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The anticipation had become physically exhausting. The longing glances and suggestive conversation was cumulating like the searing liquid beneath the hot skin of Vesuvius. After one too many shots of tequila, Amelia decided that she wasn’t going to play this game any longer. She saddled her bag, winked at the bartender and hopped off the stool.

Luckily, the address he had slipped her was only minutes from the bar where they met. Amelia recalled the night fondly as her heels clacked along the asphalt, echoing in the silent street. It had been a long day in the office. A day cluttered with multiple meetings that should have been emails and hours of catering to the bullshit male egos that surround her. She was sitting at that same bar top nursing a gin and tonic when he slid onto the stool next to her.

“You look bored,” a deep voice said. Amelia pursed her lips, raised her eyebrows and turned to meet the voice next to her. She slowly took him in; he was tall with sandy blonde hair and green eyes that glinted with suggestive amusement. However, it was his ‘fuck me’ mouth that captured her gaze. He had licked his lips after he said it, and then slowly dragged his lower lip into his mouth and flicked it outward. Amelia let that glossy, bottom lip hold her attention for a split second longer than she should have. She glanced down at the moist, slippery glass between her hand and bar top then slowly dragged her gaze to meet his; settling her mouth into a bemused smirk.

“You have a plan to change that?” She responded, knowing full and well that the game had begun. A game where there can be two winners, if he knows what he’s doing. He smiled a wide, guilty smile; nodding his heading in amusement. He wrapped his long fingers around the frosty glass in front of him and lifted it to his mouth. Amelia couldn’t help but imagine how those long, elegant fingers would feel sliding inside of her, shaking off the fast coming fantasy of his hand deep in her wet pussy as he fucked her hard from behind. Lost and amused in this unexpected day dream, she realized he was talking again.

“How about we play a game?” Amelia froze as she had the irrational thought that he could read her mind. She squinted in suspicion and set her glass down, turning to face him full on. She enjoyed the obvious way that he took her in. Starting with her suspicious eyes then slowly moving downward, taking his time at her neck and pausing at her breasts. There was an involuntary lift in the corner of his mouth. Good to know he likes what he sees, Amelia mused. She was wearing a shirt that had lace overlay pressed against her cleavage and a short casino şirketleri black skirt with a slit so high that she could no longer wear it to the office.

“Looks like you started without me,” she murmured, noticing the bulge in his dark jeans. Amelia had an immediate flash of frustration that she had to meet the societal requirements of small talk before she could fuck him. Wishing he would bend her over this bar top and fuck her while the others in the bar watched; jealous and hard.

“Observant,” he said “I like that. Its shame that I hadn’t met you earlier, I was just heading out.” Amelia had to keep herself from physically pouting. Her consuming fantasies had already made her wet; her silk red panties, already soaked with her desire. She decided to keep her cool instead of her original plan, which was throwing herself at his feet and begging from him to stay.

“I guess this is goodbye then,” she said while twisting her body back towards the bar.

“Maybe not,” he replied. He slid those long, distracting fingers over to her; leaving a small business card when he removed his hand. He lifted his glass to his lips and finished his beer. “Come by,” was all he said before flashing a heart stopping smile and disappearing into the crowd. Amelia shoulders slumped in disappointment before picking up the small black card. “Cole Patterson” it read with a phone number and email. She glanced up at the passing bartender and ordered shot of tequila to drown her sorrows, flipping the thick card between her fingers. Something was on the back of the card; a sloppily scrawled address. She stared down at the card before throwing back the tequila and ordering another. Should she go? Does she randomly fuck strangers in bars now? Amelia considered this and tapped the card on the bar top when her next shot arrived. She threw it back and realized she had already decided. The moment she looked at him she decided she would fuck him, the rest is just semantics. She asked for her tab and pulled out her compact to check her lipstick.

Now Amelia was wandering through the townhomes where he lived, searching for his place. When she found it, she stopped in her tracks. The light was on and through the lit window she could see him drinking a glass of water shirtless, his gray sweatpants dipping low. Not as low as she wanted though. She inhaled deeply, walked to the door, and knocked.

Cole didn’t look surprised when he opened the door. His hand was in his tousled blonde hair, giving her a full and exquisite view of his wide chest. Neither of them said anything. Amelia realized she had been holding her breath, should she casino firmaları try for a witty remark? Say she was too drunk to drive? Her body decided before her brain came close. She smiled up at him and moved forward quickly, pressing her mouth to his. There was no hesitation on his part. He opened his mouth, allowing her in her tongue and tilted his head to kiss her harder. Her hands were on his stomach before sliding to the top of the pants. She tugged at them, making it clear that they were in the way.

