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I just want to be alone with my thoughts. I cannot stand another ride on the bus with the rest of the losers who have no car or license. It is hard to be cool in when you are a senior with no car. It is even harder to get a date. I wince at the thought of my Dad driving my date and I to the movies.

I can walk home faster than the bus takes me because I would have to transfer twice. It is a 45 minute walk to my house. It is 45 minutes to wallow in self pity. I am a virgin and I feel like I always will be. How do those complete assholes at school get laid? The girls must be morons.

It is not just sex. I crave intimacy. I want to make love and be in love and be loved back. I want to share warm hugs. I want to do little things that would make a girl feel special. I want to matter to someone in a special way.

I was lost in my longing and I did not hear Mary pull up next to me. Mary is my neighbor. She is the mother of three boys that I played with as a kid. They go to a private school so I have lost touch with them.

Mary is cool. She drives a 240 SX like a bat out of hell. She is very energetic and is really in to Aerobics. She has a wonderful dancers body. Small breasts, flat tummy, tight ass, and legs that have fueled my masturbation imagination like no other. Sincerely, I jack off thinking about her more than any woman.

Being 18 and having my system racked by hormones, I am particularly susceptible to erotic musing. I jack off 5 to 7 times a day. One time, I watched Mary do her work out while I hung out with her sons. I pumped myself dry that night. My balls ached. I did not know I could cum too much!

“Need a ride?”

“Totally” I said, eyeing her smooth legs. She wears jogging shorts a lot. Thank you God! Her shorts always ride up her legs. Today was no different. I try not to be obvious as I ogle her. She has to know I have the hots for her. How could she not?

Mary does not have the prettiest face, yet it has always captured my attention when I am not looking at her legs. Her face is sort of aerodynamic. She has steely blue eyes and a sharp angular nose. I like her nose a lot. Her lips are thin and her cheek bones are high and pronounced.

I have a good picture of her from a party we had at our house. She is looking right at the camera with a knowing smile. I love to cum while looking in to her eyes. I imagine being deep in her womb as I shoot my seed in to her. I know I don’t want to have kids right now, but she makes me want to breed. I want to fill her with my essence. If she only knew.

On the way home we talk. Mary is very quick witted and delightfully sarcastic. I feel bad for thinking it, but her husband is socially inept. How did he bag this babe? She is wonderful. They rarely do things together. At social occasions they take separate cars. He like to leave very early. She like to stay and socialize.

“Would you do me a favor? Dale is gone for a few days and I have to figure out what is wrong with the sprinkler timer. Can you help?”

“Sure. I don’t know much about them but I can have a look.”

Mary smiled at me and I feel flush. I adore her profile. I get to look at her while she drives. My eyes wander all over her body. I wish she would recognize my desire for her. I wish she would make me her secret lover. I would be her willing paramour and do nothing but pleasure her in any way she desires. I want to fill a void in her that her husband does not recognize.

I imagine tasting her. I would feel her smooth legs on either side of my head and drink her. I would lose myself in her taste. I want to make her cum.

There is good and bad in youth. Erections are both. My instant erection in the car was bad. It was obvious and uncomfortable. We are almost to her house and I will have to get out of the card and try to hide my hard on. Perfect.

She does not seem to notice. We pull in to their detached garage. She shuts the garage door. I think this is odd, since the garage door is the only exit out of the garage. She puts her hand on my leg and my heart jumps.

“Thanks for helping me”

“s-sure” I stammer. Her hand is warm and electric on my leg. She might as well have grabbed my cock for all the stimulus I felt.

We get out of the car. I hold my backpack in front of me in an effort to hide my “excitement”. Mary walks over to the timer panel for the sprinklers. I almost ejaculate when she bends over to look at the unit. Her short shorts ride up and I get a peek are part of her tight cheeks. I walk to her. My eyes never leave her ass. I drop my backpack with out thinking.

Her wide hips and narrow waist are so sexy! I move towards her from behind. I look down at her and imagine my hands gripping her waist as I ram my hard cock in to her. I imagine the sound of our flesh slapping together. Boy would I like to cum while watching my penis piston in and out of her.

I am so hard! This is embarrassing. I am standing right behind her. My masculinity is inches away from casino şirketleri her femininity, yet light years away. If we were naked my penis would be touching her warm flesh. I am overcome with lust. I have got to get out of here and jack off.

