Amy the Nurse’s Aide Ch. 05-06


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Amy did as Mary had directed, after a few minutes she started again and shortly after that she told Mary she thought she needed to stop.

“Okay, now watch closely, first you’re right about one thing, after what you’ve put this man through he can’t last too long at one time. But you could have slowed down sooner and it would have taken longer to get to the trigger point. Also, you don’t know all the signs well enough yet, but he could get quite a bit closer and not cum. Watch.”

As Mary was talking she had placed her right hand under Bill’s dick and was holding it up while she very gently and very, very slowly slid her left hand lightly up and down the upper side of his shaft. Bill was moaning constantly and nearly squirting precum, but he wasn’t cumming yet.

“Watch his balls Amy, see how they are still sucking up into his scrotum. As long as they are going higher and higher he won’t cum.” Mary kept the almost nonexistent stimulation going, “Watch close now, his balls are all the way up and watch his cock, its about to start to spasm now. There it is, now we stop.”

Bill was going crazy. He’d been squirming and thrusting but Mary was so skilled that she was able to totally control the amount of stimulation in spite of Bill’s efforts.

“See how much longer I was able to keep that up, and see how much closer he got. Now watch this, by rubbing his balls like this, I can keep him right at the edge for a prolonged time.”

“God, oh God, oh my GOD, oh, oh, oh, ahhh” Bill was babbling. If he thought Amy had been a tease he’d just discovered that she was a rank amateur compared to Mary. Never in his life had Bill been so close to an orgasm without cumming. He wouldn’t have believed it was possible. And she was keeping him right there, but not putting him over. The ache in his nuts was almost unbearable. He had never needed to cum anywhere near this much.

“Here is something else, but you have to be really careful with this one. Watch how I very gently run my single fingertip around the corona of his glans. This drives them totally nuts” she explained as she ran her fingertip so lightly around the very ridge of Bill’s cock head.

Bill couldn’t believe the sensations, it felt as if his whole groin region was on fire, yet he could not cum. Finally he was going to cum. He felt the contractions start and instantly Mary stopped. His cock contracted one time and a dribble of cum came out the end of his cock and then, NOTHING. His orgasm had actually started for just an instant, but stopped immediately as Mary did.

“WOW! That was amazing! Can you teach me how to do that?” Amy squealed.

“Sure, in no time at all. Again, see how close he was and long he was there?”

Bill was quietly moaning, but had stopped talking.

“You know Amy, I think you may have found a perfect subject. I think Bill is a true submissive, and actually likes this. I’m amazed that he isn’t begging and pleading to cum. For me, hearing the desperation in a man’s voice is a huge turn on.”

Amy started to laugh. “What’s so funny?” asked Mary, rather confused.

Amy told Mary about her ‘deal’ with Bill. Mary started to laugh too. “My God Amy, you are one wicked little bitch. You’re going to love nursing! I can see you are going to make a lot of balls ache in your time” Mary continued laughing.

She got more serious though and said, “But Amy, cock teasing in the hospital is one thing, seeing patients outside of that is really not a very good idea. I can’t tell you what to do, but I’d really encourage you not to.”

“But I promised him that if he didn’t ask to cum again today I would. I won’t break my promise.”

“That’s understandable, and good of you. Besides, I imagine you want to know what having that monster inside you would feel like, huh?” she laughed. “If I didn’t have an absolute personal rule about it, I might want to as well. Oh well!” Then she leaned over and whispered to Amy so Bill couldn’t hear “Amy, I promise I can make him beg to cum in the next fifteen minutes. You’ll be off the hook, and if you then choose to still fuck him, well that’s up to you, but you’ll be able to get him to do ANYTHING for it because you won’t have to without breaking your promise, right?”

Amy’s face burst into a huge grin as she whispered back “I’d owe you a big favor if you can do it.”

“Oh, I can” this she said loud enough for Bill to hear, but he didn’t know what she was talking about.

Mary waited about five more minutes and then started again. Bill was still rock hard, but had recovered enough for her to make this one last longer than Bill could stand. For the first time Mary actually spoke to Bill as she took his balls in one hand each. “Bill, you have the best cock and balls I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a few. Your balls are so full that I can scarcely believe it, you must need to cum in an extreme way. This little Amy girl is rather amazing wouldn’t you say?”