They stumbled backward, deeper into his home. To the right of the entry way was a kitchen and dining area. He pushed her to the edge of the dining table, before lifting her up and settling her on top. Amelia seized this opportunity to slide his pants down and then wrap her legs around his waist. His long, hard sex was now rubbing against her slick panties, stimulating her clit. He was grinding hard against her as threw her head back in a soft moan. His mouth left hers and kissed down her neck while his hands slid her shirt from her shoulders, exposing her soft and pink breasts. His warm, wet mouth took in one of her sweet nipples. His tongue slowly circling before flicking the tip in the sweetest torture Amelia has ever known. Her head was still thrown backward; her long, dark hair tickling her lower back and the top of his hands. He used them to press her firmly against him when she pulled away from the overwhelming pleasure.

The anticipation was becoming overwhelming. Amelia put both her hands against his chest before roughly pushing him. He stumbled backward, obviously confused. The carnal hunger in his eyes was lit up and wanting. She made full eye contact with him and bit her lower lip. Her lips then lips then lifted into a mischievous grin, “I want you to fuck me,” she said. Without hesitation he moved back to her. They worked together to take off both her skirt and shirt; leaving Amelia in her matching, red bra and panties on his dinner table. Apparently, his patience was up. He cupped both breasts in his hands and kissed her roughly before reaching down and tearing off her panties. The sound made Amelia giggle and pull him tighter against her. He pulled her more forward on the table top so her perky ass was hanging off the edge and he pushed her chest backward. Amelia laid flat against the table top with her legs spread, waiting. He placed his hands on either side of her hips and roughly pushed inside her. The moment of penetration was pure nirvana; his perfect cock sliding into her tight, wet pussy before he was fully settled inside her. He then pulled his hips backward, removing it completely before using güvenilir casino her hips as leverage to push back in, this time rougher and deeper than he had before. He moved quickly and forcefully, enjoying the jump of her perfect tits every time he entered her and the high pitched moan it inspired.

Cole could tell that she was at the brink of explosion. Instead of letting her settle into sweet surrender, he pulled his hard dick from inside her and stepped back. He grabbed either side of Amelia’s knees before yanking her off the table. Startled and confused as why she was on her feet, Amelia met his eyes. Cole pulled Amelia close to him before pushing her chest down on the table, her ass up and waiting. Amelia reveled in the feel of the cold table against her damp breasts and spread her legs in obedience. Before entering Amelia again, Cole took in the look of her. He then raised his hand and smacked, hard on the ass. Amelia was surprised and aroused. “You have been an incredibly naughty girl,” he said in a low voice, “This is your punishment.” Amelia glanced over her left shoulder at him, her mouth pouty, while lifting to her toes, arching her back, and wiggling her ass in anticipation. Cole wound up again and let his palm hit her hard. Amelia squealed after this hit, loudly and abruptly as a raised, red mark started to form. Cole couldn’t wait any longer. He squared his hips, hands at the top of her ass and pushed inside her.

She was tighter and wetter than before. He moved slickly in and out of her, getting harder with each blow. Amelia was now screaming in ecstasy. The sting of his hits paired with the feeling of him deep inside her was overwhelming. She stretched out her arms in front of her on the table and dug in; not even considering the damage it may cause the wood. Cole seemed more encouraged every time she screamed and entered her over and over, more rough each time before reaching across her back to grip her hair. He gathered the dark, soft strands in one fist. Amelia’s head snapped backward as he pulled. He twisted his fist to pull the hair harder and continued to fuck her, hard. Amelia could not take it any longer. Her outstretched hands formed fists and her toes curled inwardly as she came. Her eyes closed tightly as she moaned loudly, her body spasming from pleasure. Cole took in the view of her coming. He pulled his hard cock from inside of her sweet pussy and let himself too explode with pleasure. With his fist still balled in her hair, he let himself come all over her smooth, tan back before collapsing on top of her.

Amelia stood up soon after and kissed him slowly on the mouth. She then went about sliding on her skirt and buttoning her top. Once her outfit was settled, she forced a palm through her messy hair, met Cole’s eyes and winked before heading out his front door. She had gotten exactly what she came for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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