She backs up right in to me! There is no way for her not to feel my hard on. She is resting her ass against my aching member. I am paralyzed. Why doesn’t she move? I feel stuck and embarrassment courses through my body. Will she tell my mom? Oh fuck!

When she does move it is not what I expect. She slides her beautiful ass up and down my shaft, right through my jeans! She stands and turns to face me. Her blue eyes are radiant. She wears that knowing smile that has fueled uncountable ejaculations from my abused organ.

“Is that for me?” her says in her warm sexy voice.

“I am so embarrassed”

She touches my hard on through my jeans and my heart leaps in to my throat. I feel like I am choking. She leans in and kisses me. Gently at first. Our lips touch. I feel her warm breath. Our lips part slightly. I lick my lips. I lean forward.

Her lips are against mine. My heart races. My cock aches with each beat. Her tongue touches my lips. I greet it with mine. Our tongue tips flutter each other like butterfly wings. I feel myself sigh. I bring my hands up to touch her face. I brush her cheek with the tips of my fingers. My blood roars like an ocean in my head.

Her flesh is warm yet foreign to me. I have never touched a woman this way. She presses her lips against mine. Her tongue penetrates my mouth. I taste her. Our tongues move like wet strangers jostling past each other. I want to explore her mouth while she explores mine. It is a dance with out melody. Only the rhythm of my heart keeps time as I delve in to her. My heart thumps an aching urgency through me.

She parts our kiss and runs her hands up my chest. I gaze in to her eyes. They penetrate me. I hold her narrow waist and pull her in to me. Her arms reach up and around my neck. I kiss her with hungry passion. I want to tell her how I worship her. I want to tell her how I masturbate thinking of her. I want her to know the longing, roiling hunger, that she boils in me.

Her warm tongue probes me. I love her taste. I grind my hard on against her delicious body. I feel wetness in my pants. My laboring heart is further tasked when she reciprocates my grinding. I feel her hunger. I want to feed her.

She parts our kiss again and looks in to my eyes. I wonder if she can see the raw desire trapped in them. She pulls my shirt over my head and tosses it on top of the car. She runs her long finger nails across my chest. My nipples harden at her touch and send electric sensitivity through my body.

Her hands run down my stomach to the button on my jeans. Her eyes never leave my face. Her unblinking eyes emanate an intensity I only fantasized about. I am the object of the intensity. “Take me Mary” I think.

She unbuttons my pants. Her hands trace inside my waistband and around to my butt. She reaches down and squeezes my cheeks as she teases me by feinting kisses. Her lips are a moving target. My adrenaline racked body is drunk with desire.

I try to remove her tight top and she laughs. I am confused and it must show.

“It’s a leotard”


I drop to my knees an pull down her shorts. She steps out of them. The tight leotard outlines her sex. My hands run up and down her smooth and muscular legs and thighs. My hands are hungry for her flesh. I want to touch her all over. I want the memory of her skin to live forever in my hands. I bury my face in her. She gasps and runs her fingers through my hair. I smell her. I feel like a shark in a frenzy. I kiss her through her leotard.

She backs away from me. I look up at her. She is beautiful! I want to know her. I want her body. She reaches between her legs and unbuttons the leotard. She is still looking at me. She grabs the bottom of the leotard and raises it above her head. The image will forever be replayed in my mind. Her milky skin was exposed like a curtain raising on the most exciting event of my life.

Although she probably took off the leotard quickly, it plays slowly in my mind. I gazed up her dancers legs to her beautiful pouty pussy lips. Her pubic hair is shaved in to a thin stripe. Her tummy ripples with aerobic muscle. Her ribs lead up to her pert breasts. Hard eraser tips surrounded by nickel sized ruby areolas capture my vision. Over her head an on to the car went her leotard.

“My God!” I breathed as she stood before me naked. Her eyes looking me dead on. My timidnes gone, I let my eyes eat her image. I never want to forget.

“My God you are beautiful!”

She smiles at me as I stand. I move to her. I run my hands up her waist to her pert bust. I squeeze them. They are a contrast of firm and soft. I have never felt anything like it before. I run my finger tips across the pointy nipple tips.

“Mmmm” she growls casino firmaları between gritted teeth. She grabs my pants and boxers and yanks them down. My cock springs from its confinement. My proud penis stands almost straight up. I watch her undress me. I step out of my jeans. I see my penis as I have never seen it before. They head is a rich purple color and the veins run like purple snakes over my shaft. I can feel the air around it. I have never looked so large!