Bill was moaning again, but looked into Mary’s Pendik Türbanlı Escort pretty face and finally spoke back, “Oh, she’s that and plenty more, and you are quite the bitch yourself!” He smiled as he said it, he thought Mary was quite sexy and he knew Mary was basically correct. Bill was desperate to cum and he really wanted relief and for this to end, but there was part of it that was incredibly exciting to him anyway.

“Why thank you!” Mary giggled as she started to stoke Bill again. This time far more slowly than Amy had. After just a few strokes she said “I know, this will make it feel even better.” And she took the massage lubricant from the bedside table and poured a generous amount in her hands and lightly rubbed her hands together. Then she wrapped both hands around Bills cock and started to slowly pump again, holding his cock very loosely between her two fists.

“Does that feel good Bill?” Mary asked, trying to get Bill talking.

Bill sighed deeply, “Yes Mary it feels very good.”

“I’m glad, I want it to feel good. It will feel even better soon, here let me show you.” And she held his cock a bit tighter. She lengthened her strokes too, so that the heel of her left hand rubbed his balls at the bottom of each stroke and the fingers of her right hand slid over and around his glans at the top of each stoke. “That’s even better isn’t it Bill?” she went on, keeping him talking.

“Oh God yes, that feels wonderful Mary.” Bill didn’t realize it, but he was about to lose it.

Mary kept up the pattern, but once again loosened her grip and slowed her pace. Bill moaned. “What’s the matter Bill, hmm?” she giggled.

Bill just moaned some more, he still had enough control not to ask to cum, he knew it wouldn’t matter anyway. Mary realized she had a tough customer here and upped the ante. “Amy, you start to massage his balls like I showed you at the end of the last cycle and I’ll just keep this up for a while longer. I think he likes it! You do like it don’t you Bill?”

Bill was still moaning, but managed a “Yes I do like it, ohhh” the final exclamation just as Amy started on his balls.

Mary stopped stroking his cock and started working on his plump head, turning it like a doorknob.

“Feels good doesn’t it Bill?”

“Oh God yes, please”

“Please what Bill?”

Bill just moaned pitifully.

Mary was really tormenting the head of his cock now. Holding his corona between her thumb and forefinger on each side and slowly rubbing it from front to back until her hands met, then back the other way. Over and over and over.

“Bill, you must be so very, very close. A stoke or two would do it, wouldn’t it?” Mary asked in that soft nurse voice.

“Mmmm, oh, mmm… mmm” Bill was incoherent.

“Here Bill, let me show you” with that Mary gave Bill’s throbbing cock two long, slow stokes. “Want more of that Bill?”

He was gone now “Oh yes, please yes!”

“Okay, here is one more” Mary stroked him firmly, but oh so very, very slow. From head to balls and back.

Bill groaned so much that Mary actually laughed again. “Feel good Bill?”

“Oh God yes!”

“Bill, a couple of more stokes and you’re there! Do you want that?”

“Yes, Please Mary!”

“Please what Bill?” Mary teased.

“OH, Please!”

Mary preformed one more very loose, slow stroke, “Oh Bill you must be so close, if you ask for more I’ll give them to you, really” she taunted.

That did it, Bill was completely desperate and so close to cumming that he knew it would take very little more to have him shooting “Please Mary give me some more strokes, Please!”

Mary was impressed, he still hadn’t asked to cum. Mary did as she had promised and stroked him twice more this time, but once again so slowly and loosely that while it moved poor Bill even closer to cumming, it wasn’t enough.

“Was that what you wanted Bill?” Mary cooed “See I told you I would if you asked. What I bet you really want is to cum though, isn’t it? Why don’t you just ask me for that?” And as she poised this final question she started another of those torturously slow stokes.

That was all Bill could take, she had taken control of his mind. He didn’t notice the fine distinction she’d made. She had not said she would make him cum if he asked. Bill blurted “Mary, please yes, please, stroke me and make me cum. I can’t take any more.”

Mary released his cock completely and with a rather wicked smile on her face said “Opps, Bill, now Amy has you by the balls both literally and figuratively. You just asked to cum my friend!”

Bills eyes flew open “NO! You said you would, besides I didn’t ask Amy!” Bill knew he was fucked, but he still tried to find a way out.

“No Bill, I didn’t say you couldn’t ask ME to cum, I said you couldn’t ASK to cum. The fact that you asked Mary doesn’t change anything. And Mary never said she’d make you cum if you asked, only that she’d stroke you some more if you asked, and she did. I’m afraid you’ve lost all the way around” Amy said all this as she continued to massage Bill’s aching balls. She was Pendik Otele Gelen Escort delighting in pointing out how Bill had “lost!”

