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I just dragged this one from the closet, feel free to enjoy any of my writing at Sas It Up & Sas It Up2. This one is for a special friend, whom I don’t hear from anymore…maybe they will read it…and know.

* * * * *

The security guy glances up from his position as he sees me walk through the heavy glass doors. His gaze travels up my stockings; he imagines that he can see through my dark skirt to the garters hidden beneath. My thighs a contrast to such dark material. The rain has slicked back my hair, even with the umbrella. My white blouse is plastered to my skin as my nipples peer through the sheer fabric. I hear a small groan as I walk by the desk of the security guy to the elevator bank on the left side. I can feel his gaze on my ass. I know my body is on fire and that he can detect every inch of my aroused state. I feel as if he can smell my scent and hear my pulse as the elevator chimes open.

I exit the elevator, my hair a bit more tame as I walk down the hall. My heels click as I walk down the hall, the marble giving them a distinct sound. My boots are a tell tale sign of my arrival, A constant joke amongst my friends. I can be heard coming down the hall, but I know you wont hear me. You never do.

I slip inside your office, closing the door behind me. I slide my skirt down my thighs, letting it fall to floor, lifting my leg I kick it off. Next I undo the five small pearl buttons on my blouse. As I peel the fabric from my shoulders I look down at my wet nipples, no wonder the security guy could only stare. My pink nipples had darkened and pebbled into tight rose-colored nubs. Slowly I remove the hairpins keeping my hair up. I toss my hair from side to side, feeling the wet tips brush against my bare backside. I slide the dark black kartal escort panties from my shaved pussy and rub myself once before pushing the material down my thighs, letting the panties fall to my feet. Stepping out of them I walk towards the desk.

I smile as I find you seated at your computer, as always. “Hey baby, whatcha doing?” I whispered in your ear before biting the soft flesh of your ear lobe, “Any time for me?”

You don’t respond at all, its like your entranced, eyes fixed on the computer screen. Mouth gaping just slightly. Spinning your chair aside you look dazed and confused at me. You greet me slowly and smile before turning to go back to work, before your head turns away I slide my naked body onto your lap, your gaze suddenly falls to my breasts, just now noticing their pebbled state.

I grin as I slide my hands over your chest, sliding a few of the buttons open, allowing my hands to slide under the fabric. A soft sprinkle of hair meets my curious hands as I rake my nails just slightly down your chest, before returning my caress to sooth the warm flesh. I grin as you lean back, forgetting your work, watching me.

Crawling onto the floor between your legs I run my fingernails around your flat nipples briefly before removing my hands from your chest. I allow them the luxury of sliding down your tummy along your thighs. My hands grip your thighs as I lean my face in, pressing my cheek to the cloth-covered crotch of your pants. I love the way your slacks fit you. Covering the muscles of your thighs. I kiss the tip of your cock through the material, watching your cock grow through your pants. I pull the material around your crotch tightly. My green eyes fixed on the outline of your cock, the way the gray kurtköy escort cotton outlines you is amazing.

Shivering slightly I look up at you as I rub my fingers around your length. I smile as your gaze fastens onto my breasts. Taking your hands in mine I lead them to my breasts. Offering my lush breasts to you for your amusement. I know in return I will be allowed my pleasure; I slide your zipper down, and then quickly unbutton your pants. Pulling the stiff material back I tug your briefs down slightly, releasing you into the cool air. You’re thick and hard, pushing up for attention, bobbing just slightly as I lean forward.

My tongue flicks against the underside of your cock, innocently I curl my tongue along the head. Moaning softly before I allow my mouth to open and fit you between my already wet lips. Sucking softly I allow your length to slide into my mouth slowly, before I pull back.

My hands grip your cock tightly as I stroke up and down your shaft. “You want me to let you cum deep in my mouth baby?”

You shake your head no, before pressing your hands to the back of my head, pushing my mouth back onto your cock.

“Mmmmmm,” I moan before sliding my head back down on your cock. My lips encircle your swollen head as your hands burry themselves into my long red hair. Your grabbing my hair in fistfuls as you thrust your hips up into my mouth.

“That’s it slut, use your mouth to fuck me baby, yeah that’s it ooooo yeah,” your hips start to lift of your chair as your thrust become harder and fast, forcing your cock deep into my mouth. My throat strains to contain you, your cock fucking in and out of my wet lips, swollen from use.

“Cum for me baby, cum all over my tits, fuck my mouth,” I moan pendik escort as I jerk your cock off with my hand. My tongue out waiting for your cum, as my free hand snakes down to your balls. Tugging them with my fingers as my hand works your cock up and down. “Mmmm, let me have just a little taste baby, all over my lips, mmmmm coat my face with your cum.”

“Oh baby yeah, that’s my little cum slut, fuck yeahh,” you grunt hard as your cock spasms in my palm, your cum shooting out, the first wad hitting my cheek before I redirect your cock to my mouth. Cum filling my open mouth, sliding out the sides of my mouth, along my chin, streaming down my breasts to my nipples. Your hand release my head and you lean back in your chair as I continue to suck your now softening cock into my mouth. Slowly I finish cleaning your balls with my tongue as I lean back on my heels. I look up to you. Your hand comes down to my face and you wipe your cum off me with your fingers. You slide each digit into my warm mouth, to be cleaned before you bring more cum to my mouth with the next. Soon my face and chest is clean, and you help me up.

Smiling before walking to the door, I stoop and pick up my discarded clothing. I reach for my panties and pull them over my thighs. As I dress I can feel your eyes focused on me. Its funny how your body works, you can focus on only one thing at a time. But once I have your attention….well its mine.

Your phone rings on your desk as I button the last button on my blouse. I laugh at your startled face, before you reach to pick it up.

“Hi honey,” a brief pause before you continue, “Yes, its another late night at the office, I have to finish this project, mmmhmmm yes I know, I will be home soon, uh huh,” your gaze drifts to the door as it clicks behind me, “sure, love you too,” you hang up softly and stare at the door. Goodnight you whisper before returning to your computer.

* * * * *

Feedback and Voting are Appreciated, its always nice to hear your opinions on my hobby. 🙂 Hope it made you happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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