She is looking up at me with a mischievous grin. My penis is right in front of her. “Please God” I pray as she kneels before me. She grabs the base of my swollen member and, with out taking her eyes off mine, rubs the head around her parted lips.

“Oh Fuck” I hiss

Her tongue darts out and licks me. I am overcome with sensations. Warm, cool, wet, muscular, soft, signals rage through my brain. I feel the air cool the warm trail she traces over my manhood. She is looking at me. She wants me! She is pleasuring me. I feel powerful and weak. Hot emotion runs through my body and I surrender to it. I let it consume me.

I put my hands on the back of her head. I guide her mouth over my cock. She takes me in to her mouth. I want to be consumed by her. I want her to take all of my manhood. She is still looking at me. God she is so hot!

“Oh Mary. Take me. Take my cock in to your mouth. Suck it!” I gasp.

Her eyes widen so I release her head. She pulls back a little bit but keeps me in her mouth. She winks at me, takes my hands in hers, and places them back on her head! I begin to fuck her mouth in slow strokes. She narrows her eyes in encouragement. I fuck harder. She moves her head faster. She takes more and more of me in her throat. She shuts her eyes as her nose meets my pubic bone.

She makes no effort to escape my cock, which must be choking her. I fuck her harder. She grabs my ass and squeezes harder. She pulls me and urges me to fuck her throat. Her warm mouth and throat dare my ejaculation. I worry about choking her to death. I pull out of her mouth. She give me a dirty look like “why did you do that?”

Overcome with emotion I grab my cock in one hand and the back of her head in the other. She glares at me. She dares me. I am not myself any longer. Although I can feel everything, there is a sense of being outside of me. I have a sense that I am watching myself. Its kind of the same way it feels to jack off to a porno. I utter dirty things to the lust hungry whore on the screen while I pretend to be the male in the scene.

Her eyes open in shock as I slap the glare off her face with my cock. The surprise is replaced with a dark look of extreme desire. Her eyes darken and there is a lustful determination set in her visage. I smack her again and she closes her eyes and smiles like a cat with a mouse. She greets my next dick slap with her tongue. I run my cock all over her face.

“Oh you bitch! You drive me wild. You make me jack off all the time. This is for the longing desire you let burn in me for so long” I hear myself say as I smack her face again. “Open your mouth” I command.

She opens he mouth and I jam my dick in. She takes it like she deserves it. I fuck her mouth and her hands pull on my balls and run across my ass crack. I shiver at her touch. She is looking at me with urgency. I let go of her head. She sucks me with wild abandon. She chokes down my cock while looking at me. God that is hot!

I feel the familiar tingle radiate through my body. I am powerless to stop it. The tingle mixes with a spreading warmth. The two sensions combine in to a vibration of my soul. My body trembles. My eyes feed my mind. My mind tries to cope with the realization that Mary is sucking my cock like a whore in heat. She is looking right at me. She wants my seed. My knees weaken and buckle.

“Fuck! Mary! I am cumming! I am cumming in your mouth!”

She sucks the cum from me. My balls tighten. I feel like I am exhaling a long held breath. Years of sexual frustration and tension release in each boiling spurt of my semen. She swallows me. She takes me in to her body. She is eating my essence.

“Oh Mary” I groan as my orgasm fades. With its fading comes an over sensitivity that makes me shake and feel powerless. My knees barely support me. She releases me from her delicious warmth. She smiles at me as I gulp air. My hands are on my knees and I am doubled over trying to recover from my first sexual experience with a woman.

She opens her mouth to show me some of the milky seed I pumped in to her mouth. She closes her mouth and swallows me. I can hardly catch my breath. She still wears the face of a lustfully determined woman. She stands and walks over to a large Rubbermaid storage unit. She puts one leg up on the unit and touches herself.

She parts her pouty lips. I notice they are larger now and a purple color. She fingers herself. Her eyes narrow like a cat being pet. Her teeth are barred as she runs the finger between her lips an over her güvenilir casino clitoris.

I move to her and get on my knees. She takes my head in her hands and guides me to her sex. I need no encouragement. I bury my nose in her. I inhale her musky damp perfume. I feel fresh blood pool in to my penis. I taste her. Her lips are slick and hot. She tastes slightly sweet. I am intoxicated by her smell.