“Wow, Mary, that was amazing. I bet I could learn a lot from you, but I really have to take off now. I can’t stand not to do more of this though, hmmm.”

All the while Bill was begging, whining would be more accurate, for one of them to make him cum, “God please don’t do this to me, please make me cum. Please I can’t take this, please!”

This pissed off Amy, “Bill when I first got here you said that you didn’t just want to cum, you wanted ME to make you cum, now your begging Mary too. I knew it wasn’t me, just a chance to shoot, that you wanted. But when I was your only hope you said it was really about me. Now I won’t feel so bad about the blue balls you’re going to have!”

Bill started to say something, then decided just to be quiet, “Good choice Bill” said Amy.

“Mary, how about this, I can come home next weekend, and you can teach me more! But, you have to promise me that you won’t let Bill cum until I’m here. I started this and I should get to control it, okay?”

“Amy, I agree, this is your deal. I promise I’ll respect your authority here. BUT, I’m going to take care of Bill until you return.” Mary said wickedly, “I’ll even learn some more about this wonderous cock! But I promise he won’t cum until it’s under your control. For goodness sake, this was your discovery! Have a great first week at college and don’t worry about Bill, I’ll take care of him. You and I will have fun next weekend when you are back home!”

And with Bill screaming in the background, Mary and Amy hugged and Amy flounced out the door without another word or glace to Bill.

Mary looked steely eyed at Bill and said “You are mine baby!” and left the room too!

Amy – the Nurse’s Aide Part 6


Friday afternoon Amy bounced through the door into Bill’s room. Bill appeared to be asleep. As Amy got closer she could see that Bill looked terrible, his eyes had dark circles, his hair was matted. Amy was concerned that something was wrong. In spite of her emerging obsession with teasing Bill’s cock beyond measure, she truly liked him and didn’t want anything bad to happen, except of course her! She slowly approached the bed, as she got to the bedside Bill’s eyes opened slowly and when he saw her he almost jumped. Then a small smile came to his lips.

“Amy, I’m glad to see you. I wasn’t sure if you’d show up again. I figured those college boys would have tried to woo you over as soon as they saw you. I was afraid they would be successful.” Bill said mostly kidding, but not totally. Amy actually blushed.

But she was trying to be cool about it, “Nah, I would have just broken their hearts if they tried” she laughed. “How are you? You look kinda, well actually kinda bad. Do you feel okay?”

“Well, I’m okay medically, if that’s what you mean. Have you seen Mary yet?” Amy replied that she hadn’t. “We’ll that BITCH is crazy! She’s been literally torturing me since you left! Amy, you’ve got to help me!”

Just then Mary walked in. Bill instantly became silent, Amy could sense him tighten up too. Amy was concerned about Bill.

“Mary, what have you done to him?!” Amy demanded.

Mary chuckled, “Complaining is he?”

“Just look at him, he looks terrible, what have you been doing?”

“Amy, I’ve actually only done what you asked, you told me you didn’t want me to let him cum until you got back, and I haven’t. That takes a toll on a man when he’s having his cock teased regularly. That’s actually most of what’s wrong with him. I did some ‘research’ on him while you were gone.”

“Research, what do you mean?” Amy was truly confused.

“Well, I wanted to be able to teach you some more about the advanced techniques of cock teasing. Since we won’t have much time together, I wanted to learn Bill’s reactions a bit better. He is really a good subject. You had amazing fortune with your first attempt.”

“I really don’t understand” said Amy who was getting more puzzled by the minute.

“Watch” Mary said as she turned back the sheet exposing Bill’s equipment, which was completely soft at the moment. “You know that Amy can’t wait to touch your cock and play with your balls, don’t you Bill. You also know I’m going to show her how to bring you right to the edge of cumming and stop. Over and over. And you are NOT going to get to cum, but you want us to do it anyway, don’t you Bill? Don’t you?”

As Mary was verbally teasing Bill his cock was starting to harden. Amy’s eyes went wide. “WOW, I don’t get it. You tell him we’re going to tease him some more and not let him cum and he gets hard anyway. What’s with that?”

Mary told Amy all that she’d done in the past week. How it turned out that Bill was a perfect candidate for cock teasing because deep inside he actually loved it. He was also a great subject because after being teased and denied excessively, as Mary had most definitely done to him, he had a hard time cumming when given the chance, after being denied for so long. Mary went Pendik Ucuz Escort on for about 15 minutes explaining what she’d learned about Bill while Amy was at school. How she had found places on Bill’s cock that could be stimulated to hold him on the very edge of cumming for quite some time once he got there, but not put him over.

