can I put you on the speakerphone?” Without waiting for a reply, Connie let her foot holding phone lower from her ear and she pressed the speakerphone button with the tip of her index finger before sitting the phone on the coffee table. “There.”

“Hey. This is Darla,” she said in her most sultry imitation of Connie’s sexy voice. “Sounds like you have a thing for amputees?”

He gulped loudly. There was a pause as he rustled his thoughts into some order. “Seems like a fair question. I’d have answer that in the affirmative.”

“Bet you got out a video after we talked,” Connie said.

“Damn straight,” he fired back. “‘Scuse the language.” He chuckled.

“Jacked off even,” Connie continued.

“Uh-huh.” Russ nodded as he spoke.

“Well-l,” Connie drawled as she considered what to say next. “Does it matter how I became an amputee?”

“I don’t understand, but no, I guess not. Have you been that way since birth?”

“I wish.”

“Oh-h,” he mused leaning back even more with his thumb rubbing the swollen head of his cock. “How about your friend?”

“We had our legs amputated at the same time,” Darla replied. “She had her hand amputated before that.”

“Had? Electively?”

They both nodded as Darla simply said, “Yes.”

“Oh-h my-y,” he drawled slowly. “Can we meet?”

“Why? What do you have in mind?”

“Don’t know, seems both of you are quite comfortable being amputees … I like amputees … you’re women and I’m a man.” He laughed thinking about what he was saying. “Do we need more of a reason?” A few grunts raced from his phone to theirs.

“You came, right?”

“How’d you know? Yeah, I did.” He giggled.

“I heard a pleasing sound,” Connie said as she pressed two fingers inside. “‘Bout meeting, I guess we should talk more. Maybe in the future we can meet.”

“Oh,” he sighed. “At least lets swap first names. I’m Russ.”

“Hey Russ. I’m Darla.”

“And I’m Connie.”

“Darla, are you missing an arm too?”

“Nope. If I were missing something else, what you would you desire?”

“Such a wonderful question. I’ve often fantasized about helping make such a decision. I think both legs near the hip would be excellent.”

“Yeah. A man after my heart.”

“Really? Why just one leg then?”

“Guess I’m easing towards my goal. For now I love to walk around with my peg leg.” She laughed. “Do you like pegs?”

“Uh-huh. Do you have a Web cam?”

“Maybe another time,” Connie said. “I think we’re all pretty heated. Maybe we need to hang up now. I promise to call again.”

Russ shouted, “When?”

“Will you be there tomorrow about this time?”

“Yeah,” he excitedly replied hearing only the dial tone.

Darla shifted on the cushion so she faced Connie more directly. “Wow.” She licked her lips as if she’d been walking the desert for days. “What do you think he’s doing now?”

“Whacking off.” Connie laughed and took a long sip of her ignored drink. “Yeah, blowing a huge load I might think,” she said before she let the remainder of the drink roll through her throat.

Darla stood behind Connie as they watched the waves from the deck. Her hand rested just below Connie’s stomach and sliding lower as she applied a few kisses along the shoulder. “Damn, you’re sweet.” A fingertip grazed an erect clit. A moan filtered between Connie’s lips as she tilted her head back letting her lips part.

Darla reached down and with a push against the top of the socket, let her peg leg fall to the deck. A small hop left her even closer behind Connie. She nudged the strap to her dress off her shoulder letting it fall around her foot then gracefully hopped up kicking the pile of fabric over the peg leg. “Nice out here this evening.” She turned slightly. “What are you, we I guess, going to do with ol’ Russ?”

“Guess we could use my Web cam to at least see what he looks like.”

“Maybe he’s like us … ah, wants to be an amputee.”

Connie twisted around in Darla’s arms leaving their lips near. “Maybe he already is one.” Connie’s hand cupped the underside of one of Darla’s breasts while the thumb toyed with the nipple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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