I try to lick her hole, but I can only circle it with my tongue because of our position. “Hmmm” she moans. Her moan has a slight giggling quality. Angels must sound like that. “Ha ummmm!” she exhales sharply. I have found her clitoris. I lap at it like a dog. I flatten my tongue against it and apply pressure. “Ho oh oh” she shouts and moves away from me.


“It’s okay. I am really sensitive right now. I like what you are doing. Just go easy.”

Recalling the gentleness of our earlier kiss, I decide to lightly tease her. Lightly, like a butterfly, I lick her lips. Occasionally I focus on her clitoris, but never long enough to over stimulate her. I can hear her ragged breath and moans. I swell with pride, knowing I am finally pleasuring my dream woman.

“Arrgh! Lick my clit!” she growls.

I smile inside. The teasing worked. I focus on her clit. I randomly flutter, flick, press, and suck her button. She is trembling. I steady her with my hands. “My hands!” I think. I was so absorbed with her that I forgot I had them! I continue my clitoral musings and circle her hole with two of my fingers.

“Ah God!” she screams.

I slide both fingers in to her hot wetness. I walk them up the front of her vaginal wall. The result is more than I expected. Her fingers dig in to my head. I hear her hot breath sucked between her gritting teeth. Her body is shaking violently. My other hand runs up and down her sexy leg.

Suddenly she screams, grabs my head, and starts rubbing her pussy all over my face. I try to put my fingers back in to her, but she is rubbing her sex all over my face. I relax and stick my tongue out to catch whatever I can. My face is very wet now. She stops trembling. She holds me in place while her body jumps with an occasional jolt. I hear her ragged breathing.

I lick her again and she jumps like I bit her.

“Woo!” She says. Her body is covered in a blotchy flush redness. Her chest heaves with each breath. She is glowing with a light sheen of perspiration. I stand before her and drink in the image of a beautiful post orgasmic woman. She looks down at my throbbing hard on and looks up at me.

“You gotta be kidding” she smiles

“Turn around” I smile. She turns around an places her hands on the wall. She spreads her muscular legs as she flexes them for my enjoyment. She flexes each cheek. I almost cum. Playfully, I spank her ass. She looks at me over her shoulder with a devilish grin. I take my cock in my hand and guide it to her pinkness.

After some fumbling I am in. the head of my cock enters her soft heat. She flexes and I feel her vaginal walls contract and try to push me out. I thrust in to her and she gasps. I look down at her gorgeous ass and watch as my penis is consumed by her.

In and out, I work her hole. My penis is shiny with her juice. I smell her all over my face. I watch as my body rams in to her and the ripples spread across her muscular cheeks. I hear her breathing in rhythm with my thrusts. I invade her with my hard sex. She takes me in to her slick heat.

My cock feels so hard in contrast to her softness. The gentle ribs in side her vagina cause a humming sensation around my organ. My hands grip her tiny waist firmly. I work her hole with hot male passion. It is my pussy now.

“Yeah” I hear her breath with each stroke

“Oh Mary! I am going to cum. I am going to cum in you. I am going to bury my seed in your beautiful body.”

“Bury it lover. Shoot it in to my womb. Give me your hot semen!”

The humming vibration I felt in my organ radiates through my body. “Oh Fuck!” I think. “I am going to cum in Mary!” Sensations and emotions well up in my body. I see my penis work her hole. I see the womanly shape of her waist give way to her wide sexy hips. Below I see the exciting run of her muscular legs caught in a tense state.

I orgasm in stuttering thrusts. I feel my seed shoot from my body in to hers. Our heat is mixed in an all too brief moment of intense sensation. My heart and cock pump life. “Ahh Mary I am cumming in you!” I shout. She meets my thrusts with equal force. The pounding of our bodies keeps rhythm to my grunts of ecstasy I exhale.

My balls empty their essence in to my lover. My cock throbs and tingles with sensations all new to me. My heart pumps hot emotion through me as I surrender to the sweet knowledge that it is Mary who has milked the semen from my organ. I try to cum deep in to her. I want to fill her with my heat.

My orgasm fades but I remain emotionally high. Visions of shared moments only minutes ago combine with the present and future hope. I rest with my penis in her heavenly vagina. I feel her muscles work around my member. I feel like I am being milked for my seed. I am too consumed to digest all the feelings and sensations that feed me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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