Amy was still absolutely wide eyed. Part of her was feeling sorry for Bill based on what Mary had put him through, but she couldn’t deny that it was exciting her tremendously, and she was definitely getting wet!

“See, look at him now. Just hearing about the things I’ve put him through have him rock hard again, and we haven’t touched him. He may in fact be suffering, but he’s loving it don’t you think?” If Amy had any question the crimson blush on Bill’s face convinced her that it was true. The rush she felt in her groin also told her that she and Bill would have a very nice weekend!

“Mary, how long can we go on doing this to him, you know, not letting him cum?” asked Amy, truly curious.

“I imagine there is no real limit. To tell you the truth, this is already longer than I’ve ever actually teased a man without letting him cum. Experience indicates that after a while they become desensitized, it becomes mechanical not sexy. Plus, the best way to truly torment them is when they know it will happen from time to time, but have no idea when. Not knowing if this is the time is what is sooo frustrating. Knowing it isn’t going to happen is just physical, being uncertain is mental too. And that is really what makes it so exciting for both the man and the woman.”

“Amy, I have to go to the city for the weekend and I have to leave at 5:00 (it was currently 3:00). Before that I want to do two things, then you’ll have Bill to yourself until Sunday afternoon. First he needs his sponge bath badly. For some reason he seems to be sweating a lot!” Mary giggled “Then I want to spend just a little while showing you some ‘special’ things about Bill and one more technique, okay?”

Amy was glad she would have Bill to herself, but was also interested in learning more from Mary. “That sounds perfect” was Amy’s reply.

“Well Bill, you know this is a teaching hospital, and I have a group of young volunteers just like Amy, who need to learn how to give a sponge bath, you don’t mind do you?” Mary said with a very mischievous smile. Amy was giggling almost uncontrollably. They both knew this would be a bit mean and embarrass Bill something fierce, but they were feeding off each other and definitely on a roll.

Bill immediately replied, “No, enough is enough, I do not want to be the teaching tool for bunch of young cock teasers! NO!” Bill seemed upset, but they both knew how to cure him of that.

Amy took the lead, “Bill, you can be nice and cooperate and therefore enjoy ‘my company’ this weekend, or you can be angry and difficult. Either way we have full control, you know that, but the first way would be much more enjoyable for you. Plus, and I promise, that if you behave and are nice I’ll let you cum before the weekend is over. At least once!”

That did it, Bill was so far gone he immediately changed is attitude. “Okay, whatever you want” he said rather docilely.

Both Amy and Mary’s eyes involuntarily went to Bill’s cock, which had softened substantially in the last few minutes. It was hardening again. This caused the two of them to burst into laughter.

Ten minutes later Mary had rounded up the ‘class’ for the sponge bath demo. There were 12 girls in all, mostly Amy’s age. Actually Mary was all business in front of the future nurses. She explained how to go about it and said that Amy would assist her since Bill had been her patient.

Amy and Mary started with his hair and face and Bill began to relax, perhaps this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. The warm water felt good, and it felt good to be getting clean. However once they finished his head things took a turn. Mary turned the sheet all the way down, something Bill knew wasn’t necessary. And she called the girls in close. Mary was instructing and Amy was doing the bath now. When she got to Bill’s chest she rung out the sponge again and started doing his chest, paying extra attention to his nipples. What the other girls couldn’t see was Amy’s face. She not only was being sure to stimulate his nipples, but she was staring straight into his eyes and exaggerating licking her lips. The combination was getting to Bill. His cock started to stir. He concentrated as hard as he could to keep it from happening, but to no avail. He was getting hard. Some of the other girls started to giggle and stare. Bill turned bright red yet again. Finally Amy moved on and finished the entire rest of his body, leaving his groin area until the end. By then Bill had calmed down again and was once again soft.

“One of the most important parts of giving male patients a sponge bath is the genitals” Mary started. “It is crucial to the patients hygiene to be very thorough. It is also essential to be very gentle. As I’m sure you know men have very sensitive sex organs, especially the testicles. Mary, please gently lift Mr. Mitchell’s testicles with one hand while you very softly sponge them down.” Of course Mary was bullshitting and way overdoing it. And Amy was playing her roll perfectly. Naturally the second Amy touched Bill’s balls he started to get hard again. This time all the girls started to giggle.

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